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Gangnam Style (강남스타일) - PSY - CHAINS UK#1 acoustic cover

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LIKE us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChainsUnchained FOLLOW us on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ChainsUnchained www.chainsunchained.com We are London band The Chain doing our run of UK No1 covers. The band plan to cover the UK no1 each week, whatever it is. Make sure you subscribe to our channel www.youtube.com/TheChainMusic to be updated on all new #1 videos. us in the tweetworld: www.twitter.com/BenParkerMusic www.twitter.com/KateAumonier
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Text Comments (44)
roberto hernandez (10 months ago)
If i was one of your kids, i would be so embarrassed. With that said, you guys are awesome...
Mauro Esteban (5 years ago)
Son increibles!
Karan Kamble (5 years ago)
Super duper amazing!
Olly The Octopus (6 years ago)
this is EPIC it should have a billion views
Jj Jeronimo (6 years ago)
abhishek aggarwal (6 years ago)
U guys just too good!
Edwin Sequeira (6 years ago)
Superb !!!
Maria Hoang (6 years ago)
Love this!! You two are amazing!
Johnny Passas (6 years ago)
That is really funny!!!!
SpinX Raihan (6 years ago)
hahahha Very funny but Nice :D
APPLEJONTTU (6 years ago)
Awesome !!!! :D
supermeshpool (6 years ago)
I am korean! oh ~ great korean pronounce!
enolaykriuq (6 years ago)
.hahahah very nice performance :D :)
Marcus James (6 years ago)
Oh my, so much fun watching this, but less than you seemed to have making it.
Vanessa S (6 years ago)
Thank you sooo much, you made my day! I laughed during the whole video! :D Just discovered your channel and subscribed immediately! ;) You two have great voices and i have much respect for you 2 singing korean! :)
Andreas Potschka (6 years ago)
Jetzt gefällt mir der Titel auch, aber nur durch Euch!!!!!!
FelixLoveToast (6 years ago)
Seid ihr zwei ein Pärchen/ Ehepaar?
Anna W (6 years ago)
even this awfull song you made fantastic, haaaa! amazing.. btw nice danicing :D
James N (6 years ago)
Great vocal Ben;-)), looked like great fun guys. Keep up the good work
policedoghoganvideos (6 years ago)
That should be November 2.
policedoghoganvideos (6 years ago)
This is absolutely amazing. Hope you'll be doing a singalong version at The Basement, Brighton, November 5.
Rich Clark (6 years ago)
I had somehow managed to miss Gangnam Style... I heard it this morning and my first thought was when we get back in we must see what The Chain have done. EPIC. Most fun I've had in just under 4 minutes. Talent envy.
Yewon Kang (6 years ago)
i'm korean , u guys r awesome korean pronunciation! I love it^^
chi zhao (6 years ago)
OMG u guys are amazing!! ahah
Laurel Roberts (6 years ago)
love love love it :D
LucyOodleDoo (6 years ago)
Haha, aw, this just makes me laugh so much! I love you guys! and your smile is beautiful Kate! :) X
frozenconnor1 (6 years ago)
hey guys would like to say i love your work and when will you be trying to put your covers on Itunes? i would buy them
LucyOodleDoo (6 years ago)
Haa! Watching this for the first time at 23:42pm and wetting myself with laughter!! Love it guys, so good!! Especially the dancing ;) can't wait till next week!! Your uploads are the things that get me through each week! Ha xxxx
SallyAnn46 (6 years ago)
Brilliant ... love the horsing around ... or should I say dancing?!!
Dave E (6 years ago)
I am crying real tears here! So so so soooooooooo much fun!
원왕생願往生 (6 years ago)
너무 잘하세요!!! your's are very very good!!!
dan poole (6 years ago)
Frickin brilliant man!!!! This is ace.
thoballee (6 years ago)
한국발음하기 어려운데 상당히 잘하시네요~
jakeman0x0 (6 years ago)
That's pretty good..
Lucrezia A. (6 years ago)
Amazing!!! Bravo!! !
Alice Stewart (6 years ago)
Give a vote of confidence : on FAXO WALL Contest for 'Best Video' :)
Shadlyn Luxy (6 years ago)
The Workshop Tapes (6 years ago)
I hope you're treating that dance with the respect it deserves! Congratulations on your Korean though - I might need to validate that (any korean speakers out there let me know), but it sounds pretty good to me. Some real conviction in them vocals.
Alice Stewart (6 years ago)
sk04 (6 years ago)
I love you guys! Though stick to the singing rather than horse dancing!
meyunavideo (6 years ago)
hahahaha lol Perfect!
Mary (6 years ago)
Alice Stewart (6 years ago)
ha,Ha, HA : too, Too, TOO MUCH :)
PortobelloPink (6 years ago)
Haha!! Fantastic!

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