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They tried to blackmail us🤬(Ph And KDW Trucking vlog)

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We had someone try to blackmail us sending harassing messages all weekend. Misery loves company but we gonna keep it moving
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LL Sneek Brown (9 months ago)
U represent us well homie .. fuck da haters ....keep doing ur thang
Porzongis Is King (1 year ago)
What you mean something gone happen to you bro??
Mike Sarni (1 year ago)
Fuck the trolls and drone po po...just tryna have fun baby!
K Brown (1 year ago)
Certain stuff they don't want out there.... But I mean if you can research and find it so can anybody else. Depends on how deep you search
Reginald Green (1 year ago)
Wut i miss? U giving out blk op secrets? Dm me!!!!! Dude im on my knuckles 👉🏾bad decisions my own fault but i need i come up
Always Informed (1 year ago)
Nigaga the drone intro too hard.
Reginald Green (1 year ago)
Haha Bitch hell yeah. Real talk
supradames (1 year ago)
Keep y'all mind clear and fuck the haters."not safe"what u up taking the pics wtf..Dumbass shit..but ki is right on how they killed homeboy at the lake..they don't piad out.. y'all be safe DEE'BLOCK
Manlito Moore (1 year ago)
Fuck the haters homie I been rocking with u since day one u always putting out real shit that wat we need is more real people out here like you 💯💯
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 year ago)
Manlito Moore thx Fam appreciate that
rsheyva (1 year ago)
oops he does not own the sky above the truck stop ...
rsheyva (1 year ago)
he does own the sky above the truck stop. what an idiot....lol
Kevin Folds (1 year ago)
Hell! It's like Andre 3000 said: Speeches only reaches those who already know about it.
the highway runner (1 year ago)
That's crazy bruh y'all stay safe out there.
Deacon (1 year ago)
Crazy shit bruh!! The truth scares people, it makes them face the uncomfortable things they've been running and hiding from. That's why PH. Y'all be careful out there and stay safe.
Ray David (1 year ago)
Trucking with the Trimbles . Great into & vid work . Keep doing ur thing Sir 👍
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 year ago)
Thx Fam
Soraya (1 year ago)
The thing is in the business of vlogging haters come in the form of viewers and sometimes coworkers. The latter may or may not be the case in your situation but definitelt rhe former. There is a growing trend i see where regardless of a vlogger's occupation if they're trying to open up themselves to the general public for the sake of interacting and sharing parts of their lives TROLLS will call their place of employment making false complaints because they want to see the chaos or the aftermath unfold in the next "episode". It is unfortunate; it's kind of like when in the video gaming youtube community the trolls would do what's "SWATing" where they would literally find out where the vlogger lived and call their local police or the SWAT to have them arrested live on camera. It's really messed up but the society we live in allows people to behave devious to the point where if one is not being selfish and cold people look at them like THEY are crazy/slow. So by all means keep some information to yourself Brother. Our curiosity isn't worth your livelihood. All in all, I'm telling you Brother keep your head up high, you'll be fine. God is with you 100 percent and you know that.
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 year ago)
Thx Fam appreciate your feedback
Soraya (1 year ago)
*definitely the former
Soraya (1 year ago)
Big Daddy (1 year ago)
Man that's messed up . You'll stay stay safe FAM !
So-Cal Trucker (1 year ago)
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 year ago)
Yeah bruh
S dubHolder585 (1 year ago)
I see you gettin nice wit that editing.. And dem trolls gonna do what they do best "troll".. But we gotta Keep on keepin on mane.. We gotta roll on there driver.. keep on truckin "Cmon".. ✌and love.. Sdub

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