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Friday Livestream

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I’m Parteehard the Trucker. I have been driving trucks for 2 years working the same trucking job living my dream I trained my fiancé and we team drive on my channel we will show you our day to day in the trucking industry and we go home sometime and show you how truckers do off the road I hope you enjoy the trucking vlog and follow and comment any trucking question we try to respond to your trucking question so please be patient https://www.paypal.me/ParteehardNKeeDeeWee
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Brandon Franklin (1 month ago)
Tito and Bobby!!! LMBO
jet T (1 month ago)
Do your thang at rst don't listen to the others
Bruh Man (1 month ago)
Dude you aren’t paying just a $350 flat fee. You are paying that plus 20% of the load which basically you earning 76% of the load. 20% going for using Prime trailer and back office but still going Gross after their fees. You should be getting $3k a week grousing g $6k after fuel and $350 fee
DHubb DaTrucker (1 month ago)
Great Video PH....KDW always come thru bruh nice gift n keep shaking the block dwn. Happy Father's Day to yu my brother. I'll catch yu on the highway one day bruh.
Kevin Hambrick (1 month ago)
You look like the drummer from Brass Construction

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