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CNN: Dan Abrams: Women are better than men

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Dan Abrams is grilled about his new book ("Man Down") that argues women are better than men at doing most things.
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Blacktino 34 (21 hours ago)
This is a beta men who is a woman at hart
nurd on a computer (4 days ago)
Well, thanks for making me feel worse than my dishwasher, CARL. Is that his real name?( this is joke ok)
Jonstantonople (6 days ago)
TopFlightSecurity415 (8 days ago)
i have never seen someone so desperate to get laid smh
Who invented the lightbulb, men who invented chocolate...Men what gender was Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, bill gates and Donald trump?
Onni Paananen (10 days ago)
That's funny. 😃
Skull Kid (13 days ago)
Mr Slate (18 days ago)
Women are better at lying, manipulating men and taking men's money. Women are also better at pretending to like sex.
Don Mattrick (18 days ago)
And the cuck of the century award goes to....
Don Mattrick (18 days ago)
Women are actually useless and can’t do shit, lolololroflmfao😂😂😅🤣🤣🤣
bbarfield 137 (26 days ago)
ALL HAIL THE WHITE KNIGHT!!!! can i get a huzzah???
gaming duck Adventures (1 month ago)
Dunno what you're talking about, men are way better than women in many ways including starting wars, rapes, murders and other *f u n* categories.
Bryce Jensen (11 days ago)
gaming duck Adventures Lmao stfu. You dipshit man hater. Look around you, everything you see has been invented and created by men you worthless child.
A.H Pourashraf (1 month ago)
can someone pls have sex with him so he would stop his ridiculous reasoning that women are better than men ? taking a shower is not considered getting ready u retard . I have 4 sisters and they are not the type who do heavy makeups or idk wear flashy and yet it takes them more than 1 hour to get ready . but me and my brother and my father , we are ready in 5-10 minutes . I remember my mom used to tell us to wait outside because we were ready way way before they are and my father always complained :D . shove ur evidence up ur parents .
Chloe (1 month ago)
all the triggered men in the comment section
era maniac (11 days ago)
+Bryce Jensen watch my dude watch these hoes come in and be like thats not true how much you wanna bet
Bryce Jensen (11 days ago)
era maniac True shit.
era maniac (15 days ago)
Man shut up were not triggred im so deadass tired of girls. Being like my life is so hard i have to take care of my kid. Like well i guess thats kinda hard but i love kids and babys but damn we do the. Hard ass work and dont fucking tell me playing with a baby or washing dishes. Is hard now the washing clothes is hard tho. But either than that. Us men do construction all day in tge hot ass sun. And the real labour but of. Coure becuase i have a. Pussy that means that. I can hit. Boys and they dont hit me
ㅤㅤ (1 month ago)
83 minutes to get ready? Even the female anchor laughed at him! I'm not complaining though, as an average bloke this Dan twat makes me look like fucking Thor.
phereinheight (1 month ago)
Look at it this way, there has never been, there would never be or never will be a revolution by girls that would ever win if they fought on there own, They try to steal mens power and stuff like we give them jewelry, like usual, to get in office so they can have power.and believe they did something, Truth is now you have a little girl like Cortez in office whos and idiot and will cause major problem, setting mens world back ages. look at sweden and europe, nice job girls, lol. girl power ? people only say that when there weak and afraid, IF men around the world want to end girls freedom there is nothing they could do to stop it, and the 1st girls showing up to fight would be massicured, heads and pikes and run away, and it would be over.They are a weak sex and in lala land right now. Im teaching my boy that girls are not to be protected, they are competition, will use sex as a weapon. will go as low as you can possibly imagine like you see girls in Congress, dont trust being alone with them, do not mentor them. they are just like weak guys and if they attack you knock them down and break something so they can get back up. Girls understand very little about men, especially white men and the civilizations we build and fought for, and greatly underestimate when threatened., happed millions of timesI actually believe girls are not evolved enough to hold a leadership role or office and Europe and the girls in office in America prove my point. White men pretty much created this world, including morals and religion, law, science, etc etc mostly girls, but others are just mad because they were too cowardly, mentally unable, did not care, or weak to do it. Now that white guys created freedom they can rant. But where were they for the last 20,000 of human development when it was really hard? hiding or running they are all racist who cares what girls want they act like morons. The most privileged people on the planet are white girls who were protected by white guys for centuries, white men even fought for there rights, the girls never did, men are sick of them. Girls are messing up the world with their new found "handed to them" rights, like the metoo#stupid movement, and if you don't believe that look at burning Europe, they are in reality not very smart and would be extinct without guys never marry a girl without prenup guys and fuck the ring, um were equal right Chivalry is over , they killed it. Like weak ass girls could have even won D Day or WW2 no way in hell , they would have lost that and any of the fights white guys won and died for. girls don’t give a shit how many brave white men died so they can run their weak dishonorable mouths Chivalry should die immediately, girls are not smart and vote only for girls and think life is a movie. I mean men are getting sick of the 2 faced double standard girls in America and elsewhere. They don't seem to understand a wide range of ideas, have destroyed Sweden and Europe in the short time of allowed power. Girls didn't create empires, countries, science, huge inventions, Art, music, Architecture or most things that helped the world.......girls really did not do much at all. .but they should be given everything and completely equal ?.... oh and save all their girl privileges? It doesn't work that way. No girl civilization would have ever survived history, and in fact, girls would have been extinct if men didn't need them or allowed them to be around. Girls did not even fight for there own rights, men did. lol Girls basically have just been protected and shoot babes out for 50,000 yrs while men made everything you see today and they took it for free. Because they are privileged and entitled, girls inventions are SJW morons, bring back socialism lololol, and the metoo#stupid movement. The reason girls made women studies is to make believe they did something historically, There is no men studies because we made and did everything, like freedom so this little girl can rant her great ideas. look at the idiots they put in office, I can't believe this idiot little girl was so hi up, idiot girls, and now CORTEZ? she a mindless child of a slut, probably gaging in from of soros right now, Girls are the biggest danger to the world right now because they are delusional, small-minded, vain, very selfish, have little honor, usually cowards in a fight, Men should now be in direct competition with girls. Same as a man gets in your face and wont stop, know her out, she touches you knock her out, stops with the doors and gifts ( its why they're so weak), Kick there ass in school and in workplace and shove them to the bottom so men that better deserve their jobs get it. Never marry without a prenup where you keep your stuff and you get the kids. Common for girls to sit on their ass till kills are 18 and let you pay for it when separated. If you dont like the shemales of america and europe, go overseas and get a traditional wife, and still prenup. Turn girls in for sexual; harassment.
mikhael stepanov (1 month ago)
We are a country governed by weak men that are under the control of women. We have lost the strong moral constructs we once had and we now idolize sexuality, which of course is done to keep men weak and prays on the masses of men and their primitive carnal desires. Women are kind and loving? Please. Fuck off. If they're so kind and loving then we wouldn't have 50 million abortions within the past few decades and abortion has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years so it's most likely well beyond 1 billion. That's how kind and loving women are. Society perpetuate this in order to entrap the man into marriage essentially thinking he has now found the loving wife that all women are according to the media. The hidden truth is there are very women like this in the world and throughout history and a darker truth is that women do not love men, they only love what men can do for them. The reason there are little to no philosopher's that are women because philosophy requires you to look inwardly at thyself, the heart where all issues arise. They cannot look inwardly because they are cold, manipulative , and unloving seeking only to use others. I could go on but there's really no reason to, I'm sure your already aware of this.
Laurel Walker (1 month ago)
Your a fucking CUNT lier
Aleena Qureshi (1 month ago)
Glitchy M (2 days ago)
+Orion F. *its true and not true women have been doing great things but men have done greater*
Glitchy M (2 days ago)
*Im sorry but i can list how many men have done better things than women*
Jason Mann (17 days ago)
+Orion F. Not at all, you brainwashed delusional clueless dumbfuck, strong permanent confirmed legitimate fact.
Orion F. (1 month ago)
So true
Princessunderdog (1 month ago)
Lmao all you boys are so butt hurt😂😂
Bryce Jensen (11 days ago)
Princessunderdog dipshit alert!!!
José Araújo (2 months ago)
don't worry you'll get laid
Wiame B (2 months ago)
Bryce Jensen (11 days ago)
Wiame B true but men and women do have their born advantages. Men are typically born with more muscle mass. While women’s bodies are built more for reproduction.
Kenny Ishola (2 months ago)
Biggest simp in history
NamelessForce (2 months ago)
Reading the comment section of this video as a female is so triggering 😂😂 Women in this world should just commit suicide if we are as useless as men describe us to be 😂😂
NamelessForce (1 month ago)
+Kiara Williams Feminism is dumb af. These feminist out here making themselves superior to men when they arent, to add to it a lot of fucking feminist dont stand up for equality, they are just defending their gender as women and how they are described as not important, and I call bullshit on that, but thats a mans world to say women are only good for babies.
Kiara Williams (1 month ago)
Lashaun Beazer nah, I’m good with feminism since I know the purpose and importance of it. Idk why you think you’re supposed to be above somebody. Like who do you think you are?? Calm down. Your “masculinity” shouldn’t be so fragile in the first place. Feminism isn’t about destroying the male race lol. It’s about us being treated like a fucking person, an equal. Women have done, and continue to do so much.. men have just taken credit for it or have felt threatened so they did scummy things to hold us down. Similar to what white people do to blacks.
Lashaun Beazer (1 month ago)
+Kiara Williams I assure you it's grown men telling you what we really think. Feminism is hurting your men, and you women(if y'all are the good ones) better do something about it if y'all want good men in the future.
Kiara Williams (1 month ago)
I Kinda Farted it’s probably 12 year old idiots. And I was about to get triggered until I read your comments
Lashaun Beazer (2 months ago)
Y'all aren't useless. We need y'all to give birth. Besides that, modern middle-aged women and younger are pretty useless. But, giving birth and taking care of the child is more than enough. Unless you wanna interject feminism, then y'all are 99% useless. No feminism? Then 80% useless.
Cesar Maldonado (2 months ago)
disgusting jewish rat
Burner gamez (2 months ago)
/r wooooooooooossssshhhh
Angry Hothead (2 months ago)
As a man myself, I think women are way better than men are. Think about it, women are more intelligent and way less violent than men are, and they tend to live longer than men, and they are way better parents than men are. Most rapists and serial killers and criminals are men, and that's proof that men are more violent than women are. And also men are the main reason why sexism exists. I believe the purpose men only have is to serve women and to protect them and children, and that's it. And also to be honest with you, I think most men are bad parents. I honestly don't think a child needs a father at all. To me, it seems like almost most of the men population are bad fathers, while almost most of the women population are good mothers, and I'm a man myself. I didn't know my father very well in my life, and was only raised by my mother. This website https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dollars-and-sex/201401/why-do-mothers-care-more-about-their-children-fathers and this website http://blog.childrensdayton.org/why-kids-feel-closer-to-mom-over-dad/ And this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqQTeKvMYcU&t=1s gives reasons why women are WAY better parents than men are.
Bryce Jensen (11 days ago)
Princessunderdog Lmao you are such a dilshit.
Jason Mann (17 days ago)
+Lashaun Beazer Annihilate and eviscerate yourself out of existence by castration, you confirmed certified brainwashed delusional clueless demonic satanic pit of hell 666 pedophile cancer diabetic mentally ill piece of nigger shit, strong permanent confirmed legitimate fact. The average Joe life was invented by satan to lure uncircumcised rotten decayed brain cancer stupid garbage feces like you to hell, strong permanent confirmed legitimate fact. You have been cursed by satan to be brainwashed to be choosing a demonic satanic cancerous average Joe, strong permanent confirmed legitimate fact. You better find a way to cast that hyper demonic satanic pit of hell 666 pedophile lifestyle called the average joe out of you and back to hell and satan where it was invented and start ruling the world and stop acting like some brainwashed delusional clueless naive pedophile piece of nigger demons that you just portrayed here which satan is 100% responsible of because only 666 antichrist pedophile demons behave like that, strong permanent confirmed legitimate fact.
Mr Slate (18 days ago)
Go kill yourself
Lashaun Beazer (1 month ago)
+sia k. What did I say that was sexist?
sia k. (1 month ago)
Restrid (2 months ago)
Everything you want and you have are made by a man. 99 percent of the things made for society are from men. When you look at athletes do you see any girls ranking in the top? No. When you see war going on do you see at least 20 percent of the people in war women? No. It’s only men who do this shit. Women always like to fight for how they should get paid more... But half the fucking women in the world are stay at home fat asses.
Tatum 102282 (2 months ago)
Every one in the comments need to chill everyone is like “men are stronger and they build everything for everyone and “women are weak and complain all the time” And “if it isn’t for men we wouldn’t have children” WOMEN ARE JUST IMPORTANT!!!!!!! ( so shut the hell up)🙄
noob saibot (2 months ago)
Men are better
v c (3 months ago)
I wish some of the women in my life had better memories and get ready faster. takes me 10-15 min to get ready shower 5 min cloths and hair 5 min
Cyrus Powers (3 months ago)
Of all of the statistics he could have used to persuade people that women are superior, he used the fact that men get struck by lightning more... as if someone is going to hear that and think "Well now that you put it like that, I do believe that women are better!"
Samuel Simons (3 months ago)
Get the fuck out of here!! You went on CNN and said this shit? Bro!! What side are you on?!
Unknown (3 months ago)
Tf nigga women gets ready faster?
Cobra VenomYT (3 months ago)
He’s very stupid
Chloe (1 month ago)
cant you accept the truth?
Loving the like to dislike ratio. This guy is dumbass
Cory Sartin (4 months ago)
Lol he said women get ready faster then men to go out 😂😂
Dark Angel (4 months ago)
I’m a woman who has been struck by lightning three times. I worked as a tower crane assembler for the buck hoists. I guess I’m one hell of an unlucky chick 😂😂😂😂
Ultra Instinct (3 months ago)
lol why lying stop lying
sub for sub channel (4 months ago)
is this a troll channel????
Brendan Sullivan (5 months ago)
Lol @ the dislike to like ratio.
Never Giveup223 (5 months ago)
Duh everyone know’s this males are the inferior sex
Ceaser (5 months ago)
Not true, men are smarter than women want proof? all the scientists and the inventors and the makers are all men and there's a verse in the Holy Quran that says ''And Not Male As Female'' females are just useful for getting babies and clean houses and cook, but males are inventors, workers, presidents, kings, scientists, and designers come on guys we all know that.
Skull Kid (13 days ago)
It makes me laugh about how closed minded people are.
era maniac (15 days ago)
+Aleena Qureshi hold up now you ass going on big stupid let me get. You on just stupid okay buddy this is a big thing im gonna tell you in a real sense we created girls how did girls make us first if a dude didnt fuck her like what and if you ask well how did the dude come first its in the bible adam and eve
Aleena Qureshi (1 month ago)
Ceaser women invent men
gamesandguitars003 (2 months ago)
+백 요한Jush The microprocessor, capacitors, and circuits in the computer you're using to type that comment were invented by men. You're welcome 😉
백 요한Jush (3 months ago)
Sorry for late reply.
Live Free (6 months ago)
MEN ARE BETTER THAN WOMEN AT EVERYTHING. Except having babies. Men do everything else better. Period.
NKS Distinct (2 days ago)
+Chloe i'm not gonna make an excuse, i'm gonna make a statement. your belief is delusional
Ultra Instinct (2 days ago)
+Lashaun Beazer my G writing essays or here
bingusdingus (24 days ago)
Yep woman should just be walking vaginas
Lashaun Beazer (1 month ago)
+Chloe Since you're being proper, I will address you properly. Firstly, that's the only thing you've refuted on my rebuttal. Secondly, there's been research that men takes longer than women to get ready. All research isn't good research, especially when it's trying to fit a propagated conclusion. Think about it, most women want a man to make decisions. Why? Because even in a free country, when genders are equal, women realize that men have leadership values. Also women are very bad decision makers. Often torn between the two. Women are also more cautionary and indecisive. Yes, they're more kind, to the open public anyway, but kindness actually falls low on the totem pole when it comes to necessity of qualities of leadership. This was all written respectfully.
Chloe (1 month ago)
Lashaun Beazer I don’t want to sound rude and don’t get me wrong, men are great but it has been said by researchers that women make better leaders and it’s really sad men can’t accept that along with the billions of other facts that I mentioned before
The Stanimal (6 months ago)
He’s a disgrace to men
Kiara Williams (1 month ago)
Wow, why are y’all so fragile
Fumontaindew2012 (5 months ago)
Yep. he is just a beta male... aka a bitch to women and a wimp.
bottle2lip (7 months ago)
lol bullshit
Alex Hines (8 months ago)
Women are not superior than men. Third Wave Feminism just tells them they are.
Fumontaindew2012 (5 months ago)
Yeah, we have history and biology to say differently. Men rule the world.
Malcolm Williams (10 months ago)
This guy is a fucking cuck.
Shiroski O'charos (10 months ago)
John W (1 year ago)
Men are hindered by their selfishness and giant egos.
Bryce Jensen (11 days ago)
John W Lmao dumbassss
Roman Abramovic (3 years ago)
Well there is really a simple way to find out if this bitch really believes in what he is saying or is just pampering the female ego to get some money and attention. (like we don't know that already wink wink). Give his job to a woman and stop publishing his books and give that money to some female writer. After all he as an inferior man doesn't have the right to do any of these things when women can do it much better.
Flynn A. (3 years ago)
The whitest of knights.
Leslie Gibson (3 years ago)
Oh my god. God or whoever or whatever you believe brought us here on earth they didn't make it so it would be a competition between male and female. I'm a women and honestly because of my religion I believe that God the ruler of the universe really is the superior he's probably looking down on you people and is just like "what the heck have I created. A war between woman and man when the real war is against the world we are much stronger together then apart if you dudes were alone and women had never been created what would you do probably sit with your boys drink beer and watch the football game but then it gets a little lonely and that's why God put woman on earth to companion you so enjoy while you can because some women will stop taking your bs, women and men are great together why make a competition and without women carrying you aroun in her uterus and your big heads come out of her vagina god made women diffrent from men for a reason, to prove society wrong. Why does it seem like women can't do anything, it's because some cocky, concieted, judgemental men are always putting us down, like when we want to go fishing but we can't because daddy says "fishing is a mans job, your job is to cook it" listen you douchebags women are usful in other way than cooking cleaning an having sex. Why don't you understand that
Princessunderdog (1 month ago)
I totally agree.
ISpyDead 1 (4 months ago)
It is because they are the ones who started the feminism not us.
dollar c.g (5 months ago)
ok so to end that competition lets just allll agree that men are better Amen
Patrick The Apostate (3 years ago)
He is desperate get laid.
William Dalituicama (3 months ago)
You're a white knight cuck 😂👌
Jesus Lover (7 months ago)
John W He’s not a white knight though
John W (1 year ago)
You're thinking of yourself.
Women are better than men to put on tampons.
DiverseLA (3 years ago)
This is the most obvious pandering and White Knighting to women I've ever seen. Dan Abrams made it clear he's single, and loves the attention women give him in response to this book.
Jo Rap (4 years ago)
Men are the builders, the fixers, the intellectual stars, and the creator of all man-made things you hold dear. All of those listings Abrams had were trivial, except for the memory part.
era maniac (11 days ago)
+Princessunderdog lol okay you cant be this stupid damn okay look this is what im saying you wanna act like dudes are the only people to fuck this world up and there you are wrong girls. Fuck this world up just as much girls do bad stuff to get out of Your black and whitw world where girls and these creatures that dont do shit wrong and i already see you responding oh no i didnt say that look at. Your fucking comments keep wasteing your time im. Not gonna waste my weekend trying to get a girl to understand that girls can be bitches and fuck shit bye
Princessunderdog (11 days ago)
+era maniac I'm laughing cause your not making any sense you ditz!😂😂 You spout nonsense in broken sentences and words and then insult me with no proper argument. YOU'RE the one who's not relevant in my life.
era maniac (11 days ago)
+Princessunderdog keep on luaghing i know your luaghing cuase you think your right
Princessunderdog (11 days ago)
+era maniac um. . . Ok 😅😂
era maniac (11 days ago)
+Bryce Jensen aw yes you ypu have a brain im not saying us dude dont destroy shit its just she was saying only dudes and im like fuck. You bitch its not just us yall girls also fuck yp
Chris -0 (4 years ago)
2:08 he has no idea what he's talking about..
Ultra Instinct (3 months ago)
so he stuttered once
Shadow Phantom Gamer (4 years ago)
To all sexist cunts, Without men you wouldn't be here. From, An antifeminist
Keokji (3 years ago)
do u wanna fucking fight 
Shadow Phantom Gamer (3 years ago)
+trashfurs I never said that I would be alive without women. Learn to read buddy.
Keokji (3 years ago)
Uhm excuse me. Do you expect to be alive if women wouldn't exist? Women are the main deal when it comes to birth. So you shut the hell up.
Darkfire Furyfirery (4 years ago)
I agree with you. :D
A J (4 years ago)
Women did you invited anything useful (bout 50% yes) men did you invented anything useful (bout 90% yes) so face it women men are pretty smarter and women worry to much. So someone plz tell the women that they are useful for many things but can't take it on all men like we did them (wtf) and men stop with the fking rapes. Plz stop I hate it. Women stop thinking you better than anything on earth same goes for men. And women think about men that don't rape and has a normal life. (P.S idk wut I say ._.) ... Don't listen to me pretend I wall and 1 more (p.s I'm a boy not girl don't think I girl because name).
Aleena Qureshi (1 month ago)
Princessunderdog women invent and make more men and more lives which is way more amazing then whatever men build
Princessunderdog (1 month ago)
+Aleena Qureshi I'm not going against it I'm angry that that's what the true history was and that every guy brings up the "we invented everything you have and women didn't do anything" bs.
Aleena Qureshi (1 month ago)
Princessunderdog ur going against ur gender so that’s what I suppose
Princessunderdog (1 month ago)
+Aleena Qureshi what? No. . .
Princessunderdog (1 month ago)
+Cory Sartin WHAT STUDIES?? 😂😂 You can DIE from giving birth not getting tapped on the balls. It's a frikin 6 to 9 pound baby coming out if you. Just what studies did you come across?? That's the most hilarious thing I've ever heard 😂.
Nate Da Grrreat (4 years ago)
playingod1 (4 years ago)
Lol you wouldn't even be watching this on your phone or tv if it wasn't for men creating it. So fuck off!!!
Dariush Ashkani (4 years ago)
This is misandric.
Light of Israel (4 years ago)
what a "captain save a hoe pussy ass little bitch"
D Yahneezy (4 years ago)
The women in the world that have stood out and made history did so because they deserved it, not because they coerced the weak-willed into giving in to what they want, or else they could cry sexism. If you want to be equals, then BE it, if you want to be the best, then be it. I have met women I respected because they were more versed in the job, or had accomplished more than me AND they didn't try to rub it in that they are female. And I have met women I have despised because they were lazy pieces of shit, and the same goes for men. Don't forget too, that using the sexism card to get what you want, results in sexism just the same, it's just in the females favor. Not to mention, it is more likely that a woman will be taken care of when in need, than a man being taken care of when in need. That makes us try harder to provide for ourselves and our family, so while you may earn your degree a little bit faster, or whatever else, we tend to put it to better use and not squander it.
These guys have been stripped of all Man points. Us Men know that these two weak Men are only saying this to get on the good side of women and hope to get laid. Good luck with that fellas.
Ultra Instinct (3 months ago)
+Charlotte Purnell u suck on dicks that have been in other girls mouth. you are gay ._.
Cory Sartin (4 months ago)
I don't pander to women I tell then straight up that you are not equal to us men or as strong as us men and guess what their panties drop because they respect a man more that can put them in their place
feiliormia (4 years ago)
Yeah, that's why they have been socially insubordinate since the dawn of humanity.
basile butt (4 years ago)
bet that 90% of the men who fix the attena get hit because the women tells them to fix it, men also have better visual abilities for proof there are more successful male artists. woman use there body to get advantage and what if your gay, also women spies get caught more often.
hayley lamb (4 years ago)
You can't say all women are better than all men, or the reverse, because you can't make judgements that huge on an entire gender. There are dumb women, dumb men, intelligent women, intelligent men, etc. To say that one gender is better than the other is just stereotyping a huge group of people. No sex is superior to the other.
The Bitter Lemon (4 years ago)
I totally agree.
Bud Fudlacker (5 years ago)
Did she really say how can women be better spy's? lol
Megamis Andria (5 years ago)
Women are better at most things, but to be fair, not everything. 
Princessunderdog (1 month ago)
+obvious owl the same thing again? Your just make yourself look more and more immature😂. And I'm just fine with making my own money and traveling than having kids thank you and goodbye👋.
obvious owl (1 month ago)
+Princessunderdog arguing with women is like arguing with children go do what you was made for....broad
Princessunderdog (1 month ago)
+obvious owl and yet you still insult me with a stupid comeback with nothing rational to say that proves me wrong. "Go make babys"?? And I'm the kid? Ok.
obvious owl (1 month ago)
+Princessunderdog I pointed facts hun arguing with you is like arguing with a kid go make babys
Princessunderdog (1 month ago)
+obvious owl but never mind your a dumb man.
Dinosaur Emperor (5 years ago)
Perhaps lightning strikes men more because they are taller. Last time I checked electricity always looks for the shortest route. If more than 80% of men are taller than 80% percent of women, shouldn't it make sense then? If golf and roof jobs were the cause, wouldn't it mostly be golfers and handymen who were victims? Last time I checked there were a higher possibility for both but they do not fill the charts. This man should study more. The ´women being better spies´ thing makes more sense. Studies shows that both men and women find women more trusting. His opinion of men's brains melting however seems to be based on his own point of view. Some men tend to be stupid around women but it is my observation that most keep a cool head, I would imagine that professional spies would have training counteracting this. Perhaps he's just bad at explaining.
american subhuman (5 years ago)
Are you a menn are you a fucking men
trinix777 (5 years ago)
Despite men being obviously better than women, there is a lot of truth to many of these things actually.
Tatum 102282 (2 months ago)
What the hell do you mean “ men are obviously better that women” DO YOU NOT UNDER STAND THE SHIT WOMEN GO THROUGH!?!?! Examples: Shit like your dumb ass speech Literally pushing out something the size of a watermelon out of something the size as a damn quarter Periods🔴 Constant slut shamming Always feeling they have to look a specific way for dumb men like you🙄 ETC.
Optimus Prime (5 years ago)
this is pointless!!! we don't need to compete!!! We need each other. Men are amazing but have flaws. Women are amazing but have flaws. We are truly superior(guys and girls) when we can learn to get over this petty battle of the sexes and unite so that our strengths overcome our weaknesses
Tatum 102282 (2 months ago)
Optimus Prime Jesus, thank you
Optimus Prime (5 years ago)
yeah i laughed at that too... lol i try to be out the door in at the most 20 min
person1860 (5 years ago)
Medicine, definitely ruining the planet, I'll give you that the factory sucks, but without them items would be more expensive, and produced a lot slower. Our food is genetically modified, it's true that that's bad, however if we didn't genetically modify it then we wouldn't have enough food to fill ourselves. Fast food is bad for you, however it's a quick and cheap meal, perfect for a starving person on the street. Read my next comment!
person1860 (5 years ago)
See, the problem is, men are superior to women! Whether you like it or not, women are dumb whores, men have created everything we know to love, computers, programs, games, TV's, cars, anything you can name! All women created are stupid shit that men would have just created later regardless like the wind shield wiper!
danc1nroxs (5 years ago)
Don't forget, women squeeze baby's out of them.
Akiza Izinski (5 years ago)
Bravo, you deserve an oscar for this amazing movie. Keep up the good work.
Glitchy M (2 days ago)
*you deserved to be burnt in hell*
chamboyette853 (5 years ago)
Listen bitch. What you say isn't true.A friend of mine (Dinky) and I got in a fight with this 52 year old woman who did MMA and who had been in prison. Dinky is only 19 years old and has been in only 4 fights and I am 18 years old and have only been in 3 fights. This 52 year old woman had been in over 50 FIGHTS - WHICH MEANS THAT SHE HAD MORE YEARS AND MORE FIGHTS THAN BOTH DINKY AND I COMBINED. In spite of these odds we beat her ass. This is rock solid proof that men are far superior to women.
Ultra Instinct (3 months ago)
+Ceaser true
Ceaser (3 months ago)
and how did you know she was in prison?
Ceaser (3 months ago)
how did you know that she had been in 50 fights?
chamboyette853 (5 years ago)
Listen bitch. What you say isn't true.A friend of mine (Dinky) and I got in a fight with this 52 year old woman who did MMA and who had been in prison. Dinky is only 19 years old and has been in only 4 fights and I am 18 years old and have only been in 3 fights. This 52 year old woman had been in over 50 FIGHTS - WHICH MEANS THAT SHE HAD MORE YEARS AND MORE FIGHTS THAN BOTH DINKY AND I COMBINED. In spite of these odds we beat her ass. This is rock solid proof that men are far superior to women.
VAWAhorrors (5 years ago)
Now with Audio! Life for Men is opening the Men's Moral Code Draft for comments. Review this draft on: life4men-dot-org All comments are welcome.
jacquline Samad (5 years ago)
gosh can't men take different opinion on things, sounds to me like men get butthurt easily when their male ego gets shattered a little, unlike most women we are okay with society not always taking us seriously as we have sort of adapted and found other ways to cope like choosing to be a tomboy. i don't think men can choose to be too feminine when they are straight because other men will judge them.
Morph Verse (5 years ago)
What a phile of fucking shit!!!!.. Glad im not American, but for a the brothers out there, dont take this fucking bag seriously!, He just wrote this shit to get laid!, and giving feminism an upper hand.. This is pure male bashing, while its us male that invented basically everything arround the world where woman take the cake from.. By the way, i only need 10 minutes for a shower and 5 minutes to do my hair and im off. This Mangina is full of shiiiitt!..
Morph Verse (5 years ago)
Or even chasing the wheel like a dumb retard..
Pennywise (5 years ago)
Frankly i think my Dog is better then most Women.
Lone Star (5 years ago)
Yeah i agree. He probably wrote the book to get laid. Like all those men who go into Women Studies to get laid. Because there no other reason to join Women Studies. I mean you certainly won't get a job from it.
Wiwin Arman (5 years ago)
love it
Glitchy M (2 days ago)
*Where do you live? I'm holding some shot guns how about you practice with me maybe i can fucking shoot you bitch*
ZombieCobain (6 years ago)
Dangina Abrams
tubebility (6 years ago)
Living on marshland, eating nothing but berries, and hunted to extinction by superior species - like ascaris or malaria. All the wonders of a better age, before stupid MEN went and discovered useless things like cooking with FIRE, or PENICILLIN.
UNIVERSEnema (6 years ago)
He wrote that book to get laid.
Fingersails (6 years ago)
I want to die
AwsumSawse (6 years ago)
i lost. so hard.
alvaro alas (6 years ago)
dan abrams is a fucking turd that deserves to get run over by cars,beaten by thugs and even have his small dick cut off
TragedyStrikes (6 years ago)
As aren't men. Men suffer the most from our legal system than women do. Women make less than men? In some areas, not as many as you think, this happens unfairly. In most areas of this, it's because of the work produced, the times worked, and how long they worked, which men tend to do more than females, which is why they would get paid more. Not to mention, men are expected to do the jobs in the workforce that have risk to their health and safety, which women don't.
TragedyStrikes (6 years ago)
FOrtunatly I am not American. Not saying tha there is anything wrong with Americans, just that the whole mentality over there is just too disturbing for me,
TOWgunner77 (6 years ago)
Blank is better than blank? So blank is less than blank? Used to be Jew is less than Aryan, Negro is less than white. Do we see this? I thought being "progressive" was to end the entire concept of some people being deemed better than others. Guess not. And so, today the vanguard of progressivism, CNN and feminism, support blank is better than blank.
TragedyStrikes (6 years ago)
Yes, "some" do, not nearly as much as people like to think. A lot of women get paid less fairly due to not doing harsher times and less hours, and a less input. If police officers work night time that are male, they deserve more pay than day police officers (women) that work at day since crime is worse at night. Your gender is constantly given safety nets, yet you still can't manage, and then wonder why men see women as inferior. Don't challenge me on my history, I will blow you away on it.
TragedyStrikes (6 years ago)
And? We also have women that get pregnant on purpose after applying for a job so the company pays for them to go on leave without them having to work for money. Not only is it fair to fire women that are choosing to fall pregnant while working, firing them is right. Why in the hell shouls she get free pay for doing nothing because "she" wants a child. It shouldn't be illegal, it shows for itself how women don't have it hard as they think. They are permitted now to get free pay because of pregnan
4theHorde !!! (6 years ago)
lmao finally someone who knows what they are talking about in most of these comments, good job letloveprevail! :)
4theHorde !!! (6 years ago)
LMAO females do NOT have it easy. we have companies firing women because they are pregnant, which thank goodness is now illegal, and some women still get payed less than men. go back to history class and study
gamesandguitars003 (2 months ago)
+Tatum 102282 "But..But... having a baby is hard". Boo hoo
Tatum 102282 (2 months ago)
4theHorde !!! I AGREE!!!!! There was a bitch in the comments saying something about men are so much better and I was like damn I’d like to see you squeeze something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a quarter
4theHorde !!! (6 years ago)
its true that women are not treated equally and how some women still make less than men. but both genders should work together not bitch about who's best. all i have to say is people who argue which gender is better needs to go back to history class and learn what both genders accomplished together and not seperate

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