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Men Are Better Than Women (A WOMAN'S REACTION)

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Why is it so hard for us to admit men are just..better at some things? This is my reflection/response to Sasha Daygame's video - FACT: Men are Better than women (at some things) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxpX6IQ3GY4
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Progress and Peace 1 (1 month ago)
My question is - why did women over the last 100 years somehow come to interpret their lower physical strength, i.e. what Christianity and many other religions call as the "weaker vessel" as some kind of a negative, taboo thing? Shouldn't they be instead feel happy that men are strong enough to physically or metaphorically carry them and that this should be an adorable thing? No balanced man thinks of women's lower physical strength in some pejorative manner. Actually, this is the very thing that sparks a man's biological gynocentric protective instinct towards females (of course, men should keep that in check and not be a knight for women who wouldn't care for them, but that's a different story).
funky down (4 days ago)
we SHOULD be knights against muslims even when their target are those fat feminists who hate men. why? because muslims are actually dangerous and chauvinist feminists are just mentally ill freaks nobody should pay attention to (proven therapy)
Benny C (12 days ago)
When it came to hunting and plowing the farm fields and cutting down trees women idly sat back and picked the berries and baked bread. The day men put air conditioning into office building women took to the streets and demanded equal rights. But they still have yet to take on equal responsibility
nt78stonewobble (19 days ago)
A few semi random thoughts on it... Well, first off I don't necessarily think it's just women, that have a hard time accepting being "inferior" in some way, allthough I think alot of people, organisations, companies, media etc. play to a more general human sentiment, that it's not exactly nice to be behind others. I recently saw a libresse advertisement boldly and appearing to be shocked, that 40 something percent of women, did not like the look of their vulvas and obviously society, with libresses help, needed to change that, so they started a change with a campaign thing called "vive la vulva". I find that rather symptomatic... First off not liking a part of your body covers a vide range of dislike from barely noticing to incredibly selfconscious with physicle and mental selfdamaging behaviour. Secondly, most importantly and I can't believe this has to be reiterated, we are talking body parts. At most parts of the whole person. ... I've gotten love handles. I don't think that's pretty, but I also don't think it's important enough to do something about at the present time. I don't need to change my aesthetical sense around to suddenly view my lovehandles as pretty as I normally would a fit and healthy (neither too much nor too little) stomache and sides. There's allways gonna be someone smarter, richer, more beautifull, funnier, stronger, etc. person than me... There's also gonna be someone dumber, poorer, uglier, less funny, weaker etc. person than me. I don't need to be the best or call whatever I have the best (with more or less merit) to have value... I have value for just being a person and I'm lucky enough to have someone love me with or without lovehandles. ... I don't know why people these days have a hard time not being the best at xyz and even needing to change the rules around so they can be called the best... And not just at x, y and z, but apparently everything needs to be the best and beautifull.
+Progress and Peace 1 then why isn't anyone fixing the market?
lgbt bathroom (2 hours ago)
Look at the crowd tho. It's a far left crowd.
Redmi Redmi (5 hours ago)
He should had raped her. This would show he is stronger? It would help her to see facts
Reistütenboy (7 hours ago)
I really dont give a fuck wheiter someone calls me a sexist or not, for saying that men are physicly stronger usually than women for example. I agree that this turn of minds in the last few decades is kinda sad. All try to equalize women and not even realizing that they start to discrimate men.
isturbo1984 (10 hours ago)
I don't think it is hard for people or women to admit a man is better at some things. This is where the terms "SJW," "Feminist" and "cuck" come in.
Those insecurities you speak about are allowed, given excuses for, while individuality, and effort, are punished. This happens a lot, nowadays. The colony will never survive if all the ants are like that. I think they dig their own graves.
Selvin Polanco (19 hours ago)
4:20 .... im confused here. so Completely different, but equal??? I don't see the argument here. when two things are completely different, therein, they cannot be equal for they do not have anything in common. however, men and women are human beings. Other than the obvious reproductive organ difference and hormonal balance. and physical attributes. We are essentially the same. we can perform most of the same things the opposite sex can accomplish. Therefore everything here on out of what you said makes little sense, aside of that of an emotional opinion. although at around 9:30 your closing statements are more than correct. what you said then devalues the saying "equal but not the same" what you said there is "Completely Different" therefore cannot be the same. otherwise good response. I just had the thing from there.
KDingo81 (19 hours ago)
My wish for the future, and the future of mankind, is that gender becomes just a thing when it comes to procreation and besides that becomes obsolete. Men and women are different, there is plenty of evidences about that, which is not bad but simply shows they complement each others. Is one gender better then the other in general? Off course not, a woman can do what a man does and vice versa. This is the western world we life in not a backwards country that forces women into burkas. Both genders have strength and weakness, male attributes are usually more on the physical side and female strength on average is more on the mental side (the averag iq of a woman is usually higher then the average iq of a man). If this is utilized well humanity will make a huge leap forward, but at the moment we are stuck in a "dick comparison" between women and men that both want to have the upper hand in the end, not realizing that both of us loose that way. We are stuck in a fucking gender war for no purpose, no benefit and no reason. Lots of videos on youtube show that very clear, often you end up with a fucked up gender comparison then addressing an issue rationally and logically. Which tends to go in both ways, preferring women for reason xy and preferring men for yx. If you look at it from a neutral point it makes no sense at all, yet both genders are still at "war" with each other and the real victims are those that are fed up, seriously fed up with this bullshit. Feminists bullshit? Strong men fighting for their ego crap? Both of this is totally obsolete, something of the past. If we as a human race want to make progress, move forward we have to leave this bullshit behind and acknowledge that we are equal, equal in a way that still allows every human being to have unique/special abilities to make it better in a certain task. Gender isn´t the deciding factor anymore but ability. Just imagine what we could achieve as humans if the gender war would cease to exist, if we all pull on the same strings and just get shit done. No more female empowerment, no more i have a dick and i am scared shit, no accomplishment being valued depending on what kind of gender the one achieving it is, just a human did it and it is great. Sadly all this totally unimportant nonsense of a gender war is pushing us, as humans, further away from each other. Hindering progress and eating up energy and resources to fight a totally pointless war that knows no winner but will make us all losers in the end. It is just fucked up. I am fed up with women taking offense if being told a man is better at something, i am fed up with men trying to defend their ground on something that women obviously doing better at, i am fed up with the constant comparison between both genders at every fucking opportunity, i am also fed up with forced diversity hiring and equality of opportunity and i am fed up with women making demands of men while also demanding to be treated equally, equally negates all special treatments. And regardless what i do, regardless how much i want to avoid this bullshit i end up forced into this crap, not on youtube but in real life and it is simply exhausting to deal with this complete utter crap.
flashy turtle (19 hours ago)
men are good at everything women are bad at, and women are good at everything men are bad at (naturally at least) and this is how god intended it to be, whether or not u believe in a god, it is undeniable that men and women are near perfect halves for reason.
*Saying Men are strongest than Women, it doesn't work, you can measure strength depend of the context, some men can lift more, or hit harder than women, but also harder than other men, the same goes to women some can lift more than other women or men, but if you compare physical strength in the context of birth women are stronger than men, that's without hesitation, but some women are strongest than other women in that context, there's a lot of differences and ways you can measure differences between men and women, but everything is about the context*
David Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Smart and gorgeous
THE REAL FLABEO (1 day ago)
It's not sexist to point out that biologically men and women are a million percent different
THE REAL FLABEO (1 day ago)
Why don't anybody explain to feminists that they came from male testicles
THE REAL FLABEO (1 day ago)
I love how these feminist gets stumped with this question but with all feminist need to know you all came from a scrotum
Scott Borror (1 day ago)
OK, I was a training instructor for basic training for the Airforce and from working with both men and women flights I can tell you what I saw that each gender was better at than the other one as far as the types of things we performed. Women 1. They tended to grasp new ideas quicker - meaning I spent less time training them than I did men, but by week 4 they would level off and become happy with their progress instead of striving to continue to get better. 2. They also formed cooperative groups within the flight quicker and would lean on each other better for the first 3 weeks. Week 4 or 5 this falls apart a bit as groups within the flight start bickering with each other. Men 1. When they did finally learn what I was training them to do, they would quickly become as good as women by the 4th week, but they payed more attention to the fine details and would become better at some individual tasks because of it. 2. Weeks 1 thru 2 men tend to try to work on their own instead of in groups because they don't want to rely on each other. There are a few fights during this time as the men seek to find a pecking order. Week 3 they find out it just works better in groups and they begin to seperate into work groups. By week 4 they are solidly working together. I didn't want to bring up physical strength and stuff like that because its basic, I tended to enjoin seeing the differences in their mindsets and how they worked together differently. Basically what I saw was Women were better than men in the short term of most tasks I would teach them, but Men would often over-achieve the female flights because of their ability to pin point there attention to an individual task. I enjoyed pushing both female and male flights in basic but they were definitely different.
Demon Fox 095 (2 days ago)
God did not create women to do the things men can do, He created women to do the things men CANNOT do!
David Martinez (2 days ago)
Car boats are real
Zen Tao (2 days ago)
I like to explain it by example. Three ships sailing over the sea. The lake is sometimes calm, sometimes stormy. Two people are sitting in one ship. Both can do everything, but nothing really great. In the other ship two people are also sitting. One can do everything, the other nothing right. AND - There are two people sitting in the third ship. One person can handle the sail and other things well. The other one can control and navigate the boat great. The two discuss. You help me when I get tired, I help you when you get tired. Otherwise, you do what you do best and I do what I do best. Which boat is the fastest, safest and with least disputes over the sea? What is nearer to the Realaty betwen Men and women?
PBMS123 (2 days ago)
I think feminists genuinely can't think of anything men are better at.
Angel Kookies (2 days ago)
The world has no chill
Benny C (2 days ago)
"Baskerball... maybe" - is that the dumbest broad on the face of the earth? And I think every other one in this video follows closely behind.
phillip coetzer (2 days ago)
men and women are equal is absurd as saying my car is equal to a lorry in both cases … they are equally important but serve different purposes complimenting each other and completing the whole picture(task) together like canvas and paint in both cases … society needs both a good woman can be of great benefit to a man as much as a good man can be of benefit to a woman when two of such come together, that is the foundation of a great relationship and hence …. family …. nation … world
Bec (2 days ago)
really appreciate you for posting this video.
noonefan (2 days ago)
It's absolutely ludicrous to think that women are oppressed by men.
HMS Daedalus (2 days ago)
Men are pretty much better in everything except cleaning and maybe taking care of the children. If all men disappeared, *ALL* women would die within a year from: heat, cold, illness and starvation. https://imgur.com/GSA0iKc If all women disappeared, *A LOT* of men would die from murder, but a number of them would survive until the last boy is dead of old age.
Freshness (2 days ago)
Men push society forward. Intellectually, most of it was built by men. Shared with women
Him Her (2 days ago)
Women are better than men at accepting extremist feminist nonsense, unfortunately men are better than women at rationalising extremist right wing nonsense. Clearly these are not typically the same kinds of nonsense although there is an overlap. Sasha did an excelent job of rrvealing the idiocy of PC ideology. You did an excelent job of demonstrating that women are better at talking about the issue, rather than disecting it. Indeed contrasting your video with Sasha’s it is clear that although he did an excelent job disecting the interviewees responses, you did a better job of conveying the argument Sasha put, but in emotive terms. Your arguments were from similar perspectives, the argumentative tools you each selected were different and gendered. Thus your respective presentations will reach the genders differently. “Me caveman, you blonde. Caveman prefer brunette, but never mind, you have good hair for dragging to my cave. Yeah right, nah! Not so much.” Recall back when bottle blondes were the rage. Back then, the stereotype of dizzy blonde actually was a thing. Those women were stupid even by womens standards, but they were not competing on smarts, they were competing to capture the wealthiest boy on the block/city by pandering to the preferences of many men. Dizzy blondes were poisoning themselves with peroxide, and dumb blondes of course also appealed to dumb, wealthy men, who could then dominate them. Hence if you look closely at movies and tv it is rare to have a smart sassy blonde, because due to the stereotypical nature of the moving image industry the “unattractive” alternative brunette (male or female) is invariably the smarter teenager. Today those steroetypes are seen for what they are. But the history remains, lurking to give credence to whackjob feminists view that men’s “dominance” is invariably a bad thing. I am sure that you would agree the relationships between men and women are far more complex than any discussion of gender stereotypes will ever reveal. We are different, but as you say cataloguing those differences with a view to weighing those differences is reflective more of immaturity, and lack of self confidence than it is of a healthy mind.
Colin Kelley (3 days ago)
I really like what you said overall, but especially about women thinking of themselves as gender rather than individuals. I am a man, but I do not identify with being a man, it is not on my mind, I do not think about it, I just simply am one. I am me. The guys I hang out with are simply the guys I hang out with. We never once have had a discussion about "what does it mean to be a man". Usually we talk about football. Every woman I have/will meet is so unique, lovely, special, beautiful, emotionally sensitive and alive, so "present", so intense, and just in her person so demanding without even trying. You smile and men open doors for you. You walk down the street and men wolf whistle. You go into a tavern, and men swarm your table. How could you not be incredibly aware all the time, at every possible moment in time, that you are a beautiful desirable woman? Also, your monthly curse sneaks up on you, and it always gets your attention, and every time it happens it reminds you that you are a woman. Of course you identify as being a woman. Men don't have any experiences in life like that. Every woman has to decide what does it meant to her to be a woman, and what is she going to do about it/with it. What kind of woman is she going to be? OK, OK, OK, so you make all those decisions. And then someone hands you a baby -- your own or someone else's -- and that maternal life force in you just comes out of you. You are so overcome, you don't even stop to wonder, "where did that come from?". It is just who and what you are. Georgia, what you may not realize, is every man has a mother he values, loves and cherishes -- she means so much to him -- she is his best friend, and has been the steward guiding him through his formative years. Being a woman who reminds a man of his mother by your loveliness is not a bad thing. Men are not competing with you. And they don't expect or want you to behave like them. They will cherish how you mother your children. There is room in this world for every single wild flower in every single meadow. There is room in this world for every single beautiful woman -- which is to say every woman. Love you.
Doctor Penne (3 days ago)
“Basketball maybe” - women 2019
Doctor Penne (3 days ago)
Women think in the emotional indirect reality/ men think with logic and reason known as the metaphysical realm. Stay mgtow, fuck hypergamy and have purpose and stop feeding these thots chickflia
Sup Yekta (3 days ago)
The points were good but i would of wanted your reaction more to thr video being played.
Eddie3074 (3 days ago)
I've always thought that women were always good at certain things and men at other things... But after watching Sasha's video I found it disturbing that all the women there almost showed a bit of anger and resentment towards men. At one point a woman said that if she could go her entire life without interacting with men that it would be heaven for her. Women need to embrace who they are and not hate men. I absolutely adore women and find them essential towards our survival, if only women felt the same towards men we would all be in a better place.
Kilur Mods (3 days ago)
You would need a masterball to get that belugah whale
Logan Waltz (3 days ago)
American women are the most privileged, protected thing to have ever existed in the known universe. Men are better at almost all things than any living creature has ever been in the known universe.
Courts Griner (3 days ago)
Men.. who pushes a cantaloupe outta hole the size of a grape? Exactly. I rest my case.
James Ryan (3 days ago)
Hi Georgia, great first video. Your reaction to Sasha's video is very encouraging. Looking from the broadest possible perspective, one has to wonder how anyone could think there's any overall inequality between men and women. The world population of male VS female is very close to 50%-50% by natural selection alone. The laws of nature and natural selection have deemed us to be equally valuable.
Vyperus69 (3 days ago)
its a simple reasoning, told to me by a 2nd wave feminist when i mentioned that it makes no sense for 3rd wave to fight for "equality" in the "western world" when there are middle eastern countries that don't have equal rights between the genders... this is what she said.. "3rd wave is not about equality its about making money and female domination, there is no money in "fighting for equality" in countries that don't already have it"
Rhys Myatt (3 days ago)
I prefer to think of how men can help women and how women can help men. It's not about who's better but how we can help each other.
Domagoj Beno (3 days ago)
Swings in favour of woman!!! Are you for real? You mofos get it all! I can start a business and after 5+ years my Misses can fuck me off and get HALF even though she didn’t put half an hour in majka business successful!!!! THIS SHIT ISNT FARE WOMEN GET IT ALL!!
باحث جزائري (4 days ago)
Georgia? The wall is approaching are you seeing it?! Are you swing the bricks?
sv mgtow (4 days ago)
Men are better at EVERYTHING! accept... making babies and playing the victim The End
kim w (4 days ago)
feminism at its finest!!! you cant say anything in the work place cuz it can be viewed as sexual harassment. you cant say hey let me carry that for you, or here allow me to do this part ect... and most men arnt going to argue with an idiot women saying she can kick a guys butt at this and that!! they just let her have her counterfeit glory!!
otahu Rice (4 days ago)
Primitive Survival kills men are better at. Mgtow men know and understand how manipulative woman are.
MotoMadnessUK (4 days ago)
Men and women cant really be compared genetically we are different. Women are not opressed by men. Male privaledge is total bullshit. Feminism is the problem and is toxic to both men and women.
Damogan g (4 days ago)
I would just pretend that women are better at everything than men just to make that power hungry woman get a fill. When she has to do some heavy lifting or do some really dangerous or fight in the army or defend against home invations or anything dangerous that men would normally do to protect women I'd just lean back and say " go ahead".
gunmetal (4 days ago)
How many Fields Medalists have been women? How many chess world champions have been women? The strongest female tennis players are matches for men ranked below 200 in the world. Can you name any truly impactful female intellectual? Can you even name any? Men ARE better than women when it comes to performance. We are programmed to be high performance creatures, that is how society measures our worth. I don't know if women cant be as good at all these things, but the simple fact is they never actually show that they can be at the highest level. Not to say at the lower levels there isn't some level of balance especially these days, but as you get higher and higher (and maybe also lower and lower though that is questionable. An under-performing man has to take care of himself. An under performing women just finds a guy who can provide for them), you find that the female of the species tends to filter out. I say this as an exceptionally high performance individual myself, and WISH there were women who had the same mentality. But those are extremely rare.
space man reviews (4 days ago)
Men and women are both equally important! The fact we are here now proves it! I love my mother and my father and would never trade one for the other!
Opus (4 days ago)
Men and women are not equal, but they are of equal importance.
This was amazing, thank you.
Can you imagine shirts that have "boys rule girls drool" written on them? Or shirts and bumper stickers that have "boys rule", or "silly girls trucks are made for boys" or "boys rule the world", or "the future belongs to men", or "anything a girl can do a boy can do better" written on them? Attacking, belittling, or insulting males is obviously wrong and offensive and should not be acceptable in our society.
Joel Gabriel Anghel (4 days ago)
u know im 28 and in all my life ive never heard men say this or at least never said it in a way that makes us better in everything rather better in somethings which is true both ways
Piece Of Garbish (5 days ago)
I was working out at the gym the other day, and this hot girl came in .. I asked my trainer what machine I need to use to impress that girl he pointed at the ATM in the lobby.
Steve Ryder (5 days ago)
Holy mother of God! You could have said this in about 2 and a half minutes! People shut up and get to the point on YouTube.
Greg Pearcey (5 days ago)
We should always remember to contemplate sex or gender differences as intersecting bell curves that overlap along enough axis to conclude that there are commonalities and differences, not 'better' or worse...just different in many ways
Paul Waller (5 days ago)
I think women are brilliant! 😊
Science Fiction (6 days ago)
Social media is making women mentally ill.
Science Fiction (6 days ago)
So you agree the oppressors of women are solely men?
Feminism is bullshit... no women can produce a child without a man. The western civilization will collaps soon.
Gullimann2 (6 days ago)
It's always nice to see a woman talk about this issue. That's not to say that I think the majority of women disagree with your opinion, but that there are much fewer women than men who talk about it. And it is so much more helpful to have females speaking up on this, because "cis white males" are just ignored with the wave of a hand since they are "part of the patriarchy" and so their opinion is invalid. Thank you for helping solve this issue.
Who Zaskin (6 days ago)
Nickola Tesla had a mother. I hear Beethoven did too.
Francess Lindeer (6 days ago)
You will always be jealous of men, baby shoulders. Men have a better more robust backbone and stronger pelvic structure.
Ondrej Ďurík (6 days ago)
Women make men better and that is their purpose.
Sam Nelson (7 days ago)
God created man first wonder why? O Yeah its to start life. Game over.
Sam Nelson (7 days ago)
Wow...the guy alone does a better job with YouTube.
Never Alone (7 days ago)
Men are better at moving heavy items of furniture! It’s why you never see female teams of removalists ahaha. I bet a feminist can’t move her own washing machine lol
Ibrahim Tarawally (7 days ago)
Imagine you have two kids, boy and a girl, boy has a RC car and girl has a Barbie doll, both kids having a good time playing together, but then evil big sister comes and says why do you have to have the cool RC car that's not fair, so now girl doesn't want her Barbie doll with first aid kit and different dresses anymore because as far as she's concerned RC car is better, now boy and girl are fighting over one. Quick question: *Who is evil big sister?*
christian riddick (7 days ago)
I love everything about your video. You are an intelligent woman. I believe our government has tactically started a race/gender war to keep us separated so they can easily get away with the bad things they do. We are stronger together and apart we cannot take a stand for what's right. We should have been together to stop them from taking Native lands but they made sure to keep us occupied with this crap that doesn't exist or matter. We do not live in a racist or sexist society. We live in the most equal times humanity has ever seen.
The Hunter (7 days ago)
I think men need women and women need men, and if one of them was gone, the world wouldn’t be able to function
Johnny Depth (7 days ago)
"Socialized sense of dominance." Okay, now can someone now give me a response contained within three dimensions?
Craig Files (7 days ago)
No the women thought that men are no good at anything and the women are better at everything this just shows how brain washed women are now days just like women say all men are rapists
Objective Quest (8 days ago)
Should have been titled * A normie's perspective *
Objective Quest (7 days ago)
+Georgia Free The west is living under a malevolent matriarchy that is driving men extinct and bears significant influence in the realms of political power, the court systems, and economics. Such has been the case for many years, increasingly so, and men are dying because of it. Not to mention excessive debt brought on by the welfare state. Single Motherhood is one of the worst issues of the world.
Georgia Free (7 days ago)
What's the non normie perspective?
Andy Andy (8 days ago)
the worst part is that all these radical feminist group are very ugly in nature
Andy Andy (8 days ago)
go to your women agenda program teaching rooms and say that to them women not to say that here. medicine after dearth
Andy Andy (8 days ago)
radical feminist group are now turning away from being radical as if feminist didn't happened, ding! ding! ding!, guess what the walk still remains undefeated. to hell with whatever you thinks. equality should be applied in everything and men should be care of the real devil in lipsticks and fake artificial body parts
Enter Name (8 days ago)
Western culture is kinda disgusting
guitargodthor2 (8 days ago)
One of the women Sasha interviewed sewed him because she was offended by the questions he asked. She was bat shit crazy and thinks all men are rapists. lmao
crapTV (9 days ago)
The funniest thing about this whole new development is that somehow we have to agree that Trump started the debate!
Blackzero123 (9 days ago)
Men are better at most aspects of life that woman that is the cold truth.
Eli H. (9 days ago)
Many, many moons ago I pondered this question. To find an answer I applied the question to differences between the genders that I see almost universally in modern society. I then applied those observations to differences seen in other primate communities. My conclusion was that without men, we would never have invented the wheel or a weapon. We would never have figured out how to make fire. We would never have developed that communal sense of going over the next hill purely for the sake of seeing what was over there. I wonder how this works. Women make today a great place to be. Men make tomorrow a great place to build.
Jan Ren Delas Alas (9 days ago)
292 brainwashed sheep
Jan Ren Delas Alas (9 days ago)
You, YOU! Are a thinking woman. Very rare.
Owen Wilson (9 days ago)
I find it utterly stupid that woman have to do less then a man to get into the army, sure they want 50/50 men and woman but this is the fucking army, we should have the best killers we can get, to protect our country. They shouldn’t recruit of peoples genders but of there capability. If we keep going this politics correctness route we will get slaughtered but more harsh countries like North Korea
anarki777 (9 days ago)
The things that women are better at are the things that make a person a better nurturer or more appropriately adapted to child-bearing. Apart from that, if I was being very honest, men are better at almost everything. Having said that, I love women and wouldn't want them any other way. It would be a dark and cold place without them.
Colin Kelley (9 days ago)
Georgia, do you want to be patronized or do you want to earn the respect you deserve? I was playing cards with my sister. She said "Why don't you let me win once in awhile?" She was serious. I said "No, you have to beat me fair and square." So I taught her how to hold and fill her hand, and she became a darn good player. Men and women are different but both sides can learn stuff from the other.
Wayne Thomas (9 days ago)
Inspiring thoughts! If these people were so interested in diversity, why wouldn't they acknowledge diversity on this level as well?
Vicariousleigh (9 days ago)
Some women get it 👏👏👏👏 there is hope
Eli H. (9 days ago)
Most women "get it". That is why 95% reject modern feminist babble.
Wayne Thomas (9 days ago)
Of course, there are many things men lack in. However, if I had been asked the question (and yes these are generalizations): Men are *better* at facing difficulties with a sense that they're milestones or mortar to the stone. Men are *better* at choosing when emotion hurts or helps. Men are *better* at things like humor or architecture. These are things women use to love us for. We were useful. And we're plenty happy to be so. Now the people we want to be useful for have no use for us. That's their choice, naturally, but... this is how you get weird shit like MGTOW.
Jules Phillips (9 days ago)
i know your jordan peterson in camoflague
TheGoodDr Goose (4 days ago)
pidouble145 (9 days ago)
I was thinking lifting weights. “Making more money” was a good one.
Awais Mir (9 days ago)
I think both men and women are equal, but not at the same things. Men have an advantage in some things and women have advantages in other things. For example, men look at things logically, they can teach their children to be logical. Women look at things emotionally so they are emotionally supportive to their children. Both useful aspects but equal aspects to help children grow mentally.
Nils Drarvik (9 days ago)
First ever feminist to use common sense.
skase a.k. official (9 days ago)
You are Amazing 💙
Naweed sediq (9 days ago)
men and women are created for one another and men and women get together to create life. I have worked really hard and have prepared all my life so i can get married one day and i can not see my life without a woman. men are bigger, stronger and faster and women want all that in men. masculinity is makes men attractive to women and femininity makes women attractive to men. women will have no rights without the support of men and middle east is a good example of that and women will never have rights outside the developed world without educating men to support the rights women. there is no place better for men and women in human's history than the west. men and women are different and that is why we need each other
Ahuitzotl Acoyotl (10 days ago)
You never used the F-word, did you? Anyway this is a very good video, but you just mention the tip of the iceberg. Here's a broader, more inclusive, view of why Feminism needs to be eliminated: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJt4jJMOqD4MYpPGJsjjyBGGCsGfgNH85
Garax (10 days ago)
Excellent video. Logical and I liked how you used examples from when you were younger. This whole thing is stupid. Yes, we are in such a level of progression in the west. I'm just glad you posted this video Georgia. I saw that other video today as well and I saw your video. Finally a voice of reason from the 'enemy'. Haha just kidding.
Obszczymucha (10 days ago)
There's something in the frequency of your voice that makes me wanna listen to you forever.
Sujith Mathew (10 days ago)
I love this Gal.
Hazunaki666 (10 days ago)
Glad to see more content like this around.
Angels2apples (10 days ago)
I secretly think the guy editing the video you're referencing straight cut out all the logical reactions and responses to his questions to increase the "shock" factor.
WHY YOU ARE AN IDIOT (10 days ago)
MAN FIGHTS BEAR AND WINS https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jul/05/canada-black-bear-boxer-punch-sudbury SCARS OF A REAL MAN https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/07/06/21/36050F0500000578-0-image-a-64_1467837620735.jpg AND NO WE ARE NOT EQUALS IF MEN STOPPED WORKING SOCIETY WOULD GO TO HELL AND MEN ARE BEING OPPRESSED

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