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Did They Finally Find the Lost City of Atlantis?

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Was Atlantis a real place or just a fictional story? Where might it be located? Many have searched for the location of the lost city where a powerful civilization lived. But could they have been looking in the wrong place all this time? A recent report claims to have discovered the true location of Atlantis, and it’s nowhere near where you’d expect it to be! TIMESTAMPS: How the story actually goes 1:38 The way the story was told 5:09 Theories that support the existence of Atlantis 6:08 Is the Richat Structure where Atlantis has been hiding? 7:58 How an “island” could be sitting in the desert 10:43 Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music Bus Da Blockbuster - Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions Destination Unknown - Ugonna Onyekwe Ladybug - Quincas Moreira Light Years Away - Doug Maxwell SUMMARY: - The idea of Atlantis was conceptualized by the Greek philosopher Plato, who wrote about it in two of his works, Timaeus and Critias. - Atlantis was an extraordinary island in the Atlantic Ocean. As for the main city located there, its peculiarity was that it had concentric rings that alternated between water and land. The city was beautifully designed, had extravagant architecture, was home to kings and a strong military force, and was overall a marvel to behold. - In essence, the legend of Atlantis tries to show that Athens was the most powerful state. It’s a story about a small but peaceful city (Athens) that triumphs over a powerful but corrupt one (Atlantis). - It was a tale that was passed down from generation to generation: from Egyptian priests, to Solon, to Critias’ grandfather, to Critias himself, and finally to Socrates. If the story was real, information is bound to be lost, misinterpreted, or changed in some way. - There are some theories that support the existence of Atlantis. According to Robert Ballard, the ocean explorer who discovered the wreckage of the Titanic, the story of Atlantis makes sense because similar things have happened to other civilizations. - If the island was real, there are so many theories about its original location. Some have said it existed under Antarctica, on the coast of Spain, or somewhere in the Mediterranean. - The Richat Structure, casually known as the “The Eye of the Sahara,” is a circular formation in the Earth located in Northwest Africa, in the country of Mauritania. And if you look at pictures that depict what the city of Atlantis might’ve looked like and compare them to the Richat Structure, you can’t deny the similarities! - Now, there are differing ideas on how to interpret ancient units of measurement, but most sources put one stadium equal to anywhere from 607 to 630 feet. So, do the math and 127 of those would be about 15 miles. - To support this claim is the fact that the Richat Structure is deeply eroded, meaning that great amounts of water must have created the formations that currently stand. Pictures of the coastal area of the region show what looks like water formations going from the coast to where the Richat Structure now stands. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (896)
BRIGHT SIDE (6 months ago)
Hey guys! Do you think Atlantis was real or it's just a myth?
BlueWolf _GAMEZ (6 days ago)
give credit.
Tomuss andre (15 days ago)
nothing  to guess but just believe
Mateo Regalado (23 days ago)
Cloudy is life (1 month ago)
Jessica Seabolt (10 days ago)
I believe the flood when God flooded the whole earth,killed off civilizations and if 9000 yrs ago was a number around that time would make more sense,since time started over with Noah and his family..Nephilim were in those days and after,many worshiped them as gods and Fallen Angels had children through man that created giants, it's the main reason for the flood..many worshiped other gods,wars and the corruption of man,it was all wiped out..i do believe Atlantis and other civilations was flooded as they have found statues and cities on the ocean floor..Through plates shifting and nations separated through natural disasters for as long man was created could have been the cause..all land once was connected and Atlantis name could because it was a land that was by Africa in the Atlantic Ocean..
Thorium (13 days ago)
Sean Lauron (14 days ago)
I think its true because i can see it in the google map
Umit Demir (16 days ago)
atlantis's place in the Aegean Sea coordinate 37 north parallel 25 eastern meridians north of paros island istanbul flooded with the opening of the throat
Angela Gerekou (16 days ago)
chichiboypumpi (16 days ago)
NO, the eye of the Sahara it is not
Adam Jarrell (26 days ago)
If your gonna steal a story and an idea, at least give bright side the credit for being the person who figured this out. Smh you’re real shady for that.
Seema Prasad (30 days ago)
I can’t believe how long humans lived?!
Christler_ gaming (1 month ago)
Its a myth they said the atlantis is more modern thats mean all of the people on atlantis is so smart
Ashaz Ahmed (1 month ago)
The reason "Atlantis" that we found was because the water was at a higher level some thousand years ago, so Atlantis was surrounded by water which was known as an island but was actually part of africa. So when the waters dropped, more of the land became exposed. Because remember Plateau said that it came some thousand years before him. So waters could have changed during that time, thus "Atlantis" still being thought as an island. But it's all in how the water rises.
RandomnessArLizu (1 month ago)
For all of y'all being triggered for theory stealing just stop Right now the most important thing is getting the theory out to everyone, so someone takes action into their hands and try searching in sahara's eye
Leo Carlsson (1 month ago)
GeneralRobertE Lee (1 month ago)
and you didn't credit the channel Bright Insight
23M subs you must be rich BRIGHT SIDE are you ever going to do a face reavel im new
Phakaphon Eric RITCHIE (2 months ago)
I know actually where Atlantis is it's at the coastal line of Portugal you see a larger island and a smaller island only thing strange is the smaller island has no name and they seem to circle around it a few kilometers away you see a white smaller island don't you think those 2 islands connected together? and Atlantis is the connection between those to islands?
RandomnessArLizu (1 month ago)
No, Atlantis sank under the water Atlantis is under the sahara's eye
opticalriot (2 months ago)
a recent report.. you mean a youtuber, that got his information from scientific documentary
Adella Ngalawa (2 months ago)
God got a pencil Bright side got a pen God made people Bright side ruined them
Jane West (2 months ago)
*-like and I will tell you how to do this-*
Lavar Clemmons (2 months ago)
Then today we Bill flying crafts there's no record of anything thousands of years being created it has been predicted and thought of but ask him and we kind of think the same
Lavar Clemmons (2 months ago)
What if Atlantis was just one big continent that was washed down by the floods gate Noah and the ark you have to look at the fossil records whatever they trying to describe must have been beautiful in Lawrence and probably older than we think it is I think Atlantis was a large continent and the last lifetime if that makes sense
That's new
waleed ali (2 months ago)
How many of you are here from the Aquaman?
RandomnessArLizu (1 month ago)
Me :D
Lucha Bros (2 months ago)
Someone mentioned this but this has more proof, Atlantis in africa, home to kings, high tech, and even home to armies?? Atlantis=Wakanda
Redneck Gunnin (2 months ago)
Oh yeah yeah
BadVibes Tae (2 months ago)
They are the Illuminati
Nobodys prophet (3 months ago)
Actually he said that Athens led the coalition . Athens led many counties in the battle against Atlantis.
Frosty CryptoShark (3 months ago)
5:07 ... someone did write about it. You know the source is the pillar in Sais? Crantor even went there to confirm Platos story.....
SamMike Melton (3 months ago)
You thiefs!! Bright Insights work! His is better anyways.
Ralph Louie O. Gatan (3 months ago)
I get it now why they call it as a n island it is because it has water surrounding land and land surrounding it and another water making ring shaped island and a lake
SYT94828 Gaming (3 months ago)
You copied Bright Insight's information and didn't give credit. Disliked.
Valentin Bozhilov (3 months ago)
Its natural formation ....
Luke Skywalker (3 months ago)
Yes, Atlantis was in Sahara, Aquaman been there..
RandomnessArLizu (1 month ago)
Yeah, but that wasn't Atlantis That was a different water civilization
IfranWatch Aouita (3 months ago)
It's real
Rima Attiga (3 months ago)
Is the story like this? 🧐🧐
TR Gaming 23 (3 months ago)
Seriously only 491 dislikers for these cheaters
GT Gaming (3 months ago)
I it theri
Michael Mcgregor (3 months ago)
Atlantis was suppose to be a SEA PORT!!
DA\/ID 0MAN (3 months ago)
Where is the BRIGHT INSIGHT army?
DA\/ID 0MAN (3 months ago)
Ian Butalid (3 months ago)
Forget about atlantis. I think you found wakanda
Sadie Beard (4 months ago)
WIll you do a video over Bigfoot, please?
slayer moose (4 months ago)
you should give credits to BRIGHT INSIGHT!!!!!
Lenie Kotze (4 months ago)
over the years i saw a lot of story of Lost City of Atlantis and anime so my question is did Atlantis go to war and use nukes ( weapons of the sun ) if the (weapons of the sun ) story is true how old is nuclear power and where is country Atlantis go to war to (this form city,s of gold anime)
Keiwan Dittia (4 months ago)
Aquaman would be annoyed that you'll make a documentary without his permission 🤣
Lukas Tolukas (5 months ago)
You motherfuckers copy Bright insight
Jebin Lee (5 months ago)
Why you legit copy BRIGHT INSIGHT, you should have gave him credit for his Work:(
John Christiansen (5 months ago)
PrOfit1o1 Blitz (5 months ago)
Nasty copy cat😤😤😤😤😤 YOU COPIED BRIGHT INSIGHT.......IM UN SUBSCRIBING...........
Xiramel Reinisch (5 months ago)
We have more than one Atlantis. The first Atlantis was a continent (as big as Europe) between America and Europe (the name Atlantis is the name of a planet somewhere in the universe): After a development-period of 100 000 years in peace it was destroyed by atomic bombs 40 000 ago (war of the sons of ONE against the sons of Baal, who tried to occupy without success), this event caused the Iceage by the collapse of the magentic field. -- The second Atlantis later was in the south of Athen (Plato-Atlantis), lost again... -- Helgoland (island in the north of Germany) also dues to Atlantis. -- Your description is identical with the image of the 3-circle-city, surely true. Maybe it is a following colony like Helgoland, but not the original center. -- The other sunk continent was Lemuria in the pacific ocean, Hawaii is the rest in the northern east > http://ancientmistery.weebly.com/uploads/2/6/1/1/26113502/published/mapa-lemuria.jpg?1489461296 The original Atlantis is a sunk continent between America and Europe (40 000 years ago). The Atlantis of Platon was in the south of Athen (12 000 years ago). So this is the third ctiy called Atlantis. Its no contradiction. All together destroyed by an evil power. If it is confusing (where is it now?) - it is no contradiction, the following cities, namely the Richat Structure = 3-circles-city and the sunk Platon-Atlantis in the south of Athen were built as a replacement for the lost former Atlantis. I guess there are no sensational traces to be found, but some little objects will prove it. Important proofs (e.g. walls or houses) were removed - either by the owners of Atlantis or by the invadors. The dragon was the enemy of Atlantis. Maybe the natural sea around Atlantis was evaporated by an atomic bomb - indicated by the red-brick color of the stones and the sand in the east of Richat.
chico hollower (5 months ago)
hey there is a game that my cozen plays and in the game  he went in a cave and them he saw Atlantis and now that I saw this video I was like no why
Robert Feld (5 months ago)
No, cause if it was you wouldn't be able to get to it by sea. If it is were you're suggesting, you can still get to it by sea.
gacha liyah (5 months ago)
Could be
Jesus Da Lawd (5 months ago)
Bright Insight you steal from
I subscribed and liked this video
Xx Lonely xX (5 months ago)
Atlantis Is REAL!!! Btw 7:08 Isn't That A Scene From Despacito? Like if u agree
Earth sama (5 months ago)
Ok is it real
Marinette Dupain-Cheng (5 months ago)
They did I found it on Google earth and looked a photo of it up and looked the same
Jemel Cielo (5 months ago)
Its like the three walls in the anime attack on titan
Juan Marcos Quiñones (6 months ago)
Africa = Niggerland according to white people
Human #7,409,552,311 (6 months ago)
Just so you all know... This is not bright insights theory. He just told you what the documentary visiting Atlantis tells you.
Taylor Jordan (6 months ago)
"they" is Bright Insight
Satyamab Jaytay (6 months ago)
those who want to see Atlantic see the AQUAMAN MOVIE
J4g0 David (6 months ago)
This is not true... my (kind of family) comes from there and its not true
Dennis Corso (6 months ago)
Their both annoying
Joseph Herring (6 months ago)
Jimmy needs to retaliate. Y'all buggin Bright Side
David Van Slyke (6 months ago)
Give credit please.
Tigerised (6 months ago)
You have been watching our darling Jimmy
Nicholas Smith (6 months ago)
Stole bright insights video.... pretty sure your behind mystery history.... the folks who slated Ancient architects too....
tsohgallik (6 months ago)
Why this guy use computer voice??? Come on... Use your voice...
kyle reinbolt (6 months ago)
F off
Kiara Animates (6 months ago)
Who else lives in Africa like lucky me 😏
kevin vaughn (6 months ago)
Your way of putting it is your own work keep it up
Jordan Frerer (6 months ago)
you also have to take into account that Atlantis was rumored to have a fresh water well in the center of the city. in the eye of the sahara in the center you can also find fresh drinking water :3
187 ummm (6 months ago)
Jimmys video for Bright Insight started all this atlantis video hype. Granted it was originally a documentary for gia. But for those who dont pay for gia, aka everyone, jimmys video got this going. His channel is EXCELLENT.... By the way.... and he did his due diligence with this theory. Honestly the best yet....
Normal Norman (6 months ago)
Give credit where it's due
Joseph Beard Jr (6 months ago)
Interesting concept. Has any one ever done actual foot work to find any evidence of past civilians that lived there? Any evidence of structures? I’d like to go see this place for myself. To bad the area is so remote and hard to access. Regardless of that someone should put time and effort into doing the research.
Zero Melsgiven (6 months ago)
Is this a spoof of bright inside?
alexander valaris (6 months ago)
You trying to poke fun of independant thinkers by making fun of "who they is" is a scumbag move. Trying to stop people from indepently thinking is not what we need in modern society. The they is the individuals who meet at bilderberg every year. The they is the wealthiest individuals who pay for politicians campaigns. That's the they that set up 9/11 and profit off peoples misery.
Mauricio (6 months ago)
This is a copy of Bright Insight video on his research
eric eric (6 months ago)
Yes thats true.. Its located in the hidden place in the "Kingdom of Maharlikha"
Oh! by the way, one more important information, Altantis is not a city, its a league of Citys, that one was called Posaidons City. Also they had islands in the north west of Scotland, West of Ireland, and the Azores.
Hold. Plato took his ideas from Solon, and he did from Arran. But I guess you got no idea who was Solon, or perhaps you can find him, but sure you got no idea of Arran. Atlantis was real. It was the Ionians that did the fight, Athens was a colony of the Ionians, but not the most powerful, they still needed Gadelians as Police to their colony. Wow, you really need a History lesson man! Not so Bright Side
When the video mentioned "9, 000 years before plato", it lost credibility. why? because human history from adam to abraham was 14 generations, 2, 000 years, from Abraham to Jesus was 14 generations, another 2, 000 years, that's 4, 000 years now... then from Jesus to 2018 was another 14 generations, 2, 000 and 18 years now (2018), in total from Adam to our time was only 6, 000 years, even though the earth is already billion of years old the time of the dinosaurs and ice age, "HUMAN" history is only 6K years. there was no human during the pre-historic era. so to say "9,000 years before plato"? ok aquaman.
"A Tide Is Coming."
Banous Haderi (6 months ago)
Dude bright insight has already done a video about the same theory...
Xekzelstriker (6 months ago)
It just looks like a meteor impact to me
Sliiim Cridder (6 months ago)
Maybe BRIGHT INSIGHT is ran by the same people
Sliiim Cridder (6 months ago)
The question is......was Plato's story fictional?
Michelle Andrickson (6 months ago)
It is a Myth has everyone lost their mind flying horses water monsters people as strong as Thor omg
DarthVader DaGreat (6 months ago)
YOU FORGOT TO MENTION THE MUD........................... THAT NO SHIP'S COULD TRAVEL IN THE sAHARS oCEAN................ MUD.................. MUD AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE
MoistPanda smit (6 months ago)
you guys... just stole [email protected] from bright inside.... did you make money? are you happy now?
The Dodge D100 build (6 months ago)
get to the point dude. ffffffuuuuuuhhhhhh
Francisco Hidalgo (6 months ago)
So, who are they ?????
Team Heartless (6 months ago)
Bright insight and bright site sound synonymous enough and you're bitching about this being copying? What of the fact both of them and everyone else is copying secureteam10 who originally covered this?
Dale Banks (6 months ago)
Same narrator from the channel "Mystery History"
Alan Carlson (6 months ago)
"They" are Bright Insight.
Rogue Raven (6 months ago)
Could have added more info to video but I guess u were trying to keep it short
panzlithium (6 months ago)
Visiting Atlantis > Bright Inside > Bright Side Lets fund Visiting Atlantis because they really did an expedition there and a documentary
Andrew Perez (6 months ago)
Obviously biased against Bright Insight. You can tell that he was moments away from laughing. Pathetic.

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