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Day[9] vs. Ari Stidham | Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers | Season 4, Episode 1

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Join Sean “Day[9]” Plott as he plays Magic the Gathering with Scorpion actor Ari Stidham in the latest episode of Spellslingers! Welcome to Spellslingers, a show based on the phenomenally popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards. Learn more about Magic: The Gathering here: https://magic.wizards.com/en Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (1285)
Jake's Place (3 days ago)
Finally it's back!!! This is the only decent Magic show out there.
Zain GR (5 days ago)
A whOLe NeW wORld
Danny Lievano (8 days ago)
Ari being a normal green guy Day9: "WHY CANT I HOLD ALL THESE CREATURES"
Zacharia Gebro (9 days ago)
pretty sure Ari didn't have enough mana to play the artifact turn three
Nico Griffin (10 days ago)
I wish Spellslingers did what Game Knights did and linked what decks were being used in the description. I really want that Grunn deck.
Nicolas Clark (16 days ago)
I agree, I would have kept that two-lander as well. Though it does kind of hurt not knowing how many artifacts the deck runs to take better advantage of Temporal Machinations.
DPI Stanley (20 days ago)
Omg for my friends and my firsts ever magic deck were these exaxr two decks.
Lundquist Real Estate (25 days ago)
When he said, speaking of round things.... I was like oh, no he wont, no.
Baleful Strix (25 days ago)
I don't mind about the two lander, but you must never, ever, EVER go first if you have the option when playing Azorius Control
Riley Mackey (28 days ago)
Is that Sylvester from Scorpion
Hawkwinter01 (29 days ago)
If this is bringing back the old cards, like Serra babe, Berserk could've theoretically been his card...unless that didn't get re-released.
Seegullz ex (29 days ago)
what i i learned from spellslingers: blue sucks
Plank of Wood (1 month ago)
Did I just watch two grown men flirt for half an hour?
DuncanEscNJ (1 month ago)
I have a few questions... bc serra angel had vigilance and sean only attacked with serra around the 18:30 mark, why was he still able to use the +2 untap target creature/artifact planes waker ability. Similarly, earlier in the game the guest used the +1 planes walker deal 2 damage, get 2 red mana ability and then didn't use the mana so why didn't he get mana burned at end of turn? Honestly curious, I'm still kinda new to the game
Keith A (1 month ago)
lmao, "Yeah, I'm a MATH major, I'm not good at arithmetic, I'm good at letters."
XerrolAvengerII (1 month ago)
Did ari ever do anything with the two red mana chandra generates each turn? nvm, I guess he just skipped it the first time.
Slithereenn (1 month ago)
That was one of the better games on this show.
kaleo8088 (2 months ago)
Am I the only person that thinks Ari should have used his Planewalker as soon as it got to 7 and sacrificed it, bringing Sean down to 8 with no monsters. Worthy trade since Ari knew Sean had the Serra Angel swinging next turn
Six O'Clock (2 months ago)
George Delaney (2 months ago)
too bad Scorpion got cancelled
Oussama games (2 months ago)
ari i love you man
lizardgod 101 (2 months ago)
I almost could'nt believe it! Yes!
Crick1952 (2 months ago)
Guess who's back From the grave Day9's back Tell a friend
Matze (2 months ago)
It's so weird seeing Sean in such a scripted setting, I don't know if I like that.
Deven Walker (2 months ago)
i knew it was a bluff
M Balazs (2 months ago)
Im so glad you continue this XD
xBLACKxEYEx (2 months ago)
At 17.50 Sean turned into Golddust.
CrazyDeadPerson (2 months ago)
*mentions corner case decks where one land is enough*
RC ScottyK (2 months ago)
YES!! So glad you’re back!!
Jose Arroyo (2 months ago)
About f***n time
jake foulger (2 months ago)
the 2 mana statement is just dumb
Wolffe (2 months ago)
What a great game hahaha
Arthur Cavalcanti (2 months ago)
2:32 to 2:40, rewatched 1000 times, I can't stop laughing.
Daniel Scott (2 months ago)
Love me some Spellslingers. So glad this wasn't canceled
Flávio Faive (2 months ago)
I subscribed to this channel just because Spellslingers, and finally... After one decade waiting, a new video! I lost count how many times I thought to unsubscribe...
Matthew Rollick (3 months ago)
Dang that was an intense match! Loved it!
Mick Rissling (3 months ago)
I am really glad to see this show back. Love the game though I don't really play anymore, and Day(9) cracks me up.
Christian Aguilar (3 months ago)
All time favorite eposiode of spellslingers !!!
SlipperyBrocoli (3 months ago)
Hahaha! That bluff was amazing!
Kyle Gauthier (3 months ago)
How was Ari able to get out his planeswalker Chandra with only 1 mountain? @8:25
drakemane (2 months ago)
Gilded lotus. Gave him 3 more with it's effect.
DJ Lowd (3 months ago)
Damn Ari that bluff was beautiful
Matthew Brantner (3 months ago)
man that fight with fire was epic
JJmars123 (3 months ago)
Great game
Ethan Searls (3 months ago)
Have they ever done an EDH special?
L (3 months ago)
Don't Sean, I've kept a two lander draw many times before. Not all led to successful land draw, but it can be a good gamble.
YDP (3 months ago)
Glad this is back. Also, this episode was excellent!
Robert E.O Speedwagon (3 months ago)
When he played marwyn lol
BulldogJ3ster (3 months ago)
Dallas Chaffin (3 months ago)
"if you get two lands, look at me, Mulligan. Mulligan! Me, the burn player: but 2 is all I need
Deku (3 months ago)
Fire the joke writer for this episode lol
Florante Antonio Alfonso (3 months ago)
After 3 F*king years.. hello season 4~! <3
Justin Carter (3 months ago)
Did he just use a planeswalker ability 2 times in a turn
Soulless (3 months ago)
THIS is the comeback this show deserved. This was dramatic and it was awesome.
David The Duck (3 months ago)
His face sorta looks like jake Paul’s
Rust-O (3 months ago)
I keep on landers all the time in modern. Only for the brave I guess.
YayMKayay (3 months ago)
"it was a very smooth spin.... I feel good about myself" xD
Glorious7777 (3 months ago)
This is honestly how I play magic. The games where your laughing, 45 minute games, forget who’s turn it is.
Maxaphorical (3 months ago)
Doesn't technically matter, but tetsuko can be blocked after you put the +1/+1 counter on it
Kresh35 (3 months ago)
Ha ha ! For the come back, what is better than .... Playing BLUE White
Max Mogel (3 months ago)
Tap your fricken lands Ari!
George Thomas Stevenson (3 months ago)
I laughed so much! Ari is such fun ^_^
Keira K (3 months ago)
Idk Ari but I love him! 😂 BAAP!!!
Bullied PacificJames (3 months ago)
Sean you should play magic with JPMcdaniel
dave s (3 months ago)
So gay and pathetic... Magic is so fucking awful now
Stephen Turner (3 months ago)
Really enjoyed this episode! Keep up the good work!
cthulu 3141 (3 months ago)
Am I the the only one who wants to know how they have m19 cards in their intro when this video was posted before any were spoiled?
Noisyblizzard (3 months ago)
Please let this show never pause this long again!
Thad Foo (3 months ago)
That run the jewels reference! Thank you editors, you made my day
Viral Bheda (3 months ago)
Hyoneff Gruñón (3 months ago)
Okay, that wheel was staged lol.
Ray (3 months ago)
yes this is back!
Jake Daemen (3 months ago)
The best episode so far well done you two !
Ricardo8388 (3 months ago)
I hope your heart has 1 black mana regenerate.. cause youre gonna need it.
Daniel Alferink (3 months ago)
What I really enjoy about Spellslingers as a FBN (full blown novice), is that the pace is just right with each played card zoomed in, allowing all to keep up and understand what actually is going on. There's already so many 'fast paced nervous card fumbling I know each card's abilities by card name' type videos that the FBNs can't keep up with. Looking forward to next episodes!
SuperMortalix (3 months ago)
I think this is the best game in spellslinger yet. Incredible suspense, back and forth action. Very even and finally Sean won with white but more importantly with blue =) Also Ari was a blast!
Cloud (4 months ago)
This show is the whole reason I subscribed to Geek and Sundry two years ago.
Jjones (4 months ago)
it's back it's actually back Rejoice my fellow plainswalkers!!
jonathan (4 months ago)
Omg its back.
888ian2 (4 months ago)
OH MY GOD I just found out today that this was out I am so happy right now Day 9 you are the bessssssssst
Emrah Ekinci (4 months ago)
Never start a game with only two lands ? That is the noobest "tip" I have ever heard .
Justin H (4 months ago)
Glad its back.
Azryyan Shah (4 months ago)
SO HAPPY THAT SPELLSLINGERS IS BACK!!!! However, just to point out. When Sean played his Teferi Sentinels, he forgot to put +4/+0 counters on them. Because he did have Teferi on the board. Just pointing out! No hate!!!
MTG Micheal (4 months ago)
maybe got does exist
Brendan McCarthy (4 months ago)
Photo Hound (4 months ago)
I am happy to see this series return!
PlunderAndPillage (4 months ago)
So glad this is back!
Leverquin (4 months ago)
he's back!
Alex Schwartz (4 months ago)
3:50 you want 2-3 lands... your deck is just too expensive, in the first three turn you are likely to draw a third anyway for the most expensive cards in your efficient deck
SuperBoss Giovanni (4 months ago)
"You should never keep a two land hand" What the hell are you talking about? 2-3 land is ideal. You will never get punished for keeping 2 land? You're right, you wont. Because that's a good decision.
JDHarlequin (4 months ago)
DIABOLIC (4 months ago)
why is Chandra red green again?
cody pannell (4 months ago)
False.... you can definitely keep 2 land hands.... depending on the deck of course
Drecon84 (4 months ago)
I know the feeling Day9. I'm a math teacher and I couldn't do arithmetic if my life depended on it.
Drecon84 (4 months ago)
Two lands is fine for most decks. Not great for a lot of control decks though.
Evil Taco Man (4 months ago)
I liked and subscribed because of the startled reaction
grndragon7777777 (4 months ago)
PhazonOmega (4 months ago)
"Never keep only two lands!" Except when playing Stompy in Pauper. Or several other situations. :3
Lew Fraga (4 months ago)
WELCOME BACK!! Oh I've missed this show!
Lonegrim O (4 months ago)
Sean next time somebody does what Ari does with a handshake kiss the back of his hand .

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