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MGTOW - Feminists and SJWs getting left speechless compilation

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Here is an awesome compilation of feminists and social justice warriors being left speechless due to their lack of logic and their dumb arguments. Hope you enjoy the video, if you do enjoy the video, show the video some love by dropping a like on it and by sharing it
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MGTOW Truth (4 months ago)
I'm just going to post this here because it is my most popular video. I recently came across this petition to get women that falsely accuse men of rape to be put on the sex offenders registry, and i just wanted to bring it forward to anyone that agrees with that and would like to sign the petition. I don't care if you're an MRA, MGTOW, just an anti feminist, or none of those. If you agree with this petition, go right ahead and sign it to show your support. I 100% agree with this and i think there needs to be some sort of strong deterrent to stop women from making these false rape claims because at the moment it is very easy for them to do and most of the time they get barely punished, leading other women to consider making up their own fake rape allegations for whatever reason they have in their head. Normal link: https://www.change.org/p/department-of-justice-women-who-lie-about-sexual-assault-need-to-be-put-on-a-sex-offender-registry Ad link: https://bit.ly/2LFnlnP The ad link is just for anyone that enjoyed the video and wants to support the channel. It goes without saying you are under no obligation to click the ad link, but i would appreciate it if you did, either way if you agree with the petition, you should definitely consider signing it
chidozie nkemdirim (6 days ago)
dumb af
Noah Donaldson (6 days ago)
+Tristan Wintle can't wait till you go to jail for a domestic violence that you didn't commit and your only guilty because you was born with a penis bitches lie all the time and get away it
j jones (10 days ago)
I think the reason USA has so many more Incels, serial killers, and men who spend their time making groups saying they don't want women, but instead of leaving women alone to have hero gentlemen, they spend their time discussing how to abuse women and try to make them feel bad, is connected to so many men in the USA being cir'cised
anewtrend (11 days ago)
MGTOW Truth what’s girl in yellow at 2:30’s name
Medical Opinions (14 days ago)
I’ll sign if you create one for false assault on a female charge. Women will file this charge during a hearing about custody so the man never gets above joint custody. Doesn’t matter if it’s proven wrong, it still goes on his record for an entire year and the lawyers cost thousands for paperwork. Nothing happens to the woman but a warning. It’s wrong.
imjustnoob (23 minutes ago)
Mr . Caucasian Moon (37 minutes ago)
8:41 you know she ain’t never had some good dick l, how tf you even gonna get a date if you when you just you when you do when you just you. Kill me
M F198 (4 hours ago)
Liberalism is a disease
12Burton24 (7 hours ago)
9min...good reason why avoid woman...
BMillz drillz (7 hours ago)
cenk google how to kill your self your TYT is racist garbage against white people.
BMillz drillz (7 hours ago)
Mental health is the real issue here my friends. I think the majority of these people have no concept of reality or life itself.
12Burton24 (7 hours ago)
At 3minutes....hahahah biggest fail......
SicknessNfilth (9 hours ago)
Racism isn`t a real thing. There is no racism. There is only ignorant people and wrong people in the wrong place. Refugees who are "running" away from their own wars are only bringing wars to us.
Chardae Rader (10 hours ago)
Skinny can be a insult to thin people because some of them don't like being that thin
Patrick Mckinley (11 hours ago)
This kinda attitude and attack from women causes endless domestic violence everyday
Steve McGarret (12 hours ago)
Girl at 3:20 is goals
And raé (12 hours ago)
black ppl dont commit 50% of murder thats a lie http://prntscr.com/l990rk
KETAN RAMTEKE (14 hours ago)
Dr Phil is savage 😂
JonezBB (14 hours ago)
Any man who claims to "go their own way" in real life is cringe personified.
Abhishek Ramakrishnan (15 hours ago)
These are just the uninformed angry democrats that do not have facts. Donald trump has made claims that all Haitians have aids, has been quoted saying laziness is a trait in black, urges the death penalty for five innocent black and Hispanic men, and there are so many other instances. This is not opinion but fact. (Also during presidential term he called for a ban specifically of Muslims)
Live from Legendland HI (16 hours ago)
'Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.' Socrates
Leslie Starck (17 hours ago)
love how the black chick in the blue dress and yellow sweater was INSTANTLY offended but then after listening to Ben's statistics had sweet phuck all to say in response. Educate yourself before you take a stand on a steep slope covered in oil lady!
Leslie Starck (17 hours ago)
If you are going to argue YOUR point at least make sure you have a point and actually know what you are talking about. You have a world of information at your fingertips for God sakes so study the topic at hand lest you be viewed as an idiot!
ckelley63 (17 hours ago)
Ben Shapiro in the house!!
It's always good for a laugh to each these again
Ken9284 (18 hours ago)
I want to take Lauren Southern out on a date
77MrAH (19 hours ago)
His wife is from Czech Republic!? She's from Slovenia, fuckin dough ball. Get an education, we know your from North America but that's no excuse!
Bruce Bruce (20 hours ago)
I think I hate these people more than I hate Trump
Xxx Concussion (23 hours ago)
If there is Ben sharpiro, there is a victory
Matt Hernandez (23 hours ago)
This is what happens when you let facebook, buzzfeed and CNN become your main source of knowledge. you fuckin morons
Picaso Black (23 hours ago)
I swear...black hoes always on this "I'm a model" trip when they really mean"i take a lot of selfies". Which firm cuts you a check? What magazine are you scheduled for? What time do you hit the runway? Which brand are you an ambassador for? Sit down.
Alfie Chilcott (23 hours ago)
At least I formed my own reason for not liking trump (I don’t like his views on climate change ) I don’t just read I title of a news article and base my opinions on that
Jonas Rysgaard (1 day ago)
why does Ben have a frisbee on?
that dude (1 day ago)
F Ben shipiro
We are Venom (1 day ago)
4:00 was the best
leroy jones (1 day ago)
This is what we get when people don't think for themselves
Henry Her (1 day ago)
Prefered to be fit then fat
Angela Breland (1 day ago)
How can you have feminisim and gender fluidity at the same time. Either your female ot not.
Internet Explorer (1 day ago)
This is cringe AF.. 😂😂 I need to get high to watch this kind of women stupidity!
KeepTasmaniaWhite (1 day ago)
Who's the reporter in the Yellow jacket? and does she have a youtube channel?
MrCircus177 (1 day ago)
Shout out my nigga Dr. Phil. Callin' it like he sees it since day one with his country bumpkin ass.
SlimerCraft (1 day ago)
We’ve got: Flat Earthers Hollow Earthers People who believe that Australia doesn’t exist Feminists *_We’ve been evolving for millions of years of this..._*
River (1 day ago)
It's based on uhh... it's based on uhh... it's based on uhh... Reminds me of Littering and...
Datone Mexican (1 day ago)
I love dr Phil
Littlehornification (1 day ago)
Chump is a liar... where are his tax returns?
Ryan Angeline (1 day ago)
Is it an accident that in the "Politicon" logo, the con in politicon is pointing to the left, and Cenk "The Brown Buffalo"?
Robert Muldoon (1 day ago)
When all Goyim wake up to this Marxist Bolshevic Jew verses the Fascist Zionist Jew paradigm that's really playing out on this planet there will be hell to pay for of these Jew cunts on both, and for the Shaboos Goy who work for them all ... The right is as bad as the left and the truth will come out soon enough, and when it does these vermin on both sides will have no where to hide ! ... #GDL GOYIM DEFENSE LEAGUE
benedict santiago (1 day ago)
All this people. Low iq. Its ok for them to call anyone with name calling. But if you do the same thing to them they got offended and make it look like they are the victims. Stupid low iq human being. Hahaha
The life of 2shoes (1 day ago)
@ 3:00 realizing there’s a difference between immigrants and illegal immigrants also that your wrong and don’t understand what your talking about
Patrick Germond (1 day ago)
rashid alhusan (1 day ago)
im not an SJW's but i know rape when i see it. and this is some hard fucking let me tell you
Cricket Conference (1 day ago)
Holy crap Dr Phil you legend
Ken Olson (1 day ago)
Akira Sakko (1 day ago)
3:00 stupid cuck
kenneth gates (1 day ago)
The left go crazy when you ask a question that requires facts to back it up. The guy at 8:17 must have been asleep for eight years during Obama lies.
The Blue BlobFish (1 day ago)
Dr.phil is a fucking savage
The state of human beings is fucking repugnant and autistic, people with actual autism make more sense than these people.
Script X (1 day ago)
4:02 She is like: 'damn am I racist?' lol
Rosie -_- (1 day ago)
First of all to that guy at 6:20 yes you actually can But feminists are sexist even though they want to achieve equality
Sesse Lind (1 day ago)
Screaming #NPC's are the best!
Jerry Lawrence (1 day ago)
She's not there, she's not there either....owned
Themba Sapam (1 day ago)
Wtf the first three seconds in the video i hit like!
Chance Holton (1 day ago)
Ben shapiro is awsome.
Chance Holton (1 day ago)
The guy w the pony tail got owned.
Witchtripper 33 (1 day ago)
This is the result of a generation raised by telitubies
Paul Thompson (1 day ago)
4:18 woke by facts
Dave Biddle (1 day ago)
The NPC from 9:04 had a glitch in her download from the hive mind.
Jon Booker (1 day ago)
I identify as age 65; can I get my medicare card please.
Jon Booker (1 day ago)
3:57 *Ouch* !
Plat NRG (1 day ago)
Why is this so funny lol
alex mendoza (1 day ago)
Because its true so so true
Plat NRG (1 day ago)
Lmao “I don’t want to talk to you anymore” “I’m not surprised”
Zypher Zolei (1 day ago)
5:20 I love her!
Germanium (1 day ago)
3:43 *oooooooof*
Juan Zuniga (2 days ago)
Fat girls are nasty
Confector Tyrannis (2 days ago)
the slow motion dawning of understanding (for the brief moment he had it) of ponyboy vs girl in yellow jacket. Still my favorite
Its a fakt that the best systems and everything is white so thats why we need to get all those migrants out of Europe EUROPE FOR THE EUROPEAAAANSSSSS!!!!
B K (2 days ago)
Crazy is expanding everyfday.
Kent Clark (2 days ago)
As a legal immigrant I can tell you that this dude at 3:00 has gone full retard.
Maxwell M. Siegler (2 days ago)
Hmm..... I man hits on a woman and wants to get to know her better, and somehow he's sexist...… Interesting.
James Coburn (2 days ago)
Fucking retarded people
PHX2PDX (2 days ago)
you gotta give these gals some credit - it takes a lot of balls to look stupid in front of everyone like this. oh wait theyre just retarded
goosecouple (2 days ago)
Mgtows are by-products of Feminism, and the divorce laws. Both Mgtows and Feminists are tools for the Communists to destroy America.
Mark DeFelice (2 days ago)
m c (2 days ago)
so many braindead people in the world
Antoni Ontiveros (2 days ago)
The Damn Judges Should 1st Realize to get things done with rape cases they should ask the victims who pulled down your underwear ? They didn't go down on thier own lol
Ken and Brandi (2 days ago)
“How many rapes do you think this slut walk has stopped’ BUHAHAHAHAHA
blindjustice316 (2 days ago)
Nestor Gonzalez (2 days ago)
6:20. Damn facts
Joe B (2 days ago)
The reason why so many women are single or "lesbian"........no real, reasonable, intelligent, informed man would ever want them!!!!!!!
loser (2 days ago)
3:23 I don't think that the chick on the left was a sjw. She was just speechless on how giving rude and stupid the dude on the right sounded, and omfg the guy sounded idiotic
Pandas are cool (2 days ago)
When Lena Dunham rapes her sister, or Asia Artego molests a 17 year old boy, all women and all liberals turn a blind eye.
Rabid Chameleon (2 days ago)
2:07 that bitch on the left is so fucking ugly holy shit
shutupman (2 days ago)
Melania is an illegal alien though.... Trump paid off officials to look the other way and let her in
Iain Fraser (2 days ago)
That women was lost for words probably hoping a man would come in and speak for her Sorry I pre-emptively wrote a comment before I watched the whole video but I will keep it here because it literally applies to all women on this video. And MC ben is still my favourite rapper listen to them bars and dat flo yo
Jason W (3 days ago)
2.23 who is the woman in the yellow jacket and white hat? She is a babe.
Chris Braz (3 days ago)
Amazing how those little things called logic and fact completely destroy every far left argument....
Mike Smiles (3 days ago)
anyone who thinks their a democrat in the USA needs to jump off a bridge, my gosh,.....USA FIRST
Herald Cheng (3 days ago)
Umar Khan (3 days ago)
What is poison ? Everything what u have more then u need is a poison
Christ is King! (3 days ago)
Highlander15 (3 days ago)
NPC programming on full display.
Ann Linley (3 days ago)
Dr. Phil is gangster
Felipe Alves (3 days ago)
Here in Brazil, if someone do things like going out to protests against conservative candidates and ask them why are they there or what they are protesting against, the reaction is basically the same, speachless, although here in Brazil the ones asked about threaten the questioner, and even use violence against them, hit them, push them, trying to get them away from the protest, our conservative candidate almost died during a popular volunteer movement in his favor, he got stabbed with a knife in the stomach by a lunatic who got arrested later... I mean, this is serious, obviously we live in a different reality compared to USA (for example the word liberal here, is traduced to the same way that is written but a different pronunciation, means a rightist ideology, not a leftist standard), but as I watch this videos, more and more I start to realize the obvious comparison between the acusations against Donald Trump and our conservative candidate, the same kind of things, such as sexist, misogynist, racist, even nazi, a lot of fake news about him, spread even by his opponent in the election, the situation in our country is worrisome.
Kelly Pres (3 days ago)
Holy fuck these people are dumb as shit!

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