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Trucking is a Volatile Business

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The Trucking Industry is Volitile industry business. It hard to plan long term shit out when the business is like it is but we gotta do what we gotta do. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Apathy (4 months ago)
How they gonna close Toys R Us, the kids man the kids 😢.
Solgie Ricketts (6 months ago)
What coumpny you run with bro
Parteehard Da Trucker (6 months ago)
francorama (7 months ago)
you try to plan your trip to the best of your abilities. but you have to expect the unexpected. very volatile and very unpredictable.
Ray G (7 months ago)
julie all-night long (7 months ago)
Dope ass intro
Nashmadeit126 (7 months ago)
Riding heavy
Jai Clark (7 months ago)
It's getting real out here.
Heretogetyourmind right (7 months ago)
Man I want to get my own truck but its cost alot to get everything
BigMarv Madison (7 months ago)
The rich get rich and the poor don't get a mf'n thang
David Cisneros Salto (7 months ago)
Salute to ya Big Homes always watch your videos PH much love vato loco
Parteehard Da Trucker (7 months ago)
Appreciate the love Fam
Lua Shelton (7 months ago)
PH you've been putting out some tremendously good videos! I fell out over Spongebob yesterday....And today it was so good to see Kee Dee Wee and Junior looking so fine ! .... Live chat was stacked while I was rollin . Wow! That Mississippi "heads bowed down" story shouldn't be happening in 2018! ... Sounds like you crossed paths will Madame Crankcase of Mississippi, a legend in her own mind. .... I'm thinking Madame Crankcase probably had helmet hair to go along with her attitude of automatic contempt for other people. ..PH thanks for the great videos and the broadminded thinking that you're all about. And thank you for your sense of humor . It's uplifting . One of your subs said it right a while back when he said " PH, your work ethic is your brand" .
Parteehard Da Trucker (7 months ago)
Thx fam appreciate the love Fam
Whaddup fam...keep that freight shaking pimpin
392 Bezuss (7 months ago)
I'm fuckin with it Unc🥇
Daryl Smith (7 months ago)
That's real talk PH. People better get woke and ready because stores closing, layoffs, salaries flat, tariffs hurting farmers, fuel keep going up, stock market down and home sales down. Recession coming sooner than later...
Parteehard Da Trucker (7 months ago)
Bruh they dont see it
greg lancaster (7 months ago)
People need to save make good smart long term generational wealth building investments
Bruce Davis (7 months ago)
Sherwin Brown (7 months ago)
I’m in Virginia head to SouthCarolina
Kris C (7 months ago)
Don't know that I agree with the doom and glom but I do know freight rates are the highest they have ever been. I've received 3 raises In the last year
Parteehard Da Trucker (7 months ago)
Thx for this
Kris C (7 months ago)
@Parteehard Da Trucker https://www.dat.com/industry-trends/trendlines/reefer/national-rates
Kris C (7 months ago)
@Parteehard Da Trucker https://www.dat.com/industry-trends/trendlines/van/national-rates
Kris C (7 months ago)
@Parteehard Da Trucker well I'm in refer and getting on average 2.60 mile but that's just me and also if you look at the freight index for the past 6 to 9 months the rates have been soring upwards the highest ever in trucking. But we may have to agree to disagree. Still enjoy your videos take care be safe out here
Parteehard Da Trucker (7 months ago)
😳😳😳 Where you getting that from rates are down way down
squid nasty (7 months ago)
Damn bra you’re son looks happy you happy bless bra I watch all you’re videos but don’t comment all the time
Parteehard Da Trucker (7 months ago)
I appreciate the support Fam RNS
K B (7 months ago)
Mam u look refreshed
soul sista#2 (7 months ago)
Since you got payed stop by Church's Chicken and pick up one large okra.. two ears of corn. Two jalapeno peppers.. please.. Thanks.. and get some sprinkles
donte johnson (7 months ago)
Yeah, I'm hearing that come 2019, things gonna get bad for the trucking industry. There will still be jobs, but not as many.
solomon grundy (7 months ago)
And we forgot how to hunt, fish, farm, build a small shelter...chaos
DHubb DaTrucker (7 months ago)
What's Up PH? Glad you happy. Keep Shakeing the block down. Be Safe Out There Driver.
Parteehard Da Trucker (7 months ago)
No doubt Fam you already know
Justin Bippus (7 months ago)
Well, with Amazon leading the way, a lot of other retailers are moving to e-commerce, so the freight should be steady if not going up. It also helps that we(United States) still have the world reserve currency status and the fact that other world powers have just as much or more debt than us and are more corrupt.
realskater17 (7 months ago)
Bro this the realist video u dropped people better take heed,i fwu to the max
Mandisa Konè (7 months ago)
🗣PARTEEHARD!!! KeeDeeWee looking like, Yep! Junior got these Tits on Lock! 😂🤣😂
Tru Da Trucker (7 months ago)
So true about these companies closing
Ron Rose (7 months ago)
What up Homie. Glad everything is kewl.
JM Chavis (7 months ago)
Them damn tariffs are starting to come down the pipe. I haul tanks carrying chemicals, and we gettin slow down here in Louisiana.
Lee Hill (7 months ago)
If it wasn’t winter I I wouldn’t say this but t/a got a full set 8 recaps for 2k
jamar 2k (7 months ago)
Yooooo PH that's real talk I see what's going on out here with this economic situation. Sad how people let propaganda rule their minds
jo grant (7 months ago)
The Baby is so handsome!
All Gas NO breaks (7 months ago)
What’s good og
Parteehard Da Trucker (7 months ago)
Trying to make a dollar out of $0.15
MM J13 (7 months ago)
Glad to see you’re doing better. You’re an inspiration man!! Thanks for sharing. 💪🏾💯
dawson5030 (7 months ago)
I love your video's you speak the truth!! I agree!!
Buddha Blac (7 months ago)
Haaaaa aye PH u shot out bruh Junior ain’t talkin Y’all got the Lil one fuked up He ain’t talkin Straight bizness
Kaffinated Kowboy (7 months ago)
Like n share muthafuckas
Kaffinated Kowboy (7 months ago)
P to the H wuz happening PATNA. Making it do what it do pimpin
Devin Jackson (7 months ago)
What it do bruh glad u put sumthing out, hope u go live today 👌👌
Mack Jones (7 months ago)
Good video 👍🏾
Buddha Blac (7 months ago)
OEWAE (7 months ago)

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