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Oppa Gangnam Style (PSY) Acoustic Version

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Steph Micayle cover Oppa Gangnam Style (PSY)
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Fabrizzio Fernández (3 months ago)
Dizzzig (6 years ago)
намного лучше чем оригинал , круть !!!!
Lu combet (6 years ago)
Omie Mahomie (6 years ago)
yo, whats up? Nice video, different than the other acoustic version i listened to. The other one was calmer, this one gives me the feeling that I'm in a tavern in the wild west listening to cool and amazing guitar play, I like it. Your voice is pretty nice too, sounds a little coarse at some points, but its probably because of the recording tool, you definitely got talent though, go for it
Walser Carmen (6 years ago)
besserer gandam styl als das echte
Art of war 3 (6 years ago)
can u tell me strumming style
tom metraz (6 years ago)
jose leonardo (6 years ago)
de paso Que canta super hipermega arrechisimo es la china que esta mas buena que he visto en mi vida like si es sierto
Jose jaramillo veliz (6 years ago)
increible cover pero manito arriba si no estaban esperando ver una chichi XD jajaj lo siento tenia que decirlo
y me gustaron los anteojos de osito panda jejeje
hermoza voz q vacana olle muy vacana
me encanta la voz y la chica
super tenes una voz unik
luis jaramillo (6 years ago)
fucking Beautiful *____*
Hermoza *--*
Jorge Lavado (6 years ago)
Cantas muy bonito Super Like *¬*
Jorge Lavado (6 years ago)
Me encanta :3
Luis Ricardo Garcia (6 years ago)
38,000 people watching this video on facebook and they liked
Blue Atlas (6 years ago)
Woow! Es genial!

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