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Marlo Tilt (Tutorial)

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The Marlo Tilt is one of the basic sleight of hand moves used to perform a handful of different routines. It is a false slotting of a card from the back of the deck to create the illusion that the magician places it in the middle of the pack, but really actually slotting it somewhere near the top, usually just underneath the top card. COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=evancloyd http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtoDisturbReality Tutorial Page http://www.youtube.com/howtoDisturbReality Evan Cloyd's Website http://www.evancloyd.com Twitter http://twitter.com/jarek120 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/DisturbReality ABOUT EVAN CLOYD I grew up in Macomb, MI, I am the youngest son of two history teachers. I went to a film school for a year and currently working as a video editor for an exercise equipment company. I plan on moving to the Los Angeles area either before, or early, 2012. I primarily work with After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Cinema 4D. I am also a cinematographer, an independent wrestler, a magician, I can solve a 7-sided Rubik's cube, I am drug and alcohol free, and a proud graduate of P90X. ------ Be inspired to learn. Then aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (180)
Spaghet (1 year ago)
I hate that intro so fricking much
Isak WQW (2 years ago)
are u left handed?
Enzo Cypriani (2 years ago)
man that helped me a lot thank you
orcs3,000 (2 years ago)
you are swallowing very loudly
I think the mic is too close to your God damn esophagus.
fast paper (2 years ago)
That's good, thank you! You make it look so easy You're awesome man!! Man, you're the best magician on YouTube. :)
Mirai Kuriyama (2 years ago)
When your hand is too small -.-
HARRY POTTAH (2 years ago)
It requires precise angles, it's so hard to perform this in da street f0k
COOL FROGGY (2 years ago)
what does 1:20 mean?
Zoltan Friendly (2 years ago)
Why is your watch over your jacket sleeve?
PennyAnimations (2 years ago)
When he dropped the card at the beginning I was so confused because it didn't hit the scattered deck below. XD
Timothy Sullivan (2 years ago)
This is hard with small hands :(
Xenon (2 years ago)
Timothy Sullivan I'm have small hands and can do this perfectly fine just try to cover up the edges of the pack when you slide it in as it may show
Sam Lancaster (2 years ago)
Timothy Sullivan I feel you man... my hands are to huge though
Milos Momcilovic (2 years ago)
you are producing some weird noises with your throat, like swallowing saliva or something. too nervous.
Ryan N (2 years ago)
That's all I could hear, lol
AaronWeeksPhotos (2 years ago)
It's disgusting
AaronWeeksPhotos (2 years ago)
It's disgusting
Nate Hendricks (2 years ago)
I really hate the sound of swallowing spit
im always conflicted watching tricks get explained, ofcourse i want to know how it's but then i get a bit mad at myself for ruining the magic
+Maurice H * how it's done
BLUE SKY (3 years ago)
thank you always a pleasure to see you
ThatGuy (3 years ago)
lol when david blane does it, he bends the card so you can see it go from the middle to the top
Kim-Yan Chuon (3 years ago)
+random wordcircus just like david blaine right
random wordcircus (3 years ago)
+ThatGuy lol when david blane david blanes, he david blanes the david blane so you can david blane from david blane to david blane
Plural (3 years ago)
hes done it like that to
Yani Verwerft (3 years ago)
what deck is that
Scooby Snacks (3 years ago)
+Oh Sehun (James) xD
jaa.mes_ (3 years ago)
standard bicycle
dimo2224 (4 years ago)
Dude your fucking awesome!! Love your tutorials. Hope to be as good as you someday. Keep helping the beginners!!
Damian Blue (4 years ago)
this guy is so boring and annoying explaining the trick i lose track.  ill find another video 
J. A. Evans (4 years ago)
1:20 floating card...
Christopher Davies (4 years ago)
thx a lot
Deck Heads (4 years ago)
anybody here into cardistry?
King Of Spades KOS (4 years ago)
could you do a tutorial on your push off double lift? It seems like you have your own variation to it, where the two cards are right in front of the deck when you turn them over. I would like to know how that is done.
Ahmad Ismail (3 years ago)
there already is one
Taekwondo Itf (4 years ago)
You put that shit second and it comes out on top df? That's my only trouble
Harlan Valdes (3 years ago)
+adarkerlight double lifting is extremely easy without practice
adarkerlight (4 years ago)
+Taekwondo Itf I do the double lift all the time, super easy. I don't always *mean* to, and I tend to do a double lift when I'm trying to do a triple lift. So I'd say double lifting is so easy when you don't mean it, but when you do, I can't always get it :P
Taekwondo Itf (4 years ago)
+Javier Gonzalez its hard
Javier Gonzalez (4 years ago)
The Doublelift
Essam Savage (4 years ago)
i want big hands >:(
Samuel Hodges (4 years ago)
Good job. If possible, do a tutorial on when the deck is cut into quadrants face down. Then the palms cover two of the halves at a time, each time an Ace appear atop of the halves face up.
matthew neal (4 years ago)
Curse my small hands
Harry Blyth-evans (4 years ago)
Isaac Weadon (4 years ago)
I saw u on tru tv top funniest
MCTDMGaming (4 years ago)
Using this with a few false cuts and riffle shuffles can make it look really good.
sc0ot3rfr3ak (4 years ago)
1:29 that throat swallow
Alex Yuen (1 year ago)
AaronWeeksPhotos (2 years ago)
Earned him a dislike
Chester Jia (4 years ago)
Lol I could hear it
Andre Poissant (4 years ago)
Why does everyone use bicycle cards?
Zavery B (3 years ago)
Because they work best
Jawnboi (3 years ago)
Cheap and easy to get.
J. A. Evans (4 years ago)
It's a great card brand, and it's the best for magic.
Carl Loud (4 years ago)
They're the most popular.
Chester Jia (4 years ago)
What's wrong with Bicycle?
Gur Onsan (4 years ago)
Is he paid by the minute ? like the videos are nice and well made but come on !! how to make something last 10mns when it could be done in 3 :-)
nighttaker666 (4 years ago)
This is so hard to do.
Jawnboi (3 years ago)
Not really he just over explains it. It's pretty much just a break from the top card to second.
easyhec (4 years ago)
I heard that move was named after Marlo Thomas.
Crazy Clown (2 years ago)
easyhec Move on muppet
Carl Loud (4 years ago)
Like_the_boss (4 years ago)
escuse me, i'm italian... but if you have 504.262 subscribes, the secret of the magic is now everyvere!!!!!!
2012isRonPaul (4 years ago)
u seem to reapeat the same things too much
Drew Shelby (5 years ago)
hey guys check out my first video if you'd like! thanks!
Marked Kards (5 years ago)
I found a really cool alternative to this on Theory11's The Wire that may not be as convincing, but is probably a bit easier. It's called Charge by Kane Ballard
Sean Bierman (5 years ago)
lol. Mine was the two of diamonds
Bbstar (5 years ago)
Corbin Shoppell (5 years ago)
Brady Champion (5 years ago)
I miss his magic videos
harino45 (5 years ago)
What about when david blaine makes the spectator put the card in the middle herself but it still comes to the top (and the card is also signed)?
mitro2828 (4 years ago)
+harino45 Ok so first she puts her forced card in the middle (legit). Then he does a doublelift (dublicate of 2 of spades behind the ace of clubs). After he shows the ace of clubs he grabs the 2 of spades which is now on the top and rips it in pieces in her hand (Ace of clubs is on top of the deck now). Then he finds her original 2 of spades in the middle where she put it, puts it on top, while grabbing the ace of clubs from the bottom and does a shake change(jarek's got a tutorial) revealing how the 2 of spades changes into the ace of clubs. then he takes the ripped 2 of spades from her hand and places a full 2 of spades in her hand. I hope that helped you :)   
harino45 (4 years ago)
+Mitchell Rushing Here's a clip watch?v=1Fo49eVNqlU He does it at the beginning. Any ideas? 
Mitchell Rushing (4 years ago)
Hmmmm... I am not too sure then, perhaps he forced it...and then put a duplicate on top? haha. That would be pretty stupid, but it technically would work. If I saw the video, maybe I could figure it out. 
harino45 (4 years ago)
+Mitchell Rushing I just looked that up. Thanks for letting me know about that move, but there is a video where the spectator literally sticks the card into the deck without Blaine lifting a pack or anything. Do you have any ideas? 
Mitchell Rushing (4 years ago)
+harino45 For this specific move he uses the "bluff" pass in the video with the 2 women. (Not to be confused with the classic or Herman pass.)
SamTheGamer (5 years ago)
What the heck? i was watching this and he pulled off the top card and so did i and mine was the three of diamonds too! What the heck?
SamTheGamer (5 years ago)
Splash (5 years ago)
no way, same here XD
Jack Tacchi (5 years ago)
I swear he's got bigger hands than me
Kryptic Skilla (5 years ago)
i dont understand how he makes the 2nd card become the top
Dan Triggerhappy (5 years ago)
Happy to help.
Kryptic Skilla (5 years ago)
+Dan Triggerhappy lol thanks now i know lol
Dan Triggerhappy (5 years ago)
You lift two making it look like one. 'tis called the double lift.
Manu Placinta (5 years ago)
+Disturb Reality Hello  Where did you buy the bicycle card ?  Thanks 
Crazy Clown (2 years ago)
Manu Placinta Bicycle Shop
Chester Jia (4 years ago)
+Tony BearJug Not everywhere, though I can find them at your basic Target, Walmart, even my local grocery store.
Antonio Diavolo (4 years ago)
You can get those anywhere. They're like the most common cards ever
krailn valderon (5 years ago)
This move i believe belongs to dai vernon and its called depth illusion
sunmaidliz (5 years ago)
My hands are too too small. That's why girls don't do card tricks.
Surad M. (5 years ago)
Not true. Women are perfectly capable of doing magic just as men can have small hands as well. Most beginners will say they have small hands despite their true hand size. I'm only 13, and I do the double-lift, glimpse, Charlier, and hundreds of other methods.
Gabriel Maciel (5 years ago)
Why don't you sell cards? I'm trying to find some good ones but it's difficult..
Brandon González (5 years ago)
how do you change the top ones
Brandon González (5 years ago)
thats cool
Rasmus (5 years ago)
You do a doublelift
ass catcher (5 years ago)
Rada (5 years ago)
And do the Marlo Tilt, dun dun dun dun ( And do the harlem shake )
Michael Lim (5 years ago)
Marlo Tilt (Tutorial) test
lootziedoodle (5 years ago)
test: 00:00
Tom Churchill (5 years ago)
where did you find that table in the back ground
Tom Churchill (4 years ago)
Thanks, I really appreciate it! 
derArzo (5 years ago)
You're welcome :) He showed is in his Video where he showed us his editing and stuff. The thumbnail was an After Effects Screenshot I think
Tom Churchill (5 years ago)
oh! thanks
derArzo (5 years ago)
He made it :) It's a table with cards on it and he put a blurry glass on it :)
pop2u1 (5 years ago)
the song is called cinema 
FD (5 years ago)
Please tell what music plays between focus and training
FD (5 years ago)
thank you very much благодарю
Alex Ritchie (5 years ago)
Cinema by Skrillex  
angus black (5 years ago)
milo richardson (5 years ago)
When I was following along I pulled out the K of diamonds
Hayden Key (5 years ago)
Black Scorpion Deck
Cherry Bakewell (5 years ago)
Hey everyone i also do magic videos on my channel please take a look i only have 19 subs
Nox Ensomnia (5 years ago)
Man, there's also a depth-illusion in that table right there. It looks like it's way further back than it actually is, so every time a card gets dropped it seems to end up afloat somewhere halfway down xD well, or so it seems to me. I might also just be tired ;)  but anyway I think this is mighty funny xD
Makoto Kazuki (1 year ago)
Nox Ensomnia it keeps fucking with my eyes Holy shit lol
Sizemore570 (5 years ago)
what if you have small hands?
Leo T (5 years ago)
Where is his double lift video
CirCool Bilog (5 years ago)
Jarek, your breathing heavily
MagoJudas66 (5 years ago)
Exelent tutorial!!!!
Shubham S (5 years ago)
he has one
IntelBoxing (5 years ago)
Can u make a titorial of how to double lift I need help on that
Daniel Praetter (5 years ago)
Just do the pokey pokey pokey with the card if you can't do the 2nd convincer
MegaCMAN98 (5 years ago)
Hey jerek is there a way to do this if you have smaller fingers?
jacob rinaldi (5 years ago)
Now I'm ready to perform the ambitious card routine
Optimal-Tech (5 years ago)
Poke Poke Poke
Faceman4292 (5 years ago)
I don't think the convincers are really all that necessary...under normal circumstances you wouldn't insert a card into the deck that way.
dassekara1 (5 years ago)
this s not ur trick...even people can see wt u duin...not cool
Gabe Goertzen (5 years ago)
You should make a tutorial on organizing your magic colection because
rickyrugby1 (6 years ago)
so hard with samll hands :/
Dr. Jörg Haider (6 years ago)
sounds easy but gets hard
Agic Mike (6 years ago)
Agic Mike (6 years ago)
Its not a remix, its an original
TheRobates (6 years ago)
David blaine
MrCotrol (6 years ago)
im sorry but who in reality shows a card like that because the push-off double lift is the worst double lift in my opinion
HiddenVisionz (6 years ago)
Like your work mate, keep it up ;)
Benny Brown (6 years ago)
Cinema, skrillex remix
Conrad Lindenberg (6 years ago)
Sup ricky
Max Gozon (6 years ago)
how do you contact him directly?
Oliver Sargison (7 years ago)
skrillex-cinema :)
magicbend (7 years ago)
i love your table cloth thingy
Roland Sheppard (7 years ago)
Nice tutorial dude.
2ndhalfblood (7 years ago)
this is probably a random video to talk about it but can you push over 2 cards in a close alignment, if you can, can you make a tutorial? i am having a lot of trouble with it
Cole Scott (7 years ago)
That was a great video but my favorite part was the finishing trick, dress code is my favorite to perform.
freaksdan (7 years ago)
poke poke poke...
Grim (7 years ago)
Around a month ago, I saw a kid in my school do a really cool magic trick. I was wondering if anyone could give me the name or even a tutorial in how to do it. He basically told a story with his cards. I think he had like 4-8 cards in his hands, and every time the a card came out it was a different color. By that I mean that a King of Spades changed to King of Hearts or to any other kind of king. Is it that his cards are specially made or what is it? (I know my description is crap @[email protected])
Magic Mota (7 years ago)
GUYS GO TO /watch?v=JZXK68NS7gU OR TYPE "windows movie maker tutorial" in youtube. If you have windows in your computer you must have this program. its is free anyway. so whats the problem about editing?
7Potential (7 years ago)
Thanks for coming to my school today, forgot to say that, and 2nd you really inspired me 2 follow my dreams with that spiel you gave about never giving up. Thanks again
Nathan Bergen (7 years ago)
Magicians tend to prefer bicycles as they are very well known. ie. a spectator will recognize it, feel comfortable with it. On the other hand, if you bring out a weird looking deck of cards - *coughcough*monarchs*coughcough* - they might get suspicious and think that you can only do magic with 'special cards.'
Disturb Reality (7 years ago)
My soon-to-be roommate
Curtis Donald (7 years ago)
hey, how come you never really use any cards other than bicycles?

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