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Trucking bad delivery

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I got a load to Providence Rhode Island right city I will never go there again
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😂😂😂😂 idk how to read a map
Dianne Bradley (5 months ago)
All of those island isn't truck friendly it sux there
Dianne Bradley (5 months ago)
Rhode fon sux too
Devan (5 months ago)
Remember the situations I got caught up in, in Connecticut. I much rather deal with the mountains in the northwest.
Maurice Whaley (5 months ago)
You did it bro for all newbies in this trucking you have to remain calm I been there had to back up 8 blocks in Brooklyn once.but great vid keep grinding
Chrid Smith (5 months ago)
Yeah bro. I hauled fuel to gas stations on the east coast. sketchy. now I'm in the oilfield shit wide open so peaceful lol
Big Daddy (5 months ago)
Dam bro ! Smh !
Lewis NASH (5 months ago)
You gotta start charging a higher rate to run the northeast. Because of situations like this one.
ILLWILL508 (5 months ago)
There is nothing like finding yr stop in a place up north and not tearing up yr truck and trailer or somebody's car,and why do they park on the DAM street and they have driveways
R W (5 months ago)
Hey bro, when you deliver or pick up somewhere for the first time, plug the address into Google Maps. You can use the general map to find your way to the place, then switch to sattelite and street view to walk yourself through the route leading up to your destination. Sattelite view will help you see how tight the roads and turns are, and street view will let you see if there are signs, cars, or maybe even a median that will block a turn you would have otherwise wanted to take. If you do it right, it will feel like you've already been there even though its your first time rolling thru. It will be ezpz for you.
Nick Mane (5 months ago)
Damm bro you show it how it is!
Big Tim's Trucking LLC (5 months ago)
Handled that like a boss
Jamar turner (5 months ago)
Yo get a better nav ran McNally best nav on the market for trucks
Parteehard da trucker (5 months ago)
Had three Rand McNally all broke some places gps doesn’t work I got Rand McNally in the truck fresh out the box broke and a $400.00 garmin so they all trash to me
Alec White (5 months ago)
Places Ive never been to i google maps sky view the day before and plan the day ahead how Ill get in there. See if trucks are parked there maybe i can shut down there. That turn sometimes you just can’t maybe its better from the other side of the road. So instead of turning left, maybe you can go pass it turn around make the turn from the right vice versa
Omar0224 (5 months ago)
Dam PH you was in my hood lol if I had been there I would've definitely helped you out.
Isiah Thomason (5 months ago)
Glad you made it there safe man.😎
Brandon Franklin (5 months ago)
I don't go above I-84
Brandon Franklin (5 months ago)
I don't believe 53 foot trailers belong up there!!!
Joshua Esters (5 months ago)
Yo PH, when I go to deliver to a place for the first time I call and ask them the right way to get there for a semi truck. Helps me out most of the time.
chet Gerber (5 months ago)
Joshua Esters you are absolutely 100% correct . Call the customer then compare to gps and map. Can't believe the drivers that drive in "blind". Oh well some like to do it the hard way, or mayby live for the adventure . ?
Tboss76 ghost (5 months ago)
Damn those roads are tight bruh now I know why drivers don't like the Northeast
solomon grundy (5 months ago)
Northeast...thats a 👎
Jai Clark (5 months ago)
Keep your grind up bro. That last vid... hey we ain't letting u go back for no dumb ish. Believe that. Respect.
Cadillac 395 (5 months ago)
Professional 👍🏽the area we deliver in sometime smh.......
Cadillac 395 (5 months ago)
Cadillac 395 (5 months ago)
What’s good PH.... I hate situations like that be careful driver

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