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GANGNAM STYLE (acoustic cover)-GARRI PAT

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GANGNAM STYLE (acoustic cover)-GARRI PAT
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Text Comments (21)
Life Waster (5 years ago)
Thats awesome
MissColombe96 (5 years ago)
You're very good !
Phan Trash (6 years ago)
awesome :)
Vierotchka (6 years ago)
Far, far better and more musical than the original!
SilentSpawn (6 years ago)
Сделай лучше! xDDDD
Neolisk (6 years ago)
Какой-то странноватый Гангам стайл. И скучноват.
Вы прекрасны!
Fernando Araujo (6 years ago)
fingerstyle é dahora
JOLI ROI (6 years ago)
Incredible !
Frazer Griffin (6 years ago)
Your my BEST friend!
Jowaile (6 years ago)
Nice ;-)
김수홍 (6 years ago)
Cyber Assault (6 years ago)
Cool, gangnam on an acoustic is a first!
Grinny katze (6 years ago)
o.O wtf ich will das auch können o.OO LIKEEE^-^
lokesea37 (6 years ago)
*O* amazing!
Mitchell Mueller (6 years ago)
How do you do this man? It's cool. Why? Because I thought so...
Ludio (6 years ago)
Hell Nice!
Chris Wong (6 years ago)
zak darby (6 years ago)
nice cover buddy :))
AfterMath428 (6 years ago)
Hannah Lifelover (6 years ago)
tocas muy muy bien***** saludo--hannah

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