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PSY - Gangnam Style (Acoustic Cover by ShaunY)

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heyyy, its my birthday today so i thought of making a fun cover. This song is most probably in everyone's head ..haha. I actually do not know what i am singing and i am sure most of my pronunciations are wrong..hahaha. Anyways, hope u like my rendition ...had so much fun =D
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Text Comments (45)
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
its a samson c01u =)
Quency Caroline (6 years ago)
What kind of mic you use?
Quency Caroline (6 years ago)
yamato yami (6 years ago)
great \o/
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
haha thnx =) saw ur vids too , awesome piano skills !!
Ann Tan (6 years ago)
you are really awesome!!!!!!!! frm malaysia dude ! same country!
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
thnx =)
Estee Chew (6 years ago)
happy birthday ya kor kor ... so i am late wishing you .. i love ur song hope u.make more song again ... and wish you ... happy always .. make more sing more ...
Yidash (6 years ago)
oooo happy belated birthday, nicely done!
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
lol..it passed close to a month ago..=).thnx anyway haha
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
thanx =)
fairy5374 (6 years ago)
i luv ur version....^^
Mrluckyjo (6 years ago)
it's not bad actually.. above what i expected when i first saw the first few seconds of the clip lol.
mayyie94 (6 years ago)
LilacSneakers (6 years ago)
how much tho ? am going this friday c: thanks btw
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
got it from a music store at low yat haha
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
never get used to looking at the camera and sing yet haha >.< and glad u liked it =D
knicker bocker (6 years ago)
haha you're such demure guy! must say you pr onounce korean really well.love the cover :D!
Cindy Chow (6 years ago)
frickin awesome. Wth man ö
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
haha..glad u like it =)..thanks alot =D
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
thanks =)
LilacSneakers (6 years ago)
hey can i ask where you bought your mic from ?c:
26mh (6 years ago)
Hahha i enjoyed this one! Good job man!
Ardiv Jauhari (6 years ago)
love your voice bro!
Tan Han Yun (6 years ago)
some chords are wrong. good voice tho. keep it up
James Affan (6 years ago)
Thats A Compliment!! LOL >.< Nice Voice... Good Luck Ya!
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
thnx =)
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
James Affan (6 years ago)
So CUte Haha >.<
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
hi =) its a samson co1u
wendytanmusic (6 years ago)
Hey! what mic are you using? :)
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
thnx haha =)
Azalea Kamellia (6 years ago)
Totally cool!!!
Yvonne Heart (6 years ago)
not everyone likes gangnam.. I hate it.. pftt
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
lol....that sounded alittle scary..haha...hope they like it
WendyVictoria (6 years ago)
Proudly showing my friends what you did to their favourite song here! ;)
Sumina Khamarlorn (6 years ago)
Even though your pronunciation was a little off,you still did a great job!
Yuliani Chen (6 years ago)
Suppor~ Support~ Hey shauny , So great You're~~ Clap clap clap Btw, Happy Happy Birthday~ Happy always~ GOD BLESS You~
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
haha...thanks alot =).. i need to learn korean from u ..xD
xobubbletea (6 years ago)
OMMMMG I love hearing your voice! its so smooth and charismatic! Yeah your pronunciation isnt perfect but its pretty good for a first timer :D And its your brithday?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥
ShaunY Music (6 years ago)
lol.....pronunciation is definitely off...haha..was reading of the lyrics
Evelyn Tan (6 years ago)
LOLYour pronounciation was funny..But I really like your rendition. A bit nasally at some "gangnam style" parts but still lovely. :) Keep up the good work
MizzMay98 (6 years ago)
happy birthday :D
Tamaki Ling (6 years ago)
u quite suitable to perform fast song :D
Tamaki Ling (6 years ago)
wow!!! wahahahahaha giv u a big hand XD

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