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Top 10 Foods That (Almost) Never Expire

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TopTenz (1 month ago)
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Robert Grosser (20 hours ago)
I had to laugh at you when you tasted the drink.... Your face looked like you had just taken a mouthful of your own piss.
Robert Russell (23 hours ago)
I have eaten hard tack from the civil war
Electrohead (1 day ago)
I think I like the video of Simon making a drink better lol
mike f (3 days ago)
Yuck, Simon ginger beer is nasty.
silversonic99 (10 days ago)
4:52 actually no its not. clean water is the way to go.
James Roberts (11 days ago)
On bizarre foods they had hardtack from the American civil war.
Mark Strouthes (12 days ago)
Twinkies are not food.
BornFree (12 days ago)
1)anything dry and isolated will not decay 2)only clean dry white rice will last, most has bug larve that will eventually hatch in your pantry 3)alcohol is multipurpose, medical, and currency 4)unless botulism, canned exportation dates are a consumer confidence advertising and sales tactic. It will loose flavor or texture, but not a health risk. 5)honey can kill babies because botulism
Charles Behlen (13 days ago)
"Shaker and Spoon": Congrats, Simon, for not quite wincing.
MrXcman92 (15 days ago)
Speaking of hardtack from the 19th century still being edible, Steve1989 did just that. He ate Civil War era hardtack and you can watch it on his channel.
Renee Parent (15 days ago)
Besides the rice and honey, all this "forever" food sucks!
Fkir Firt (16 days ago)
Simon! Don't tell anyone to use a knife to chisel ice! Unsafe!
Poe Territory (16 days ago)
When the advertising is as interesting as the video topic.
James Martinez (16 days ago)
Maybe I'll add some honey to spicy pemican
N Peace (16 days ago)
Need to google some hard tack recipes for my hurricane kit
SebMeister (17 days ago)
That´s not a full drink :O
bebe (17 days ago)
you sprayed whatever it was when you making the cocktail onto the SIDE of the glass not IN the glass and its really bothering me
Rosie Cheeks (17 days ago)
What about peanut butter??
Jim Bond (17 days ago)
You forgot Ghee.
Jersh Rerr (17 days ago)
If honey isn't in this list I'm unsubbing
Metadragon (17 days ago)
Someone found hardtack from 1865 from the Civil War and it was still edible though very flavorless by account
The Mahano (17 days ago)
Like because of the fallout reference. Great video still tho.
The Angry Gamer (17 days ago)
Thumbnail was a picture of spam and the add before the video was for spam 😂
Mike schlegel (17 days ago)
I hate how u say pasta
maizenbrot (18 days ago)
9:45 Please explain how 2 pounds of any earthly substance can contain 14.000 calories. Pure fat is 8000 per two pounds.
David Truog (18 days ago)
Nice list, wtf is with a promo taking up 1/3 of the video?
Kyle Wilson (18 days ago)
No mention of raisens?
glen wooten (18 days ago)
Sweetened Condensed Milk .That shoud last a few years ?
Wolfe Wright (18 days ago)
only unpasteurized honey lasts forever.
Professor Oak (18 days ago)
Suprised to see my cultures food (pemican) on this list.
Groucho (19 days ago)
I was stuck on a FOB in Afghanistan some years ago, and we'd been stuck on rat packs for weeks. The news comes over that we're getting some fresh meat in the next resup. We were so excited until the 'fresh meat' turned out to be half a NATO pallet of Spam. Then followed 4 weeks of eating nothing but spam cooked in different ways. I swear if anyone puts a can of this stuff in front of me again, I will insert it up their fundamental orrifice.
James Austin (19 days ago)
dumb. 25 year old brown rice was delicious.
James Wilson (19 days ago)
Liqour is not food lol
Peter Archibald (19 days ago)
Refrigeraion is not dry storage!
Emmanuel Bois (19 days ago)
White rice better than brown? This is racist.
Wintersburg Outback (19 days ago)
Twinkies will survive a direct nuclear attack
Robert Drake (20 days ago)
Rice is full of arsenic, brown rice even worse. Think the rest of food longevity is inaccurate.
Jason (20 days ago)
You can buy condensed milk and tetra pacs of milk
Jason (20 days ago)
The reason that your large block of ice is smaller..is because you kept it in your fridge
Jason (20 days ago)
If you look at your rice thats even in an airtight container. There might be little buggies inside. They might be dead. But they are there
Nico 1 (20 days ago)
ketchup last forever!
shamone805 (22 days ago)
Wow, that cocktail kit would last me all of about an hour 😂 😂
John Pruitt Pruitt (22 days ago)
I'm the same may about My ICE
AK97M (26 days ago)
Wherema bitters hahahaah
Hula Girl (27 days ago)
I will feed my Twinkies and Spam white rice casserole to the zombies.
Zachary Spath (28 days ago)
They are changing your subtitles again
westregent66 (29 days ago)
I had Swiss Miss hot chocolate that was from the late 70s a few years ago and it still tasted fine 😁👍
Superb vid m8s
Politifeast (1 month ago)
Love to see you in this culinary setting.
Jon Ghaly (1 month ago)
Love the vids but the huge sponsorship plug in the middle of the list was pretty annoying. Either make it shorter or save it for the end please
danielsjohnson (1 month ago)
A sponsor that was directly relevant instead of only tangentially relevant is nice.
John Heath (1 month ago)
Wine under screw cap does not turn to vinegar, that’s much more likely to happen under cork
Tomas (1 month ago)
Didn't know I clicked on an unboxing video. 🙄
Shiina Ai (1 month ago)
Don't use a knife to chisel ice. It's unnecessary labour. Use hard items such as stone pestle or hammer. I assure you it's much easier. Hammer and chisel works too, but hammer alone works better than knife.
Matthew Chenault (1 month ago)
Honey: UNLIMITEEEEED.....SHELF LIFE!!!!! Twinkies: *Screams as it’s thrown out of a window.*
Birdy Wirdy (1 month ago)
So we've got to put up with your ads and youtubes?
Boris Bagryanskiy (1 month ago)
I did not know liquor was a food
Michael Kimmer (1 month ago)
Mmmmm spam
Cecilia Spears (1 month ago)
My friend has a Twinkie from an LFO concert in 2000. It is now a small brick. She uses it as a paper weight. I'm not sure all Twinkies are created equal. I think Tallahassee was correct about this one.
cookies4present (1 month ago)
The movie Zombieland.... He needs a Twinkie!!!
Flossey Morphett (1 month ago)
Have never and will never eat spam again after getting food poisoning from it. Bad experience.
TAndRDInSpace (1 month ago)
What about fruit cake? It is so dense and covered by so much rum that it could potentially last a thousand years or more.
Dale Ray (1 month ago)
Pro tip.... add powdered milk to coffee before zombie hunting zombies 🧟‍♀️
Xereth (1 month ago)
Honey, great for your instant coffee
Patrick S (1 month ago)
Preppers take note. Didn't know that about brown rice, now the whole white rice thing makes a lot more sense. Always thought it was stupid people would eat a less nutritious version of a staple foodstuff. Disappointed about the pasta, that was always my favourite go to food in an emergency.I assumed it would last 20 years plus. Need to get stuck into thst pile I've got stacked in the pantry.Baked beans, what about baked beans? Hard tack and beans was always my go to food in a short term emergency. I'm assuming the tomato sauce would be enough to stave off scurvy, probably not recommended in an enclosed space though, like a bunker. So a long term diet of hard tack, vodka, and honey it is . Not so bad. I guess I'll die happy.
Douglas Thompson (1 month ago)
Apparently 2 to 5 years equals to "almost never expires". Except for liquor and honey! Since a human life can live a hundred years, then I was expecting everything on the list to last a century!
gunrunner 46 (1 month ago)
Booze does not age in glass
Daves Skillet (1 month ago)
HardTack will last forever lol there is a civil war reenactment group that actually ate hardtack from the American civil war last year lol now's that's a testament.
Luna Harp (1 month ago)
Start putting honey in your coffee when you run out of cream 😂 I might try that
Entiox (1 month ago)
I do historical reenactment, and I was a chef, so I've made hardtack. Years ago I made some for an event, then the leftovers were forgotten in a bag that wasn't used anymore. It was found about a decade later, the hardtack was basically unchanged. It had the same consistency and tasted nearly the same.
Entiox (1 month ago)
Please get an icepick and stop abusing your knives.
lordmcted (1 month ago)
i had no idea you're a hipster- but now i can't stop
Lardicake (1 month ago)
better check on that block of ice you keep in your fridge
GlenAbbey Farms (1 month ago)
SPAM... Something Posing As Meat...
Chakat Nightsparkle (1 month ago)
I was Hoping you had Honey in the List as like number 1.
Hélène Louise (1 month ago)
Sprouting seeds last for years also
Matt M (1 month ago)
4 minutes of content and 8 minutes of ads
Kevan808 (1 month ago)
Spam = Hawaiian steak! 🤙🏽 😁
mkrool (1 month ago)
one problem theres no rum in the box
BeatlesFanSonia (1 month ago)
I buy honey and it has an expiration date on the bottle!
Tiny Metal Tube (1 month ago)
Your transition in and out of the sponsor was as smooth as that drink.
NoodlzOodlz (1 month ago)
Coconut water from a can is vile
Douglas Reeves (1 month ago)
At the USAFA, we had pemmican bars for survival training that were from the Korean War. This was in 1970. Can still remember the taste to this day.
willisverynice (1 month ago)
"Twinkies make a great emergency food ration" Do they though?
room-ten-oh-nine ! (1 month ago)
Love the "H&K" art you have at your home.
David Ben deWaard (1 month ago)
Ive once Had hard Tag from WW2 .. Tasted like dust... But still edible
Michael Burgess (1 month ago)
Ummm, even honey won't make hard tack good.
macsnafu (1 month ago)
And now for something completely different... I'll have the Spam, Spam, Spam, hard tack, Spam, Spam, white rice, Spam, Spam, Twinkies, Spam and pemmican, with a side of hard coffee with instant milk and honey to taste. And a side of Spam!
Catt's Box (1 month ago)
Hi ✌️
J Chapman (1 month ago)
How about dried, uncooked beans?
Shahbaz Shaikh (1 month ago)
Now i know the correlation of Twinkies from the movie Mortal Engines
John Wang (1 month ago)
Dry powdered milk may last but not the instant dry powdered milk sold in the grocery stores. It's only the powdered milk made for commercial food preparation that will last.
Mike O'. (1 month ago)
Oooh... haven't heard of HardTack before... except via Terry Pratchett's Dwarven Bread
tony castellano (1 month ago)
Im all stocked up for the India Pakistan nuke war. I have enough spam, rice, and booze to last me 3 years into the nuclear winter.
AndNowWhatADO (1 month ago)
Another great video. Hats off to Simon and the crew!
Cannon Singh (1 month ago)
what a coward
XTraqd (1 month ago)
"... a can of unopened tomatoes... " [teeheehee 😊]
megore04 (1 month ago)
you forgot peanut butter :( , that stuff lasts forever as well.
Mickey McGowan (1 month ago)
I tried snapping my fingers but still no drink in hand.. I must be doing this wrong

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