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I Love Magic (Day 592 - 7/9/11)

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The Magic 2012 prerelease followed by Super 8 with Seth (who has been in Africa for the past month). Fun times! :D ==OTHER AWESOME STUFF== LET'S PLAYS http://youtube.com/stephenplays ASK QUESTIONS http://www.formspring.me/xfisjmg1 FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/georg.stephen TWITTER http://twitter.com/xfisjmg1 WIKI http://stephengeorg.wikia.com
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Text Comments (52)
Sybato (9 months ago)
It only took me one draft to become a limited player (since no one plays Standard), and it only took me three limited matches to realize I only like drafts
Sybato (9 months ago)
You got a woof but not a draff in the draft?
Sybato (9 months ago)
Sacred woof
The Pyro Jawsome (1 year ago)
Day movie of the Second Journey™: I forget, was Super 8 that one movie with the orb alien thingy or was that something else?.... TO TV TROPES! Later: I guess it is...?
C T (2 years ago)
first william appearance?
yeah (1 year ago)
C T Ja
How did Seth get those swords threw customs
Justin Martin (2 years ago)
Holy shit, im in the background of this video when you are at the Magic release. I always wondered if we crossed paths back then, as I was playing Magic up at Apocalypse Comics.
britipinojeff (5 years ago)
did he say sacred woof?
HipsterSenpai (5 years ago)
I keep thinking that every time he says 'Draft' he is really saying Giraffe as he says them really simliar...curse you Stephen!
rock100010000 (5 years ago)
I loved Super 8. It was a great movie. 
Peepswhatup (5 years ago)
It's not wuff.
thenoname64 (5 years ago)
Oh the Death Fish. :D
RuinedSilver (6 years ago)
wow. I ramble.
RuinedSilver (6 years ago)
I have, as of now, played magic for the first time in about a year, cause the shop nearby closed,so in the first time in a year ( playing magic) I played the 2013 Duels of the Planeswalkers demo, and i was very challenged, sadly. very challenged. ( EVERYONE beat me) I NEED SOMEONE TO PLAY! my skills are so rusty, i'm suprised i know how to cast lands anymore. T-T
Ivy Crank (7 years ago)
Super 8 was a good movie. They actually used real uniforms from the Sheriff's office, except they used the 6 pointed stars instead of the 5 for legal reasons. Fun fact are fun
StephenVlog (7 years ago)
@soloriding4 Nope, just Magic.
soloriding4 (7 years ago)
do you play yugioh
StephenVlog (8 years ago)
@wallycube Yep! I don't think I've seen a movie in the last 5 years that I didn't wait all the way till the very end.
198link (8 years ago)
@stephenvlog well we opened up the packs, there was a skin shifter.... and not much else. kind of mad about it.
StephenPlays (8 years ago)
@sayatheblakat The Sphinx of Uthuun.
StephenPlays (8 years ago)
@astralman Never been interested since I've only played while the cards were legal, but now that more and more of my cards are rotating out, I may look into it.
RCN 927 (8 years ago)
blueflare (8 years ago)
@stephenvlog i always sort of imagined it as a big monster that was just walking in the water and also invisible! a fish is an interesting take on it, though, haha
sayatheblakat (8 years ago)
What was the ridiculous card??
PhyrexianMetal (8 years ago)
@PhyrexianMetal No offense.
PhyrexianMetal (8 years ago)
I have the same playmat as Mallory. I wish they would have reprinted Knight Exemplar, and i was kind of suprised they didn't since they're so obviously pushing White Weenie. The set overall was a huge let down. the only rarity that impressed me were the Uncommons. Those were Broken as hell. Well, not broken, but damned good! The only problem i have with Limited is the cost. $15 a week sucks! I like Pauper Standard and stuff like that. I think they show more skill level than just buying cards :-/
StephenVlog (8 years ago)
@TheEyegarian I'm not sure you completely understand. It was a death fish. A death fish.
StephenVlog (8 years ago)
@198link Niiiiiice. Congrats!
StephenVlog (8 years ago)
@itszachV Your prerelease was at some kind of dojo?
StephenVlog (8 years ago)
@bomberman830 Yes. Absolutely. The three of us were crying laughing at that part!
StephenVlog (8 years ago)
@PuppyLuver256 Yep! We're technically accepting anything from the three major games (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon and Magic). The channel will primarily be Magic, but sneaking in other types of packs won't hurt anybody.
StephenVlog (8 years ago)
@Prodigiousguy8 Nope, Columbia, SC. Sorry!
StephenVlog (8 years ago)
@bleachfanboy123 No guarantees I'll play it, but I'll certainly check it out and look into it.
StephenVlog (8 years ago)
@BHLani Before you know it you'll be falling in love with FPS games ;D
StephenVlog (8 years ago)
@billyjay The big one was about $80, and the smaller one was $15. Pretty great deals for something authentic!
William Hessian (8 years ago)
i also love limited. constructed just isnt as fun, and too expensive imo. those were some really amazing swords/knives. how much did they cost to purchase American? I'm not planning on buying one, but just curios
BHLani (8 years ago)
I loved Super 8! It was great. I thought it was pretty memorable. Also, I've been playing through Portal 2 Coop with my fiance. Kind of interesting, considering I've never played a First Person game before. I'm more of a RPG person. It's tons of fun, though.
Prodigiousguy8 (8 years ago)
Are you moving to Columbia, Tennessee? I live close, if you are!
runeairsoft (8 years ago)
@Travis7060312 Me too lol Random note I pulled a jace!
198link (8 years ago)
i also did the prerealse today and opened a giddian's advenger, a archon of justice, and a jace, memory adept all in one sealed pool. i took first place with a .0667 percent win rate over second place. =D i won ten packs and me and my friend are doing a 5 pack sealed deck tomorrow.
198link (8 years ago)
was gunna watch the vlog's in order but then i saw the title of this one, and ya... here i am.
Travis7060312 (8 years ago)
im glad youre starting to play magic again. Actually how I found the blog was by searching magic videos.. been watching for 9 months now.... thats long enough to have had your child!
Nocat88 (8 years ago)
Pie Sword, Cane Sword, and Sword Sword...Sword.
bomberman830 (8 years ago)
Best line of Super 8: "Drugs are soooo bad"
PuppyLuver256 (8 years ago)
I forgot if you said this when you first mentioned DailyPack, but would you be okay with Pokemon cards? Because I was thinking of buying a pack or two of Pokemon cards and if I do and end up buying more than one, I will more than likely send you a pack. :)
quarterpinte (8 years ago)
At the prerelease I went today I pulled a grave titan....and nothing to compliment it.
Brendan Threm (8 years ago)
i haz a hollow jace (from a M12 INTRO PACK)
shadowwolf77715 (8 years ago)
I went to the pre release here in maine and pulled a primeval titan and jace memory adept
Phoenix488 (8 years ago)
I went to the pre-release here at my local store as well in alma on saturday and i pulled a skinshifter and my bud pulled a garruk even though it was in his deck it never saw play
NyCe85 (8 years ago)
More Magic !!!!!!!!!!! :D
MOPGhost (8 years ago)
*reads title* F*** YEAH! MAGIC!

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