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Kanye West I Got Hooked on Opioids After Liposuction | TMZ

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Kanye West had liposuction, started popping painkillers ... all leading up to the 2016 breakdown that landed him in a hospital for more than a week. SUBSCRIBE: http://po.st/TMZSubscribe About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the way the public gets their news. Regularly referenced by the media, TMZ is one of the most cited entertainment news sources in the world. Subscribe to TMZ on YouTube for breaking celebrity news/ gossip and insight from the newsroom staff (TMZ Chatter & TMZ News), the best clips from TMZ on TV, Raw & Uncut TMZ paparazzi video (from TMZ.com) and the latest video from TMZ Sports and TMZ Live! Keeping Up with Our YouTube Exclusive Content: TMZ Chatter: TMZ newsroom staff insight and commentary from stories/ photos/ videos on TMZ.com TMZ News: The latest news you need to know from TMZ.com Raq Rants: Raquel Harper talks to a celebrity guest with ties to the hip hop and R&B communities. Behind The Bar Podcast: TMZ's lawyers Jason Beckerman and Derek Kaufman loiter at the intersection of law and entertainment, where they look closely at the personalities, events and trends driving the world of celebrity — and how the law affects it all. We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it. Need More TMZ? TMZ Website: http://po.st/TMZWebsite LIKE TMZ on Facebook! http://po.st/TMZLike FOLLOW TMZ on Twitter! http://po.st/TMZFollow FOLLOW TMZ on Instagram! http://po.st/TMZInsta TMZ on TV & TMZ Sports on FS1 Tune In Info: http://po.st/TMZOnAir TMZ is on iOS! http://po.st/TMZiOS TMZ is on Android! http://po.st/TMZonAndroid Got a Tip? Contact TMZ: http://po.st/TMZTip Check out TMZ Live, TMZ Sports and toofab! TMZ Live: http://po.st/TMZLiveWebsite Subscribe! TMZ Live: http://po.st/TMZLiveSubscribe TMZ Sports: http://po.st/TMZSportsWebsite Subscribe! TMZ Sports: http://po.st/TMZSportsSubscribe Toofab: http://po.st/toofabWebsite Subscribe! toofab: http://po.st/toofabSubscribe https://www.youtube.com/c/TMZ
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Text Comments (6391)
Fritz Jean-Noel (5 days ago)
He can blame media but also he does things looking for attention as well. He could be more incognito.
Martyn Falconer (1 month ago)
Obama was our opioids
Avishek Saini (1 month ago)
But you're still fat.
Devin LaCava (1 month ago)
Take a shot every time he says opioids
ElCaballoTV (2 months ago)
I love you Kanye, so much
Stephon Mills (2 months ago)
RG Celso (2 months ago)
Everything he said was right. He’s 100% right.
Crazy boy Random kid HD (2 months ago)
This is why i don't like Kanye West cause he's a bellend of what he is.
Kaitlyn We (3 months ago)
This was a really important message hope someone got it.
POPOLOCROI X111 x111 (3 months ago)
Kanye has the Infinity stones
Chad Williams (3 months ago)
Take a Vicodin every time he says opioids See y’all in satans lounge
Wis Dom (3 months ago)
Trump is the president. You all think Kanye is a genius. Idiocracy came true.
Great Value (3 months ago)
If social media calls you Fat.... turn off your PC and get some confidence in yourself. Dont get liposuction and please your bullies
0:32 You forgot to liposuction your fat beef burger neck
lee (4 months ago)
Flat Earth Boy (5 months ago)
Easily could have just lost weight by going on a diet
Derek Smith (5 months ago)
Once again kanye is right. Tupac even said the media is what got the whole west coast east coast beef going. The media is evil.
Michelle Dozier-Slaton (6 months ago)
I've never seen this....... Kayne speaking his mind isn't crazy. Listen to the man....... Damn people.
Zu zoon (6 months ago)
He lives outside the matrix. He’s the next Albert Einstein!
mona e (6 months ago)
Why is he always angry ??! It’s true, money can’t buy happiness lol
Damien O Callaghan (6 months ago)
Very Simple Question Why does ANYONE give this MOTHERFUCKER any attention???????
Kat l. (6 months ago)
Jonathan Merino (7 months ago)
I cannot stand all you baby boomers that talk bad on Kanye knowing damn well the dudes just not afraid to say what’s on his mind..
BertSesh (7 months ago)
Love the way he’s calling out TMZ for criticising fat people
Stephon Mills (7 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 I’m in tears
C C (7 months ago)
It’s the soul that needs the surgery!!!
pinkprincess xx (7 months ago)
Kanye’s drop the mic moment 231.0
Kayla D (7 months ago)
Hey it takes a lot to speak up on all that. But hey don’t blame it on the public. It’s his own insecurities. He’s right though, American culture is all about how things look and there’s a huge elephant no one wants to talk about. Being okay with automatically judging each other.
Abeo Mariachi (8 months ago)
You mean you don't want the Kardashians to call you fat you want to look good for Kim you're tired of her get in stuffed in the butt behind your back look good for us please don't we don't give two fux
Abeo Mariachi (8 months ago)
ah they broke he's heart they CALLED him fat he wants to look good for us shut the fuk up all that money and you want to cry and Rob cried and got on his private jet and went home LOL
Alfie Solomons (8 months ago)
Nobody look him in the eye just back out, slow like
Aj Campeau (9 months ago)
Pop culture!
Tom Walter (9 months ago)
James Ross (9 months ago)
Doctors get their patients high because they don't have the cures for their illnesses. But where is all donations and grants for research? Because I can buy a dime bag of weed and get the same results and save on these high ass doctor bills smh.
PRESTIGIOUS691 (9 months ago)
Hard to watch a dumb person try real hard to sound smart
Andrea (9 months ago)
Shut up Kanye we didn’t make you get a liposuction. That’s the Kardashian’s. Rappers out here w their big belly’s out not giving a fuck.
Andrea (9 months ago)
He’s right tho drug industry winning but shut up about that lipo lol you could’ve lost that without it
Plague (9 months ago)
He's losing it and I believe that's why he's having a psychotic break honestly. What he is saying is true but he's at a tipping point
Lion Golani (9 months ago)
He ain’t himself after the hospital...
x Xu (10 months ago)
Kanye, you should ask the Sacklers for that 1 Billion, not Zuckerberg.
James O Neill (10 months ago)
Cheyanna Musgrove (10 months ago)
love is the merge of ones universe with another universe. Two pills. two juices. sugar. They're drinking sweetner. Seven of them. Kanye, Luke, The Four SunShine Twins, and pac.
Cheyanna Musgrove (10 months ago)
she only got bigger AND THE FANS REQUIRE A LOT OF FUCKING MONEY!!!!!!!!!
Cheyanna Musgrove (10 months ago)
I put sugar in our fans because I thought it would fix the problem and we'd stop touching her
Matt G (10 months ago)
Tmz disgusts me, they still manage to make money off this, when a celebrity stands up to them like this and exposes how fucked up they are
C S (10 months ago)
Could seem like the excited/ecstatic moments of bipolar disorder 🤔
Ozark Chinquapin (10 months ago)
Bless his heart, he is mentally ill. TMZ should not have posted this.
Saif Chowdhury (10 months ago)
Maybe love yourself, eat healthy, excercise...
DSkehan2004 (10 months ago)
that was room was quiet
2skyland (10 months ago)
I hope it's some type of freedom for Kanye to know that I don't give a shit about any of his problems and it takes some of the pressure off of him.
Doron Dawkins (11 months ago)
How he pronounces opioids is hilarious.
Mohammad M (11 months ago)
It's so funny to laugh at kanye whenever he publicly speaks.
Cheyanna Musgrove (11 months ago)
go to sleep
Gorlax Brehh (11 months ago)
TMZ looks rather nervous
Zarhanjo Barkie (11 months ago)
Kanye is against this entire Illuminati thing and so is trump that's why the evil spirits are against him
Kilyan Austin Wierema (1 year ago)
He is going to get himself killed if he talks too much🤔
Lucky Luster (1 year ago)
he was on opioids on the interview
Chi B. (1 year ago)
And if he knew he was getting married why wouldn't he just go work out instead of getting lipo...that's just ridiculous and I don't feel bad for him. He is a master manipulator!
Chi B. (1 year ago)
This makes no sense!!! I had a c section at the age of 23 and when I got home I immediately flushed my meds down the toilet because I took 1 and it made me feel loopy. I had just watched a doc about them and that was in 2004...so I really don't understand how he's blaming the hospital for his usage when he's such a genius. Smh.
Stephon Mills (1 year ago)
Regina Norwood (1 year ago)
AMEN ♡♡♡♡
Rossie Rose (1 year ago)
Love Kanye..And his opinions 100 percent..Well this is why I dont do social media cos 99.9 percent of the time people judge u ..good job kanye..do u
Dominic Glover (1 year ago)
I agree with him on the mental health part but the trump part I can't mess with
[email protected] (1 year ago)
Didn't his mom DIE from a botched plastic surgery??
Chi B. (1 year ago)
EpicBowMaster (1 year ago)
He’s so insane
djdash23 (1 year ago)
He has mental heath problems leave him alone!
Azael Jean-Asher (1 year ago)
All these 'intelligent' people fail to understand the message.
Sandra Sam (1 year ago)
Psycho 🤣
Dw2k18 (1 year ago)
Poppin pills 🤣
Jacob A (1 year ago)
Preach ye
Lulu Daniels (1 year ago)
This my fav thing ever y’all!!!!
LIVE NOW (1 year ago)
You should have more 'self esteem' than to go under the knife because of what others say about you. That's weak.
Mark Nunnally (1 year ago)
Real men work out. Go to the gym and stfu clown. His music is garbage regardless.
Daniel Kleinmeier (1 year ago)
Toopid nig-that’s what killed his own mother-too much plastic surgery.... if u can believe it...
Miss Arabia (1 year ago)
norma creation (1 year ago)
How is he still fat after lipo tho?
아내전 정국 (1 year ago)
He went from talking about how he overdosed to how we're drugged out 😭😭😭
John Ivan Taro (1 year ago)
I do not necessarily agree will all of Kanye West's political views, but when he mentioned his former opioid addiction, he was NOT helping his argument. In retrospect, he should not bring up his former addiction if he wants to argue a political point.
Gee Gee (1 year ago)
ivyshaolin (1 year ago)
He literally just admitted to buying opiates illegally
ivyshaolin (1 year ago)
Which is part of a bigger epidemic in America
airwalker86 (1 year ago)
And THIS IS why Hollywood is evil
DawnMarie Bankston (1 year ago)
A moment of silence they ain't trynna hear that shit! He wants an appaulse 👏 so bad ! 😂
Jacob Stover (1 year ago)
This dude on that shit fr 😂😂
HQVideoDude (1 year ago)
So... did it all change?
NOWAY RAY (1 year ago)
Dont blame opioids on your behavior LOL
Señior Muñoz (1 year ago)
Now hes fat and crazy, locooo
loraleiful (1 year ago)
loraleiful (1 year ago)
...................and the wheels of the bus go round n round.............
loraleiful (1 year ago)
I have a major fascination with wheelchairs. I just go ballistic with laffter don't know why. People falling down. just a random thought i would love to see Kanye spill out of a wheelchair. I would need hernia surgery after.
loraleiful (1 year ago)
STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS. HMMMmmmm which Wayan said that or was it Foxx?
loraleiful (1 year ago)
get the straight jacket
loraleiful (1 year ago)
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pathetic
loraleiful (1 year ago)
opiates do not kill genius. You have to have it first. His and sucking timber wife's house is a perfect example. 2 years to complete!...Ultra wasted utter white minimal nothing.hahahahahahahahahaha
loraleiful (1 year ago)
the epitome of black stupid. Yes people...all races can be ignorant this dude is off the chain.
loraleiful (1 year ago)
i guess his fulfilment in life is to be the next Van Gogh via electronics and music.*lean to FART* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's the ticket. Get HELP Cheswick ..really
loraleiful (1 year ago)
Lars vonrinpoche (1 year ago)
Good job kanye. I'm not a fan.. but good for him saying all that
Conceited Jayy (1 year ago)
I was drugged tf out bro i was drugged out ,i was on opioids 2 days after i got off opioids i was addicted to opioids .2 days i got off opiods im ERERERERERERRRRRRRRRR im in the hospital, right? Im taking 2- aye everyone listen to this please 2 days before i was in the hospital i was on opioids i was addicted to opiods i had plastic surgery because i was trying to look good for yall i got liposuction because i didnt want yall to call me fat like yall called rob at the wedding and made him fly home before me and kim got married i didnt want yall to call me fat so i got liposuction right? And they gave me opioids right? And i started takin' 2 of 'em and driving to work on the opioids right? Then my boy and i'd always ask my boy uhhhh you know to hand me uhhh we on tour get me some weed blah blah blah so he had to go get me the opioids and they was talks amongst my camp like yetis poppin' yetis poppin' pills right? So when he handed to me this to me he said you know this is used to kill genius right? So i didnt take it 2 days later im in the hospital i was takin' 2 pills a day at that time when i left the hospital how many pills you think i was given?..... SEVEN... I went from taking 2 pills to taking 7...so the reason why i did not why i dropped those tweets and everything cause i was drugged the fuck out bro...and i'm not drugged out these pills that they want me to take three of a day i take 1 a week maybe 2 a week. Yall had me scared of myself of my vision so i took some pills so i wouldnt go to the hospital and prove everyone right.....WE ARE DRUGGED OUT WE ARE FOLLOWING OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS ,WE ARE CONTROLLED BY THE MEDIA ,AND TODAY IT ALL CHANGES
DRUNKEN RAMBLE (1 year ago)
Insanity!!! He needs a DOCTOR!!!
Jane Norwood (1 year ago)
OMG... he's definitely in a sunken place.
Francisco Martinez (1 year ago)

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