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Gangnam Style - PSY Karaoke Version with lyrics

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Gangnam Style - PSY Karaoke Version with lyrics. Available to but on custom karaoke disc or download now from www.selectatrack.com
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Text Comments (277)
Gisele Oliveira (19 days ago)
Всё я зрела
Angelique Guadălupý (2 months ago)
LeocraftYT y MCPE (6 months ago)
No entendí ni un carajo
Bobagens da Juju Juju (10 months ago)
hey , saxy  lady
Fatma ÇEVİK (8 months ago)
Bobagens da Juju Juju bbvvnmm,? nmmm,.vl lg5l
Frarly (10 months ago)
NINJAGOFANCOLE (11 months ago)
Anna Whit G (1 year ago)
Matilde_ 001 (1 year ago)
Daniela Lazaro (1 year ago)
It's like Minions singing!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Halvard Lund (1 year ago)
c") It is a little bit difficult.
Sue Park (1 year ago)
Like An Enderman: Watch you now while you turn something into nothing Look its raining now You better believe me said that i am bluffing Gonna creep you now But not creep green thing that you often see Come on TNT that don't bother me I'm like slenderman too but You saw me there Just one glimpse and I'm gone for along Cause I bet you're scared This time built for 2 just for 1 Stay aware Cause I'm just chillen over here nope over there I like to stare Because I'm you're biggest fans of your worse nightmare The truth hurts Cause this is my world you better know you better know I won't stop cause I wanted your blocks Just so you know just so you know Just so you know know know Like An Enderman Enderman Op Op Op Op Enderman Enderman Op Op Op Op Heyyyyy Heya Stevie Op Op Op Op Enderman Heyyyyy I am creepy Op Op Op Op The truth hurts cause this is my world You better know you better know I won't stop cause I wanted your blocks Just so you know just so you know just so you know know know Like An Enderman
sony Phone collection (1 year ago)
Kantona rabeejalni muckimasati
Gloria Rivas (1 year ago)
like si te resultó difícil cantarlo 😐😐
William Rundstein (1 year ago)
Fits somewhat well with a slightly sped up version of the All Star lyrics.
Carlos Blanco (1 year ago)
Pretty easy!!! come on: iowepopoc dkqsd odjkdoso ljk jdjqy d akd kskd kksakdh ksadjskadj
Samuel Bohn (1 year ago)
It's kind of hard for an American to sing this song correctly... 😬
Beta Ryoth (1 year ago)
moj difiicul 10/10 Guess From which channel it was....
Pu ps (1 year ago)
Abiel Rodriguez (2 years ago)
That is the instrumental Wassabi Productions used
Вика ТяН (2 years ago)
Yãuri Vlogs (2 years ago)
Quase 1M de views e 850 inscritos????
Vladan Đojić (2 years ago)
Vladan Đojić (2 years ago)
Blue_Fox 365 ツ (2 years ago)
Azylias (1 year ago)
un français ?
YPSILON GAMER 86 (2 years ago)
Blue_Fox 365 ツ (2 years ago)
Мария TV (2 years ago)
Ivo Kolev (2 years ago)
To'afa Fa'amoana (11 months ago)
its callelled transkript its made to be easy in english toungue e.g 여보세요 yeoboseyo or yo-bus-ayo hello its made to make things readable if you dont know a launguages letters
Kevin Breslin (1 year ago)
What if it was written in Hangul? Ahhh!
its hardcore, when you from CZech :D
Teresa Poon (2 years ago)
How I sing: Nauebuakoaka Alokhjkkboojhomi Oeapsjenskoajjsa Jukoje Alanajljni Pacoo Iinupbh Hey hey hey hey hey hey Motherfucker style Fucker style hop hop hop h- hop have OK that's all.
Toasty Wolf (2 years ago)
Rob Mason (2 years ago)
s3ptember (2 years ago)
gusfuevel7 (2 years ago)
Noo la cantara su abuela jajaja
CadenzaGaming YT (2 years ago)
wth I can't understand a word
Raphe Rap (3 years ago)
hey, sexy lady
Ann Huong (2 years ago)
op op op op opan gangnam style
iM G (3 years ago)
WTF!! tarde más de 1 hora en poder decir la primera estrofa!!
hirajem (3 years ago)
la para tulla (3 years ago)
que aperAaa
хей хей вуууууууу круто
Dennis B. (1 year ago)
Неку Тян Неку Тян 🚪 https://youtu.be/YxPsS4YGZRU
Соня Соня Смайл ураа,хоть кто то Русский
Неку Тян (2 years ago)
Myah Queen (3 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHA me encanto la parte que dice "He jajuruki kokoro eirtnsnu wa"
Anna Whit G (1 year ago)
Myah Queen :v
Shayla Morais (3 years ago)
psy what
Mert Guzeler (3 years ago)
bok gibi söylüyom bok gibi bok gibi söylüyom bok gibi
; c h e r r y (3 years ago)
pero quien podría cantar algo así? ??
Coreanos y asiáticos
Jeff The Killer (3 years ago)
Luis R-e (3 years ago)
vovovovo voy avomitar
broccolux (3 years ago)
Ehhhh... ustedes ríndanse (8)
the spanish people can read its ... sorry my english is not good :/
Melody Min (2 years ago)
Bryan Alexis Ibujés Delgado this is korean
Jaise l Parents (3 years ago)
Orange nya nya style! nya nya style! I am an orange,  people say that I'm annoying! Say what you want, Cuz I'm certainly not boring! I hang out in the stables, With a bunch of unicorns! And I ride them into outer space, honking unihorns! (honk honk!) I hang out with pear! In the kitchen every day we really like it here! (We do?) We're having fun times every day, Even squash is here! Marshmallow is really happy with his teddy bear, His evil teddy bear! And then he, fought a monster, bigger than, (hey!) godzilla! (hey!) A rock candy monster, bigger than (hey!) godzilla (hey!) He just went nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya! Orange nya nya style! Nya nya nya style! Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Orange nya nya style! Nya nya style! Oh, Oh, Oh Oh!  Orange nya nya style! Ok I'm done check it out for yourself! #orangenyanyastyle
Kylah Yvonne (4 years ago)
YAY I put down the 900th like😃
Cryon the horse (7 months ago)
Soufiane Errachidi (4 years ago)
vous n'avez pas honte sexy lady!
N218 (4 years ago)
How he is singing: 🎧 Najeneun ttasaroun inganjeogin yeoja Keopi hanjanui yeoyureul aneun pumgyeok inneun yeoja Bami omyeon simjangi tteugeowojineun yeoja Geureon banjeon inneun yeoja How i am singing: 🎤 Haufeu hueuidshui hiuhausihf ahuhsuihuia fuihahuifa huia uihuiashuifhui shauihf huaihsuimcjosj jioduaihw huaihd hauihduwhauihudiwhauhihuhuihuihaw hhuidhauwihuywqdhaiuhdua Okay i'm done...
Edneide Josué (1 year ago)
Kamki eu tico-tico O Diogo é às qual seu nome Dkdir
Thiago Esmael (3 years ago)
+Kamki ComPL i´m not the only one lol
Anna (3 years ago)
+Kamki ComPL hahaha true
Check Norres (4 years ago)
+Kamki ComPL you get used to it after the 2000th time
Mickie Rain (4 years ago)
Yay for being able to sing this like hyuna and not be Korean!! Yay me!! Lol.
Angel Cat (4 years ago)
J'ai rien compris on peut me le traduire hiiiiii!
Oppan? Lol its oppa
Now that I've been studying korean for about 1 year I get it ! 그래도 설명해주셨어서 감사합니다 ^~^ 그땐 한국어 대해 정말 아무것도 몰랐어서 몰랐죠 ㅎㅎ
Dana Rae (2 years ago)
it's referring to possession... 오빤 = oppa's
Anna (3 years ago)
+Jasmine Laarabat Yaa It sounds like oppa
littlemissmello (3 years ago)
+Jasmine Laarabat no it's not. 오빠 (oppa) is the untouched word (in my language we call it the "stam" but it basically means that it's the word as a whole. However in Korean they work with particles that define the role of the word. In this case it's the 는 (neun) particle which makes for 오빠는 (oppa-neun). 는 is a particle, a function word, that shows the reader or listener that this word is the subject (in the grammatical sense) of the sentence. However there's one thing Koreans always do (which is making it hard for us foreigners trying to learn the language) is that they shorten anything and everything they can. This one isn't too bad though. Instead of saying the full 오빠는 Psy just said 오빤 (oppan).
Et jai rien compris hhh
Black Dragón 17 (4 months ago)
for girls للبنات tienes un parecido a michael jackson
Ján Semanišin (4 years ago)
Piero Casagrande (4 years ago)
Alex s (4 years ago)
Yerlen Jonson (4 years ago)
hahahahahaha xD !! 
Scarlet_ overkill (4 years ago)
oppan gangnan style= PSY #PSY #OPPAN GANGNAN STYLE huehue
Scarlet_ overkill (4 years ago)
oppan gangnan style= PSY #PSY #OPPAN GANGNAN STYLE huehue
Scarlet_ overkill (4 years ago)
Khalid Boy (4 years ago)
+Ivana. Hajkova fbfc ggg8ijj9hhbvvhhhhhhhhhjjjjjjj
Ivana. Hajkova (4 years ago)
szl odbclogdok g hned
Mykaylah Brosnahan (4 years ago)
Lol my friend was playing with a baby doll having the baby dance saying " baby style"
Nichole W. (4 years ago)
yeoja and nanuem nom is all i can remember but its soooo funny
Jesus Rodriguez (4 years ago)
dhifhwefhwuihwie hqtiuwet iqohr tihriu ghqir thqieu hireuhgqoihelbahiuefj  rhiqhe gihge hguhgkjlh iqhw fjkewhqioh eihglfgahirhekajlhiuehiq hwi hkjhfiahiudhgiur hgjk hlh glhserhglth qrjkhklshr gklshkj rhk hqlahrgoqy aiuweyuri wyaeio5yaioyeh5 o;ygilsey 'orey;oe hriuh qpygu yuh iaro'g uaer'uyiow rejghiogjkr giorjg ;obur j ate'rugo ;rj fprjafl'j k'ljkjdskl'gjfdkljklhgklj klzdj/ gfl/ kz ,gakl/dfgjklsjfdl/ahjdfgkjlhdkzsm hkldf gkfg jlfd bg,fmz hjfdvg,tmhgjkrjy;hfduigkt4ntgopfub gjylk uhrtj adugjt kjkhkahgskg ;a g pia ;jg kaeh kre jskg jrhG H    egk o grh h fiohg;a guriuhjeaklg i uhrqwlk gjewdjkl gjt kqajkgrhgkaqhw;gjdfioguj pSho;                                      thats what i read :P
Kishore Nikam (4 years ago)
Colombo Mafia Family (4 years ago)
Beleve it or not, this is as easy it goes! Was song even played ever in English, me IDK!
Sergey Andreasyan (5 years ago)
nathaly toledo (5 years ago)
Wow muy cool lo hice
Jedi Master Yoda (5 years ago)
Eeeeeeh sexy lady
bea de amor (5 years ago)
I dont understand the lyrics!
TheLeader321 (4 years ago)
the lyrics are korean, they are here represented in latin letters so we can pronounce them
Endie the Enderman (4 years ago)
Chiara Nevi (5 years ago)
Aiuto!! Non ce la farò mai a cantarla!!!
Lorenzo Limina (4 years ago)
io ho cantato rvqwfvbjqwmbmiuvbkqvbiyimeqbyzikumggizuegmizvgejvi
me e puesto a cantarlo y a bailarlo y me a dado un subidon de azucar XD
Dignity AJ (5 years ago)
Dignity AJ (5 years ago)
Wow. The only part I hear them sing are the "Hey/EEEEHHHHH" bits and "SEXY LADEH!" bits x3
Los RanchitosLC (5 years ago)
My favorite part was when he said aksldjlksjaklñfaklasf gangan style
bee nsez (5 years ago)
Ashia (5 years ago)
I can sing this very well! Because I'm a kpoper jajaja
Communist Mudkipz (5 years ago)
Omg I listened to this over 100 times and I got it now
Elijah Petrova (5 years ago)
Lo que sabemos pronunciar correctamente el HEY SEXY LADY por que lo demas parece idioma satanico jajajajjajajajajjajajajajaj
OvercomeLoneliness (5 years ago)
thank you for this karaoke version
TVDevon (5 years ago)
machong chichong gebrefuciminchong i cant sing
Sujit Varadhan (5 years ago)
Lets be honest here, nobody can sing this
elizabeth orellana (5 years ago)
Lmao I suck
omar dali (5 years ago)
aye mela asba
Taichi Kamiya (5 years ago)
lo que leo : Dekkaji Gabolkka lo que digo: dkji gabmsahvbd
hola cirilo doy sariel
Candela Jackson (5 years ago)
Mira man puse el tema original y baje el volumen de esto y las palabras que escribiste nada que ver con la letra asi que fijate y escucha bien tenes un monton de reproducciones al pedo para escuchar cualquier letra asi que escucha mis condejos chau!
Alexandra Andrea (5 years ago)
joajoakdos No caché ni una! jskabslajskajak
no (5 years ago)
Al parecer está re-hecho xD
zona502guate (5 years ago)
Esther Martínez (5 years ago)
Hola, me podrias decir como le has quitado la voz a la cancion? he probado con muchos programas pero ninguno la quita por completo y ademas pierde calidad el sonido... Gracias :)
armando muñoz (5 years ago)
hola, una pregunta, que necesito para poder hacer karaokes?? espero y me puedas contestar.
Jose Maria Rodriguez (5 years ago)
no cante mierda cante shit jajaja xD
Jose Maria Rodriguez (5 years ago)
¿un poquito? bah sera un muchito
Caulay Bellsfour (5 years ago)
tentei mais n da muito pra nois brasileiros
Karem fabregas romero (5 years ago)
esta un poquito dificil...plop!!!
Megan Walker (5 years ago)
Like this if you didn't have a clue what any of that said..
DeadWolf (5 years ago)
Beat sorry dislexya
DeadWolf (5 years ago)
I tried to sing it dut the totaly awsom deat got in the way
John Lawson (5 years ago)
Me :D :D

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