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Two Card Monte (Performance Breakdown)

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In this week's Performance Breakdown I'll be showing two simultaneous performances of Two Card Monte. Two Card Monte is a quick set-up effect that can be done with any regular pack of cards, the effect was made famous in David Blaine's first television special. After the performance there will be a breakdown of me explaining step by step what I did, when I did it, and why I did it. Click here to go to the breakdown: 2:56 COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=evancloyd http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtoDisturbReality Tutorial Page http://www.youtube.com/howtoDisturbReality Evan Cloyd's Website http://www.evancloyd.com Twitter http://twitter.com/jarek120 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/DisturbReality ABOUT EVAN CLOYD I grew up in Macomb, MI, I am the youngest son of two history teachers. I went to a film school for a year and currently working as a video editor for an exercise equipment company. I plan on moving to the Los Angeles area either before, or early, 2012. I primarily work with After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Cinema 4D. I am also a cinematographer, an independent wrestler, a magician, I can solve a 7-sided Rubik's cube, I am drug and alcohol free, and a proud graduate of P90X. ------ Be inspired to learn. Then aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (157)
Aiden James (2 years ago)
I never knew to do the top switch after the "real switch"
Aiden James (2 years ago)
I love it because it's so good. IDC if it's setup, it's so little you can do it in front of them and they won't care. i was typing this then he said it...
Neel K (2 years ago)
+Disturb Reality have you ever visited india? You'll get a lot of fans here!
Cube Bugged (2 years ago)
Thomas Gourley (3 years ago)
So today on the bus ride home I did this trick and it worked. It worked so well that this girl was like, "Man, I should've put this on Snapchat." (She was kinda cute by the way) And she recorded it and I am on Snapchat now! I screwed up though and got her friend's name (I was doing it on her friend) and I didn't even ask for her Snapchat! Thanks so much though because I used what you said from other videos about asking their name to get their attention. I got a great reaction from this too.
Halofanboy34694 (4 years ago)
Every time i do the slow switch they see the card how can i make them nit see it?
Randy Mey (3 years ago)
Mr ZyGo (4 years ago)
The top switch is so hard, isn't there an alternative?
A human I think?? (1 year ago)
Yup I used to do three double lifts So my set up would be Black king Red king Joker Black king Red king To turn the reds to the blacks So when you show the joker you pretend like it was random then peal two cards into the middle of the deck and your ready for the final double...
Brix Francis Catinsag (4 years ago)
Ohhhh.... Thanks man! I'll try it :D
Giovanni (4 years ago)
 I don't like doing the top change as well.. this is what i do: i turn the top card using my lap, and put the ace or whatever the card is on top.. then when i do a double lift, turning both cards over, as in a ambitious card routine.. then i put the card we just switched on their hand... 
Brix Francis Catinsag (4 years ago)
Thanks! But sometimes, when I call his/her name, they was like "What" but still looking at my hands.... :(
Giovanni (4 years ago)
+Brix Francis Catinsag try saying their name.. lets say you're doing this trick for a guy called tom.. just say..  ''Tom...(wait til he looks at u) without looking, what card'd u say is on the top?''
Chandler Andrews (5 years ago)
This trick is one of my favorites to preform! I remember one time I got caught with the top change, but they sort of forgot about it because they were still amazed by it!
psychicalligator (5 years ago)
can you do a deck giveaway?
DeeDubb1983 (5 years ago)
I always worry about that second move because it's hard to cover, but I've never been caught, so I guess it's working. This is such an awesome trick, because the story, and they are focusing on something completely different. Plus, the two proof points, after you give them the heart, and let them look, then when you pull the heart and show it, it really reinforces things nicely,and sets up a GREAT finish. I love love love this trick.
Victor Ponce (4 years ago)
Just play it natural i get worried to men lol
Kevin S. (4 years ago)
It's reverse psychology. The more obvious it is, the less likely they'll be suspicious about it. The story means everything. Trust me I've done this trick countless times and I have only been caught doing this move ONCE and that was when I was performing to another magician. Don't worry about it.
dhylan847 (5 years ago)
Plz do more of these
Lothan Miranda (5 years ago)
Woe great video i love ur videos
Ronilo Arenasa (5 years ago)
way lami!!!!!"
gimmechocs (5 years ago)
dude awesome performance and tutorial, thanks!
Azreal Sinclair (5 years ago)
Disturb Reality your an absolute god when it comes to magic :)
kyle herbert (5 years ago)
2:45 chef keef xD
tlprototype (5 years ago)
I think that's a really smart concept in redirecting, I also found that the hip side top card flip from SWAK works as well but it does take a little longer.
Romeo Patrunjel (5 years ago)
can i send you a video with the performance ?
Marcos Parreira (5 years ago)
The reaction is the best part, people really get amazed by the trick. That moment, for me, is the real magic.
♤♧EA Magic♡♢ (5 years ago)
I just came here to say that I made my version of the two card monte because you inspired me to disturb and that you were my role model without you i wouldnt have been a magician so it would mean the world to me if you could just check out this video, thanks for inspiring me :)
Will Smith (5 years ago)
It's good I like how south and easy you swap the cards
Connor Mullett (5 years ago)
lol they don't know shit keep going evan hes just one of those skeptics
Sha Shteam (5 years ago)
No!You can not bomb Jarek..!
TheYunicorn (5 years ago)
Black nails?
James Rose (5 years ago)
Do you have your own special custom brand of cards? If not, you,should use the pips from your wrestling uniform
CompleteGaming (5 years ago)
yeah and + the only reason i saw it is because i heard the cards like rub tougher so i replayed it and i saw the move hehe
Khalide Otaibi (5 years ago)
شباب تكفون ديس لايك عشان الموسيقا
CompleteGaming (5 years ago)
bang 2:16 i saw it i sawww it aha :D god im so happy with my self becuase i finaly spotted one of your moves XD
CopyCreate (5 years ago)
Just did the trick on my parents and brother. It was my first time doing any of the tricks and it worked on all 3 of them :D Im so proud....Thanks mann <3
pavlos benis (5 years ago)
pavlos benis (5 years ago)
The tutorial
Daddy Burk (5 years ago)
hakumoku808 (5 years ago)
BARADEI (5 years ago)
For me I dont need to hold onto the Ace using both hands. The hand which hands the Ace of diamonds (wich is a queen), will take the Ace of hearts immediatly from their hand and show it above the handed card (queen). Then you hit the cards together and take away the ace of hearts, here you say "You see the switch? withought looking at it (during this speech u do the top switch)." . Then you place the other queen on top and start arguing wheather they switched places or not. like David Blaine.
MrTewie (5 years ago)
that switch <3
Abdulbari Mohammed (5 years ago)
Best performance of two card monte
andrecarlos1406 (5 years ago)
Awesome trick and performance and explanation!
TheFallenKing (5 years ago)
he was surprised XD
TheFallenKing (5 years ago)
i watched the video and did it on my brother
MegaCMAN98 (5 years ago)
This is my favorite trick I love people's reactions
TheIlluminator (5 years ago)
Good video with a great explanation. Thank you...
Kayla Scott (5 years ago)
wow so cool I'm going to have to practice that one
אופק בנדיק (5 years ago)
Wow thanks
ItsSilo (5 years ago)
hey @howtodisturbreality i love your backstory im trying to become as amazing as you in the feild of magic an such but im also facing ur overcame problem... just because i like magic im beat up bullied and i have depression already and have gained high acting anxiety and paranoia cuz of it all.. and not even my famil gives me the time to show what i try to practice.. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you have a nice afternoon.(:
Disturb Reality (5 years ago)
Hold onto it so it remains face down/preventing them from turning it over.
ThreeBadAsses (5 years ago)
2:45/ 2:54 OMG look at his face... kkkkk
Marduk_Vassili (5 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this
Jack Vanstone (5 years ago)
Your picture is beast
Ernest Quaye (5 years ago)
Inspirational breakdown
Tyler Sandiford (5 years ago)
I just found your channel and honestly I think its great what your doing. there are some great card and general magic teachers on here and many of them are great also but i just felt compeled to tell you that i love your stuff
Phua JiaWei (5 years ago)
How do you convince your audience not to see the ace??PLS ANSWER!!!
NearFaydz (6 years ago)
Thank you, this has to be on of my favourite tricks to do on my friends and the best part it takes like 5 minutes to learn. Thanks once again
Magichannel101 (6 years ago)
2:43 Unamused
dudelolxp (6 years ago)
wow i thought i knew how it was done when i saw david blaine do it and i was right, i'm not really good at top switch so that makes this hard for me ---'
jayden reed (6 years ago)
when i preform 2 card monte i always make them laugh then switch the cards and so far its worked
Cardistry13 (6 years ago)
at the end where you have to switch the card that you take away form the spectator with the top card on the deck, somebody always notices the switch
Philip Ng (6 years ago)
2:42 lol I think you offended him
Cheah TM (6 years ago)
this trick is so very powerful!!! i must learn and master it^^
scootmasterlogan (6 years ago)
Dude why you wearing nail polish
Noah Wallace (6 years ago)
i alredy knew this trick but i still wanted to watch cuz all of yur tutorials are really good
Not_Giovanni (6 years ago)
AWESOME! btw, I can get juice for you for your marked decks!
Agic Mike (6 years ago)
I usually tell them its a memory game and they cant be checkin up on it every 5 secs.
soracardexpert (6 years ago)
I'm getting a black scorpion deck for Christmas. Should I try doing the two card monte with all four aces and switching the normal ace of spades with the ace of spades holding the ace of diamonds ( or hearts I can't remember which one it holds) after the reveal?
Daddy Burk (6 years ago)
Have I sad something else?
amethot94 (6 years ago)
Why are you telling them this isn't Ace of heart it's just heart? David Blaine did the same in his performance. I just wanted to know the purpose of it! Nice vids by the way keep uploading them :D
Monsieur_ Vercis (6 years ago)
Can I do Second Deal Instead? Will it be more invisible?? or not?
Daddy Burk (6 years ago)
Yeah of cource, but maybe a bad camera angle, cus we can see it.
MadCuzBreh (6 years ago)
You're exactly right, but other members of the audience were dogging your cards. A little positioning and they wouldn't have seen a thing either. Instead, everyone except the person you were actually doing the trick for saw the top change.
Disturb Reality (6 years ago)
Maybe next time I'll just angle the camera to my left or just remove my hands from the frame when I do it so NO ONE CAN SEE IT EVER EVER. The video is designed to teach when move happens.. the top change is supposed to be invisible to the spectator - if the spectator was holding the camera, the footage wouldn't show the top change because at that point he's looking at my face, not my hands. There's a method to the madness. It doesn't need to be invisible if you can redirect your audience.
Daddy Burk (6 years ago)
practice your top change
Jagdwurststulle (6 years ago)
I'm pretty new to magic, and this is one of the first tricks that I learned. Thanks a lot! :)
MrGuitaryMan (6 years ago)
why do guys paint their nails black? not that its stupid, but, why?
Gary Ferguson (6 years ago)
Please do more of these types of videos. Learning the slights is extremely important but I learned more about magic in that 6 minutes than I have in the last year and a half of watching other how to videos. Thank you.
Bubba Lemur (6 years ago)
Busher50 (6 years ago)
You are in my top 10 youtubers to perform 2 card monte
TDog3337 (6 years ago)
I tried to do this trick to my sister but she looked at it.. :(
Matthew Ernst (6 years ago)
@monkeyskin666 try dealing the last queen from the bottom of the deck I do it all the time, plus you only have to do a double lift with the second ace instead of a triple lift
Stephen Roberts (6 years ago)
i'm having trouble hiding the fact that i'm grabbing the second queen, i've tried like moving my hands a lot and trying to explain what the trick is and where the two card monte came from and as i do it i just kinda switch them real fast as i bring my hands together but like everytime i do it when they look at the cards they are like "i saw you switch the one but how'd the other one get there" any tips on how i can hide that i'm switching the ace in my hand for the queen on the deck?
Pokebreaker (6 years ago)
Their are numerous Three/Two Card monte routines out there, just like Ambitious Card routines. All of them are based off of the exact same concept, just with different ways of achieving the end result. This routine is actually an easier one to pull off, due to the reduced amount of sleights involved. However, simplicity does not necessarily mean less amazing, in the eyes of the spectator. As has been said in previous videos and often in the military: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)
Pokebreaker (6 years ago)
Yes, the "real switch" is him sliding the Ace of Hearts in, and pulling it right back out. Then he does the Top Change of the Ace of Hearts to the Black Queen, and places the Black Queen on top of the card the spectator is holding.
Pokebreaker (6 years ago)
I like the addition of holding the card after the first switch to keep them from flipping the card and exposing the trick. You can tell you learned that through trial and error in other performances. I like this performance. It's quick and doesn't involve too many sleights.
magicbend (6 years ago)
quadrumtrick (6 years ago)
your right is a setup... but i have also my own version how to setup the 2 ace and the 2 queen. for me is very simple...
John Mike (6 years ago)
It is a bit difficult trick to perform because sometimes people flip over their cards in " inappropriate " moments
Gamescare (6 years ago)
So the "real switch" is actually a fake?
Imad Dafaaoui (6 years ago)
one of the amazing tricks i've ever learned , thank youuuuuuuuu :D
CDI LINK (6 years ago)
dude this video is fantastic!!!!!! who knew that you could do that trick man your the next hudini seeya on roblox man
Johnnymagic 71 (6 years ago)
John Shepard (6 years ago)
dreadlock man is just sitting there like "........".
Pierre Ricard (6 years ago)
Hi Evan, I love the way you are explaining things over the performance footage. It's a great way to teach. Best way to learn. Keep up the fantastic work.
Xiiandali (6 years ago)
What I do with the ace of hearts is palm it and go into my back pocket and while I put the ace of hearts into my back pocket I say "Ok,lets bet on it..." xD
TheHugholeary (6 years ago)
@ howtodisturbreality thanks
RenegadeMasquerade (6 years ago)
@AceOfSpades096 There's no real secret to the Top Change; it's not about how you do it, it's when. You can't teach timing and misdirection, you work it out through performing.
keviv1692 (6 years ago)
Hey Evan, Vivek here..those having problems with the Top Switch here is an alternative.After doing the Triple lift & giving the apparent Ace we can misdirect them and turn over the top card face up.Now we take the Ace(H)..and say you can tell that the A(H) is here because you are seeing the face..What if i showed you the back..now turn the deck down..show the back and now you are in a DL position..Show the Ace(H) and turn the Double over &Switch it for a Queen..Erases Top Switch angle issues.
thanks for that, possible to improve slightly! :-)
L (6 years ago)
Thubs up if you watched these video after 301 views xD stupid top coment...
Edžusšovs (6 years ago)
thanks, really nice.
Fredrik Mac Leod (6 years ago)
I really like this one. Simple but fx full. Do you only do card trick so would you like to get in to coins as well. Don know why but if find coins slightly harder then cards. Thanks for great uploads.
SpikedBalloon (6 years ago)
Love this trick... I do it all the time in town... the people love it!
MarcoTheGreat (6 years ago)
I missed these breakdowns they are really cool
Disturb Reality (6 years ago)
I seen you on there! Nice!

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