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[THE MAGIC Rhonda Byrne] -Day 14 of 90 Day Video Challenge-'The Magic' book

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THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne is what todays video is about. http://www.KatrinaKavvalos.com Today is Day 14 of 90 Day Video Challenge. Please join Facebook Group dedicated purely for this book. You DONT need to have the book, I have summaries all chapters, and have the 'daily practices' for each day separately, so that it is easy to know what needs to be carried out for each day. THE MAGIC FACEBOOK GROUP - https://www.facebook.com/groups/themagicpractices/ Today is Day 14/90 Day Video Challenge. I recived a gift in the mail from a lovely friend of mine called Lynne Hailes - it was a book called "The Magic by Rhonda Byrne" - the same author of the movie and book 'the secret'. I am going to read The book 'The Magic' and talk about this book during my 90 day vodeo challenge. Tomorrow's topic is 'female entrepreneurship' - so would love to see you then. BOOK: "The Magic by Rhonda Byrne" To keep up to date with all of my videos, please subscribe to my youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/katrinakavvalos AND, come and say hi to me on Facebook and Twitter - would LOVE to connect with YOU!! http://www.Twitter.com/KatrinaKavvalos http://www.Facebook.com/KatrinaKavvalosPage
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F (6 years ago)
Thanks Katrina. We got the message and looking forward to meeting with you soon.
F (6 years ago)
Hi Katrina, Thanks for connecting with Justin and me. Great to see your videos and to challenge yourself to get on camera. You've got a very interesting story and it would be great to perhaps do some kind of video sharing or outdoor recording with you. We will connect soon and perhaps we could share with you some video tips we've learnt about doing videos.

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