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Sun Baby by The High Violets

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Sun Baby From our album To Where You Are (c) The High Violets http://www.thehighviolets.com
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Text Comments (29)
pedro wilde (1 year ago)
Michael Brumbach (1 year ago)
Goddamnit! My headphones can't go louder!!!!!
J 242 (1 year ago)
Heard it. Shat, properly, in my trousers. Then cried. A deep cry. Like a kraken, minus the testicles.
Paul Schmidt (2 years ago)
Love you guys. So amazing that you understand how not to be perfect.
T. U. Kroeger (2 years ago)
and this makes my day
Mark Marquez (3 years ago)
This made my night , at work, I am now addicted!!! thank you...
scott grandrath (3 years ago)
great tune....but Ride's "Leave them all behind"-ish?
michael bobak (3 years ago)
Awesome song!
Lawrence Frauens (3 years ago)
Rock it.
Jonathan Blair (6 years ago)
Great comparison with Tanya Donelly, but her could be raw which was great for Belly.
Jonathan Blair (6 years ago)
Hey, me first in NYC! Then you can have them in London!
thehighviolets (6 years ago)
Hopefully soon!
doubleredsx3 (6 years ago)
When are you guys coming over to the UK?
JCAMPOSTUBE (6 years ago)
Yes, man!
incredible, like finding gold, yes underrated indeed, i agree...
Avant Aklu (7 years ago)
The singer sounds a lot like Sonjia Kristina from 70's band Curved Air.Very good!
Live4Ever329 (7 years ago)
Such an underrated band!
mgaston61 (7 years ago)
there are no words for how much i love this song
overcastwithshowers (7 years ago)
@ix8880 I agree. I first heard them on RadioPardise (wheel) and have been hooked ever since. please come to any where in Europe preferably Austria.
Jason Pociask (7 years ago)
You guys should be so huge, seriously. I first heard you on RadioParadise (Love is Blinding gets played there some) and you are one of my favorite bands, please play in Tempe Arizona sometime!
lipomasteps (7 years ago)
Done. Bought. Fabulous.
Jay Templar (8 years ago)
still shines..amazing track <3
Pablo Rodríguez (9 years ago)
I like that guitar :)
Greyheaven (9 years ago)
This song deserves a professional video.
aquariuslalo (10 years ago)
This makes me to miss Oregon more than ever...
mathieu hill (11 years ago)
best fuzz i have heard in yrs.!
lilouka (11 years ago)
lovely song
RVSAID (11 years ago)
Never seen Oregon but loved the washed out colours and the clarity of the video. Catherine WHeel now there's a name from the past. I really liked the track, thanks for posting. Try LushProgress1
qazplmthv (11 years ago)
i really like this video it makes me miss oregon

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