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Harry Styles - The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover) in the Live Lounge

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Harry Styles covers Fleetwood Mac's The Chain in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge http://vevo.ly/qQP8NA #BBCRadio1 #HarryStyles #Vevo #Pop
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Text Comments (8932)
clznlh (2 hours ago)
Harry looks good in anything and I look bad in everything. How did he get this lucky
Jacob Taucher (12 hours ago)
Any day now Spotify
nicko manlangit (23 hours ago)
Karina Yunki (1 day ago)
i love u harry
Zuleyxa Ehmedova (1 day ago)
His voice amazing
Abby Mladic (1 day ago)
when is he gonna release this song. he is such a good songwriter like wowie wow his original songs literally never disappoint i wish i could’ve heard this 25 years ago
Little Black Dress (1 day ago)
Meu reizinho 👑
Good effort Harry. Fair play x
Thainá (2 days ago)
I love this song and I love the way he sings it I mean its literally magnificant 😍
Trinadee Jenkins (3 days ago)
Ayeee my two fav things put together. How great
Abigail Mendoza (3 days ago)
I love you
Abigail Mendoza (3 days ago)
Me encanta cómo canta Me encanta el Me encanta la canción
Sheerio Styles (4 days ago)
nia james (4 days ago)
How can he look hot, look cute, sing amazingly, act perfectly and treat people with kindness all at the same time?? Like give me some of your talent please and thanks x
Gio (4 days ago)
Harry born 4 this :3
Richard Brunwin (4 days ago)
Not a fan. Its not a bad cover lyrically though a bit flat but gotta be honest the main part of the song is the instrumental which is sadly missing from here. FM stating it's the best cover they heard is slightly absurd. Couldn't find that anywhere. You want a good cover i suggest the Snow Ponnies.
Daniella pili (5 days ago)
Daniella pili (5 days ago)
amo o Harry styles e tudo que ele faz é perfeito
Nina van de Kamp (5 days ago)
The band is so good! Just listen to the guitars solo’s! And the drummer! DAMNN They all fit so well together!
Valeri Oliva (5 days ago)
He looks a lot like Evan Peters to me
Mervé C (6 days ago)
How am I seeing this just know ?!
Celina S (6 days ago)
Love it😍❤️ I wish it would be on Spotify:/👌
Jennise Lopez (6 days ago)
we need 5sos and harry to sing together
Sybill Jiménez (8 days ago)
I wish I didn't have to open YouTube everytime to listen to this 😭😭😭
hiya c (8 days ago)
Literal chills. I'm in love with him and his voice. And the musicians are so amaaazing!
sherazade ferma (8 days ago)
Watching him singing this live is the best jammmmmmm evaaahhh
May (9 days ago)
about a year and a half later this is still gold
nericha92 (10 days ago)
that clap tho
MemeDay Z (10 days ago)
Nur Adilatul (10 days ago)
I've been expected him to screaming at the end but yeah it's ok . He's All Good Though 💋
Pamela Velásquez A. (10 days ago)
He could be a good country singer.
Sal Paradise (11 days ago)
This is a creepy song. About a dead lover, ghost who keeps haunting its former lover.....
Lilia Salhi (11 days ago)
I can’t get over this 😩
Lefty Miru (11 days ago)
Am I the only one who wants Harry Styles *Landslide* cover studio version so badly?
S B (12 days ago)
Sometimes people just need to use the mainstream pop step to get noticed then it gives the props to branch out and find who they really are.
NitOUT Memes (12 days ago)
2:40 🏁🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️
john craig (12 days ago)
Can we get a version without that annoying guitar in it?
Marie Nic (12 days ago)
a god
Original Ashley (14 days ago)
Eduarda Mendes (14 days ago)
Apaixonada por esse cover
Caroline Gizelle (14 days ago)
Ohh my Lord can we talk about the girl Who plays the drums, she is killin' it, damnnn one day i'll be that cool but playing my acoustic guitar 😌😱🤟
Mila Dimic (14 days ago)
Why am I coming back every two months? Wait I know because this is perfect
Vanessa Caputo (15 days ago)
Who's here still in 2019 March? I know I'm not the only one!!!!!
cami arbelo (3 days ago)
I listen to this cover every week
Daria Carla (15 days ago)
we need a Harry monument
Elisabeth Jullo (16 days ago)
4:20 david vibes
Natty Manno (16 days ago)
my favorite song by Fleetwood Mac
Naedean Q (17 days ago)
Put this on spotify damn
Easter Brooks (17 days ago)
Fire 🔥
David Mitchell (17 days ago)
I got CRAZY GOOSEBUMPS with him singing this song!!! He did this classic MUCH JUSTICE!!
Annie Johnson (18 days ago)
I must say brilliant song brilliant Harry
Gabi Lima (18 days ago)
A música na voz do Harry ficou melhor do que a original
Bruno Santos (18 days ago)
Bedriye Gedemenli (18 days ago)
1234567890QWERTYUIASDFZXZCVBNMi☺️😊😢👍👌💐🎂👌👍😢😊☺️@!?"$💝🎊😘🙅🎁👏👋1234√•🎁👏👋¡¿🙅😘🎊💝💝💝💝🎁👏👋☺️😊😢👍👌💐🎂[email protected]!?"💐🎂ZXCBNMASDFVHJKLi12
David Svenstrup (19 days ago)
Jesus what a terrible guitar player. That guy hasn’t even tuned his guitar properly...
Paige Lunsford (19 days ago)
I love this man so damn much
Joan (20 days ago)
Lyrics: Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise Running in the shadows, damn your love, damn your lies And if, you don't love me now You will never love me again I can still hear you saying You would never break the chain (Never break the chain) And if you don't love me now You will never love me again I can still hear you saying You would never break the chain (Never break the chain) Listen to the wind blow, down comes the night Running in the shadows, damn your love, damn your lies Break the silence, damn the dark, damn the light And if you don't love me now You will never love me again I can still hear you saying You would never break the chain (Never break the chain) And if you don't love me now You will never love me again I can still hear you saying You would never break the chain (Never break the chain) And if you don't love me now You will never love me again I can still hear you saying You would never break the chain (Never break the chain) Chain keep us together (running in the shadow) Chain keep us together (running in the shadow) Chain keep us together (running in the shadow) Chain keep us together (running in the shadow) Chain keep us together (running in the shadow)
Brandon Diamond (20 days ago)
I want to hear him cover Fearless Love by Melissa Etheridge
Anna Paula Gallo (20 days ago)
3:10 SO GOD GUYS SO GOD! Takes me a couple yrs, but my mom actually loves Harry 😃 #MissionPassed
Leah Anna (22 days ago)
Ummm... This is class... Harry's vocals= perfect... That band= Legendary... Love Fleetwood Mac and props to this lot for doing this song justice... 👏🏽❤
Julia (22 days ago)
FERDINAND_FV (23 days ago)
number 1
Banditry Mile (23 days ago)
this is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things ive heard in my life
jacobjallen (24 days ago)
Please delete this
Lim nori (25 days ago)
Alá a música do Gato ksks♥
Phil Bullen (25 days ago)
Yawn. Good God. It's sounds like a sparse demo. And The guitar is out of tune.
Shannon McKerracher (25 days ago)
Modern music doesn’t always appeal to me but I really do love Harry Styles
His music sounds like it's from the 70s
jessie b (25 days ago)
Yasss!!! Vocals giving me life!
layla (26 days ago)
yes, im rewatching this video again
Jeanette Jacobs (27 days ago)
Well done on the arrangement, everything comes together so well and keeps what made the original so good
Ruby Gee (1 month ago)
This is actually pretty decent. Still not as good as FM back in 1979 but damn. Close enough.
annmarieknapp (1 month ago)
Female drummer is a badass!! Loved watching her the most! You go girl!!
annmarieknapp (1 month ago)
Awesome. No one replaces Fleetwood Mac, but hearing their songs being covered shows how important and powerful they are. Nice to see this group of young musicians revive a classic. Kudos!
Black and White (1 month ago)
I love this boy so much.😭❤️
Micah Jardee (1 month ago)
Awfully bold of Harry Styles to cover a song about a band staying together despite inner turmoil
Haley Driggers (1 month ago)
god i love this man
Mary Horan (1 month ago)
Am I prognot? Am I preganante? How to know if you are pregonany
Jenny Rose (1 month ago)
Not a HS fan, but I love this song, so I watched out of interest. I LOVED IT !!! Did the song justice. One of my favourite live lounge performances ever 💖💖💖
klaudia grochowska (1 month ago)
moglby być ladniejszy
Chyra Strong (1 month ago)
At this point I don’t even care about an album. Harry please release MEDICINE, THE CHAIN, and GIRL CRUSH. We miss you!!
Lina Martínez (1 month ago)
oh god i would listen to this all day long
Nuuks1D (1 month ago)
Eu n achei q eu precisava ver Harry Styles cantando the chain até eu ver Harry Styles cantando the chain
shanya styler (1 month ago)
Rebel State Sovereign (1 month ago)
Nice job
Dorrie Lambert (1 month ago)
I love this song, but you've just put a whole lot more spunk into it, love you Harry xxx
G (1 month ago)
Harry styles fans are very weird
Lynn Lee (1 month ago)
He should sing more songs like this. More suitable for his voice. I like it when singers are stripped down from over produced songs and you can just hear the voice and the music.
Paloma Priscila (1 month ago)
AlexanderiaNotHamilton (1 month ago)
Whoever that girl is who is singing, can’t harmonize for shit. Harry sounds good, but she’s ruining it. I’d love it if it weren’t for her. Call me a hater or whatever but the chick sucks.
Isaac Vrh (1 month ago)
quill would love this song
Noctambuleparesseuse (1 month ago)
Very great live, he’s so talented and the musicians too !!
Giselle Rosales (1 month ago)
I would love to see him sing Go Your Own Way <3
Brian Hourigan (1 month ago)
Great cover but the outro was way too short - it goes heavier at 3:45 and ends at 3:55, should have been a longer and faster outro to finish it off. Would have been perfect
Patrycja Mąka (1 month ago)
Everytime when I see Harrys perfect skin, I`am curious if he has make up or I must know his skin care routine. BTW He is extremely handsome - eyes color, jawline, perfect skin, pink lips. And yes, this cover is a masterpiece.
b a n d i t ø ll-// (1 month ago)
*RUNNING IN THE SHADOW* my favorite part 😍
Beverly Lappi (10 hours ago)
Didn't realize that it's inappropriate to respond to a public comment you idiot
b a n d i t ø ll-// (19 hours ago)
Beverly Lappi why are you replying to me???
Beverly Lappi (3 days ago)
Love "Sign of the Times". But the cover of Stevie Nicks? No.
laura goes wonderland (1 month ago)
I’m still not over this
Indigo Hill (1 month ago)
it’s 4:20 mins long - someone had to point it out 😂
Guess Louis is proud of him
Linda Selvia (1 month ago)
I like this better than the original.

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