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Men Are Better Than Women (A WOMAN'S REACTION)

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Why is it so hard for us to admit men are just..better at some things? This is my reflection/response to Sasha Daygame's video - FACT: Men are Better than women (at some things) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxpX6IQ3GY4
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Fred Flintstone (5 months ago)
Men and women are complimentary. It's a shame that there are people who wish to tear down the human race by creating an ongoing division between the two rather than 'building up' relationships between the two sexes. Women and men working together can create something that is greater than the sum of their parts.
Music ; } (1 month ago)
LifeLikeSage (2 months ago)
@PowerTuber 3.0 Having babies, and that one may change in the future.
PowerTuber 3.0 (2 months ago)
A far easier question would be what things aren't men better at than women... I could list them on one hand.
dave smith (2 months ago)
LifeLikeSage (2 months ago)
Maybe you are unaware that since technology started replacing the labor of humans, we have come into a game of replacing people. So why should the sexes coming into contention over replacement of one another be any exception?
rookforce1 (4 days ago)
Women are better at communication and nurturing children. That's what they are designed for. Men are better at everything else.
finally some woman accpet it male are strong than woman
Martin Carter (19 days ago)
Yes , but what are the facts and has the gender war attempted to suppress the evidence of extreme high intelligence outliers on the Bell Curve . As you mention female physicists are a rare breed. . Men are on average far better at the human activities that require the highest intelligence . If you doubt that you can point to a lack of published evidence or if you are highly intelligent the suppression of grants to research into intelligence between the sexes . Consider the success of men in higher mathematics , physics , engineering , high tech start chess , duplicate Bridge to name a few . Such differences don’t justify any superior position in a society but recognition is ignored . Do the feminists demand equal outcomes in the awards of the Nobel Prizes in Physics chemistry economics and medicine ? How frequently has the Field’s Medal been awarded to women and why do we even need a special section in the world championship in duplicate Bridge restricted to women ?
JackHammer (26 days ago)
If all men stopped doing all the dangerous,dirty and non-glamorous jobs that most women would never take on we would be back in the stone age in 2 years. Any woman who disagrees with this statement is just fooling herself.
Meban Wan (29 days ago)
Women like u are 1 in million... perhaps even rarer
Wayne C (1 month ago)
A voice of reason in a sea of ignorance, well done!
patrick burg (1 month ago)
Sounds like you need to get your pipes cleaned
Dan Williams (1 month ago)
Really almost all left wing people take most things very personally. For example: Trump says irresponsible things pretty often. The left's reaction to him is HATE & victimhood, not reasoned objections to A, B or C. So most women's reaction to male strengths is hatred. There is no Marxism without hate. It's also why most western women are pretty far down the desirability ladder. Then they wonder why men go elsewhere to find females, or don't ask western women out/to marry.
مرحبا ayria
Golden pen (1 month ago)
Women want the same pay but work less. Let’s be honest here. So many lazy women in the work place who thinks that they should get pass for not feeling to do hard work.
Event Horizon (1 month ago)
Women retire five years earlier than men at 61 and out live men by 5 years according to labor statistics. If most people work 30 years that means women should in all fairness pay 33% more into social security. For equality.
Martin (1 month ago)
In theory men should be better than women because men don't have such a rigid genetic make-up as women. What I mean with that is that women can't have a wide range of genes that could hurt or deform an unborn baby, cause miscarriage, complicate the capacity to natural birth or hurt the ability to breast feed while men in theory can, men don't get pregnant.
BLake Martin (1 month ago)
We are better than women cause our intelligence begins where yours peeks at.Bahhhahhhaa!
Dallas Klimo (1 month ago)
That land whale is better at eating.
Monger Vanger (1 month ago)
Do you honestly believe that women, as a gender, are victims? Victims are victims. Don’t believe the stereotype. Historical leaders choose to rise up. People make choices. It’s not an unbreakable situation that’s given. People are not stupid victims like you think. They choose.
daniel trahan (1 month ago)
women are so full of themselves just because they have a vagina and a womb. completely ridiculous. men are better than women at many things. women are better at men in a few things
richard ouvrier (1 month ago)
Men are better commandos than women, possibly.
Women are not the only gender that are better able then men to have conorsations with others she talks about sexist shes being that without a doubt
She makes no sense using boats , cars to how better men are
Zuiken2160 (1 month ago)
i wonder why it is that everyone believes women are more empathetic than men. in my experience if a situation has the underlying topic of sex and/or a relationship women seem to be not empathetic at all, quite the opposite - they seem to only care for their own desires and needs and the man only gets something from them if it accidentally falls in line with them but i like your videos and the way you self reflect - never saw a women being able to do that to this degree
IMMO Lab (2 months ago)
Feminist brainwashing made all people interviewed to feel that even  asking such a question is sexist and/or misogynistic. Atrocious.
Fortunat Reiser (2 months ago)
8:28 Exactly - this problems stems from women's inferiority and their evil running amok because they hink they are equal because the state is killing men. Way to go, Georgia. :-) Would you be able to ramble like this to an audience without feminism?
Fortunat Reiser (2 months ago)
You are shuffling terms: Sexism means reducing sb to sex. Nothing else.
If you clicked your fingers and deleted men's contribution to the world, it would return to nature. If you did the same for women's contribution it would remain exactly as it is. That said, in years gone by, women brought something to the table that drove men to build and maintain the world we live in. Sadly, feminism took that special something away and men are going MGTOW.
huy taing (2 months ago)
Men are smarter and stronger, woman need men or they are in trouble. K so treat us men nicely.
James Bauer (2 months ago)
"Men and women are different and my point is that if you can accept that we're different then you can honor those differences and figure out that you don't have to compete with anyone. There's nothing to prove and the contest just breeds contempt. It's just another reason that feminism is cancer. We have a whole society of women looking down on themselves compared to men, because that is what feminism sold them. Feminism claims to enhance women's empowerment. They have had fifty years and billions of tax dollars to meet that goal and what have they done? They've encouraged women to get in a dick-measuring contest with people who actually have dicks." - Paul Elam
Merlin-Hans Hiiekivi (2 months ago)
Mom hits a toe on a doorframe- starts crying. I hit my toe on a doorframe- I get off on it. Thus I have higher pain tolerance.
James Bauer (2 months ago)
I think studies have concluded that women overall have a higher pain tolerance, likely due to things like being able to tolerate child birth.
Daniel John (2 months ago)
no one is better or both are better........ both as their own importance
Harry Serpanos (2 months ago)
Just came across your channel today. You're a breath of fresh air, a woman that wants to be a woman and not a manwoman.
iamchillydogg (2 months ago)
Anything physical. And math. And killing.
Vela S (2 months ago)
The (A MAN’S REACTION) version of this video was better.
Samfink (2 months ago)
Women are better at dealing with money , our money . Lol Lol Lol Lol Ha ! Ha ! Ha !
Fast Internet (2 months ago)
Wana arm wrestle
Nathaniel Berkeley-Biggs (2 months ago)
Women unfortunately often live for men. Their entire existence is in trying to please men and to secure their attention, hence, hair, clothes, makeup, shoes.....it’s all just for men. Women are the neurotic sex, they are paranoid about their man and about other women looking more attractive than them.
Nuron666 (2 months ago)
Good video Georgia
Joshua A. Kennedy (2 months ago)
Only 1 for sure I have seen is fixing things. I only see this when i date a woman from Mexico not from America.
conradblackii (2 months ago)
Men and women are team players, in that they have a group and want that group to win. Traditionally one's group was their family and country. But women have been trained to see the two groups as men vs. women.
Stone Cold (2 months ago)
In your opinion; Are men better than women at Oppression? In you opinion, Are women are better at criticizing men? In my opinion= Men are better at Peeing on walls than women, Silly. In my opinion= Women are better at a long list of things, so go's for men, but that does not mean either are better or worse. As a couple they are unstoppable.
Luda Drummond (2 months ago)
I honestly think they couldn’t think of anything... Sad.
Darrell Eik (2 months ago)
That is pretty funny... but not really...kinda more sad, it is to bad we can't celebrate each other.
Memo Gee (2 months ago)
Let’s marry girl
Slim Morden (2 months ago)
A challenge to modern women--form a team of 10 female university graduates and do, in 5 days, what a 19 year old wife did every day in the 1900's--prepare an evening meal with wood heat, water from the well, get ingredients from the hen house, cow barn or garden beside the house. You will discover women were too important to work at men's work. They made today's feminists look like silly little girls.
moumou bibi (2 months ago)
A very difficult question
Reta Hanna (2 months ago)
All men are better at then woman is being rude and aggravating #woman rights
George R (2 months ago)
Those people are so brainwashed it's horryfing.
George R (2 months ago)
the left is nuts
You’re hot you have no argument
Music ; } (2 months ago)
Men are Fun, Laid back, easy to be around, technical & mechanically inclined to Fix stuff in a practical common sense manner. I found women can be (not all) unusually cunning & deceiving . I prefer the company of men. Women tend to stab me in my back while smiling and they tend to hold me to 'the book' where men do not.
Mahfuzur Rahman (2 months ago)
You are carist :D :D :D 4:35
Avalon D (2 months ago)
I know what we men can do better than women .... we can piss a lot further than women...
Math science construction astropysics sports problem solving puzzles soduku. Hell men are better at like everything.
123fort andbree (1 month ago)
The thing is, with intense research and studies on both of the brains, women have the potential to be equal to men intelligence wise.
TheRedScourge (2 months ago)
Caitlyn Jenner winning woman of the year proved that men are even better at being women.
Erik Welch (2 months ago)
People think they would never be a victim of brainwashing, but that's the point. If you think you cannot be programmed than you probably already are.
boxlessthinking (2 months ago)
If all men were oppressors Then women would Not be able to do much about it Would they. they would probably feel like they live under a state controlled by Islam. Where women have to cover up or be abused. Then there still abused even when they cover just less abused.
Holic (2 months ago)
So shocked there was not one woman that said "Pee standing up." I mean, c'mon. The #1 thing we are better at!
cpharris41 (2 months ago)
Though I did have a g/f once who perfected the art of female vertical urination.
Bonnie Archie (2 months ago)
I am married 15 yrs..My wife's a gem. Her IQ is 127..I was blown away by this because is scored so high I was a Mensa member in 1999. I always found it very difficult to find a mate who could keep up with me intellectually. Being a male whore type sex was the only thing I was gonna find. Until I met her. Its easy for me to say what I'm better at than her and vice versa..What I see in millennials which is pure puke and hatred are two things that stand out..Puke and hatred. They're both so equally fucked up now they just have no way to even debate. If Liberals have their way, one day on earth in 1,000 yrs, there will be no separating the two species. Or any person from another. Each person will do everything the same. While they claim they support tolerance, they have none. They've proven this time and again. IDC wtf they think they have the answers for, Like trump, they have so few intellectual capabilities and society has been dumbed down so much, we're left with taking out the trash. TY education system. TY teachers who are driven by who knows now? There is no more challenging or philosophical thinking., reasoning. Liberals are 100% emotion driven and Hollywood is 100% acting, its a natural fit. If one person is smart enough today to stay above the morons, the other 99%, they'll own the fucking earth!!! Look at your competition. I finish this with this. Thank God I'm not one of you. I wouldn't wanna be under 50 in this planet for a anything. I'm praying daily that my wife and I make it out just before you all destroy this place, cuz its inevitable...
Free Bill Cosby (2 months ago)
The strengths of your oppressors? Do you mean the same oppressors you want to marry and take care of you? Maybe you mean your oppressors that gave you the right to vote, the right to work, the right to your body, the rights to all reproduction of life, the right to zero accountability.....damn those guys are monsters, smh.
Free Bill Cosby (2 months ago)
Men are better at everything!!!!
123fort andbree (1 month ago)
Are you better than Svetlana Masterkova with a 4:12 mile?
Men and women are biologically different! No wonder men are better than women, and women are better than men at other things.
Salmon Ladder (2 months ago)
Tell me what the other things that women better at
ToxicWyvern1 (2 months ago)
When did society decide it was a crime to say anything positive about men.
Chad Murphy (2 months ago)
Maybe if the fat bitch had a little more "self-importance" she would weigh 200lbs less and work in a stem field.
CHEESY PLAYS (2 months ago)
Feminists are trying to be men
malefeminist giangilo (2 months ago)
The thing with this debate is the people that pay attention to it do so because of politics and culture. Probably the point is because we are debating the division in work place ratios. Some men want to justify the imbalance, some women want to argue that this isn't competence it's culture. Really though the reality, even if there is an imbalance in competence ratios is it is going to be an overlapping spetrum. The most competent female physicist is going to be far more competent than 99.9999% of men. So the reality if there is one will be pool size. What this means is there is no means to discriminate competence in the majority of fields soley using gender, you can only use probability and statistics to give you a likely hood. Another pertinent factor is culture directs interest, there are a lot more female doctors I should imagine than computer scientists. Now the guy from Google famously made the argument that this was a consequence of biology. But then if you view the distinction as pure biology, is it a more technical field than medicine? Because, and this is ironic to logic bomb a Google employee, but if you have two fields of equal techincal requirement but that contain different gender ratios, then is gender the pertinent distinction?
Jett Jordan (2 months ago)
Lmao men are not better than women. They're both the same pretty much minus the testosterone and estrogen effects on the personality and body. Human beings suck regardless of gender.
Jett Jordan (2 months ago)
@nipi tiri true, there are things that men are better at, and there are things that women are better at, but no gender is better overall. That would be like saying the color red is better than the color blue.
nipi tiri (2 months ago)
Well when it comes to education there is a rather big split in preferences. Hence we are better at different things.
Phillip Ramos (2 months ago)
women are better at everything, until you need something done
Factual Fox (2 months ago)
Well i WOULD have said that men are much better at owning a penis. But nowadays even THIS is being challenged!
RpgtheMute (2 months ago)
The "men and women are so different" talking point is such a boomer-inspired viewpoint. Yes, there are a few biological differences between men and women which determine our sexual reproduction and physical strength, but even then the "physical strength" part is often questioned by academia and the "sexual reproduction" thing is not something guaranteed. For example, a person who appears to be a man may have been born with a vagina-penis hybrid, and the same thing can happen for someone who appears to be a woman on the outside but has actually been incapable of reproduction since puberty and only has a single x chromosome. It's a much more complicated dichotomy than what a lot of people would like to think. Sex is not a binary, it is a bimodal structure. After this, most of the characteristics we attribute to "men" and "women" cannot be proven to be "biological," as they are largely the result of social conditioning. It doesn't take much effort to realize how arbitrary our conceptions of what "masculinity" and "femininity" are as you simply just have to look at east Asian culture and find out that the men there aren't "masculine" in the way that we define it in the west, meaning that these sorts of ideas can be different if we simply decide to change them as a society. So masculine and feminine roles are largely something we have invented. There is nothing biological that makes it so that a man cannot care for children or that a woman cannot be a CEO. The only barrier preventing people from doing these things is social pressure. I think it's about time we stop implicitly forcing people to be things they don't want to be by adhering to these useless standards of what "men" and "women" should be and start letting people do what they actually want to do instead.
nipi tiri (2 months ago)
@RpgtheMute As to women and beauty over intelligence. The latter does not ruin the former. And I do believe that women hold more degrees just not in STEM fields. So how true is that statement? Anyway I think that we must once more look to procreation. Men dont give birth and cant breastfeed. Sure these days we have powders and whatnot but those arent as good for the child. Not to mention there have been serious scandals involving them: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/02/02/health/lactalis-baby-milk-powder-salmonella-intl/index.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Chinese_milk_scandal So at least when the child is very young its better for the mother to care for him/her. Thats time not spent utilizing that hard earned education and staying on top of ones field. Lack of practice leads to loss of knowledge and skills. Now women could pursue a career instead of having children but that leads to an aging society. Also female fertility drops off harder than the male one.
nipi tiri (2 months ago)
@RpgtheMute We arent raised to run from our emotions (How would that work anyway?), we are raised to learn to control them. To not act emotionally but logically. Certainly a useful trait in high risk situations and environments where one must be capable of shoving emotions to the bottom to avoid being paralyzed by them. And why is it that when dangerous stuff needs doing its the mens job? Because frankly we are the more expendable sex. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSX7iT0n65Q&t=2m26s Now one could argue over where the optimal balancing point of men practicing controlling emotions vs practicing expressing emotions lies. But Id argue that having some diversity here makes for a stronger more enduring society - especially should there be a time of crisis.
RpgtheMute (2 months ago)
@nipi tiri Is it not harmful that we have raised men to run from their own emotions and women to value being "beautiful" over their intelligence?
nipi tiri (2 months ago)
Ummm... It was about men and women in general not some outlying deviations from the norm. ""physical strength" part is often questioned by academia" Im gonna need a link for this. "I think it's about time we stop implicitly forcing people to be things they don't want to be by adhering to these useless standards of what "men" and "women" should be and start letting people do what they actually want to do instead." And things people want to do arent influenced by how they were raised and what they have experienced? Raising boys like boys and girls like girls isnt something inherently awful.
happyozzie (2 months ago)
Well said, at the risk of sounding sexist I think it’s one of the only things muslims got right (suppressing the power of women). If you have ever whitnessed the harmony that exists in a Muslim household with a subservient woman, then you’ll know what I mean.
Alexander Wilcosach (2 months ago)
Men are better than women doing men's job period. So if it's supposedly done by men you know what's the answer.
Tyler H (2 months ago)
Race traitor! Men are the enemy
nipi tiri (2 months ago)
Being female is a race now?
Dojocho (2 months ago)
It all part of the social agenda today...basically make people afraid to speak their minds about anything...its totalitarian and fascist....but its a planned campaign. especially where freedom of speech is.....freedom of speech is being able to say what you feel....... regardless if it popular wrong correct or just plain dumb......
Alexander Federowicz (2 months ago)
James Stanley (2 months ago)
hell yes
John Smith (2 months ago)
Men are far physically stronger and faster than women. Men are better at holding back their emotions in the heat of battle than women. Men are the warriors and women are the care givers. It's what we're all good at. That's not to say that women cannot be warriors; men are just better. The lack of coed competitions in the Olympics proves this. You don't see women in a very physical sport competing against men. They compete against other women.
John Smith (2 months ago)
I disagree with that overweight woman. I think women are far better at self-importance than men.
Luke S (3 months ago)
All this men vs women stuff is poisonous to the human race. Yes we need to move on from feminism, but we also need to move on from gender wars.
Luke S (2 months ago)
@Stuart It's hard to know who's joking on here these days, but yes I did see the funny side. You're right, no winners, just a pointless and endless war. And it doesn't look like ending anytime soon.
Stuart (2 months ago)
@Luke S I know you probably realised, but just to be clear, that first comment was a joke predicated on the attitude of both extremes of the gender debate. I actually totally agree with you - there can be no winner in a battle of the sexes.
Luke S (2 months ago)
@Stuart yes, she needs to move on too, lol!
Stuart (2 months ago)
But she started it.
Coiled Steel (3 months ago)
You are only "HAWF" right! Who do you "think" does 99% of ALL the "DIRTY, BUT VITAL JOBS" sweetie? 😲 "Feminism is poison to ANY society! False #METOO allegations, and "divorce rape" in "FAMILY COURTS," to good men, by Westernized Feminist/Marxist dominated system countries "systems" women, are destroying ANY family! Once "the lights go out," even TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS YOU - will go screaming and running to men, and see how dependent you are on men, and how easy you had it all along!🤔 You will very quickly be in a dystopian future, like that "woman in the cage," in movie, THE BOOK OF ELI. Wait until a SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan), scenario, you deluded entitled princess fool! We MGTOWS are walking away from you and making other decisions, as we observe society collapse. Your weak "soy boys," Simps, White Knights, Manginas, and Blue Pillers won't rescue you from disaster either, as they are part of the problem, and NOT a solution. Enjoy your "feminist fairytale" dear!
Krishan Taneja (3 months ago)
fUck GirlS iM dePreSsed Lol
peter boyden (3 months ago)
ugh. its so long, and theres so many videos to watch
Hans-Christian Bauer (3 months ago)
Some years ago I met a woman through my circle of friends that was really into kickboxing. Since I am doing a bit of martial arts as well, we got into a conversation which ended in her telling me that she could take me down in an actual fight. She was confident, persistent, and after a few drinks I accepted her challenge. I'll give her that much: she wasn't weak. She could deliver a pretty painful kick, but my first punch knocked her down and my second hit took her out. To my surprise, when she came to, she was actually angry that I didn't hold back. After talking the talk I expected her to walk the walk. Even more surprising to me was that she apparently fancied me. However, I did turn her down. While I do think that it is important that people can defend themselves, I am neither drawn to tomboys, nor to the "warrior woman" type. As you have mentioned, I'm not looking for a woman that is drawn to compete with me, but that completes me, and as such displays traditional feminine behaviour.
Lightbringer (3 months ago)
Women empathetic lol yeah right
Lightbringer (3 months ago)
What are men better at than women? Basically everything.
Salmon Ladder (1 month ago)
@123fort andbree Yeah i agree with you, there are a few things Women are better than Men, maybe something that man cannot do.
123fort andbree (1 month ago)
I know some women who are better than some men at certain things, and vise versa. However, on average, I agree with you.
Salmon Ladder (2 months ago)
Yes thats fact
EddieTheMan2 (3 months ago)
Great one! The torch is apparently passed! Btw rethink the blank page theory please! I believe we're indoctrinated from early childhood myself! Question the powers behind it instead! Peace and love everyone! <3
Gray Matters (3 months ago)
People didn't use to compare men and women in this way. It used to be generally acknowledged that we were good at different things, and that's why we're so complimentary. USED to be complimentary. Now we're just good old-fashioned enemies. I'd love to witness a single week without men. Trash would pile up outside of houses, food would not be grown and delivered to cities, roads would not be built, there would be no gasoline, no inventions, no one to carry people out of burning buildings, no new construction, very few police or planes taking off, no roads built or appliances fixed, damn few scientific discoveries, no sports worth watching, no cars, planes, ships or rockets built, and no garage doors or cars fixed, when cars broke, they would stay on the side of the freeway. And everybody still here would be complaining 24/7 about all of the above.
Imma dude, but i bet Serena Williams could kick my azz in tennis :(
@Dojocho lol you really use that excuse! Damn, boy!
Dojocho (2 months ago)
the williams sisters are men do your research......
Jay Jay (3 months ago)
Vinchenzo C (3 months ago)
Wow! Looking at that video's intro shows how women really aren't interested in men like men are interested in them. Very self-centered. I would immediately have a list of things women are better at. Perhaps since women are physically weaker and care for children, they have to be self-centered for safety's sake.
onemanarmy36 (3 months ago)
No, they just have massively over inflated egos and sense of self importance. A lot of this comes from insecurity and an inferiority complex. Which is why they over compensate.
Badgerrr Lattin (3 months ago)
I must confess, the events of the 20th & first part of the 21st Century have now convinced me (though I have not always held this opinion) that men are more viable members of the electorate than women. Pains me to say it but the evidence is quite clear now.
Aaron Miller (3 months ago)
OMG! What happen to women? Just about EVERYTHING men are better than women at. Exclude childbirth. 98% of everything ever built or destroyed in history are by men.
Aaron Miller (1 month ago)
@123fort andbree you don't know what the fuck your talking about snowflake.
123fort andbree (1 month ago)
Well it's not like YOU'D ever work hard, be successful, and make a difference in this world like some women do.
starraider25 (3 months ago)
Well obviously, feminists and those who buy into their ideology, which is most liberals, are INSECURE and INTOLERANT
Jay eS (3 months ago)
Ideologies are horrible.. and this is only the start. How about lifting weights? :D
celestrio (3 months ago)
Why can't they just say "Women need men just as much as men need women"? It is not hard at all. We need each other to balance out what our weakness with our partner's strengths. Very much like our ancient ancestors did before there was civilization where men was tasked as hunters and women as gatherers. That trait is still embedded in our DNA to this day.
Charlotte Ash (3 months ago)
I like the idea of boats and cars good point .you said fear yes we are taught to fear ,it's sad that the school system teaches fear and division, people have many different talent, big boats can carry a lot of people, small boats can get a round faster
LightFlame (3 months ago)
The problem is not that women want equal rights because thats only fair but now they want to dominate men via feminism. It makes me sick! Society is becoming cry babies and everyone goes on the rights violation offensive for petty things all because of some crazy feminists. Lets stop this bullshit and try to be equals instead because thats not what feminism is about. Feminism needs to die its not useful anymore!
StarSeed (3 months ago)
None of this was an accident. It is a NeoMarxist agenda. Propaganda perfected by Edward Bernays. Divide Western Genders to destroy the West and bring in a Global Police State. Even the ancients understood that when Yin and Yang are out of balance civilization falls.
David Molyneux (3 months ago)
Sexist! 😁
It might just be that men can do everything women can do, but not vice versa. I can say this since we , men, have invented the womb and men have frozen eggs from women. If men would suddenly disappear women would die in three weeks. All the nuclear plants would explode, all the water cleaning plants would close. All energy delivery in every country would close. All waist would pile up. All food delivery, production would stop. If women suddenly disappeared......
Unity (3 months ago)
Stay angry and stupid! It makes it easier for the smart people to stay calm and succeed.
The Stormchaser (3 months ago)
You can clearly sense that the morbidly obese girl with stripes is just out to get "revenge" for her gender. Even when asked to compliment the other gender she DELIBERATELY turns it into something negative, the others are just too afraid to speak their mind

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