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Are Men Superior to Women? // Ask Pastor John

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EPISODE 989 // JANUARY 13, 2017 // desiringgod.org/interviews/are-men-superior-to-women For more Ask Pastor John episodes, visit desiringgod.org/ask-pastor-john
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mt8149 (5 months ago)
No, men are superior in every way. God made man first and then woman from man. That's the way it is and that's how God made things. Forget political correctness and a feel-good message. This is how God wanted it to be as a symbol and you can't double-talk it into something else. I'm sure many people will counter this with a small handful of exceptions but that does not change the rule.
wiznup (2 months ago)
mt8149 now that is super funny!!!
Pharaoh Assasin (2 months ago)
mt8149 I doubt that with your stupid ass
mt8149 (2 months ago)
@Pharaoh Assasin I've done very well. Thank you.
Pharaoh Assasin (2 months ago)
mt8149 I can shame you all I want, you keep believing your so called facts and let’s see where that gets you in life
mt8149 (2 months ago)
@Pharaoh Assasin You can't shame me. I didn't make things the way they are. Truth is truth.
KEllisTalks (1 year ago)
John Piper has a good way of speaking
I love my/the function God has given me as a woman. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I don't desire for my function to become a burden because of the sinful vast majority.
shan rite, you sound mentally ill.
DayStar 36 (3 months ago)
You sound like you're the one who has the problem lady! I don't know what your problem is with this scripture. But you obviously have something wrong with you. You seem to have some problem(s) about men you need to deal with. By not submitting to spiritual authority, you're in rebellion against God & His authority
That's not true shan rite, God never said it is okay to be verbally, emotionally or physically damaging and abusive to women, because men have been given their function over women. That is false, and a lie from hell. You obviously don't listen to Pastor Piper, nor read the Bible. He preaches the very opposite of that... You are saying that I have to like abuse in order to not be a Jezebel- and you sadly think that's Godly... That is completely absurd.
I'm sad Pastor Piper, you didn't answer the question... What is the point of comparison in those scriptures then? Why must we do guess-work? Why is this made so difficult? Shouldn't it be clear?... 😢
Mugen El (2 years ago)
Men are as superior to women as adults are superior to children. It's that simple. It doesn't make women any less human anymore than a child would be considered less human.
mt8149 (5 months ago)
@banana_chu Do you have an argument or are you just going to throw insults and run away?
banana_chu (5 months ago)
You are mental
rms 5194 (2 years ago)
Just a question but...If you read Ephesians 5:22 thru 30 and reverse the genders and others, it doesn't present a portrait of equality...for the wife is head of the husband, even as the Church is the head of Christ: and she is the savior of the body. Therefore as Christ is subject to the church, so let the husband be to their own wives in everything. Wives, love your husbands even as the Church also loved Christ and gave herself for him. That she might sanctify and cleanse Christ... Equal how??? Just for thought.
T Griffith (2 years ago)
On a side note the "submit" word has be twisted by society to make it seem lowly and not a worthy think to dedicate yourself to but Men are commanded to submit to Christ as Christ is submissive to the Father. Just keep your spirits up God loves are souls equally. Men and woman are just called to do their roles while we are in this temporal world.
T Griffith (2 years ago)
rms 5194 Equal in value, but not in role. God has made men to lead to be the decision makers. This does not give the husband the right to be a dictator per say but lead with the wisdom of God. The true sign of a man doing it the right way is the wife wants to follow her husband. If she doesn''t then there maybe be something disordered.
John Cirqueira (2 years ago)
Can anyone help me with english. I need improve my english. Let's talk about bible, Jesus and God. Thanks. God bless you.
John Cirqueira (2 years ago)
Firtly respect above all things.
John Cirqueira (2 years ago)
Firtly respect above all things.
Summer of Kitty Love (2 years ago)
weird--I've never questioned or doubted if I'm inferior to men!! hahahaha
Mat and Est (2 years ago)
I think how he relates it to the example of God and the Church is massively important and I see this overlooked very often in much preaching today. Good discussion points! THANKS :) love from England. bless you all.
Tyler Weidler (2 years ago)
This question gets asked all the time and it is wonderful to have such an articulate and Godly man giving answer
Adriana Gumienny (2 years ago)
I mean that a woman can be born again and be saved but Satan can mess her up. We all struggle with various things. But it is vital to take whatever problem we have to Jesus Christ to be delivered from it by his power. Ofcourse if the woman is totally deluded by Satan and will always go back to it and argue with her future husband to be...men☝ run as fast as you can from that woman. You can't have her rule over you...It is a curse to have that in your home, as the bible sais.
Adriana Gumienny (2 years ago)
There is no equal rights in heaven😁😁😁. Is true. Equal rights is from Satan. It was started by a crypto jewish satanic woman. It's aim is to take the mother out of the house, tax 100% of the population as to 50% before. It is to make fun of the man, his natural feeling if caring for his family. Is to get the females mixing with the males at work = not good = divorces...seductions...affairs...list goes on.
Adriana Gumienny (2 years ago)
Please check out Chris LaSala's video on the Jezebel spirit. The Jezebel spirit houses in 99.9 % of, even, christian woman. If you are truly born again you will not have a problem with the submission to your husband. How else will you submit to God if you can't to your husband. Don't you know that this is a sign to the angels in heaven too? They submit to God and most importantly, Jesus Christ submitted to the Father. It is mainly Satan that messes with the female's minds and the result is anger and rebellion against God's law.
SourGrapes (2 years ago)
obviously superier
Chris Roberts (2 years ago)
another good example is the Godhead. The Father, Son, and Spirit co eternal coequal divine God, same essence existing as 3 separate Persons, yet the Son being equal to the Father, submits to Him, and the Spirit, submitting to the Father exalting the Son. if God displays submission in His own Deity, surely we should expect no less than to submit as well
Arctic Warrior (2 months ago)
It's a hot topic comparing things to the Godhead. I do not see where you're coming from sorry.
Baptist Trooper (2 years ago)
Yes obviously
mt8149 (5 months ago)
@banana_chu Behold, the Christian woman.
shan r (2 years ago)
We are equal but not identical, and that's OK. That's the biggest issue with the world, trying to make us all the same while focusing on the absolute worst characteristics. We each have our own unique role, and women only seem to start feeling inferior or envious when they want to be like men. That is the Jezebel spirit.
shan r (2 years ago)
@Chailee e​​ Sweetie, you are not going to convince me to reject the Bible. Our roles and purposes are clearly different, and if that's God's will, as is stated in the Bible, that is good enough for me. I don't need your modern, human perspective. And you do aspire to be a man. That's why you seek to alter your role and position.
Sweetheart, please stop insinuating that I want to be a man. I'm trying to help you see a different paradigm, that *doesn't* add up to wanting to run things as a man- like I already said initially. There is not only one way (your way), to see things. I'm speaking of emotional and verbal abuse that is perpetuated in society, regularly, as acceptable. It comes from too many directions in life, including media and entertainment.
shan r (2 years ago)
@Chailee e I think it only seems that way when a woman desires a man's position and role. We are enough just as we are, and that doesn't make us inferior, regardless of what this world says. The world doesn't appreciate or respect women. The world diminishes our position and role, but the world does not define me. I know who I am in Christ, so I have no shame in being a woman and have absolutely no desire to be a man. We cannot lean on our own understanding or this world's understanding. Never ever is it acceptable for a man to abuse his wife. He is supposed to love her as Christ loves the church.
shan rite, it's not about wanting to be, like a man, it's about a social construct that has, (as long as- the beginning), and continues to make women inferior in so many debilitating ways, and men superior. God has given men a function that's different than women, that's fine- God's order- but this is a fallen world and this point has been abused, royally, time and time again to the point of socially acceptable abuse...

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