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Critical Recap -- Episode 37: Dangerous Liaisons

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OG Critter and Talks Machina segment producer Dani Carr gives a super-sized recap of the Mighty Nein's sea-faring exploits at the New York live show in Critical Role Episode 37: "Dangerous Liaisons"! Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PST on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry #CriticalRole #DnD
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Text Comments (99)
Trebor Saredlab (7 days ago)
I’m all caught up with the current episodes, I just keep coming back to rewatch these recaps because Dani is so beautiful 😍
Peter Senior (19 days ago)
I love how this is the first result. I'm dreading ep 48 though
RDR911 (1 month ago)
Thanks for this. If they can't get their audio shit sorted, they shouldn't do canon episodes...
TheStayAtHome Atheist (1 month ago)
Dani, you are absolutely amazing! The episode had major audio problems for me, so I'm so glad you're here to help!
hailmarycake62 (3 months ago)
Very good recap, nicely detailed and doesn't leave out anything so you aren't lost. I don't have a problem with the episode itself, just that I don't really like their Live shows, so this is preferable.
I love this recap shit, watch the recap of the ep i watched last time before i continue to freshen up. However this lady in them all annoys the crap out of me...
Anomen1010 (6 months ago)
Would be soooo great if mr. Mercer would read the recaps!
Vanessa Colquhoun (6 months ago)
*Matt and Travis are gonna make out!*
jwhews1882 (6 months ago)
Dani is smoking hot. Love these recaps.
RDR911 (1 month ago)
AncientSlugThrower (6 months ago)
Dani is gorgeous as always.
Trophy Dave (6 months ago)
Darrin Crose (6 months ago)
This campaign is losing my interest fast. All these episodes and I still can't relate to the characters like the last campaign. Oh well at least there is Shield of Tomorrow to watch.
RDR911 (1 month ago)
Funny, I feel the opposite. I'm so much more into this campaign than the first one! I couldn't get in to some of the characters, but even the ones I initially didn't like in this one (Nott and Caleb) have started to grow on me.
chainer8686 (6 months ago)
The captain was also able to perceive Fjord's balls.
Smilein Bob (6 months ago)
so is it just me or are the random zoom in and outs really jarring and painful to watch?
RDR911 (1 month ago)
It's what people think is "good editing" these days. Kids have really short attention spans, so you need as many cuts as you can possibly do.
NickTheGreek3 (6 months ago)
I honestly can't tell if Fjord's accent change is intentional and plot-related or it's just Travis freaking out so much he loses his Fjord accent. I wouldn't blame him if it's the latter, shit's getting weirder and weirder!
NickTheGreek3 (6 months ago)
Interesting... Thanks for the clarification.
Harper Kingsland (6 months ago)
It's definitely intentional- his accent is consistent with every dream sequence, and what's more, Jester knows his regular accent isn't real and has remarked on it multiple times.
Tony Flamingo (6 months ago)
The things in the background are so cute.
miracLE I (6 months ago)
I like how she toned down the "preppy super positive everything is butterflies yay" attitude, alot more watchable.
Pancau (6 months ago)
Aww hello there, lovely recap. Also can we have these recaps 'footage' time grow a little, theres never too much of them with you Dani!
Coyce (6 months ago)
This just made me realize: caleb, as someone who is very adamant about keeping his past a secret sure as hell doesn't mind pressuring others about their secrets. Double standards much
Coyce (6 months ago)
+Chelsea L I mean I don't blame liam for going that route after all Caleb's mentor had secrets that ultimately lead to his parent's deaths and therefore he has trust issues. I'm really excited to see what happens when (if?) they meet his love interest from back when
Chelsea L (6 months ago)
Coyce "double standards much" perfectly describes caleb hahahaha! Liam says he's full of contradictions.
eddie drood (6 months ago)
Most useful recap ever. Thanks Dani!
Kairu (6 months ago)
need this since i can't stand not being able to just listen to the full episode :(
TheCandyManTeam (6 months ago)
Firsts time watching critical recap, I've gotta say I'm impressed. I skipped last episode and this video does a great job bringing me up to speed for this week's episode. I especially love how there are some highlights included.
David Conley (6 months ago)
As much as im sure the live Episodes are good to witness right there, trying to watch them normally is a bit annoying due to the crowd..
Vishaan Singh (5 months ago)
+David Conley Last show? This episode was nearly a month ago
David Conley (5 months ago)
+Vishaan Singh agreed. Last show was horrendous.. But it makes me want the next weeks episode more so that i dont have to listen to everyone
Vishaan Singh (6 months ago)
They were better this time around, mainly cause brain himself was calm and explained how cringy it was to pull that shit
Coyce (6 months ago)
Always has been, always will be and people don't respect Brian's wish to be respectful and not shout commands or jokes in. Even when he's pretty clear about this kind of behaviour not being funny or helpful, and I agree
larkiedeek (6 months ago)
You bring this season to life. Please be a special guest
Ethan Atwood (6 months ago)
Hmmmm darn. Missed the episode because of the audio stuff, and this just so happens to be the episode where we get dumps of fjords back story. Darn. And also disappointed that it wasn’t Cthulhu!!!!!
Mandrake Diamante (6 months ago)
The audio on the YouTube version is pretty good. They did an excellent job cleaning it up over what little I saw on the live stream.
Chelsea L (6 months ago)
Ethan Atwood I think for fjord's patron to have been cthulhu travis should have chosen The Great Old One as his warlock subclass instead of Hexblade? I'm not too knowledgeable about the warlock class tho
Andrew Sidebotham (6 months ago)
Thank you for recap as can’t watch live episodes as it’s like watching a sitcom with a shitty laugh track . Love critical role so much but yeah live shows the crowd ruins it so much it’s ridiculous
Jan (6 months ago)
Thanks for the recap!
MrTingles (6 months ago)
i don't know how to feel about Matt once again mysteriously using similar/the same story hooks as i am in my campaign... my tiefling sorcerer/warlock is connected to the serpent god of dreams as well, and it's not the first time that i've found myself preparing material for my group that then appears as if on cue in the critical role campaign... i always try to brush it off as "great minds think alike, hehe...." but it always feels kind of derivative in a way, even though these two campaigns obviously have nothing to do with each other at all... what's that phenomenon called, when you have something on your mind and subsequently tend to see it everywhere you go, where you wouldn't have otherwise noticed it of course? yeah, that.
RDR911 (1 month ago)
obsession? You maybe unhealthily obsessed with the show if you think this.
MrTingles (6 months ago)
also, that molly reveal/possibility blew my mind in nein different sorts of ways!
Tylerb284 (6 months ago)
_whispers_ Uk'otoaaaaaaa.........
Joe White (6 months ago)
crashspike22 (6 months ago)
Hi Dani😍
Elizabeth Ssinss (6 months ago)
Raphtyr (6 months ago)
Wait, who were Vandren and Sabien again?
Carlos Canales (6 months ago)
Coyce Sabien jumped off the ship before it blew is what Fjord told the group, I don’t remember exactly who Fjord asked but someone afterwards saw Sabien because he was doing some work for a pirate
Coyce (6 months ago)
+Jared Knight am I the only one who thinks it's entirely possible that none of both died or both are dead? Somehow fjord acts as if vandren died and sapien survived. How does he know that? Did I miss something?
Jared Knight (6 months ago)
Vandren was Fjord's old captain and father figure, Sabien was a crew member who betrayed and killed Vandren by blowing up their ship. Fjord wants to rip Sabien limb from limb.
Sierra M (6 months ago)
Stefan (6 months ago)
5:02 Did he admit to craving power, or did he just pretend it to keep Avantica on his side, while actually planning to overthrow and/ or stop her in the future?
Stefan (6 months ago)
He probably wants the power, while also feeling that it's not right and good, so he'll struggle between his desire and guilt. I'm curious what will actually happen, whether he'll embrace or reject it.
Zansi (6 months ago)
He did say on Talks Machina that he would like to have power over the sea, and he seemed pretty earnest about it.
IHateNumbersOnNames (6 months ago)
Yes. Also, crave was specifically chosen for its sexual conotation too. It was 50% bluff 50% flirt
The Sea Of Thy Soul (6 months ago)
Stefan Definitely sounded through all of that he was just acting like he hopes Avantika wants him to act.
Apples (6 months ago)
Always love these recaps.
Wicked Nemesis (6 months ago)
Thank God for the captions. I know you a spoke about how long it took to get up
Dwayne Hudson (6 months ago)
Why didn’t they get more info on mollymauks tattoos looks like there’s something to it that Ashley’s not saying.
chainer8686 (6 months ago)
If I was the DM in a situation such as this, I would modify future elements of the story to include some of the player's deductions as a small reward for thinking outside the box and maybe inciting something a bit more dramatic than what I maybe had planned.
Mollymauk (6 months ago)
Coyce no, the eyes were something different. He had described them as not taking ink and a lot of his tattoos were designed to make these eyes less obvious. They were clearly linked to his powers as he described that he woke up with them and also I believe one of them bled when he used one of his powers.
Coyce (6 months ago)
I doubt it, the tattoos might've had some meanings but I'm certain it's not story relevant. Molly was decked out in symbols of all the gods so I wouldn't be surprised if he had also worshipped demons
superkeaton (6 months ago)
Actually needed this to fill me in after that audio disaster. Between this recap and /tg/'s thread, I think I've gotten the most of the episode.
Vishaan Singh (6 months ago)
Is the /tg/ general any good? Last I checked they were extremely whiny and obsessed with the cast's personal lives, basically a Tumblr thread but on the opposite end of the spectrum.
Coyce (6 months ago)
Only other thing that you might've missed is that Fjord seems to be very interested in avantika though he might just fake it, hoping to get more information about the sphere. Also jester is not amused by Fjord showing interest in another woman
Christoffer (6 months ago)
Erhhhhh. Maybe there are as many eyeballs as the enitity has eyes on it's body? Just a guess though. But perhaps...
Joshua Hicks (6 months ago)
My Thoughts exactly.
Kujo. (6 months ago)
This entire group really is amazing, I'm tired of playing dnd with a shitty DM who never let's players be creative and players who never pay attention or just does annoying things like steal things and attack people indiscriminately
dat guy (5 months ago)
Debrief dude there are some dms that just railroad you. That said this is beyond top notch
Hawkwinter01 (6 months ago)
As in anything, communication is key, and it would be a good idea to talk with the others about the campaign you're looking to run, if you decide you'd like to DM. "Being the change you want to see" is good advice, but only works if the others are interested in playing in that type of campaign. Good luck. 😎
queenannsrevenge100 (6 months ago)
In the spirit of “being the change you want to see,” have you yourself tried DMing? Setting the example for the other players at the table of what you want to see in a good D&D session might be what’s needed. Encouraging (from the other side of the screen) the type of creativity and energy you feel is missing might be worth the trouble.
Hawkwinter01 (6 months ago)
@Kujo Not everyone's play style is the same. Obviously what you're looking for, is not being met by the DM or your fellow players. I recommend looking for a new group, if there's nothing local, you can usually find a web based group to join. You might even have success talking with your DM about what you're looking for as a player, or getting him/her to watch Critical Role. There's also the "DM Tips" videos that Matthew Mercer has done, but that can be a bit tricky to suggest to a DM, but perhaps you can suggest it to them without offending. Hope that helps. 😊
Michel Després (6 months ago)
Debrief Please refrain from that kind of unbased statement. You can like D&D and have a DM you consider shitty for not letting players be creative.
RariTwi (6 months ago)
Thank goodness for this recap.
Nixoth (6 months ago)
Needed this. The actual episode was unwatchable.
RDR911 (1 month ago)
+John Dent LOL did you even watch it? The video is unwatchable... There's even cutting out in this recap video lmao...
Tom Hazzard (3 months ago)
You literally took the words right out of my mouth!
tommy foy (6 months ago)
+Anomen1010 it wasn't that shitty, but I'm watching on shitty wifi that already lags on long videos so I couldn't get through it. Shame I always love the live shows.
Anomen1010 (6 months ago)
+EveesCastle a bit
Anomen1010 (6 months ago)
It was ok, regardeless of problems
Skippy Zc (6 months ago)
I watched the whole thing live but I smoke a lot of weed, ya'know?
Darrin Crose (6 months ago)
What a surprise a baked failass soyboy
RADU SOCOL (6 months ago)
Wicked Nemesis (6 months ago)
+Vermillion amazing name
Vermillion (6 months ago)
Nothing wrong with getting Turnt.
Wicked Nemesis (6 months ago)
Completely understood
Fargonauts (6 months ago)
Nice recap. thanks for the CC on the episode too. MUCH NEEDED.
Darkwintre (6 months ago)
Oh plushies!
GhostTreant (6 months ago)
I'm so proud of you Dani! You have been working so hard these past 2 weeks. Look at this extra long recap
Jean Smith (6 months ago)
Dani is our Queen. <3
Jon Kowalski (6 months ago)
Fastest I’ve caught it
james moss (6 months ago)
Definitely needed this!

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