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10 Fascinating Facts About Cooking In The 18th Century

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The 18th century — the Colonial era of America — was a fascinating time for cooking. While most people didn’t yet have their own ovens, and often had to improvise, many people actually had a pretty decent knowledge of various cooking methods and would use as complicated a spicing regimen as their means would allow. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Craziest Bacon Products Of All Time https://youtu.be/s_F6FXG4T60?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnJ9wKIVrfv-6wzyiyPn7GfA Top 10 Bizarre Uses for Potatoes https://youtu.be/O4zcgiBDVwA?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnJ9wKIVrfv-6wzyiyPn7GfA Text version: https://www.toptenz.net/10-fascinating-facts-about-cooking-in-the-18th-century.php Coming up: 10. Cooking Puddings In Cloth Bags Was Actually An Incredibly Common Practic 9. Food Preservation Methods Were One Of The Most Important Things To Know 8. Nutmeg Was One Of The Most Popular Spices, And Shows Up In Almost Everything 7. In The 18th Century, People Had A Taste For Flavors Like Rosewater That We Would Find Odd 6. Suet, The Hard White Fat From Kidneys, Was A Staple Of 18th Century Cooking 5. Enslaved Cooks Were Incredibly Skilled And Brought Knowledge To The Enslaved Community 4. Seasonal And Regional Food Were All People Had, So They Had To Learn To Get Creative 3. “Cheesecakes” That Had No Cheese Were Common In 18th Century Cookbooks 2. Raisins, And Other Dried Fruits And Nuts, Were Considered Luxurious Additions To Desserts 1. Eggs Appear In A Ridiculous Amount Of Recipes, And Form The Backbone Of Regular Cooking Source/Further reading: https://youtu.be/3anPAb-BoqY https://youtu.be/NFfdHL_D7Zo http://mentalfloss.com/article/94734/why-early-america-was-obsessed-wooden-nutmegs https://youtu.be/MC5KxOh_VZA https://youtu.be/X34YriXy-DM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwkRWIwZ43A https://youtu.be/IN03MUqeUa4 https://youtu.be/b1NOup3RvOw https://twitter.com/biiimurray/status/590510548497858560?lang=en http://www.livingthecountrylife.com/animals/poultry/how-to-keep-hens-laying-in-winter/ https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:L%C3%A9on_Bonvin_-_Cook_with_Red_Apron_-_Walters_371505.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Powerloom_weaving_in_1835.jpg https://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmytst/12827677913 https://www.thecultureconcept.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/450px-Christmaspuddingonahook.jpg https://cdn.donnahaycdn.com.au/images/content-images/283_.jpg https://picryl.com/media/help-in-the-harvest-ice-is-needed-to-save-food-for-the-starving-people-of-the https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1401099 https://c1.staticflickr.com/6/5051/5465657837_1ff4563527_b.jpg https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/06/21/16/57/nutmeg-2427844_960_720.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nutmeg-spice.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rosewater_saffron_extract.jpg https://www.maxpixel.net/static/photo/1x/Red-Rose-Water-Red-Rose-Drip-Rain-Wet-808514.jpg https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2015/11/11/21/55/bake-1039323_960_720.jpg https://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A4%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%BB:Beef_suet-01.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Turkish_rice_pudding,_just_cooked.jpg https://www.flickr.com/photos/arndog/5890969042 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:US_Slave_Free_1789-1861.gif https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwkRWIwZ43A https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-KdMvcURmyec/WD2Zgxx2tzI/AAAAAAAAGWc/lisGrnED6pkY61kKx68Hb1O2154X5pQ3gCLcB/s1600/Cook.JPG http://archive.defense.gov/imgHandler.ashx?h=350&w=0&img=/dodcmsshare/photoessay/2015-02/hires_150219-Z-SM601-106A.jpg
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TopTenz (20 days ago)
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Bruno Oglesby (1 day ago)
SO HAPPY TO SEE THE TOWNSENDS!!! One of my fave channels!!
Jae Caesar (1 day ago)
Amazing. Would be cool to see more videos on topics like cooking and food
Sleeping Insomiac (3 days ago)
Strangely, many of your points are still a thing in Germany... Nutmeg, rose water, nuts and fruits in desserts... I can't imagine doing it different...
Mickey McGowan (5 days ago)
10 facts about americans cooking in the 18th century*
Sharon Schultz (6 days ago)
I'm American and I say nuts are delicious! Furthermore, there are actually many recipes still popular in America that use nuts, such as peanut brittle, banana nut bread, cookies, brownies, haystacks, and pecan pie is a holiday staple. Rocky road ice cream is rather popular as well; and it contains nuts. Not sure where you got the idea that nuts are not a thing in baking here in the USA; but many people enjoy them and make various foods with them. As for raisins I personally hate them, but they can be commonly found in oatmeal cookies, Raisin Bran, bagels and certain types of breakfast pastries.
MindlessMannequin (7 days ago)
I greatly appreciate the mention of The Townsends, but it seems a travesty to have no honouring of Mrs Crocombe!
ReddFoxx1562 (7 days ago)
I think it was a rather daft choice to use "pudding" in the manner chosen.
Kevin Moore (8 days ago)
I'm only 59 and when I was growing up seasonal and regional foods were still a big deal and I grew-up in the big city (San Francisco, CA.). Rarely did we get fruits and vegetables from So. America like we do today. I suppose if money was no object one could get whatever one wants even back then but nobody was paying premium for stuff from far away, so I kind of disagree with that point (#4).
younes bekkali (9 days ago)
Suet it is dstill used in morocco for some traditional meals like elkhlii, which is kind of a preserved meat
Steven Rais (12 days ago)
Oatmeal raisin is the best cookie. Fight me
I like how it says подписаться and a modern "paska" shows up for 18th century food
Chris Oberg (17 days ago)
Man if this channel and Townsend’s collabed, that would be so epic!!!!
OutOfSight OutOfMind (22 days ago)
That was pretty sweet. Several things here I didn't know.
The Dassem Channel (23 days ago)
Whut? Here in Norway we still think people would be crazy to pass up confections with raisins and nuts! :o
Chris E (24 days ago)
Be careful about using Townsend’s as a reference; they have the dubious record of selling and promoting things that never existed. (See bodices, now with added “boning” - a silly attempt to keep selling it.)
Tabatha Feucht (25 days ago)
Who gave you this information about us Americans not liking nuts or raisins in our sweets?!?? Raisnets, raisin bread , pecan sandies, pecan turtles and nut brittles are a common gift and eaten very commonly here. I’m also partial to pecans because I’m from The South, but I make either peanut or cashew brittle from scratch every for Christmas gifts for my family. 🥜 Ps. I love Townsend’s channel! My favorite episode is about Paw-Paws. We call them hillbilly bananas 🍌 Love your channel also. 👍🏻
Victor Relmek (1 month ago)
They boiled bags to sterilize them? How did they know what "steralizing" was? At what point did science discover germs?
Dj Phantom (1 month ago)
Thanks for this upload, interesting and factual, and no dam political connections, refreshing to have a purely informative list that is not contentious. It is very easy to get suet in the UK, not just supermarkets, however it is definitely not used as much as it was when I was a lad, pity,it can turn very bland ingredients into a feast, especially in a stew/casserole when suet dumplings are added soaking up the juices and gravy, scrumptious.
Lachlan Gow (1 month ago)
My Mum used to make a fruit cake-like pudding in a floured dishtowel and boiled in a pot of water. Called "clootie dumpling", it was a Scottish favourite. I hope it still exists !
Colin MacLaughlanWeir (1 month ago)
You keep saying the 18th C but you were talking about the 18 hundreds which is the 19th C
lekiscool (1 month ago)
I love rose petal teas!
Cynthia Nicola (1 month ago)
Most Western US groceries carry suet for Mexican recipes. Ususally found in the meat section.
Joe Gillian (1 month ago)
About nutmeg getting you high: It doesn't really work as you need to consume about 10g (which is difficult due to the strong taste and the problem of swallowing large amounts of a powdered substance. Think cinnamon challenge only 10 times worse) to get any effect whatsoever and it can take over 4 hours for it to begin effecting you. If you manage to do all that, probably all you will feel is mild to moderate drowsiness.
VERY interesting and, as usual, historically correct.
Quarantined Cosmonaut (1 month ago)
You very easily can get suet in the United States, I feed it to my birds. Just ask a worker in the meat department for suet at your local grocery store. You can buy it mad cheap and it's worth it. Any bird who eats suet, eats mosquitoes.
Rusty Mallett (1 month ago)
Thank for sharing Townsend and son. Awesome channel. Keep up the great work
Sarah Gray (1 month ago)
I love nutmeg and I use a lot of nuts and dried fruit in my cooking. 18th Century cooking was based on local and seasonal ingredients and contained far less sugar than what many people consume today. One of my Nana's treasures that she passed down to her family is an 18th century tea chest inlaid with mother of pearl...in those days, spices and tea were as precious as gold and were kept under lock and key, and it was considered rude to put too much sugar in your tea or coffee as this wasted your host's supply and implied that you thought his or her tea was of poor quality. These days most of the items at Starbucks is loaded with sugar and is simply not healthy!
Katie Kane (1 month ago)
Violas, pansies, nasturium & day lilles are edible flowers & have subtle flavor
Kimm 65 (1 month ago)
Rosewater is delicious in meringues or Pavlovas (Australians & New Zealanders are familiar with the latter). It has a soft subtle almost musk flavour if anyone is interested.
Howard Johnson (1 month ago)
I stopped watching townsend when sometime around Trump's election, he had a show about This is our final cooking episode at George Washington's Mount Vernon. For this last recipe, Deb Colburn joins us and makes us "Orange Fool". A perfect dessert to end your meal. Enjoy! He, of course maintains the two are in no way connected, but usually coincidences are not.
harout makijian (1 month ago)
This guy has the weirdest timing to breath from his mouth. Pretty annoying
Ricky Webster (1 month ago)
Cloth bag? Use to cook in garbage bags in county jail 😂😂
jennifer burrell (1 month ago)
Oh I love your channel and I love Townsends! You are so amazing for the shout out! Great Video!
K Jova (1 month ago)
I love nutmeg. Try putting it in your hot chocolate. Love
Sarah Levine (1 month ago)
I like fresh fruit better than cooked fruit.
Sarah Levine (1 month ago)
I hate when cheese is sweetened.
Sarah Levine (1 month ago)
I hate cheese cakes.
Sarah Levine (1 month ago)
Suet still is used to feed birds.
DL V (1 month ago)
Rosewater is great!
Harmsy (1 month ago)
I can get suet here in the States, but it has a bunch of birdseed in it.
Wolfy Kaname (1 month ago)
To be fair, a fruitcake made with cheap rum or brandy is the worst. You may as well be being tortured, it's vile.
confusedwhale (1 month ago)
Rose water is disgusting.
Rosewater is a rather tasty flavour.
diceman199 (1 month ago)
I use raisins in quite a few things...notably a bread and butter pudding that also has nutmeg in the custard :-)
Yoko Oh No! (1 month ago)
Simon, I love you but please please please don't call them "masters." YIKE
norrock1 (1 month ago)
If you're in the U.S. you should be able to go to a butcher shop or a grocery store that has a butcher and get some suet. When I make pemican ill get suet from my local grocery store butcher and its pretty cheap. Its not really something thats usually asked for so they don't tend to keep any on hand but if I go in in the morning and be like Hey I need some suet they'll tell me to come back later on in the day and they'll have it ready for me.
Nick Stahl (1 month ago)
Scereyaha (1 month ago)
Rosewater is delicious, excuse you.
The Curious Noob (1 month ago)
August 2219... Once they used vanilla. Ewwwww
Julian Reid (1 month ago)
Almost all southern cooking is of African origin, wit some native and the rest is European. Food was still seasonal until the late 1990's. I really love nuts and fruits in things but chocolate chips in brownies and pudding needs to STOP! Absolutely no real research has ever found a problem with eggs, butter, or green leafy vegetables.
Sebastian Dubois (1 month ago)
I'm terribly disappointed in this video. It wasn't bad but my interest in this subject left me wanting at every turn. What I would want out of this topic are links/examples/recipes that embodied these facts. An American has no idea what you are talking about when you say "pudding". Pudding is something made with milk and chocolate. Suet (as cursorily mentioned) is so obscure that it doesn't matter that you're saying it's available online, no one here has any idea what you're talking about or what it would be used for.
Maya S (1 month ago)
American Barbecue was originally a Native American way of cooking. The Spanish saw Southern US and Caribbean tribes cook meat on grills made of sticks over fire and slowly adopted it into their cooking. Eventually when the Colonists arrived and took slaves with them the ways evolved and transformed. But it was the Native Americans, not slaves, who invented Barbecue.
Maya S (1 month ago)
I'm not discounting African slaves contributions to American cooking, btw. They are the backbone of a lot of culinary traditions in America. However, Native American contributions should not be forgotten.
Sara 7 (1 month ago)
Rose water is delicious!
Louise C. Gibson (1 month ago)
I use a LOT of nutmeg in just about everything, i also love to use nuts and raisins, they're great in stews etc etc.. also i like rosewater in food, however i do use that less.
Medical Meccanica (1 month ago)
Who are these heathens who don't like fruit and nut in their sweets!? I need varied texture in my food or else my autistic brain gets sad. (Also I'm American)
I love how townsends was mentioned
Nick Pare (1 month ago)
I feel like the no nuts in confections thing is more of a californicated way of thinking. I've never heard of this becoming less popular or disliked around the East Coast at all. there's nuts and fruits in the majority of our candies and treats.
Mr K F (1 month ago)
Nutmeg, if taken in large doses is actually a psychoactive mind altering drug that gets you very high, and it's legal lol :)
TheLepke2011 (1 month ago)
Imagine a Simon Whistler/ Townsend's crossover vid!!!
leslie burden (1 month ago)
Mmm dumplings
John Martin (1 month ago)
Been watching the townsends since their channel began. I actually live close to where they are located. Way to give them credit for what they do.
Laura Klaassen Minnick (1 month ago)
Townsend is a wonderful channel! My granddaughter Ilyana loves their cooking videos- especially when Ivy is on! Simon, cheesecakes go Spanaway back. I have 15th-17th c recipes for them- sweet pies recognizable as cheese cake! I do camping events with the SCA, and I ha e made cheesecake in camp, starting by MAKING.CHEESE in camp, then combining it with eggs, Sweetener (sugar or honey), a bit of nutmeg, and some rose water. They are AMAZING, and if you serve them with whipped team and berries, you'll.get marriage proposals!
Reb Reynolds (1 month ago)
" I put nutmeg on my nutmeg" 😍😂😆☺😉😂
Permie Bird (1 month ago)
For giving such a big shout out to Townsends, it surprised me there isn't a link to Townsends YouTube channel in the description.😊
G3 Heathen (1 month ago)
towsends fried chicken recipe is awesome!
Hannah Mac (1 month ago)
We often use suet instead of lard or Crisco for pie crusts and such. Didn't know that it wasn't used as often now. We just get it from our butcher and render it ourselves.
Mark Susskind (1 month ago)
I remember Townsends testing out preservation methods.
Asif Imtiaz (1 month ago)
Americans dont know what kacchi and biriyani is, rose-petal water will go over their head 😂🤣
Damitz85 (1 month ago)
I like pudding. Butterscotch is my favorite. 🤤
Allison Spalter (1 month ago)
This episode is literally just a townsend's cliff notes
Trouve Cetto (1 month ago)
There are plenty of ways to store food safely, at least in arab countries and most of mailand Europe, fridges are overused nowadays, and only ignorant people get horrified when they find out a certain something is not stored in the fridge. Today rosewter and other scented water is still used in pastry today.
Marie Lastname (1 month ago)
Can you name me things that don't need to be stored in a fridge that most people store in a fridge?
Lol, this isn't a shout out so much as a 10min Townsends commercial (no complaints here tho)
Melanie Schaefer (1 month ago)
Raisins and nuts are great..?????
John Hardin (1 month ago)
You call indentured white servants free? The blacks were just better cooks and more trustworthy.
In My Mersey Paradise (1 month ago)
Your voice relaxes me
V. Hansen (1 month ago)
Great. Now all I want is pudding. Edit: and now cheesecake. Also, nuts make EVERY dessert better!
Vincent Venturella (1 month ago)
If you eat enough nutmeg, or mace, it's red fleshy aril on the seed or nut, you might hallucinate. Or not and vomit anyway.
werewolf6780 Wolfie (1 month ago)
Omfg I love Townsends!
Nijihime (1 month ago)
I would love to try an original cheese cake recipe. Also I love nuts and fruit in my sweets. I thought about substituting sugar, with fruit instead of artificial sugar in home made sweets. (I can't stand the idea of artificial sugar)
Msminnie (1 month ago)
Raisins are the demons of the baking world, but nuts? Buttered pecan ice cream and pecan pie are treasured American concoctions. Also, there's Snickers, BabyRuth, Payday etc.
Alistair Shaw (1 month ago)
OK, now I've watched this I'm fairly sure I must be around 250 years old.
Alistair Shaw (1 month ago)
Lordy. This is making me feel old. Plant your garden/allotment to have continual crops. Has the world gone mad? Seasonal food is still common!
Alistair Shaw (1 month ago)
And suet is still used.
Alistair Shaw (1 month ago)
My grandmother cooked Christmas pudding in a cloth bag in the 1980's. Still the desired method for authentic Christmas pudding.
Paxton Hickman (1 month ago)
I clicked on this and was like "If i dont see one townsends shoutout im unsubscribing"
avg joe gaming (1 month ago)
Had a rosewater cake that according to other people wasn't very strong and overpowering but still tasted bad and wierd to me. Much rather have vanilla Don't like cheesecake to much. Nuts in sweets is awesome fruit not so much
the angry australian (1 month ago)
Nutmeg can't get you high thats a myth
yay! glad to find this and find that you've mentioned Townsends. Now everyone go watch John's channel, because the recipes he shows are incredibly yummy.
stoeger 2 (1 month ago)
Dutch oven baby
Pudding? American pudding is a sweet treat not unlike jello. What is British pudding?
Robert Knight (1 month ago)
I know plenty of Americans yhat like oatmeal raisin cookies.
We still use floral waters in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Zamboni Josiah (1 month ago)
I personally can't understand why raisins and dried fruits in baked goods and sweets are so maligned. Oatmeal raisin cookies are amazing, and fruitcake is nigh orgasmic and is something I look forward to every Christmas.
StinaLynn De LaFranc (1 month ago)
Seems like flowery flavors are still semi-popular in Britain too judging by the Great British Baking Show; their seems to be at least one person in almost every episode that uses rose or lavender flavoring in one of their recipes. Once I tried rose flavored candy and syrup that a friend had gotten while in France; she offered me $50 if i could guess the flavor, I guessed shell-shaped decorative bath soaps, I was wrong they were rose flavored.
Vilhelmo De Okcidento (1 month ago)
You should do an episode on historical bread and the blasphemous nature of modern "bread".
Jeff B (1 month ago)
Simon is a part of my daily life!
April Richards (1 month ago)
I love fruitcake! I mean the old English style ones a friend taught me to make. :-)
DJM Ames (1 month ago)
you can alway find suet in a Blucher shop. also any where in the country grosser . just hard to find in a city setting
oceannavagator (1 month ago)
Without enslaved black people the south would have starved. Southern cuisine is black cuisine, okra, field peas and fried chicken came from Africa with black slaves as well as the open pit barbecue.

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