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Backwoods Guitar - Swindler Effects Magic City Delay - Pedal Review

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Get your Swindler Effects Magic City Delay effects pedal at BackwoodsGuitar.com If you are looking for nice dark, lush repeats with analog voicing and 3 tap divisions all in one effects pedal than look no further than the Swindler Effects Magic City Delay. This tap tempo delay offers onboard tap, three tap divisions and tap in / tap out functionality. The 3-way Tap Division switch is used to toggle between Quarter, Dotted Eighth, or Eighth Note divisions. The Repeats, Time, Filter, and Mix controls allow you to alter the overall tone of the repeats, as well as filter in or out the tape-like artifacts produced at longer delay times. Follow us here: www.BackwoodsGuitar.com Instagram: @backwoodsguitar Twitter: @backwoodsguitar facebook.com/backwoodsguitarrepair
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