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PSY- Gangnam Style Cover 강남스타일 콜라보

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Gangnam Style Cover by Superstar K-4 [슈퍼위크 콜라보]김정환, 유승우 외 3명_싸이 강남스타일]
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Text Comments (8)
Sarupy (11 months ago)
every month i come here to listen to this... its so good
babykoala lalala (1 year ago)
who's the lady judge? I feel like I've seen her before
Sarupy (2 years ago)
since 2013 i come here every week to see this masterpiece over and over, and i regret nothing! those guys are so amazing!
Lucas Varois (6 years ago)
Come to see our french cover :D
Derrick Rose (6 years ago)
yupyup we koreans!
Jijiang30 (6 years ago)
Amazing... I fall in love with this cover...
Naeun Kim (6 years ago)
Yoo seung woo 유승우
Buzihihi (6 years ago)
Awesome! I love it xD

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