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Dolls - A simple sun suit from Baby to Doll

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Yes as babies do , they grow and so did the little tree behind him . Today my Bye Bye baby sports this same sun suit that my first born wore but the little tree is now a very tall , tall tree . Enjoy !!
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Amelie Overton (23 days ago)
Oh he's so handsome!! Our babies back then was our little dolls. now our Dolly dolls are our dolls
tammy laskey (23 days ago)
Yes thirty two years ago where do the years go !! And now i have my dolls wearing his baby clothes !! Thank-you for the very nice compliment !!
stypa1717 (9 months ago)
Nostalgic but beautiful! Thanks for sharing your memories Tammy.
marie mayhew (9 months ago)
Your Son was a lovely baby, I wish I had saved some of my kids baby things now;. It must be very nostalgic seeing the baby outfit and how the tree has grown along with your Son growing up. X
marie mayhew (9 months ago)
That's wonderful Tammy, God bless you and your family X
tammy laskey (9 months ago)
Thank-you this is my miracle baby he was a very sick baby at birth and by all means should not be here today . But by the hand of God he is here today and next month he will be thirty -one . So each year is a blessing as we saw him grow from a baby to a little boy to a teenager to a man . We have been bless .
Moon Beam (9 months ago)
Dang that’s a big tree 🌲 and you’re son was so beautiful as a baby. I love his blonde hair and you’re baby doll I love that one the best out of You’re collections.
Antoinette trevigno (9 months ago)
How adorable your son and bye bye baby both. That is a very cute little sun suit. Thank you for sharing.
tammy laskey (9 months ago)
Yup and next month he will be 31 and still do not know where all those years have gone to . But the doll does look nifty wearing his baby clothes . At least they are still seeing some daylight and being put to use .
The Boy's Dolls (9 months ago)
So cute!!!
Lisa Lardas (9 months ago)
Loved seeing this what a real doll baby
Dodi's Dolls (9 months ago)
Lovely Tammy! Now, remind me not to go into your back yard when I decide to come to your house. At the base of that tree is poison ivy! I'm highly allergic.
tammy laskey (9 months ago)
You know i did not noticed what you thought was poison ivy until you said that but do not worry i went out and pulled it out with my bare hands !! Not !! Just joking but i did glove up and it is gone !! Actually it is from an old left over tree i thought i chopped out some time ago a Manitoba Maple tree , there leaf pattern is very similar to poison ivy . Believe it or not this tree' s leaves look similar to poison ivy .
Kimmie Lew (9 months ago)
Such beautiful memories, thank you for sharing!! ☺️
Sue Chase (9 months ago)
Oh how cute!! A beautiful baby!! (The doll too) So cool u saved his clothes and took the pics!! Great memories!!

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