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Nelly Alleged Rape Case Evidence Released | TMZ Live

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Text Comments (2427)
Debra Yancey (3 days ago)
And guys don't set yourself up,wise the hell up.Dont start nothing won't be nothing.
Edward Brown (4 days ago)
That bitch is a lie and need her ass kick
garial marsh (5 days ago)
Dam SHE DEVILS ...lesson here always have recordings behind closed doors... wherever you can. Don't let them pull a Mike Tyson or Tupac rape charge on you and your freedom and life in the balance.
clayton white (6 days ago)
Chick want money you get rape you should be hoping he get lock up not you get paid in that case all the rapest should not be lock up because they done got paid by the rapest.
Leo Silva (6 days ago)
these 2 are funny
Poverty Based ENT (6 days ago)
Das why u gotta film these hoes. 🤳
Antoine Williams (7 days ago)
This guy is the White version of Charlamane the God!
REAL 4life (7 days ago)
Just crazy how everyone say they got rape some time I feel like is about the money I don't know what to believe
Chris Haughton (8 days ago)
Bull shit the ho was on bus for over hour
NZSUBZ3RO 007 (8 days ago)
Nelly raping a lady??? naaa. Can't see it in him.
Slang X (9 days ago)
I was on that bus.....R Kelly did it
Joe Dumars (9 days ago)
Tired of living in a society trained to hate men.
Cashawnn Allred (9 days ago)
Notice all black celebrities are under attack?
K E (9 days ago)
naw she was just mad cause he didn't want to cuddle after
W. (11 days ago)
TMZ is a tool for white supremacy to destroy black people.
Silas AZie (11 days ago)
Man it’s so easy for a women to yell rape now n days and the accused get crucified automatically these celebrities need to be careful as well as all men out there taking women back home from the clubs and shit
Star Irvin (11 days ago)
This dont make sense u didnt know what u were getting into bf u went on his tour bus tf its 2am in the morning nothing good would come out of it especially if she wanted money
george otieno (11 days ago)
I try to Record the conversation just before consensual sex to be on the safe side
Jarrod Payne (12 days ago)
She got off the bus as the uber pulled up if she got raped i doubt she would sit there calmly waiting on an uber.
Timprime DiBiase (12 days ago)
Theses are set up rapes , they put theses charges on all Black stars
Nick Cammarata (12 days ago)
Nelly is a rapist! He knows it! I'm not saying maybe in this case but in the other cases against him going on now.
Roshanda Walton (12 days ago)
Does anyone ever question why all of a sudden theres a pour down on men being accused of sexual assaults, abuse, and rape. WOW....
Frank Costello (12 days ago)
Did u notice that she was on the bus up until that uber got there?
Shaina Short (13 days ago)
Women need to take some responsibility! Regret DOES NOT equal rape!! No call back DOES NOT equal rape!
Cyris Jones (13 days ago)
Get a better job
GThang187 (14 days ago)
Fuck tmz
Low Enzo (14 days ago)
Point blank.. As an artist. Or entertainmener.. And as a male. Make ever single female around you.. Sign something. Or leave
Keish Williams (14 days ago)
men should call the police right after having sex and claim rape lets see how that goes
Mr. Frost (14 days ago)
I'm sick of these women blaming all these famous men out here for a rape charge just like bill Cosby an my boy mystikal he's just getting out of jail servings 18 months in jail over the same bullshit SMH an probably wasn't true this how women do when they mad about certain shit
Deb Burton (16 days ago)
he just picked that niggar apart for being bias and racist. this is a gong show
neger lander (16 days ago)
Lamont Williams (17 days ago)
Damn it’s hard being a celebrity
Jenny Arrington (17 days ago)
Nelly ain't got to rape no one I'm right here baby!!
RobB072772 (18 days ago)
So Nelly was (careful) not to nut? I imagine to NOT be taken for the 18 year paycheck. But come on dude. Are you THAT STUPID??? Broad could have an STD.
Wayne Tu (18 days ago)
First of all the girls so dumped
ken lopaz (18 days ago)
She a money hungry D*ck eater
Tapatio Armani (18 days ago)
Another fckin hoe trying to get money out of artists!!!
Sling Shot (18 days ago)
That's what happens when you fuck your fans.
christina alonzo (18 days ago)
Nigel Robinson (19 days ago)
She gives him the pussy then take revenge what a Bitch!. Some woman are just Evil bro!! Care which woodrat you Sleep with.
Maurice Battle (19 days ago)
They going to make so bad that we can't trust female no more.
kennedy wainaina (19 days ago)
Mo is innocent ..if u wanna go take a ride wid me @2am in ma bus ..must be tha money....
Don julion (20 days ago)
When you rich and famous, you have to only vibe with day 1's
Orlando Evans (20 days ago)
Now I see why R.kelly record everything lol
Terrance Porter (21 days ago)
Moral to these stories and accusations, leave these thots alone
Jt T (21 days ago)
Get the fuck out of here lol.... we all rape now please.
Terry Crews (22 days ago)
This hoe is full of shit!!!!....I am 100% SURE that Nelly did not rape this hoe....
Clarence Lotts (23 days ago)
Told y'all they going after black celebrities first all of them wake up
Drizzy Glizz (23 days ago)
Ughhh 😑I hate females like this especially if your a feminist ugh stay away from me yoo this is really terrible
Charles Cole (23 days ago)
Bitch get a job and stop lying
William Johnson (24 days ago)
These hoes be mad because they get fucked and they get dropped. He didn't want her crazy ass and she mad. Shit sad out here with these thirsty money hungry bitches
mumbus 27 (25 days ago)
Social media is toxic
Isaac Otshudi (25 days ago)
What's wrong with society and celebrities rape allegations became like an epidemic atleast if your lieying to get money atleast find other topics,and iknow for the fact that that girl she was not rapped, because if she was just right at the hotel she couldve called the cops or scream to alert the people at the hotel, but why did she also decided to come along in the car with nelly, coz most girls wouldn't even go back with their rappist,they would go somewhere and and talk the cops on the phone right away, so that means her intention was to get in the bus, she couldn't because Nelly had another chick waiting in the bus 😂😂😂
Samuel Jurah (26 days ago)
Some body's lying... Rape victims always think the man is guilty, just because they've been raped before. But I'll have you know that, though it is possible he raped her, it is also possible that she targeted Nelly for a false conspiracy case, to try getting money out of him... Running a scam, no different than someone deliberately slipping and falling at a Walmart, then trying to sue for profit $$$ 🤦🏽‍♂️
marcus love (26 days ago)
Y give these hos ur time
vieuxfort45 (27 days ago)
Lying ass hoes trying to make a quick buck
Ur Ace Sanks (1 month ago)
Peterson Remolien (1 month ago)
Black men's rape case. What about wicked ass priest who's fucking them little boy's, go look for them fuckers. Black men's this or that,..
Sheluv Harvey (1 month ago)
If you are the type of woman that hook up with a man at his concert or should I say artist and go back to his bus at 2:30 a.m., what in the fuck do you think is going to happen? This is my problem with whorish ass women in men that are artists and non artist picking up strays just because they look a certain type of way with a fat ass and take them back to their place or their bus have consensual sex and when he or she don't get what they want or like the outcome then it's about HE RAPED ME! People we all need to do better and when you stand a lot to lose why would you put yourself in a position for someone to claim that you write them? SMH, we are in 2019 is still doing the same old high-school bullshit!
Fra4554wwf Medina (1 month ago)
Latinos with trump
Sad Panda (1 month ago)
She's a hoe and she just wants money thats it. Why would you go back to his bus if not for sex? Did she think they wanted to just talk and get to know her because she is soo interesting?
Humphrey Zimmerman (1 month ago)
She laying
Yung Easy (1 month ago)
Tmz putting out b.s. like always. Someone that goes with you from the club more than likely is going with you to have sex. There were other people on the bus so nelly is fine.
Jeanette Starling (1 month ago)
These industry dudes gon' learn to leave them club thots in tha club..
Antonio Montano (1 month ago)
It was only just a dream...
Andy Zeno (1 month ago)
This is the radical women of the me to movement who don't represent the movement but use it as a platform to convict innocent men
Raythaniel G. (1 month ago)
Where was Shantel?
Johnna Campbell (1 month ago)
But yet she didn't go for a rape kit at the hospital !
Jocelyn Acosta (1 month ago)
This bitch is lying .. dam
lala no (1 month ago)
Sorry i think they had sex. She exspected money felt plaid on him giving her 100 not taking her on tour if she truly was let justice prevails but groupies know what they doing at 2:30 on a tour bus that leaves to another city or state. Girl bye
April Green (1 month ago)
Why would Nelly rap anybody if she went back to the bus she wanted that D🤣😃😄 he can get any girl he wants she just want money girl bye
Asmin Bellinger (1 month ago)
Lies lies lies smh once she didn’t get what she wanted from a famous person bomb story time.
Sharon Wright (1 month ago)
I believe her story
rio angel (1 month ago)
She's a fucking liar! 😂
Kayla C (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but Nelly ain't rape that girl..she wanted to chill with Nelly. She had a man .man found out she was chilling with Nelly. He told her to go ahead n say he raped her or he whooping her ass.
Jeramia Basilio (1 month ago)
She's full of shit that's why she didn't testify. She's crazy. She just want to get from Nelly.
Youtube enitentiary (1 month ago)
They can't STAND Harvey n I see y. He does this alot. He's corny AF. He gotta go. He fucks the vibe up
Lioness Usheka (1 month ago)
She didn't get the money she thought she would get so she cried rape
paulettie mwami (1 month ago)
Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl stop please.It's all about the money.......she lying please they just had sex it was mutual and she was mad.
Shontel Garner (1 month ago)
Girl please! Same with R Kelly these females need to quit it.. I dont believe non of it. Gtfooh
Ming Jaejoong (1 month ago)
Nelly😍fine . there's no need for rape.i didn't buy it.
Aalpha Splatt (1 month ago)
Whyyyyyyyy is it necessary to rape?????? 😫 Whyyyyyy is it necessary to lie about rape????? This is too much! He's in a whole relationship, so he cheated!
DANIELLE DIXON (1 month ago)
I hope nelly does sue that nasty whore,
Jim Beam (1 month ago)
What did she say her reason was for leaving the club with a bunch of strangers at 2:30am. Im really curious about her rationale.
Lets Talk Now Tv (1 month ago)
Who gives $100 for an Uber ride, they don’t take cash
Hiland 1975 (1 month ago)
This should be a valuable lesson or maybe not to these men that have sex with random women and the scream rape. I don’t feel sorry keep your dick in your pants and this won’t happen. You have a woman sir.
Brenda Hicks (1 month ago)
Nelly didn't shit either I can't take no more
Brenda Hicks (1 month ago)
Stop this shit
Home stead (1 month ago)
Elliot Ness (1 month ago)
fatt boy fatt (1 month ago)
All gays hosting news and television...fuk TMZ
greypimps chass (1 month ago)
She a thot.. she know damn well she getting fucced.. just trying to get paid here when she found out she ain't special and was just another groupie..
The End Begins (1 month ago)
I hope belly is suing. I hope Chris Brown sues.
Victoria Wilson (1 month ago)
Fake ass thirsty hoe wanting attention her 15 min of fame I support nelly I'm his biggest fan from his home town the lou love u nelly
stacey melsam (1 month ago)
She raped him
orlanduce (1 month ago)
RoShawn Cooper (2 months ago)
Damn they trying to get nelly now
Angela Bright (3 months ago)
Nah nelly wouldn’t need to rape 💯
N M (3 months ago)
does Nelly ever age
Kong David (3 months ago)
Dave Chappelle skit comes to mind:)

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