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Vanishing Liquid - DAY 25 of 365

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A modern day magician's 365 project. Day 25! FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lecleric-Show/129735937093036 Follow me on Twitter @ LeclericShow SUBSCRIBE! Ipod touch giveaway contest ends January 31st, Which means VERY SOON! Music By: Time Giant www.myspace.com/timegiantband www.ericleclerc.com
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Text Comments (90)
Sandra MGTutor (4 years ago)
no offence but in this video you talked to much
Santiago Gomez (4 years ago)
I love you you are the best utuber ever
Martha Moore (4 years ago)
Thanks for the videos
Candi Stallard (4 years ago)
U r masing
Neil Ramkissoon (4 years ago)
I am a better than u
erick alfaro number 1 (5 years ago)
Juan Bautista (5 years ago)
Do one with a binder
Nico (5 years ago)
I subed
Steady The Eddy (5 years ago)
3:40 Little Monsters scene where howie mandel is drinking the apple juice...
Miickey Montana (5 years ago)
I will like to have that ipod my sister brok mine
Vincenzo Farinella (5 years ago)
Tracey K (5 years ago)
Leclericshow can you make a magic show of the head drop
Tracey K (5 years ago)
I subs you
SC121325 (6 years ago)
i love U
Jen Jennifer (6 years ago)
god i just love that laugh
Zachary Shields (6 years ago)
Are you going to do more videos? You should do another 365 day project :)
Drake Mathew (6 years ago)
Joco Da Silva (6 years ago)
Best Magic Show ! :'D
Syafiq Syahiran (6 years ago)
MrCozzy2 (6 years ago)
yah imma do it!!
Supreme Srt (6 years ago)
I did i liked everything of yours! :(.
Domino streetmagic (6 years ago)
You really are crazy!!! But in a good way. Loving your videos
Eric Leclerc (6 years ago)
Thanks buddy! :) Selling it soon
Eric Leclerc (6 years ago)
if you comment on every single video of the 365 I will send you goodies by mail. Start watching bro! :) Enjoy!
MrCozzy2 (6 years ago)
i have been watching your videos for a month now but i thought i would do a marathon starting with video 1 today!!
MrCozzy2 (6 years ago)
Okay i think im gonna retire for the day, be back tomorrow!!
Miguel Rodriguez (6 years ago)
1: liked 2: subscribed 3: will comment in every video doing this steps :) greetings from Mexico!!
E.S.I. Productions (6 years ago)
@mastermagic12 Julie is his girlfreind
E.S.I. Productions (6 years ago)
Your camero is awesome i saw it in the giant straw prank
Camilo Romero (6 years ago)
That was awesome
ARUCARDFTEPES (6 years ago)
Did Mac King teach this trick on World's Greatest Magic? Also, Windows performed an illegal operation and now will shut down....
Kristofer Rose (6 years ago)
No idea how it got to your mouth :P
CeleresVerraden (6 years ago)
i love it when a magician uses ordinary objects, it's really a reflection of the time and effort put into each trick. now do me a favor and vanish that water into my mouth, i'm thirsty. water you waiting for?
Harley Wheeler (6 years ago)
Well thats enough for tonight.... but I'll be back to watch more of you tomorrow :)
lennylekaj2 (6 years ago)
whose Julie!?!?!?!?!?
FaZe Clan (6 years ago)
2:23 LOL
FaZe Clan (6 years ago)
NewLegend (6 years ago)
but this system works where a person who tried the hardest could end up losing by a person who only invited one person. that isn't really fair honestly
butmeemec (6 years ago)
how did he do this?!?!?!
What's the sound in your videos, an example is this video 4:18, however another enjoyable episode!!
Master12Music (7 years ago)
Julie's like your mom.
Master12Music (7 years ago)
@Siausalas Dude, he stopped making vids in December, he does no more tricks.
Siausalas (7 years ago)
Do a trick with elephant ; )
AmazingMagicDude (7 years ago)
Very nice...as always
Simon Black/Toby (7 years ago)
I was wondering what you were going to do with the reappearance! You're hilarious, as I've said before!
Rokevinox (7 years ago)
Svp Eric
George Heaven (8 years ago)
hahahah so fuckin crazy xD you rock
Jeff Stone (8 years ago)
Um . . . Obviously you spilled it on your shirt. We're not dumb bumbs
malnsk (8 years ago)
this isn't a shout out eric! it's a list out! :) and i'm not on the list too. i think i brought about 10-15 subs to you, and i am following you everywhere. so watch what you do in your bathroom ok, it's gross :)
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@omgwtfmd yes... I miss it soo much
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@ZoomalataMagic You are in there bud!! :) Sorry to have forgotten to put you on that list.. Your name is in the ballot box many times... :) Promise
ZoomalataMagic (8 years ago)
oh, how about a classic trick like needles and thread. Instead of needles you could use those little swords that come in sandwiches
ZoomalataMagic (8 years ago)
Hmmmm, I don't see my name on the list. I've liked quite a few of your vids, twitter'd and FB'd them.
Raed Shahid (8 years ago)
@LeclericShow can you penetrate it through solid?
Nick A (8 years ago)
u forgot me
Ian (8 years ago)
@LeclericShow you forgot me, and i like you!
Stefan (8 years ago)
Is the new camaro for real? :o
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@askedrengen1 I can make it levitate! :)
AvocadoCake (8 years ago)
do a trick with 700 shirt buttons
Nick Seguin (8 years ago)
Do some David Blaine-ish magic.
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@HackuStar I like it! :)
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@TyYann oops..changing that noW..thanks! :)
TyYann (8 years ago)
You put 24 instead of 25 in the video description... ;~b
HackuStar (8 years ago)
or maybe even magic with animals :D
HackuStar (8 years ago)
do some puppets magic ? :D
yaxofossiad (8 years ago)
Nice pelvic gyration! ;) I seriously think your the most entertaining magician ever! I'd love to see you live! Haha
magicentral (8 years ago)
@LeclericShow Sweet! You got that right!
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@magicentral done........ :) You little pyro!
magicentral (8 years ago)
More magic with fire would be awesome!
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@willboy334 hhmmmmmmmmmmmmm .... tough one... i'll try!
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@MilezUndead I actually have one sitting in my garage.... hmmmm you got me thinking.. :)
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@nonamefrancine :) aaahhhhh!!!!! My lips are sealed..hehe I added skipping rope to the list.. Thanks Francine! :)
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@tremulantMV Hmmmm maybe Allan my editor can help you with it... I'm pretty sure its just stock music from imovie..
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@MegaMagicians Thanks man! :)
Phil D (8 years ago)
Can someone tell me what song that was during the shout outs? That sounded sweet
Francine St.Amand (8 years ago)
@LeclericShow Hahaha....JUST HAD TO BE FIRST WISE GUY!!!
Francine St.Amand (8 years ago)
skipping rope was first thing that came to mind. That water trick!! like TheAcheson expressed how I feel...."happily baffled". I'm trusting that the cropped image of you (head out view) had nothing to do with how the water got in your mouth??
Julie Acheson (8 years ago)
@mikemontalvo I agree - magic with ordinary objects is usually more impressive.
MrPREGE (8 years ago)
Me and my dad LOVE your Show!! AND YOU!!!
Julie Acheson (8 years ago)
Still don't get how the water got into your mouth...I'm happily baffled ;)
rackasa (8 years ago)
Fake! My user name doesn't include the word fake in it. He added that for dramatic effect without my knowledge let alone permission. BTW, look closely, you can see him pour the water directly in his mouth. He simply tucks his head in his shirt when he stands up so that it looks like he is standing.
ithappenb4 (8 years ago)
do a trick with that folding wall thingy behind u
Oliver Duarte Kraemer (8 years ago)
oh jai presuqe oublie cest ekaterina qui ma fait abonner a toi :P
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)
@jutbino Done!! Its on the list now! :)
jutbino (8 years ago)
i love if you would do a trick with a drumstick! ( not the ice cream kind, the music playing kind) :P
Rigor Mortis (8 years ago)
i'm not posting anything lile "first view" or something like that because people will thimk that i want to be interesting or something like that... it happens... anyway i saw(?) your video on 01.26.2011 at 12:40am... mayby it's beacause of the hour differences between our contries(?) the question mark are for the words i'm not sure are written correctly...:D love you man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda (8 years ago)
Omg that was so funny!!! Wicked Trick!!! thumbs up for Eric getting all wet for us hahaha
Amanda (8 years ago)
3rd yay!!!!! Lol
Aidan Brennan (8 years ago)
Eric Leclerc (8 years ago)

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