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MGTOW - Feminists and SJWs getting left speechless compilation

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Here is an awesome compilation of feminists and social justice warriors being left speechless due to their lack of logic and their dumb arguments. Hope you enjoy the video, if you do enjoy the video, show the video some love by dropping a like on it and by sharing it
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MGTOW Truth (6 months ago)
I'm just going to post this here because it is my most popular video. I recently came across this petition to get women that falsely accuse men of rape to be put on the sex offenders registry, and i just wanted to bring it forward to anyone that agrees with that and would like to sign the petition. I don't care if you're an MRA, MGTOW, just an anti feminist, or none of those. If you agree with this petition, go right ahead and sign it to show your support. I 100% agree with this and i think there needs to be some sort of strong deterrent to stop women from making these false rape claims because at the moment it is very easy for them to do and most of the time they get barely punished, leading other women to consider making up their own fake rape allegations for whatever reason they have in their head. Normal link: https://www.change.org/p/department-of-justice-women-who-lie-about-sexual-assault-need-to-be-put-on-a-sex-offender-registry Ad link: https://bit.ly/2LFnlnP The ad link is just for anyone that enjoyed the video and wants to support the channel. It goes without saying you are under no obligation to click the ad link, but i would appreciate it if you did, either way if you agree with the petition, you should definitely consider signing it
Chris Williams (10 hours ago)
MGTOW Truth I agree about the feminist part but where you lost me is the Tramp I mean Trump bits added. Trump is a useless piece of shit just like feminists are useless pieces of shit. Tramp I mean Trump is the laughing stock of the world and will be remembered as America’s worst/dumbest President for decades before someone takes that mantle. Those who believe that the majority of illegals are coming to America are gang members or look to join MS13 is so stupid. The fact he believes he is solving the drug problem in America is stupid because drugs will always be a problem for every country, thousands of miles of ocean don’t even stop drugs from entering countries so nothing will. A wall won’t do shit to stop illegals and the majority of illegals are those who come in legally but overstay there Visa.
Rose Galaxy (1 day ago)
+Kenneth Kaiser Well seeing as not all men are rapists, that's a no for my answer. Yes, feminists always spit out that "all men are rapists" and "white/male privilege" I can't get mad at you for being pissed at. I get just as annoyed by it. Fucking dumb bitches yell about equality but when women need to sign for draft or whatever else "it's not fair" "women want peace" "we don't want to fight" fucking pieces of shit only want "equality" when it benefits them. Disgusting cunts. I went on a rant but I see what you're saying. Just try not to judge all women just as not all women judge all men, yes?
Kenneth Kaiser (1 day ago)
+Rose Galaxy --- of course I do. I think you are as guilty just as every man is a rapist and an oppressive misogynist that has male privilege because of patriarchy. That is the rhetorical propaganda that feminists and women bellow out all the time, isn't it? If women get to generalize then so can men generalize about women. If you reply saying you aren't a feminist and you don't believe all men are all of those things, then why don't you and the other women who say the same thing get together and tell the feminists to stop with their false accusations and leave men alone? What's that? You would but you are enjoying the free stuff and the easy way into better jobs and having people believe anything that you say and all the things women get that men don't? Is that right? I see. You don't like being lumped into a category of being guilty of something you say you aren't guilty of? But it's okay if it happens to other people as long as they are men. Particularly, white, working class, middle aged, tax paying (the most of any other citizen) that go to war and die for your freedom and who do the jobs in this country that keep it prosperous and a great place to live. The ones who do the 3 D's jobs that women and weak guys won't do, those are the Difficult, Dirty, and Dangerous jobs . So yes, you are guilty
Rose Galaxy (1 day ago)
+Kenneth Kaiser you think I'm guilty of something I've never done?
Rose Galaxy (1 day ago)
+Rick O'Shay that's cool and all but I don't read the bible. So why should I follow that rule? I say they should make a false accusations list. If sex offenders get put on a list so others can know not to go near them and all, those who give false accusations should be put on a similar list so others can know what they did and to stay away from them just as much.
Jessica Turner (2 hours ago)
The only one I would argue against is the “age vs. gender” thing.... cause there is an EASY argument with that one.
Deantray Taylor (4 hours ago)
Fat b***h got exterminated towards the end by Info wars😂😂😂
Vaani Singh (5 hours ago)
I wish such a revolution comes again in india in 2019 Bring Modi again Here its the same scenario as in the US People make up irrelevant , baseless stuff against great leaders
SMIL3 (5 hours ago)
*megalovania intensifies*
Only A Person (6 hours ago)
At 3:18 I would have personally preferred if you played the victory theme from the Final Fantasy series but Another One Bites the Dust works too.
Lycan Power12 (6 hours ago)
In the illegal immigration thing I agree. As much as it's bad to kick out immigrants, it's againts the law to enter a country without permission. I'm Mexican, and I'm grateful that I didn't need to immigrate to the U.S. or somewhere else, but I understand that the laws must be followed.
John L (7 hours ago)
Dr. Phil is a god damn savage.
Ben 999 (9 hours ago)
Mr. mustachecat (9 hours ago)
NPC Joe (9 hours ago)
fred class (10 hours ago)
“Google it” kills me 😂😂😂
DEAN (10 hours ago)
Trumps moms Scottish
DEAN (10 hours ago)
Wait people actually think abortion is a bad thing
Dreadcold (11 hours ago)
Michael W Baird (12 hours ago)
There is WAY to much stupid in this country.
danny caskey (13 hours ago)
Actually the countries in Europe that are doing better have lower populations of white men... Which is why a few of them actually fly men from around the world there... I'm not a feminist... But a lot of this video has jack shit to do with feminism.. and you could also say the countries that we're founded and once ruled by black men are doing better than the countries started by white men... The majority of Europe was ruled by blacks... Let's not forget the majority of European "nobles" Could not even read before black ppl... y'all used to wear ur underwear until they disentigrated.. so the be honest the better countries over in Europe are the countries that continued to follow the ways blacks taught them... If not y'all would understand nothing about cleanliness... Ur towns were pretty much fecal petri dishes during the plague..
Jason Harp (14 hours ago)
8:41 is the reason why online dating is alive 🤣 sexist to tell a women she is attractive are you joking. It's not cat calling it's a compliment two totally different things.
Mugzyandluda Gaming (15 hours ago)
Yo my boi Phil just eliminated a 1000X model
Brandy Ayers (15 hours ago)
Stupid feminists and SJW's making stupid statements and can't back them up !! Actually, they can't say anything 😂😂😂 I can't believe these people believe the crap they say.
sam winchester (15 hours ago)
Ben shapiro just shut those MF's mouths so quick. Speechless lmfao
Love this video!
EaZiE01 (16 hours ago)
I think we should separate the sexes in our public schools during childhood/adolescence and hire more men to be mentors for the males. This way we could stop ignoring the differences between men and women and their needs.
Gilbey Rubio (16 hours ago)
Dr.Phil is the chosen one
Prince Amir (18 hours ago)
uuuuhhhmmmm based on uuuuhhhhhhhmmmmm based on, well you can google it
Justin Gutierrez (19 hours ago)
It's based on....it's based on.......ummmm....It's based on......ah errrrrr mmmm
Consistency English (19 hours ago)
Leftists doing Leftist stuff, insanity is what they like to spread
t b (20 hours ago)
Got bless I don’t live in America
Anna Wimpey (21 hours ago)
Google it. It don't get lazier than that. 😂
Edward Oliver (23 hours ago)
"Google it" the mating call of the braindead
Dustin Holness (23 hours ago)
I love Lauren summers
Walter De wit (1 day ago)
A better country is a more white country. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Brothers Revenge (1 day ago)
Moral of the story.... DON'T TAKE DRUGS!
jordan (1 day ago)
Ben what ever his face is wrong about trans people.
jordan (1 day ago)
England has a better system than america and it has a pretty much equal amount of white and other races so.
Reid Chalmer (1 day ago)
That's awesome, catching people in their contradictions with straight out true statements or valid questions! Great video!
Rogue Point (1 day ago)
You don't mean eastern European with the communists. Communism is supirior
Trgtfvbh Y (1 day ago)
Who would win in a debate, Ben Shapiro or dr. Phil?
Mistr Creed (1 day ago)
Ben shapiro is our lord and saviour
BattleMast3r (1 day ago)
BlueCrabMedia (1 day ago)
What's the YouTube video for 8:51
Asher On Scratch (1 day ago)
building up my ATK just in case i find one of these
Campbell Koschei (1 day ago)
2:19 Any woman when asked to back up what she says with facts. Cowards
The Architect (1 day ago)
Who is the girl on 3:17?
w0ke (1 day ago)
'his wife is from the czech republic' shes slovenian you inbred
John Bu (1 day ago)
I’m a fucking legal immigrant and allowing those illegals ones to stay is a huge disrespect to me. Fuck liberals and fuck their opinions and feels. I’m staying on the conservative side until we bring back logic in this stupid society.
Spooky Spookat (2 days ago)
*Ladies and gentlemen, we got him*
mike talas (2 days ago)
Wow! not one of these people can make a stand on anything they believe in, In other words none of them can defend or articulate their argument! Also, they are not educated in any of the accusations they say about anyone, especially President Trump. If you point out that they are indeed wrong about their argument and prove it, they resort to cussing/swearing/foul language. What loser's!!!
Rose (16 hours ago)
mike talas yes I agree. About trump, I’m not sure I would call him inherently sexist or racist but what I do know is he has made some disgusting comments about women and minorities
Charlie Mann (2 days ago)
2:51 she’s hot id date
Sir Sloth (2 days ago)
“Did you just call me a woman? I’m legally a man” fucking died
Froyo Time (2 days ago)
5:20 Did you just assume my gender???
bobby elmi (2 days ago)
Dammit I hate all this left-right bullshit. I’m a centralist and I really wish both sides would own up to their ridiculousness. Yes, aborting a child is taking a life. Your regretted sex doesn’t give you the right to kill someone. The idea that a life isn’t a life if it doesn’t look like what you think it should is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever heard. I don’t care if it’s your body. The child’s life is it’s own. Yes, Trump does lie. A lot. Just because you identify as a right wing republican conservative doesn’t mean you should act like you don’t notice this guy’s BS. And so on and so forth. Quit blinding yourselves.
okay ! (2 days ago)
3:07 are those not the same things?
Anon Wibble (2 days ago)
I'm pretty sure all these people moved here legally though. Then suddenly it hits him. Lolol.
Big Bird (2 days ago)
Plus size model is a total idiot.
SubieNinja (2 days ago)
8:18 run OrangeManBad.exe
SubieNinja (2 days ago)
[script failed to run]
Rob Smith (2 days ago)
Lol Dr Phil da boss
SimpolSaint (2 days ago)
Seeing these people get owned is extremely satisfying. Everything was spot on, but the 80% rape stat about illegals was definately a reach.
Malcolm Norman (2 days ago)
Interviewer in the yellow jacket and white hat needs to marry me
Laurelindo (2 days ago)
Nobody earns anything from "ownage" scenarios like this. The best way to debate with someone is to show clearly that you are NOT trying to make them look like fools - this way they will be more willing to admit when they are wrong about something, because they will be less defensive.
Rapist Mohamed (2 days ago)
This is ruthless beating of liberals it’s should be categorised as ******
ROCKnROLL1406 (2 days ago)
I love when these idiots get Shut down
samg5555 (2 days ago)
All of these sjw’s and feminist women are going to wake up one day when they are about 60 years old and they will be all alone with no husband or children. Then they will realize what idiots they’ve been their entire lives.
dont be this guy (3 days ago)
Will not watch you vids because of that stupid sunglass Thug graphic and your loud ass sound bite it's stupid stop doing it same with a damn airhorn shit that people throw in
Tom Thumb (3 days ago)
The girl in the yellow jacket and white cap is seexxxxyyyy
Suman Kumar (3 days ago)
Its based on um...Its based on um...Its based on um...um....um...um.
Jonas Auh (3 days ago)
Wow~ what the meaning of life? GOOGLE IT!
some random guy (3 days ago)
Jeff (3 days ago)
8:40 it's based on whether or not the girl is attracted to the guy, or if the guy has money!
Andrew Patty (3 days ago)
“Do you have anything else?” “Fuck you” That clip was awesome
Harambe (3 days ago)
@0:06 I fucking spat out my orange juice 😂 please warn us next time
Jaheel Frederick (3 days ago)
Ben points has allot of snuck premises don't agree with them. Everything else is fine
Issy algar (3 days ago)
The ginger at 9:05 is just an embarrassment to the lepricorns of the world(I am ginger)
fa.sh_ (3 days ago)
The girl from 2:07 looks like the would be oompavilles wife 😂😂
nightspicer (3 days ago)
This whole video is burn
Valerie Celery (3 days ago)
i don't agree w ben shapiro all the time but he's just so sophisticated and calm when dealing w the sjw i love it !!
Ganosista (3 days ago)
*Respecc wamen.*
Ya_Boi_Kobe (3 days ago)
Man the fucked up part is that i genuinely want to hear an educated side from the sjw community so i can better understand it
M (3 days ago)
5:20 lmao pls watch it
hammertoe00 (3 days ago)
Whats with these feminists saying compliments are sexist and are bad to say to a woman? Would they rather be called a bitch and a skank?
Maj Tavčar (3 days ago)
2:32 his wife is actually slovenian not chech. lol
George YTG (15 hours ago)
jst sm tko cringu ko sm tisto slišu
Sarcastic Studios (3 days ago)
When feminists call men pigs but then they say women are equal to men
We Are Illuminati (8 hours ago)
True dat Bill Nye
chelsie southard (3 days ago)
White folks are hella racist towards white people more then any other race , they be ready to pull that white male privilege card out real quick 🤔
Mert Kabala (3 days ago)
Leg and has it dr Phil is the god of destruction screw beerus
Milton Hackett (3 days ago)
My dad use to say ,with a women you either pay upfront, or you pay for the rest of your life ! How true !!
Milton Hackett (3 days ago)
If I didn't have such a great wife ,I'd just pay to play ,and run away !
Dontlie Tome (3 days ago)
You can Google it=Need to return to my liberal reinforcement bubble thats been preprogrammed and packaged for the idiot masses to consume...without question.
sagar jadhav (3 days ago)
What's SJW ?
leandoer (3 days ago)
duuuuuuuh you can google it, dont u know google is made by the white man? ''white devil'' in your little fucking world dumbass mongol. eeeh i hate white people so much, but literally 90% of what i daily use is invented,made, and build by the white men, fucking worthless dog
Milk (3 days ago)
Ben Shapiro is pretty coolio
IamTiz FZMT (4 days ago)
The Women in the blue Dress thou!!! Ima find her and wife her
Albedo Yuriev (4 days ago)
Damn, Dr. Phil is a boss.
dansogordon1010 (4 days ago)
Ashley wilson (4 days ago)
Sam Cooper (4 days ago)
Someone should quote the case of khalif browder when talking to Shapiro so he can stfu about his inaccurate statistics about blacks in jail
Im a Bro Im a Army (4 days ago)
Lemme serve them bitch lasagna
papillon (4 days ago)
The go-to argument for all SJWs Who realize they have lost the argument: “Google it!”
Mohamed Charhbili (4 days ago)
"fuck you" "Great comment" lol
Django (4 days ago)
Did Phil killed that bitch😂😂😂😂
Django (4 days ago)
Ben Shapiro is too smart for these clowns

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