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Gangnam style Acoustic - Philippines

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Pinay Gangnam style Version three young pinay gangnam style version video courtesy of Colon sisters
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Text Comments (258)
Dan Agustin (3 months ago)
2019 here yall this is why im proud to be pinoy :) we got the best pinay singers
Scarlett Jewel (1 year ago)
2017 and i still watch this.
Irish Joy Ferreras (1 year ago)
me too
KoreaLove TR (2 years ago)
wow her voice😍👏
jerson alojado (4 years ago)
wow naka tindeg balahibo nman eto galing nyo marami pa kayo jan gawa na kayo hehehehe
wilfred escares (4 years ago)
:D nice
candice riley (4 years ago)
👑💄👙👠👡👢👚👗👜💸🐩🍧🏰🔱👢✊👇👌👈👉👋👏👊☝Please Mobile I sent delete love
Paul Barth (4 years ago)
napaka napaka buti boses
Kristina Mae (4 years ago)
Yung naka pink shirt, sali ka ng The Voice Kids ^^ ganda ng tinig mo.
Viresh George (5 years ago)
Keep it up..Good Job Girls...Lovely voices....
Omar Alqattan (5 years ago)
Omar Alqattan (5 years ago)
Tv here the best
Omar Alqattan (5 years ago)
Best voice
Roldan Salve (5 years ago)
oky ganda nxtime yung sarili nyong kanta eh ka nga be whu ur k cute nyo.
Roldan Salve (5 years ago)
oky ganda nxtime yung sarili nyong kanta eh ka nga be whu ur k cute nyo.
Genevive Bayeta (5 years ago)
anthony salvador (5 years ago)
wat a great talend fr colon sisters!hope to jam with u guys!
Rheez RR (5 years ago)
Rheez RR (5 years ago)
rodolf relevo (5 years ago)
kwaeezz...Zen masboot
rodolf relevo (5 years ago)
kwaeezz...Zen masboot
AlyssaJane65 (5 years ago)
Damn you guys owned this song !
Stephanie Skinner (5 years ago)
woowww sooo nice!
Tyrone Captures (5 years ago)
The girl in pink is soo cute.. What's your name?? I like you :)
Love guys
Rose Anderson (5 years ago)
the girl in the white has my face......I'm frightened
Hazel Aborquez (5 years ago)
Verry nice song.. accoustic...klap klap klap,!!!!
delia murillo (5 years ago)
Emegash! Girlish voice... wonderful voices specialy that wearing white t-shirt :3
ganza ron (5 years ago)
wow this is so amazing filipino version
mistermayorSG (5 years ago)
voice balancing is good...the concept is original and fresh eventhough its acoustic but the energy is still pretty entertaining. The girl in white...you got the voice, polish it..treasure it and look after it and you will go very far. The one that catches my attention the most is that little Christina Aguilera in PINK...you got that vocal power. The little one in red..stay cute and learn from your Ate-ate and enjoy music. love music.
osijosh (5 years ago)
Share this guys!
AiriTV (5 years ago)
Wow.. you deserve to be a guest on Ellen :)))
pauline caramancion (5 years ago)
galing nman :)
Shass Mae Ann (5 years ago)
♡ Love It ♡
Shass Mae Ann (5 years ago)
♡ This Is Our Country ♡
ThePenguinSquad (5 years ago)
"okay, good" lol! this is amazing!
Justin Bell (5 years ago)
Hehehe cuties!!! Nice song!
Glaycon Santos (5 years ago)
I'm Brazilian but I'm engaged with a filipina girl and we got a son ( 1yrs old )... and i have to say... i went 3x to phillipinnes and i just love it =] nice people, simply and friendly... I recommend any1 who are looking for a nice place to go, have a try on it and u wont regret =]
chesca caballero (5 years ago)
only filipinos in first class!!!!!! AKO`Y ISANG PINOY!!!!! NOYPI
Dane Lisslow (5 years ago)
really cool ,
stallions316 (5 years ago)
Wonderful video!!!! You 3 should try to record on a cd with a better mic than a web. That shoulb be AMAZING!!! Keep going =)
Danial Mohammud (5 years ago)
martina rossini (5 years ago)
Alice Faytte (5 years ago)
lyle bolique (5 years ago)
what a pretty voice
Haiken (5 years ago)
Now that;s called having lots of fun.. :D
Louie Wengweng (5 years ago)
napno po yong nsa likod.......
Randy Delfino (5 years ago)
Kyra Guro (5 years ago)
Ang galing nyo tlgaa Sobraa :)) nakakatuwang may tatlong magkapatid na ganyan kagaling !
Tyana Barker (5 years ago)
That was really different and interesting. That was AWSOME!
benjie anasco (5 years ago)
galing ni ateee komanta nang korean no!!!!!
The Rickies (5 years ago)
guao aunque no hablo su idioma canta muy lindo me gusta como cantan saludos de C O L O M B I A MUACK
raGa muffin (5 years ago)
mind just got blown that's rite by u
jazzel suyom (5 years ago)
princess adlawan (5 years ago)
Nc :)
Neythan Luna (5 years ago)
Joey Anne Bohemia (5 years ago)
NC !
Shesha Mocha (5 years ago)
Nice one :)
Fahad Lucman (5 years ago)
Happy Birthay Babe..
Charyz Reguyal (5 years ago)
oh ! classmate yung classmate ko sa english :))) the white one.
Liyaa Dingdongg (5 years ago)
awesome :)
J Agdon (5 years ago)
may ibang covers pa po ba sila?
Jhan Mondalo (5 years ago)
galing ;)
jonathan valdez (5 years ago)
eso fue imbatible
Patrícia Crote (5 years ago)
Congratulations! I loved it.
Jhoj Yco (5 years ago)
so nice,, ang galing nila... the three little sister's
diana rose viron (5 years ago)
ang galing nman
geoffrey payangdo (6 years ago)
wew ganda ng bosisssssssssssssssss like it
ariff mraz (6 years ago)
best .. from Malaysia
Sophie Wendenburg (6 years ago)
leovin velecina (6 years ago)
653s (6 years ago)
Lmao!The guy at the end. 'Aye, Good.'
653s (6 years ago)
They all do.
Symone Beltran (6 years ago)
Ang Likot nung nasa nakatayu sa gitna. hahaha. pero ang kyutkyut nya.. kyut nilang tatlo!!! :D nice work.. Go Philippines!!!
Madeleine Maureen (6 years ago)
cool I'm korean and my friends on fb suggested me this
ND T (6 years ago)
this is different from jayeslee cover.
cherry ibay (6 years ago)
Adik yung naval
Peter L (6 years ago)
kris kurnia (6 years ago)
two thumbs up
Jewel Floren (6 years ago)
Thea Nicole Paulmitan (6 years ago)
Nice 'Jayeslee cover' cover, Iove their voices.. Should credit the original- Jayeslee though.
Luffy Eyon Santos (6 years ago)
new cover po nila Shackles\colon sisters seach nio
catherhine erasmo (6 years ago)
NicE Try:-D
Elenito Jude Valle (6 years ago)
Estefanie Leongson (6 years ago)
ang galing
Angela Mae Marqueta (6 years ago)
haha ang cute
shalima farah dimaokom (6 years ago)
nice song for u
kristela maika garcia (6 years ago)
beautiful your voice nice
Dan Agustin (6 years ago)
not bad :) pretty voices :) im filipino and proud to be :)
Its Caloy tho (6 years ago)
ganda ng boses proud to be PINOY/PINAY
Yana Eru (6 years ago)
Alex martinez (6 years ago)
Wooooo gling nataliant
Marvin Cardiño (6 years ago)
ang lupet grabe .. nkakahanga :3
roger yusalina (6 years ago)
wow galing talaga ...make another naman jan!!
Cedie Gunda (6 years ago)
nice wala akong masabi sa galing ng mga batang to
Gener Genita (6 years ago)
galing toll idol kuna kayo ngayon hahaha
RC Styles (6 years ago)
Paano ulit yung version ni Psy? :) Galing!
Angel M. (6 years ago)
Pilipino ang galing talaga natin keep up the good work guys..... itayo ang bandera ng pilipinas
huggabley0997 (6 years ago)
don't judge a video by its quality
bomkenkamchi (6 years ago)
Amazing... Well done girls. The kid in the back looks so alive. Keep smiling :)
jolene pham (6 years ago)
beatiful just beatful :)

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