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2017 7th World Kung Fu Championship - Sun Style Tai Chi Bronze Medal - Rick Jones

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Attend our Martial Arts Center: www.uswushu.com The U. S. Wushu Center (Chinese Martial Arts) is located in NW Portland’s Pearl District at 1425 NW 16th Avenue, where we have been operating for over 25 years, bringing you the very best in martial arts training. We offer in-depth, professional training in Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qigong). The U.S. Wushu Center, Inc. was originally founded in Portland by Master Shàowén Yu in 1992. Master Shàowén's goal was to create a school of genuine quality where Masters could share the benefits of Chinese Martial Arts. He was joined later by Master Gāo, Jiāmîn, a 32 gold medalist in international competition. As one might expect from people who have dedicated their lives to acquiring mastery in the Chinese Martial Arts, we believe it's important to make a long-term commitment to the practice of Wushu and/or Tai Chi in order to receive the rewards of better physical, mental and spiritual health.
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