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Robin Schulz - Sugar (feat. Francesco Yates) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Official Music Video for Robin Schulz - Sugar. ►Get SUGAR here: http://wmg.click/RobinSchulz_SugarYo ► Get the physical version here: http://smarturl.it/sugar-physical ► Get the vinyl here: http://smarturl.it/sugar-vinyl ►Subscribe to Robins Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/robin37987?sub_confirmation=1 Visit Robin Schulz here: ►http://www.robin-schulz.com ►https://www.facebook.com/robin.schulz.official ►https://twitter.com/robin_schulz ►http://instagram.com/robin__schulz# Featuring Nathan Barnatt as Officer Finkleman (https://www.youtube.com/barnatt) Releasing a string of smash hits off his September 2014 debut album “Prayer” established Robin Schulz as one of the internationally most successful German artists of the past 20 years. Now, the Osnabrück-native, superstar DJ and producer is set to release his highly-anticipated follow-up longplayer: Almost exactly one year after the release of his globally acclaimed breakthrough debut, Schulz is back on track with yet another stroke of genius: Promisingly entitled “SUGAR”, album no. 2 will be released later this year on September 18th! Earlier this July, Schulz was awarded Triple Gold for his tremendous hit single “Prayer in C”, Platinum for “Sun Goes Down (feat. Jasmine Thompson)” as well as Gold for his debut album “Prayer” in his home territory – just 3 on a list of over 60(!) awards already amassed by the German deep house shooting star. In light of his upcoming new longplayer “SUGAR”, Robin Schulz is now about to take the next step in his amazingly successful career: After his airplay #1 and global smash single “Headlights” (feat. Ilsey) which delivered the first taste of his new album’s sound, the twentysomething is set to release the eponymous second single on July 17th: “Sugar”, featuring 19-year-old Canadian singer Francesco Yates. Yates is widely considered the next big popstar in the making and his soulful falsetto vocals are quickly gaining praise by superstars such as Pharrell Williams or Justin Bieber. That being said, Schulz is more than likely to build on his peerless, record-breaking achievements of the past 18 months: Last year’s mega hit “Prayer in C” landed Robin Schulz the #1 spot on iTunes in 40 countries and topped the national singles charts in 17 countries, but that was just the beginning. His #1 remix of “Waves” earned him a Grammy nomination, while his Top 7 album “Prayer” received the German ECHO award for best “Dance National”, in addition to a completely sold-out US tour. Today, Schulz remains the first German artist to attain the #1 spot in the global Shazam charts. He runs the most successful German YouTube music channel with a combined 330 million views, while generating downloads and streams in excess of nine figures. On the heels of his recent tour of the U.S., Canada, South Africa and Australia, Robin Schulz will be headlining major electro & dance festivals all over the world throughout the summer, such as Belgium’s Tomorrowland Festival. http://www.warnermusic.de http://www.youtube.com/warnermusicDE
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Marty Daymude (2 hours ago)
The oddest, yet most intriguing music video that I have come across in quite some time. But then isn't that the tact, intrigue leads to discovery. At any rate, a superb job all the way 'round, musically, lyrically, and vocally superbly excellent! Visually, its a masterpiece in that cult status way and fashion. I trust that Officer Finkleman is,...…..doing well, getting all that he needs from all things.
Stefan Risteski (3 hours ago)
Elita Künzi (6 hours ago)
CookieCookie Wolf (12 hours ago)
Sad the remake has more views than the real one
Ranz Stephen (14 hours ago)
Suga suga?
Keith Fan (17 hours ago)
Kenga e atij qe del me mamin qe deve fare amicizia
Papaleta 7u7 (18 hours ago)
Clave el Luisito Comunica
The FersKo (18 hours ago)
Heee esto es la letra de esta cancion Baby bash y frankie j suga que decepcion eres un ladron F porti
Ashtar C. (20 hours ago)
Yes..." Left me so gifted"!!! With thaaaaat moustache, " don't be so surprised!" 😂😁
Marty Daymude (2 hours ago)
The flavor saver. Umm, umm!
Ashtar C. (20 hours ago)
Right, that does it. Always wanted to be a cop.
Tocho muñoz (21 hours ago)
N O E _ L I A (21 hours ago)
Give me "SUGAR"
Rampage (1 day ago)
shouldve opened on the cop singing so the voice will seem to match him more
djfjfkdkd fkfjgjfdj (1 day ago)
2019 💙
Aksh A (1 day ago)
suga suga baby bash?
Andrew (1 day ago)
Clearly, his first time taking Crystal Meth.
Luv ur moves
Bryan G (1 day ago)
The police looks like Trevor from gta 5
Rodrigo Porto (1 day ago)
Trevor do gta
Jaden Nguyen (1 day ago)
I didn’t copy a song the other song is suga suga mine is sugar
Sweet Butterfly (1 day ago)
Evellyn Neves (1 day ago)
Steph F do (1 day ago)
The singer should marry Jojo Siwa. They both have toddler faces...
anonymous (1 day ago)
I know that guy. He's Cool.
metroidsax1 (1 day ago)
Kalhi Puvitharan (1 day ago)
Kalhi Puvitharan (1 day ago)
helter skelter (1 day ago)
francesco is such a cutie
dimitar daskalov (1 day ago)
mizba (2 days ago)
Am in love with this music......😍😍😍😍
Gaming W/ Nicko (2 days ago)
I heard this song back in Year 5, now I’m in Year 9, time goes really quick
Anh Japon (2 days ago)
Me when crush love me, got high points at the test, parents buy stuffs I like, bla bla bla and bla bla...
Amir Safwan (1 day ago)
Robin schulz: my police car can jump Trevor:hold my beer Edit:thanks for 32 likes i never had this many
Roman Ovcharenko Ozersky (17 hours ago)
Trevor fuck you
Está drogado
monica juarez (2 days ago)
2019? Alguien?
keno moll (2 days ago)
Original waaay better
Rian Milligan (2 days ago)
Original ones better
EastwickMade jay (2 days ago)
the nostalgia. ohhh the nostalgia.
Huonot STP Videot (2 days ago)
That was literally me when I got my driver licence...
Hans Giebenrath (1 day ago)
Rafael Ocaña (2 days ago)
bini kugonic (2 days ago)
Hello trevor
Brandon Grose (2 days ago)
It's amazing how badly you ripped that track off 👍
VIVIAN VAZQUEZ (2 days ago)
2019? ♥
Yrann (2 days ago)
alguem 2k19?
Zimek YouTube (2 days ago)
I thought it's Trevor too much GTA a shit here we go agin
Arthur_Morgan (3 days ago)
Policeman new trevor hahha
Lâm Đặng (3 days ago)
Trevor the police in the nutshell
Ut Yt (3 days ago)
Olik Sitang Sitang (3 days ago)
Summer ~ vibe 😎
gonzalito65 (3 days ago)
Leonel Caso (3 days ago)
Baby bash??
pamolo22 HD (3 days ago)
the policeman are mad :v
Musishar Ingha (3 days ago)
The Mezix (3 days ago)
Noi (3 days ago)
Somebody had lost his Job...
Musishar Ingha (3 days ago)
and His driver license
lisbeth young (3 days ago)
can we take a moment to appreciate the vocals? i dont know the singer but damn he's talented
Vája (3 days ago)
Kovy - měšťák
Ö. Akgün (3 days ago)
Trevor form Gta 5 in real life XDD
Z3R0 Gaming (4 days ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
Felek HD (4 days ago)
Even in this trevor cant drive
harmonie tessier (4 days ago)
Like 2019
Lilliana (4 days ago)
They should at least give credit to the original song.
James the cool guy (3 days ago)
Lilliana shit you’re right, where’s the originality anymore
Lilliana (3 days ago)
James the cool guy No the melody is from Suga Suga - Baby Bash
James the cool guy (3 days ago)
What song would that be? Is the melody not original?
L3NN000 For7 (4 days ago)
2k19 onlines??+
Grazey Gamer (4 days ago)
How is radio still working LOL 😂
Musishar Ingha (4 days ago)
looks like trevor to me
John Pels (4 days ago)
That's Me Dude.
IsaacTheMaster (4 days ago)
Fellipe Lamares (4 days ago)
achei o toque Da musica do bando do cangaceiro brasileiro é foda kkk
hikmet keskin (4 days ago)
Wtcnn komik anlar açılış tşk
Leila Oliveira (4 days ago)
Extreem Budy (4 days ago)
This cop are crazy
Takeshi Kovacs (4 days ago)
Misiu PL (4 days ago)
Trevor it's you
재롱 (4 days ago)
Beatboxer "Bigman" brought me here! why I didn't know this song?!
kronik (4 days ago)
Trevor Phillips' brother?
Rol Bar (4 days ago)
Trevor tor GTA the movie !
Max Bourne (5 days ago)
But how does sugar get so fly?
NissinNyquil69 (5 days ago)
Oh yeah, summer is on baby!
Luigi Mods ツ (5 days ago)
Kaila Nicole (5 days ago)
I think I have a crush on the dude with curly hair 😍
memer man 3000 (5 days ago)
This police officer is so fucking crazy
Luka Hrup (5 days ago)
Press F to pay respect to all the trashbins killed in this video.
Yeoube (5 days ago)
i want what hes having
CrazyCagan GT (5 days ago)
Ricardo water + song = this cop
Yeetus Deletus (5 days ago)
When you steal a police car in GTA 5...
Kometa Brno (5 days ago)
Дима Дима (5 days ago)
Усач похож на актёра из кинофильма "зелёная миля"
hamzah 13 (5 days ago)
The original version of this is a 1000x better. This is wack compared to it. Angers me how this has more than the 2003 original.
Uhura Enterprise (5 days ago)
Didn't know Trevor had such ripped and lean body😆😉😍
Михалков за рулём )))
Keano04JCW (5 days ago)
The world needs more music videos with Nathan Barnatt - love it.
Ronen T (6 days ago)
Watch 'By The Way' by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and you'll get where the inspiration came from... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnfyjwChuNU
STEVE Da Young Sauce (6 days ago)
Who rocking this in 2019🤤
Kosmo (6 days ago)
the original was fire, this is ok.
Fade channel (6 days ago)
Gta: sugar edition
Ronak Khanna (6 days ago)
I really like the way of driving the car .😂😂😂😂😂
Louise Rohde Madsen (6 days ago)
Is the original trevor😂😂🤣

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