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Hi everyone! It has been a long time. Sorry we've been MIA on YouTube but we promise we had a good reason. As it is our birthday today, we wanted to take the opportunity to officially introduce you all to our boys, Shane and Jordan! We have also included a short snippet of a new cover. It is challenging to get it right with the kiddos screaming in the back but we hope you enjoy it. Thank you again for being so patient and for your understanding. Ya'll are the best fans ever! Much love, Janice and Sonia
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Text Comments (2233)
meang poir (7 days ago)
Welcom back both...I though they are twin as their mother haha.
Oh my GOD...... seriously yo're the mom ohhhh so cuteee 😍😍
KPOP IS AWESOME (2 months ago)
เพราะคุณ ขอให้เจ้าหนู2คนนั้นโตขึ้นเป็นเด็กดีขอพ่อแม่นะ
Chulmin Kim (5 months ago)
한국사람이었으면 좋겠다 생각했는데.... 한국사람이셔서 감사합니다.^^
kristin Dadi (5 months ago)
hahaha OMG ur Baby so Funny
Lim Shin Yin (6 months ago)
i really love this cover would u come out with a full version??
Kanchnawan Sinmeang (7 months ago)
lovely i love you
Ratee Chitvisate (7 months ago)
Miss you guys
Cameelle Suarez (7 months ago)
This is so adorable!
Chris Yeap (10 months ago)
dayummmm milf
Gabriel Sacramento (11 months ago)
You are amazing! What a wonderful vídeo!!! We wish you all the best!!!
Jeth Ocampo (1 year ago)
I miss them so much
Gabriella Rocha (1 year ago)
meu Deus vcs cantam muito bem e sao lindasssss parabenssss
Rismaya H (1 year ago)
Henry Chong (1 year ago)
Promise to see you soon. When :)) huahahaha. :D lol
Felix Dag-um (1 year ago)
I will miss both of you , I hope I will see you in the Philippines in our place .
music of life (1 year ago)
아기들 너무 귀엽당♥♥
itswanlinnn (1 year ago)
Who's here in 2017?? I miss Jayesslee :'(
Daniel Alcantara (1 year ago)
jayzzee1888 (1 year ago)
please more covers
Ellie Her (1 year ago)
Are you guys twins
Rei Kim Lim (1 year ago)
so beautiful imissu girls!!
Tamonwan Karaket (1 year ago)
miss you so much <3
_MARIA_ M_ (1 year ago)
здесь кушать кто то российский?(
Regina Villagracia (1 year ago)
so cute! they still manage to sing and keep in touch even when they have babies
Thanghai Chung (1 year ago)
love these girls so much and the babies are so so cute omg
shi ying (1 year ago)
why is her mouth so big here
shi ying (1 year ago)
oh braces
Elchin Huseynov (1 year ago)
Jordan looks like Jackie Chan
we miss you so much... Will you come back ??
azola akbar (1 year ago)
uwaw... i subscribe this video since u guys sang wondergirls, and now i feel old. The babies are cute, congrats girls.
Phạm Đan Lê (1 year ago)
The babys is so cute
juliet (1 year ago)
Ploytha (1 year ago)
almost last year2016 i miss you.
basicaf (1 year ago)
wait!!! they are married?
kachonanan (1 year ago)
I love you
furlycia (1 year ago)
please do a similar version with your 2nd babies! a short cover with conor and levi!!!! <3 <3
anghelarosa (1 year ago)
furlycia yess yes!!
halima benabid (2 years ago)
Widya Km (2 years ago)
miss u guys a lot! gud luck with ur babies <3
whimsical (2 years ago)
Jordan's snot bubbleAT 1:10 XD
Sophlie G (1 year ago)
WhimsicallyBea lol aww
Briigen Janda (2 years ago)
긴또깡 (2 years ago)
this version 'bang bang' feels like busy to care their infant. i think it suitable jayslee! so lovely kids but sometimes hard to do. god bless on u.
T SA (2 years ago)
1:03 LOL
kellywongwst (2 years ago)
Oh my god this was 2 years ago! And now they both have their second child this is insane.
amel believe (2 years ago)
soo cute
Smile angelaa (2 years ago)
2016 anyone XD
Gette (2 years ago)
Omg i remember waiting for a new video for sooo loopnggg after their 1,000,000 subs video ♡ remember watching them when i was youngg ♡
ChrisGamerTv /CGTV (2 years ago)
this sucks
I like this verson, I am very glad if you cover the whole song ^^
Z. S. E (2 years ago)
a cover with babies lol
Tina Maloth (2 years ago)
i like those babys and girls
Larisa Konyova (2 years ago)
cute babies like the names you gave them
Sorgog Sorgog (2 years ago)
love you
Nice Aimbot (2 years ago)
kawiiiiiiii baby
kiss my ass (2 years ago)
Maliha Ramiza Ramlan (2 years ago)
i love you two so much!!
Oria (2 years ago)
babys are so cute
Chelsealealea (2 years ago)
Tran Quyen (2 years ago)
catie lee (2 years ago)
CalumHoodVids (2 years ago)
Now you've got 2 million
Enzo Colineau (2 years ago)
Guldana N (2 years ago)
Shane is Jenice's baby? Is she married?
amber (2 years ago)
Yes and it's Janice not Jenice.
Tif So (2 years ago)
elles ont bien changés depuis leur premiere vidéo et en plus des bébés wow
angelina posadas (2 years ago)
loveyourself cover please
Janny Tran (2 years ago)
They're so cute!!
Millie Piroth (2 years ago)
happy Bithday
peachysamo (2 years ago)
awwww so cute
Cutiepie 13 (2 years ago)
they nodded their head at the same timee, its ni wonder they are twins
Mon RY (2 years ago)
Otaku Chan (2 years ago)
attran moro (2 years ago)
Mackenzey Goodwin (2 years ago)
Are they sisters or are they girlfriends
Grazielle Jazmin (2 years ago)
+Mackenzey Goodwin they're twins hahah
unknown teenager (2 years ago)
iFrx96 (2 years ago)
Rácz Marian (2 years ago)
Emily Salvador (3 years ago)
the one with the black and white shirt is so cute😍😍😍😍😍😍☺😊😀😄😃😅😆😇
Janny Tran (3 years ago)
They look so cute😆😆
icheuich (3 years ago)
melhor cover!!!!
Legendary Slash (3 years ago)
love both of u Janice and Sonia..
Park Bom2 (3 years ago)
Awee so adorable I love baby's so much I wish I could baby sit them xD and awww sure you both alway try your best
george villela (3 years ago)
os mulequinhos são virados o samurai,kkkk
Annie D (3 years ago)
Omg so cute!!!
Stevie Bobini (3 years ago)
r u lesbians
Stevie Bobini (3 years ago)
+YX oh ok #
YX (3 years ago)
+Stevie Bobini They're twins
Jordan tries to speakkkkkk hhahahaha how cute :3
Yee 302660 (3 years ago)
so cute !I love them
Unknown Account (3 years ago)
hahaha.. funnyy
Vulpes Lagopus (3 years ago)
god i can only imagine jordan dads eyes
Atchii Atienza (3 years ago)
Cute :D
Big Worm (3 years ago)
Harun İrge (3 years ago)
bebeğin tekinin gözleri yok soldaki kiz cok tatli ya :)
NessBlock (3 years ago)
Are those boys your nephews or sons? :D
amber (3 years ago)
Melisa Meow (3 years ago)
do a full cover of this pleasee!!!
tyndalegurl (3 years ago)
awww. So cute!!!
Celesta Wanandi (3 years ago)
Are they moms?
kendall gomez (3 years ago)
omg, it's so cute❤️ wish you all the best💋
Yoshika S (3 years ago)
best cover ever
JackJi Couple (3 years ago)
Shane is more like American, and seem to be kind, Jordan is more Korean, but so cute, hit Shane and even tune the guitar, both r so cute <3
baby cooper (2 years ago)
+Tien Hung Phan lol ikr
Mrphantom (3 years ago)
Why American? Both are Korean-Australian
monsterhigh75 (3 years ago)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute!!!!!!!
陳佳葳Maddie (3 years ago)
Can you please do the complete version of this cover? This cover is super!!!!
Mileidy Queiroz (3 years ago)
Please sing Oceans
My Smash Corner (3 years ago)
I like how Jordan's trying to tune your guitar at the beginning.
DefiableRiffs (2 years ago)
+My Smash Corner youtube is full of surprises. did not expect to see you here
ellainne nicolas (3 years ago)
jordan and shane ❤️❤️❤️ im always watching yer videos giys especially andymetsonia 😂😬

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