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News: 17 Ways That Science Proves Women Are Superior To Men

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Everybody knows you never go full retard. 17 Ways That Science Proves Women Are Superior To Men http://thoughtcatalog.com/lorenzo-jensen-iii/2015/07/17-ways-that-science-proves-women-are-superior-to-men/ Men Can't Hear: Sex-Linked Sensory Differences http://abcnews.go.com/Health/MensHealthNews/story?id=8114257&page=1 Studies Suggest Men Handle Pain Better http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=97662&page=1 Girls better than boys at making story-based computer games, Sussex study finds http://www.sussex.ac.uk/broadcast/read/27813 Women-led companies perform three times better than the S&P 500 http://fortune.com/2015/03/03/women-led-companies-perform-three-times-better-than-the-sp-500/ 10 Reasons why Men are Better Drivers than Women http://www.cheapcarinsurance.net/10-reasons-why-men-are-better-drivers-than-women/ Feds sue Pa. state police, say fitness test unfair to women http://www.wgal.com/news/feds-sue-pa-state-police-say-fitness-test-unfair-to-women/27224714 Women vs. Men: Two Different Perspectives on Money http://thefinancialbrand.com/7009/research-on-men-women-and-money/ Why Do Women Have Lower Credit Scores Than Men? https://www.creditsesame.com/blog/womens-credit-scores-lower-than-men/ Researcher in the Spotlight: Blocking Estrogen (and Breast Cancer) via Foods http://preventcancer.aicr.org/site/News2?id=20161 Intro/Outro Song: "Earthy Crust" by Jingle Punks. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library Background Song: Cycles by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Liam Tzabari (30 days ago)
hello Mr TFM . if is there mistake in my writing, let me know what's wrong. i will correct. there is 4 things are women better from mans. i think he constantly stress the common man are into, (job, keep the job, with women, Social cope (in that, they are better. up to some point ) and more thing. if we would have environment who sported man work ans development, we would live linger, and without the stress that we have from every corner this days, we will live longer then woman. in the way i see it, thay not even better at get birth. they simply the only sex who physically can pull it
Ninety Three (1 month ago)
Wahmins are superior here: Bella Gates, Stephanie Jobs, Elaine Musk, Michelle Jordan, Tigress Wood. And how can we forget the irrepressible Lady Napoleon Bonaparte, Dame Leona Davinci and everyone’s favourite Queen Henrietta the 8th. So Reee!!
Shade Collins (1 month ago)
Let's make ALL police female. That way we can have a lawless land.
Dr Chow (2 months ago)
98,545,334,447,187 ways the Guinness Book of World Records empirically proves men are far superior to women?
Ur Dad (2 months ago)
News: things men already knew about women
Alex Bouma (2 months ago)
how to fool the public just say science proved it they will believe it without question.
saif saif (2 months ago)
you saved me from depression thanks =)
deangelo taylor (3 months ago)
first off i just found this video. i play eso on ps4 6 systems at same time sometimes. i play two worlds 2 on ps3 8 systems .obviously i only have 2 arms and hands. i use to work at long john silvers/a&w fast food. my female boss told me i learn more in one week that takes most people a month to learn. guess my sex. here is a (cough cough) small hint MGTOW 4 life.
Occams Razor (3 months ago)
11:22 Lol. And who was the subject? You ever seen the experiment done by an English university that proved an Irishman was better at keeping a core body temperature in an ice bath than an Englishman? It wasn't because of their nationality/ethnicity (relative to the "Irish" and "English" ethnicity), it was because that particular Irishman had a greater amount of Neanderthal DNA is his genome. Try doing that experiment again with someone from a stock of northern peoples, like the Celts, Scandinavians, Slavs and Cossack and see who wins that one... EDIT: Btw, I'm all those things except Cossack, so I'm not being disparaging
Occams Razor (3 months ago)
6:27 What? My mother got lost in department stores and required me, at the age of 7, to tell her which way the registers are.. What is this about women being better at navigating than men? Men have 100,000 years of innate navigational skills built in to the point where we're better at estimating time and cardinal directions (time matters because it's used in conjugation with sun direction to estimate north). Take a man that's never read a map before in his life and he'll naturally navigate better than all but trained women. We literally have land navigation built into our DNA...
V9incent (3 months ago)
I don't know about Peru, but in Russia male cops are the majority of street cops. Female cops mostly have desk jobs. There are some female cops on the streets, but ONLY IN TOURIST DESIGNATED AREAS such as Kremlin or Gorkiy Park or grand metro stations (those are tourist attractions as well). And they always look like Playmate models, not to mention - they're happy to take pictures with tourists... so, guess, what's their REAL job here ;).
Randall Van Oosten (4 months ago)
Women are not cleaner than men. Yes, as you noted, just take a look most women's cars!! Holy smoke! Additionally, it is self-evident to emergency department staff that women--generally--have a lower pain tolerance than do men. Women also go to the doctor or urgent care far more often than men.
Stalken U (5 months ago)
#18 Women are better liars then men, facts.
rick esqire III (6 months ago)
also their logic and reasoning part of the brain stops developing at 14 or 15 they stay children themselves it definitely shows
urnotfunny atall (6 months ago)
Also having the Y chromosome acts as a second gate key for germs to exploit. Cement have to worry about X chromosome and Y chromosome being infected in the biology.
You do realise some of your arguments literally go against you narrative right? Lol
Jiren The gray (4 months ago)
What are the arguments then?
It’s you who is confused
Turd Flinging Monkey (6 months ago)
You must be confused.
Sea (6 months ago)
Only 1 of the top ten smartest recorded people is a woman
Sea (6 months ago)
Clearly somewhere in human development women have fucked up so hard or were so inferior men made man kind
A Imperial Guard (6 months ago)
Feelings *=/=* Science
socJ (6 months ago)
The lolz are too much. Germs on a man's desk = bad but changing diapers while cooking is cool (16:48)? As far as women living longer, it'd be enlightening to know what factor war deaths have in these statistics. If you're playing with fire and all. Being sent off to war certainly is more hazardous then replacing that man in the factory he was working in.
Wim Van Asch (6 months ago)
Too funny how it goes comes "men being less able to differentiate colors" to "that's why straight men ...". Aren't gays men, according to feminists? I'd say they are men whose eye sight isn't influenced by their sexual preferences, but men all the same.
Owlex Myth (7 months ago)
Women are vastly more messy than men. Everything they do requires more, more and more. Men require less, hence are going to produce and spread less bacteria.
Jorge Salas (8 months ago)
Men invented everything. Women just now are starting to contribute using our ideas
DeadEye Duck (9 months ago)
Female doctors work fewer hours/week on average, fewer hours/day on average, & spend fewer years working as doctors on average than their male counterparts. Fewer female doctors specialize into surgical fields & other highly demanding areas of medicine. Even among nurses, females make up the vast majority of LVN/LPN & RN over all, but male nurses are much more likely to specialize into more difficult &/or time demanding jobs like nurse anesthetist. This all means that if you run a hospital, you (again,on average) have to hire 3-5 female doctors to do the same job for the same total daily or weekly hours that 1-2 male doctors will do that job. The simple fact is that even in fields where women are the majority of the workforce, the vast majority of those women still don't want to work as hard, or as much, as the men do.
Jim the GOD (10 months ago)
Girls are shit at programming when I was in school for it the teacher had to hold their hands through it and I was fine with this as I could fuckoff and do what i wanted for the time they were wasting and made dum ass games
Alex Hines (11 months ago)
Women are not superior than men. Third Wave Feminism just tells them they are.
Gamergirl4AyaBrea (11 months ago)
I have seen thousands of men say that women are inferior to men, are not as smart, are only good for sex, taking facials, having kids, etc. and many men who want to cause pain to women sexually. That's extremely hurtful to us women to hear. This is why feminism exists.
saif saif (1 month ago)
Guess what ? I also have seen a lot of women that say men are useless kill all men abort all male babies men should be slaves they ate only good for making babies men should be enslaved the males population should decrease to only 10% of the human'd population and so on Not to mention that i heard some women in real life saying that they will target all the men in power just because they are males and all these guys call themselves FEMINISTS There are sexist idiots everywhere males or females not only males yet there is no "meninism" because we know that there are still good women so please stop generisins and take care
Johnny Strangelove (1 year ago)
If women have a better memory than men, how come they don't win at general knowledge quizzes as much as men? And as far as computer games are concerned, how can you judge that one story is better than another?
Rookie (1 year ago)
Man : *creates society,agriculture,economics and eventually science* Woman : *superior to men*
Onyxx Drako (1 year ago)
Whats up with these "studies" that contadict reality. When I look for facts, the articles are already up the ass
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
Diversity in academia
Natalie Ramirez (1 year ago)
Someone’s getting pissed over this article... like a feminist...
Dionne Daniels (1 year ago)
Didn't bother watching the video because it's too long and I can tell from one minute into the clip that he's going to be slating women. What else is new? You're all the same, if you really were superior you wouldn't have to prove it at any chance you get. I'm so bored of men, you think you're so original? Like there's not millions of others who say and do the exact same things as you. You can't accept the fact that things are changing.
J Logan (1 year ago)
On.the subject of child birth. Stop with this saying of.pushing bowling balls or watermelons through your vagina. -Babies arent that large. They are that heavy but not that massive - babies are very soft and malleable when they first come out so you arent gettibg the full body in.one shot - the female body is designed to push this through bc of this thing called a birth canal which is actually more than large enough to accomodate a child hence how women can FIST THEMSELVES for sexual gratification - most women today get epiduraos or some other pain killer anyway so they cop out on "the pain of child birth" - women will take days off from an office job bc of cramps and headaches caused by periods while many men will go work a 12 hpur manual labor shift with sever back pain or even injuries. Plus weve all known the men who can break or chop off a finger, wrap it in tape, and keep working
Matt Dasan (1 year ago)
Women are cleaner than men? Ask women what their office bathroom is like, now ask men.
AtoZ0to9123456 (1 year ago)
In the section about navigation, its kind of bullshit when you're going on about how men don't navigate by using landmarks. When male sailors throughout the entire history of humanity looked at stars, coastlines, features, and even used the fucking sun as landmarks to aid navigation. I think what you are trying to say is men would think like this "Head east for 5 miles, and there will be a hill at your 45, head towards it and then you'll find X" Whereas what I assume you were trying to say women do is "Keep going down this road until you see a hill then near there on your right is X" It's subtle but to say navigating by using landmarks is a women thing is just bullshit. This is because using landmarks is a key area of actually properly navigating, which is why you give any man a map and they will look around at the surrounding geography to find out where they are relative to the map, give a woman a map and most likely she will ask "Where are we?" or "Are we here?" before trying to find out a road name. I get what you're on about though and I appreciate it, but the message sent by this bit just doesn't seem right the way it came out, you probably meant it differently, but the way it came out implied that men don't navigate by finding landmarks, when "Head east/west" is usually followed by a landmark.
Crazysan (1 year ago)
Your a bit of a wet-talker.
rokassan (1 year ago)
I’ve been a Deputy for 19 years. Female officers are useless. They are weak and they are certainly not better at defusing tense situations. Actually their mouths write checks we male officers have to cash. They are big mouths who can’t back it up.
Riddler356 (1 year ago)
For me my haircut is scissors when it gets really long and then slipped down with half of a 50 Cent two sided razor for my $12 straight edge razor
Isendor Arcfree (1 year ago)
I am a scatterbrain male and no, it is not a good thing. I am developing a game and its bloody difficult for me to focus on one thing which slows down its development. Men typically are more productive because they can focus on 1-2 things getting them done quicker. Scatterbrain, you focus on 5-10 things to the point where you either panic or feel bombarded very easily
John Smith (1 year ago)
Just look at a man's car compared to a wimin's car, now... Who is cleaner?
Deus Titties (1 year ago)
Lol, women superiority... You would not get away with this shit if you wrote about how men are superior.
ghost monk (1 year ago)
I can't believe they're no triggered feminist comments on this video I was hoping to rek some fragile female feelings
Devendra Sharma (1 year ago)
Superior to men okay and these so called test are biased feminists bullshit.
Dennis Jodin (1 year ago)
17:58 does he still stream smite?
[email protected] (1 year ago)
How many times have you said "Now why is that significant?"
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
a few times
Unbound MGTOW (1 year ago)
Germs on a mans desk. Perhaps because men get a lot more customers that are coughing, sneezing, and breathing on his desk?
Art Webb (1 year ago)
As a dude who's worked in far too many restaurants, the women's room is always more disgusting than the men's
Dimitris Mpilinis (1 year ago)
Women will never be superior to man. Even the weakest and most stupid of man are usually better the most other women.
FACEandLMS (1 year ago)
Which microphone do you use, TFM, thanks.
FACEandLMS (1 year ago)
That's the one I just bought tonight. Thanks.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
J Logan (1 year ago)
On women living longer A- women are much more likely to utilize medical service hence why their insurance is more expensive B- women take more days off, more vacations, more sick days, and in general take better care of themselves in regard to every day medicine like tylenol or cold remedy C- men make up over 90% of workplace death due to having almost all the dangerous jobs D- so you live 5 years longer? They are the geriatric, nursing home, alzheimer years. You can have those 5 years as far as im concerned
J Logan (1 year ago)
On women living longer A- women are much more likely to utilize medical service hence why their insurance is more expensive B- women take more days off, more vacations, more sick days, and in general take better care of themselves in regard to every day medicine like tylenol or cold remedy C- men make up over 90% of workplace death due to having almost all the dangerous jobs D- so you live 5 years longer? They are the geriatric, nursing home, alzheimer years. You can have those 5 years as far as im concerned
Hazenhard (1 year ago)
Mr Undead (1 year ago)
My excuse is I picked the recommended I was young and didn't know what I was doing
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Mr Undead 🐵👍
wphq0 wpq409 (1 year ago)
Ugh, strength and intelligence suck in d&d now!
tvrtrev (1 year ago)
doing the dishes and cooking the supper aren't the same as building a skyscraper
Coiled Steel (1 year ago)
Was it George Orwell in Animal Farm was said - All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
+Michael Chevreaux yes
Brett V (1 year ago)
antibacterial wipes are a chicks best friend
cholericHematologist (1 year ago)
Feminism is about equality. *17 Ways That Science Proves Women are Superior to Men*
Wolf SKULL (1 year ago)
also a womans strenght is based on how hot they are heres what im talking about if a woman is ugly she will have such low White Knights what are White Knights? a white Knight is basically a man that tries to be nice to hot Girls expecting them to like him Little did the man know they are using him... thats what a White Knight is so heres an example Story about a White Knight *i was at the walmart suddently a hot Girl attacked me for no reason she punched me and used weapons against me yet i never wanted to fight back because if i fought back the other People watching will defend her so i waited until the Police Comes suddently a Police officer ran 33 Yards and punched me to he said: youre lucky you didnt Punch her or else i would have killed you* the officer was being a White Knight he didnt fight for justice he only arrested me and blamed me because the Girl was hot all i saw was her laughing at me and how i was arrested for no reason.... sad i felt sad about the Police officer i knew it wasnt his fault she was manupilating him... this is why woman without men most likely die from being lonely and from being to lazy to work their asses when they become 30+ years olds if a woman doesnt get married in time she will slowly become unattractive.
Wolf SKULL (1 year ago)
actually men are smarter the smartest humans on earth are all men 1 fact debunked! woman can do anything men can do then why dont they? debunked! woman can survive alone in the wilderness they cant unless they are currently manupilating men if the man is not intrested the woman will starve debunked! also the other Facts im to lazy to answer them all so i have a short cut when woman dont have men all their Advantages are technically gone so there is no proof woman are better. by the way youre sun glasses are S.W.A.G
Onyxx Drako (1 year ago)
Children are superior to adults because dey r chidrinz
Samuel Hall (1 year ago)
Men work more, so they die sooner. Or is it just listening to women complaining that causes men to pop their clogs sooner? Furthermore, most women over 100 rarely had to work, except for perhaps WW2, and even then the men at the time were doing the worst and the hardest work.
Samuel Hall (1 year ago)
Go camping with a woman and observe how much mess they make of the environment around them. Of course they cant make fires or erect tents either.
Samuel Hall (1 year ago)
Women are better at finding objects in small indoor areas that they know well. Men are better at every other type of navigation and searching.
Samuel Hall (1 year ago)
The mainstream media is all bullshit and disinformation.
Jamie Weiler (1 year ago)
Is there a woman out there that break her finger at work and continue working to finish the shift before going to the hospital. Cuz I broke many bones on a job site and still show up the next next day work. I've never seen a girl ironworker in my life there not built to be tough and handle pain
Spikifer Nightstar (1 year ago)
and this is the reason im sick of women and will go after man (im bisexual but this shit might just make me completely gay)
Spikifer Nightstar (1 year ago)
who is triggered by the "get any girl you want" ad im not
Raziel Ts (1 year ago)
About multi-tasking i want to see a normal woman play an RTS like starcraft 2 ahahahhah that game is the most multi-task heavy game i have ever seen and im currently playing total war warhammer 2 and i think that game gains second place cuz u MUST know here are all troops and simultaneously make formations flancs change troops from one side to another to help other troops and at the same time use spells to support / destroy. Oh and i cant forget about the lord( commander of the army) if he dies the army faces a massive morale loss and you can loose the battle instantly XD (i think most people aren't interested in the detailed explanation but it was a curiosity i wanted to talk about)
Billy The Conqueror (1 year ago)
It is very telling that feminists have to resort to t.v. shows for their bullshit
ArtisChronicles (1 year ago)
the whole abstract thought thing and the remark about them being retarded reminds me of the various negative words they decide to supposedly own.
bigjoeangel (1 year ago)
Your point about map reading and landmarks was slightly incorrect, landmarks are important to navigating using a map. Your general point about abstract concepts is valid though.
MASON CROSS (1 year ago)
Women will never ever be superior to men.. never have been never will be.. PERIOD.. they better be grateful we allow them to be around at all.. !! To think that women are superior to men is just laughable.. !!!!! Funny... !!!
Kong Hammer (1 year ago)
Men freakout more in stressful situations?!?!? Sure, ok, that's why the ladies make up most of our fighting force and are just lining up to join infantry...
drunken dragon (1 year ago)
women lead in child abuse statistics
Jeff Ollerich (1 year ago)
The empty can rattles the most. The guy at the party whos talking the most isnt walking the most. If women have to claim their superiority constantly ad infinitum then guess what....? Probably not.
Joe Ninety (1 year ago)
Lorenzo  Jenson the turd. Mangina-supreme.
rene diaz (1 year ago)
i hope this mgtow movement goes huge because this woman worshiping society is slowly positioning females on top of men and turning alphas into beta simps in the millions ... i'm not even going to lie before i turned mgtow and took a red pill i was somewhat of a beta, paying for dates all the time, acting like a complete gentleman towards woman, letting them get away with all their narcissistic bullshit attitude and just having this woman worshiping mentality of not standing up to the feminist bs that surrounds our culture and all because i was raised this way, i grew up with a single mother and she would always teach me some bullshit ideals about being a gentleman paying for all dates paying for fucking everything just because i was born a man .... and don't even get me started on the teachers i had in school, poisoning the minds of young children with bullshit information on how women are better than men and that we should always treat a woman with respect no matter what like if their some sort of god..... i remember some feminist cunt teacher even tried to get guys to not say the word "bossy"
kala kalim (1 year ago)
No one matters.
C Morris (1 year ago)
"Adhering to guidelines," is a SHIT way to determine if anyone is a good physician. Physicians are best when allowed to apply their knowledge to solve problems. Nurses apply algorhythms designed by someone else to treat people.
fuckfannyfiddlefart (1 year ago)
The Artery difference is bullshit, all the differences between men and women can be explained by the average male consumption of more animal and less plant products where animal products are associated with atherosclerosis, which is why for MEN AND WOMEN a (vegan) plant based diet can prevent and even reverse atherosclerosis and reduce incidence of heart attacks and fatality from lifestyle induced disease.
fuckfannyfiddlefart (1 year ago)
"more things, more important things" WTF talk about cherry picking, what a fallacy.
Reid Payne (1 year ago)
Love this video I haven't laughed so hard in my life
Anonymous Neo (1 year ago)
18:34 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Levitation Station (1 year ago)
I bet that spaghetti taste like Shit though
Davy Jones (1 year ago)
Hmmmmmm if women are so superior to men then how come the biggest accomplishment they have completed is the making of reality TV shows......
gwaccola (1 year ago)
Who discovered this?  Women scientists.
gwaccola (1 year ago)
Q: why do men die before women?  A: because they WANT TO!
Sheldon Robertson (1 year ago)
ackshually... men are better than women at writing romance novels, too.
stackedhippiechick (1 year ago)
Name the women that have built a civilization and maintained it.
TaaPunk Ska (1 year ago)
Ooo and females are dirtier than men, ask the people who clean bathrooms
TaaPunk Ska (1 year ago)
Why am I as a guy, always finding the lost shit of my female coworkers?
Elihu The Young Mgtow (1 year ago)
Jarin Xeno (1 year ago)
I get so sick of hearing that BS line about women having more pain tolerance then men just because they go through child birth. Sure child birth is probably pretty painful but just because men don't go through it does not mean they couldn't handle it or handle it better then a woman. Most women I have known are total babies when it comes to pain while I know a few guys that I would bet could walk off a bullet wound. Pain tolerance is a learned skill, not something you are born with. Men tend to be a lot more daring then women so we get hurt a lot more and build up that tolerance a lot earlier and to a greater extent than most women.
Jerald van der Poel (1 year ago)
can we find the article about paintolerance? pretty interesting.
Engineer Ahmed (1 year ago)
Women have their strengths biggest of which are multi tasking superior vocal cords & so do men - biggest of which are strength & focus. Capitalist society rewards all these characteristics. Female singers make & deserve much more money than males similarly male scientests progress more bcz of better focus. Massive labor induction takes place but doesn't out no PRO clerical secretary & nursing induction requiring multi tasking. So woman have equal opportunities to earn equally then y SPOUSAL SUPPORT WHY ALIMONY, WHY CHILD SUPPORT. Whoever wants the baby should provide for it like whoever keeps the car fills its tank.
Alexis F (1 year ago)
So I'm what happens if men are better than women? Do you guys just get to remind your girlfriends and wives that your better than them? Are you just going to tell your daughters that they are no match for the guys bullying her? This is just a thought lol
Jerold Knox (1 year ago)
all things in life. men are better.
Wiz Banger (1 year ago)
Women are SUPERIOR at - bitching; being irrational; outrageously demanding; sucking multiple cocks; taking multiple cocks at one time; NOT thinking critically; child neglect; ruining marriages; ruining corporations; lacking building skills; lacking compassion and empathy...to name a very few....
HitProof (1 year ago)
this is shit lying propaganda if you think that I will believe you just because you will show me "fake statistics " you must be stupider than women

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