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Trucking OTR Is Coming To An End For Me.

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What's up Family I miss my son when I came home my son didnt recognize me I cant have that I've been working on finding something that will get me home more I think I've found the spot for my truck. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Jason Harvey (1 month ago)
Hartford CT , in here
Parteehard da trucker (1 month ago)
Word to the GREATS
Ferdinand Carson (2 months ago)
Simply find a day job in your near or get your class B. I know easier said than done.
Red Bluesome (1 month ago)
Ferdinand Carson - Any A class license is more than qualified for a B class job. But if he wanted to make good money local, he could do a lot worse than driving for a refuse company.
Joshua Morris (2 months ago)
I didn't like otr especially having a family I'm driving dedicated now and i love it.
Red Bluesome (1 month ago)
MarLo Abdul “That’s per load bro right, 600-900? Is it possible to do two loads per day?” “600-900 per week.” Well there goes that idea right? lol
Joshua Morris (2 months ago)
+MarLo Abdul i averaged about 600-900 a week it depends on how you want to run and if you have a good dispatcher or not
MarLo Abdul (2 months ago)
@Joshua morris that's per load bro right? 600-900? Could you possibly do 2 loads per day ?
Joshua Morris (2 months ago)
Joshua Morris (2 months ago)
+MarLo Abdul I work for knight transportation i don't know much about being a owner op but knight keeps me moving.
Eric Shimer (2 months ago)
Does get old when everyone is scheduled for the same appointment time but when you arrive it is always a different story.
Tru Da Trucker (2 months ago)
You gotta do what’s best for you and yours. Good luck “Family First”
DJ thetrucker (2 months ago)
I saw that when u start talking to your son.. i am going owner op at end of year so can aleast can be home on weekend pulling containers... i love otr but miss 2 much of your family life..
Sherman House (2 months ago)
I’ve made more money local than OTR being a owner op
DHubb DaTrucker (2 months ago)
So true PH.....My kids be calling and asking me if I'm coming back home.
Sherwin Brown (2 months ago)
Man ik that run is sweet
Godbodie (2 months ago)
I feel you bro. Fukk OTR I need consistency. Went local 2 years ago and never looked back took 100$ pay cut but I'm home every night
Big Daddy (2 months ago)
Smart move FAM , getting to eat and spend time with FAM 👍
Dave BTC (2 months ago)
I stayed close until my son was big enough to know who I was. My truck will be paid off in 2021 that’s when I plan on going local as a owner opp.
Just Gerardo (2 months ago)
I know that shit hurt fam when kids forget who you are same thing happened to me with my 2 year old and I was regional at the time now I'm local tanker tho
BH Transport Owner (2 months ago)
Go home man...this freight will get delivered, your family...they need to see you, feel you, connect with you. You can always come back out here at a later date, if you see fit. Your heart will always tell you where you need to be. Stay positive and stay open for your blessings ✊🏾👍🏾
G Glenn (2 months ago)
go to FedEx linehaul.. home every night that's where I work now
Highway Robber (2 months ago)
Christopher Allen (2 months ago)
Otr should not be cpm and per stop and detention etc. There are too many variables. Pay should be salary per day regardless of what the [email protected]% happens. That shit ain't right and it's not the driver's fault. This is what has stopped me from going Otr hands down. And yo btw I'm in Connecticut lol
Luke Roybal (2 months ago)
Being home with family more often, especially with such a young son, will make you and your family ‘richer’ than what you can attain with any amount of money. Trucking is enjoyable but its easy to give your whole life to it before you even realize its gone.
Herbert Chow (2 months ago)
Thats the way to do it. Good luck PH
Trucker 1280 Shuan (2 months ago)
What's Happening PH my 1 yr old son do me the same but the last time I came home for this past Christmas he gave me the biggest hug brought a lil water to my eyes! I'm going back local or regional soon too.
Woodzedge - (2 months ago)
How often do you get home now?
YoungBull DaTrucker (2 months ago)
Good luck. Hope everything goes well for you
vroor32 (2 months ago)
Haha you at that beer/soda can plant in Williamsburg (ball) I always go there at nite, slide in & out in 2 hours . Love them can loads. This past summer I pulled a load to MN (1300 miles, paid $3900). Few weeks ago pulled a load to DC (150miles paid $1000). Love to hit them upside the head. Wonder if u was going to La Crosse, WI. That's a 1100 one way. Should get no less than $2600 one way.
D. V. (2 months ago)
My man....this shit about your son is what I tried to tell you back when he was in the womb, and damn if you didn't cuss me up one side and the other.🤔
K C Francis (2 months ago)
Regional & railyards works for me. I'm working on the passive income; and hopefully grandchildren come soon. Makes me more $$ than OTR, and I'm still connected to family. Bless.
Willie Williams (2 months ago)
It will work for ya ph I know where you coming from keep ya head up big dogg
Tiffany Cossabone (2 months ago)
Do what's best for you and ur family
Lua Shelton (2 months ago)
You made the right decision to go dedicated. There is probably less wear and tear on the truck, and you can probably get a feel for certain segments of the route where you can slow down a notch. What you'll save on fuel might surprise you. And youll be more relaxed, and in a frame of mind to accurately track fuel mpg and operating cost. Congratulations on this decision. Now we need to get Junior a little fleet of dump trucks. Dump trucks are cool as hell. They look like pit bulls coming down the road.😀👌👌👌🐎🐎✌👍👍👍
Robert Scott (2 months ago)
That’s wat I use to go through at home working in the oilfield
BigHiggy (2 months ago)
Me and you might not see eye to eye all the time but that’s life. But this I’m 100% in your corner PH. You need to be home with your family more. They are what is important in this life
Do what you need to do bro ✌🏽
Ozzie Burgess (2 months ago)
Been there done that PH, that's hard on ya brotha. You have to make that choice and it's still not going to feel right, the wants and needs will way heavy on you. But in the long run your son will Love you for the choices to be home with him.✌
Exum Enterprises (2 months ago)
Salute that's a honest reply.👍💣
Junior Powell (2 months ago)
Trucking Review Channel (2 months ago)
Thats a good plan!!
Andro Imaging (2 months ago)
👍 I just know the pieces will fall together for you, just like they will for me! Keep your head up👍
byronnash45 (2 months ago)
Say it ain't so PH ???
ISLAND TRUCKER (2 months ago)
I was there last week that place can be sloooowwww
dawson5030 (2 months ago)
He is Sooooo!! adorable!!! Those eyes are to die for!! well I hope you get that dedicated route good luck to you and your family. you are a good father...
Ricochet (2 months ago)
Yeah man, your son and wife need your presence. Nothing wrong with that at all brother. Hope you find a good dedicated account. Maybe someone on here can reccomend a place for you.
Bucck Jones (2 months ago)
Do what’s best for you and your queen and your prince big bra , we all watching your vids but you the one Alone at night with your thoughts at night , I wish nothing but the best big bro
Payne Killer (2 months ago)
I also made some adjustments when my kids were born, didn't take me long to realize they grow up so fast and I was missing out on their youth. There is no reverse gear on time. I'm glad I did it.
Jay B (2 months ago)
They are only small once do what you got to do bruh
Bernard Williams (2 months ago)
Plenty money out here PH. You dont have to be on the road. Make money, spend time with family and take care of yourself as well. I think it's a great move for you brother. Salute!
Alix Christie (2 months ago)
Wats shaking my O.G
Jay Dubya (2 months ago)
Jb hunt maybe?
Rider 71 (2 months ago)
We have to remember what our children need more things or us? My family and I were closest when we had nothin...but packs on our backs...Living in a tent or whereever...lovin life learning faith, we become slaves to our luxuries at the cost of our families and life itself..the "system" figured it out and now look at us...I'm workin my way back to the land and being self sustaining...TRUCKIN is a means to an end not an end..best to ya PH and may the Most High lead us
Changing Lanes (2 months ago)
You got it! That's exactly how it works. Money is not everything.
Rider 71 (2 months ago)
+Askari Wali it's truth...haha enemy of our souls is cunning...understand the times we are in and who the real enemy is..it's not me...
Askari Wali (2 months ago)
Well said my BROTHA
Ray David (2 months ago)
Do ur thing Driver 👍
PITBULL TRUCKER (2 months ago)
Good luck man
davedixon74 (2 months ago)
Be closer to the fam 👌🏾
Korey Anderson (2 months ago)
we got to link up i could use the knowledge im just learning
TruckerBeetleBailey (2 months ago)
#TAKTRUCKING - Paid a nice Salary to work here!!
TruckerBeetleBailey (2 months ago)
That load might be 25k-30k tops
David Guidi (2 months ago)
Don't go man
Elwyn Carrol (2 months ago)
What editing software are you using
Parteehard da trucker (2 months ago)
Power director

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