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MGTOW - Feminists and SJWs getting left speechless compilation

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Here is an awesome compilation of feminists and social justice warriors being left speechless due to their lack of logic and their dumb arguments. Hope you enjoy the video, if you do enjoy the video, show the video some love by dropping a like on it and by sharing it
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MGTOW Truth (10 months ago)
I'm just going to post this here because it is my most popular video. I recently came across this petition to get women that falsely accuse men of rape to be put on the sex offenders registry, and i just wanted to bring it forward to anyone that agrees with that and would like to sign the petition. I don't care if you're an MRA, MGTOW, just an anti feminist, or none of those. If you agree with this petition, go right ahead and sign it to show your support. I 100% agree with this and i think there needs to be some sort of strong deterrent to stop women from making these false rape claims because at the moment it is very easy for them to do and most of the time they get barely punished, leading other women to consider making up their own fake rape allegations for whatever reason they have in their head. Normal link: https://www.change.org/p/department-of-justice-women-who-lie-about-sexual-assault-need-to-be-put-on-a-sex-offender-registry Ad link: https://bit.ly/2LFnlnP The ad link is just for anyone that enjoyed the video and wants to support the channel. It goes without saying you are under no obligation to click the ad link, but i would appreciate it if you did, either way if you agree with the petition, you should definitely consider signing it
Riley O'Reilly (8 days ago)
I think your petition is a great idea. Well done.
Daniel Juno (11 days ago)
monsDK gotta agree. Distracted masses clawing at each others throats won’t form as one to question their leaders.
Donald J (19 days ago)
C'mon guys WAKE UP to some Reality!.. To be with you she's likely cheating on someone else.. What in this hell makes you so special and proud and goofy to not know you're just another momentary toy for her..? just another a foolish mark, she shakes her tits and pussy at, to get as much as she can from you before she moves on to another mark.. She doesn't give a dam if you love.. Money and fun is what she wants.. When that runs out, you're history.. She'll eat you up, and shit you out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Sim2oQXrE0 I got fed up with a neighbor's little front lawn never being cut, so I took it upon myself to mow hers when I did mine.. A week later one of her work colleagues dives by in her little toyota.. She's looking for someone who mows lawns for free.. She stops her car and asks if my name is 'Mark'.. Seems the bitch whose lawn I mowed told her friend that if she wanted her lawn mowed for free she would need to find a 'Mark'... I wonders what will hap when she actually finds a guy whose name is 'Mark'..? I sold her a used gas mower for 25 bucks.. Next week she tells me she wants a refund, because it's broken.. I asks 'Where's your gas can? "Oh? Duhh, does it use gas..? Where do you put the gas in?".. One day I sees her tapping loose nails in her deck, holding the hammer's claw, tapping the nail heads with the end of the wooden handle.. You don't see that every day, or maybe some do..? She showed me how she saves money on bottled water by refilling them with tap water.. Second time I was totally lost for words.. Last time I met her, she tells me she in a northern community young peoples guidance group.. She said excitedly 'I'm gonna a be a Politician?' Uhh, yup....
cody sorensen (20 days ago)
If I understand correctly, the thing with that is falsely accusing someone of a crime even if found to be deliberate isn't technically labeled as a crime itself. It's considered a misdemeanor. I'm not sure if putting women on the registered sex offender list would scare them away enough to stop them from doing it however. I think we just need Stricker laws and harsher punishments in regards of fake allegations. Because if the man in the case was found guilty for the crime he didn't commit. He would be doing serious time. Yet if the women is cought the harshest punishment she can receive currently is up to and not exceeding a year of time behind bars and a fine. That's worst case scenario for her. With the lack if fiscal evidence in almost every case people flock to the woman's side. So even if she does lose she isn't looking at much punishment. Women that stoop this low are in most cases already that low so getting cought means little to nothing to them. Now when women like this get cought for fake allegations it causes women who really have been raped to look at it for face value and think the risk is too great to try and prove he raped them. It's just a big cluster fuck.
vegasmovieguy (23 days ago)
Sounds like a good idea in theory, but a woman who faces a harder punishment for lying is only going to dig in deeper to defend that lie once it has been told.
Hugo van der Meer (2 days ago)
Shapiro on helium still.
Jbanz Mate (5 days ago)
If u are raped u can abort Or in a society in war Other than that get ready to push
Alph er (5 days ago)
6:39 her world just fell apart
Oddly Right (5 days ago)
Liberals....insert comments here
Oddly Right (5 days ago)
They can’t..Because they will realize nothing they stand for makes sense
keith stimpyys (5 days ago)
The manosphere You made that up hahaha I almost died 😂
theordinaire (5 days ago)
Who is the girl in the yellow jacket
Gender Viper (5 days ago)
Why aren't you 60.....................Ops.
Handsome Jack (5 days ago)
Dr. Phil: *Preparing firing solution* "Why is it okay for you to call her skinnymini? *Target locked, Firing* "You said it, own it!" *Target down, Status: Sent to Ranch!*
Mick Williams (5 days ago)
Its awesome to watch the retarded SJWs fail 100% to justify their reasons for protesting .In the old days of course they would all be in a Lunatic Asylum which is where all retarded people were taken and its a pity it doesn't still happen.The west is doomed unless we do something about the retards. Building more prisons and locking them all away would be a start .Better still send them to N Korea /Iran/Russia .They wouldnt last 5 minutes in any of those countries.
Dimitry Danchev (6 days ago)
YOU said it OWN it lol
Dalton Packer (6 days ago)
6:00 bernie sucks😂
ibetyoure VERY SALTY (6 days ago)
2:57* dude realizes hes autistic
Jonathan Moore (6 days ago)
Wet Peanutbutter (6 days ago)
5:55 "BERNIE SUX!!!"
Dave Dodge (6 days ago)
Freaks. Stay in moms cellar n play ur vid game ur all no match for Society
Nick Gabriel (6 days ago)
4:10 Ben rosted everyone
Rowan Hulst (6 days ago)
Whats an sjw
Mick Williams (5 days ago)
Social justice warriors Rowan Hulst
nick (6 days ago)
That was a ghoul at 2:13 ....an actual ghoul folks!!!!
Butt Bombs (6 days ago)
Duddette: pretty sure they all moved here legally tho Dude: so you’re saying just because... _Dumbass.exe has stopped working_
Skinny Bumble Bee (6 days ago)
Google it Lmao 🤣
Cleetus (7 days ago)
The only one I absolutely do not agree with is the one about gender and age. Gender is not something you choose, how hard is that to understand!
Robert W. (7 days ago)
Beautiful women, lol
Nikki Nicks (7 days ago)
I definitely don’t agree with leftists. And I’m a Ben Shapiro fan. However, Trump, off the bat, is a jerk, and the United States is NOT the best country not has the best system on this planet. Yes, most immigrants are illegal (and I said most because technically my family immigrated here from Mexico but hey we’re all legally citizens, as well as other families), but building a wall or assuming that all of these immigrants are terrorists toxic to the country or that separating these families and kicking them out after what they’ve been through already traveling across the border to follow the “American Dream” (which does not exist)... IS STUPID. Jesus Christ, I ran out of breath, virtually speaking
Raa16 (14 hours ago)
I don’t care what motive you have for breaking the law or whether you are with family or not. That provides you no pass
Nathan Green (7 days ago)
Trump is racist.
Zero (7 days ago)
What don't people understand about illegal immigrants? They are breaking the law and need punishment and why should taxpayers pay money to have millions of illegal immigrants locked in prisons when they aren't a US citizen? The country's financial situation would fall further than the wall street crash in seconds. Instead of paying billions of dollars to keep these people fed and have a roof over their head for a few years when you can send them back and you don't have to deal with them.
Zero (7 days ago)
Here is a quick fact for you. When rabbits reproduce the female rabbit gets fucked so hard it gets scared to the point it can't move and it just plays dead.
KingFahad 2003 (7 days ago)
I still believe Donald trumps an idiot
DKGameZ295 (7 days ago)
Feminism=we want more rights with less responsibilities
paul r (7 days ago)
Its based on.............
Max Wienrich (7 days ago)
2:00 World Type: Superflat
kyle white (7 days ago)
Damn, Dr. Phil just destroyed that big girl.
all these were good, but 3:56 was basically one of the best(and truest) things i've ever seen....
cloudyyo (7 days ago)
SJW's are looking for evils to fight everywhere they go. If they're so obsessed with constructing straw men, what does this say about what's going on in their minds. 8:49 The standard is subjective based on whether the girl likes the guy or not. If feminazis get their way, then it's goin to be a right to discriminate. I thought SJW's hate discrimination.
theStaja (7 days ago)
Just a Galaxy Ninja (7 days ago)
Daddy Ben is on here I see
Ajil SB (8 days ago)
2:49 she was too cool lol who is she?
Mantikor (8 days ago)
03:24 is my favorite 😂😂
Steve Smith (8 days ago)
Racism is not a problem but it can be the solution to all the problems. All the white countries should follow the example of Israel, walls all around and DNA checks so only the whites can be citizens. Without the evil whites oppressing you you will be able to prove your "equality" and achieve as much as they did and when you fail to do so, you will realize why racism exists.
Raa16 (14 hours ago)
What happens when they come at your society like in South Africa
9 year old Sergeant (8 days ago)
Dr Phil is god.
theredline (8 days ago)
Why are feminists always ugly
Pushpa raj (8 days ago)
Hey guys I proposed to a girl in my office and she told this to everyone office abt it, everyone looking at me weirdly, I feel embarrassed! Wt to do!? Please help me
Goji Productions (8 days ago)
Ben Shapiro WRECKS all...
Lord Zizumias (8 days ago)
Seeing that out of 3 million people who watched this, only about 3 thousand of them don't think these people are bigoted moronic idiots gives me faith that humanity has a chance.
Longbow Shooter (8 days ago)
I have a meme that's a twitter post that explains it all: "Teenager hate Trump because Twitter hates Trump, not because they know anything about his politics." If you listen to enough of these types of videos, and read enough of the comments on them, you can see that they've all been brainwashed into unconsciousness and inability to reason. It's amazing how a guy that was given awards by Jackson, Sharpton, and others for all the works he had done for the black community is now called a racist by the same ones. Were they lying about Trump NOT being a racist back then when they were praising him? The MSM can report 95% negative on Trump, while totally ignoring anything he does good. How these idiots can still believe everything the MSM tells them after the Covington kids, and the Smollett hoax shows how truly brain dead they are.
Ssertyy (8 days ago)
Trumps a dumb
Riley O'Reilly (8 days ago)
3:17 what gender is that creature being interviewed?
Riley O'Reilly (8 days ago)
2:20 two half-wit lesbiens late for class
renniez khan (8 days ago)
Its off the topic but I want to clear it there are many reasons to hate trump. I wish one of these anchors asks me why do you hate tRUMP.... cuz he is puppet and devil worshiper... cuz he is throwing out Muslims for no reason, generalizing things about Muslims. Cuz he is ensuring zionists agenda goes successful. Cuz he is supporting white supremacy. trump should read history. Muslims didn't kill red indians, Muslims didn't start WW1 and WW2. Muslims didn't kill millions innocent people based on false allegations. 9/11 where shitty puppet Bush, skull and bones member, Masturbator in coffin, killed his own people and blamed it on someone else. .....He declared israel's sovereignty over Golan heights and supported those devil worshipers, sorcerers List goes on.....
Raa16 (8 days ago)
+renniez khan Im interested to know, what kind of policy can be implemented to stop Muslim take over like whats happening in Sweden and Europe without generalizing Muslims?
renniez khan (8 days ago)
+Raa16 I wasn't talking about feminism. Trump's policies for Muslims are a bit racial and seems to be based on GENERALIZATIONS. Open your eyes if you are from USA. Most of your presidents had same motives against Muslims, not only that they were mostly devil worshipers and protectors of evil israhell .We never generalize, we respect you guys. Common people of states might be humble but the politicians are evil beyond limits. I have studied more than you can think of, about Skull and bones, Knights of the temple, Bohemian grove etc WAKE UP and stand against the evil as a single unit. Dont support these devil worshipers
Raa16 (8 days ago)
Nothing personal to you muslims. In fact, I think there is a lot to be learned by you, however Trumps not wrong for treating a foreign patriarchy as a foreign patriarchy. I wouldn't blame you if the tables were reversed and the Muslim world was being feminized and Westerners were expanding into your countries and you took up similar policies.
cookieclicker 1234576 (8 days ago)
Ben Shapiro is the best
ImFunny (8 days ago)
Ben Shapiro just absolutely destroying the feminazis over here
master ugly (8 days ago)
I don't like trump because he's to sexy
Tristan Callahan (8 days ago)
She runs
Tristan Callahan (8 days ago)
Feminist women meets feminist man who believes actuly in equality
Stupid2669 (8 days ago)
Oh man. So much bad and stupid white noise. All the “orange and white man bad” shit is pretty NPC.
Christopher B. (8 days ago)
Retards , get an education. Know what your talking about before you join the conversation. Mgtow.
ZaePlayZ (8 days ago)
2:00 Trapezoid jawline faced ass
N sane (8 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxThRcJl_AQ ;; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2zQAnIpdvs
ICYX1 (8 days ago)
Donald Trump’s wife is from Slovenia at least check your facts 2:35
Real Talk (8 days ago)
Feminists are such entitled , self - centered , self - absorbed , sexist bullshits that no one should ever care about or just simply ignore Explanation ( FACTS ) : it took many lost lives of men just for these Feminists to have a happy and luxurious life and here they come spitting , mocking and disowning these men that all should respect
The Great Spaghetti (8 days ago)
Person1: “talks bullshit” Person2 :”Argue with facts” Person1: “Ummmmmm...fuck you, I don’t want to talk to you anymore, u little shit. Don’t talk shit to me u racist-rapist white shitty man”
darren p (9 days ago)
The kid with pony tail at the Bernie Rally , classic moron. He’s just there to pick up easy lazy liberal sluts, dime a dozen
R - Series (9 days ago)
Ok...so your saying.....that......*damn it*
ITheGaming Pro (9 days ago)
Ben Shapiro is my dad
Since i’m from finland i’ll just leave, Ok? 3:44
Brother Jules Lewis (9 days ago)
90% of white ppl are Evil/Racists/Satan worshipers, so basically Christians.
BaconSausage1243 (9 days ago)
What are feminists going to do next? Claim they are illegal immigrants?
Alexis Andrysek (9 days ago)
Like honestly if ur going to fight for something than at least know what ur talking about. Like I agree with some of the peoples opinions but they represent themselves so poorly.
Donald trump lied about the "big great wall" tbh
+MGTOW Truth he made a promise which he cant fullfill as a president and everyone just seems to forget about that...
MGTOW Truth (9 days ago)
I wouldn’t say he lied about it, he just underestimated how difficult it would be to build the damn thing
Jeremiah Carlos (9 days ago)
Why do these people exist
Himura Kenshin (9 days ago)
Don’t need the government to help me protect anything of mine, and if that is an argument for government it’s a poor argument
the_real_COOLY M (9 days ago)
I said hi to a feminist. My trial is in a week wish me luck.
Gotti Tas (9 days ago)
Trump's wife is from Slovenia, former Yugoslavia contry..Ignorant bitch ass pussy
CrimsonNerd (9 days ago)
7:29 *WHAT CURVES?!*
Thor (9 days ago)
These people are all brainwashed by Google a n the media trump saying any of these things
Drippy of Tip (10 days ago)
the hermit (10 days ago)
Ben is a beast no bullshit
the hermit (10 days ago)
Stut up you dumb bitches
Kaden Barnard (10 days ago)
I like these videos but Ben Shapiro is often looked at as smart but he is pretty dumb
Sanrio Is amazing (10 days ago)
I honestly support trans people but I do agree with most of this
NintendoFanBoy07 (10 days ago)
It's so hard for liberals and modern feminists to accept logic.
Anomander Rake (10 days ago)
what happened to Owen Shroyer?
Because Sports (10 days ago)
Ben Shapiro is my hero
Doug Collins (10 days ago)
You have to be a moron to not be able to see that black people are more aggressive then other races, "Not all but most" -Jesse Lee Peterson It stems from ignorance, reacting with feelings before thinking, And usually when they try to start a conversation it's motivated by racial hatred Victim mentality is poison, They won't begin to fix there problems until they accept accountability
bagaboo (10 days ago)
2:02 he is the best he is from savag facts and he destroys feminist all the time
theordinaire (5 days ago)
No he's from infowars his name is owen schoyer
Sakiirin (10 days ago)
I should be able to make fun and beat up women. Cause I do that to men too. EQUALITY
thor odinson (10 days ago)
It's funny how simple questions and simple statements stump them. It's like oh man I think the light bulb is about to click on.....ohh wait they were just buffering.
dav rogrz (10 days ago)
@3min,,, (Woman) "I'm pretty sure all those people came here legally" (Man) "Ok, so you're saying just because,,,," Legend has it, this man's still thinking of a way to finish this response without shooting himself in the foot.
Jim Sirette (10 days ago)
It's based on, it's based on, it's based on.....my not well thought out platform that i borrowed from some other brainwashed idiot, who never thought it through either....uhhhh...duhh I am woman, hear me roar.... lmfao.
MyWorld (10 days ago)
The awkward person @ 1:58 reminds me of Garth from Wayne's World.
Adhd Billionaire (10 days ago)
Yes I’ve been wondering why a lot of Americans hate trump so the answer is just because
Steve Smith (10 days ago)
Just more proof that liberalism is a disease 😆
Jeffrey Iten (10 days ago)
My english is not realy good but that is awsome 😂🤣😂
Mishka The Cat (10 days ago)
I always wondered about the limits of human stupidity and now I know.
D Perrier (11 days ago)
Love Gavin! He destroyed that feminist that whole discussion. There are so many more clips from that debate. So good.
Fenrir 007 (11 days ago)
"Facts doesn't care about your feelings" - Ben Shapiro
Im Clueless (11 days ago)
how sjw's argue... - spew bullshit, spew bullshit... - get asked a question for any factual evidence - i dont want to talk to you anymore. Your racist, bigoted and misogynistic.
_Cancxr_ (11 days ago)
What even is logic when u can just scream or walk away from people asking you honest questions that you can’t answer? 😂
Love to the world (11 days ago)
SJW: HELLA STUPID "Normal guy/ girl": low key think with out Latinos and blacks the US would be better. As a Latino I gotta say, fuck my life sucks. Show me some luv by dropping a like
Unflushablepiss (11 days ago)
3:05 the kid with the pony tail (aka bugger grip so his boyfriend can hold on to something) is so crazy calling him mindless would imply he has a mind...

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