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.Goëtia. | Dark Magic Music

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Album out now on ITunes & Bandcamp iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1405340000?ls=1&app=itunes Bandcamp (Special Intro Price) - https://petergundry.bandcamp.com/album/go-tia Click the 🔔bell to get upload notifications! Follow me on Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/0HCkZtmMJLvUyWT5m0ojBX Want a license to use my music for your project? Visit here - https://www.petergundrymusic.com/ For updates on the coming dark album - https://www.facebook.com/PeterGundryOfficial/?pnref=lhc Song - Goëtia © All Rights Reserved Composed and Produced by Peter Gundry Artwork by Florian Ayala Fauna Florians Websites - http://www.florian-93.com/ https://www.facebook.com/blackantlers https://uncertain.bandcamp.com/ Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE if you enjoyed, thank you =) PATREON - Join up and become a patreon today and join in on live discord community chat hangouts. We talk music , composing and anything else you want. Soon i will be rewarding singed CD's and you will also receive high quality versions of every song from the time you join + exclusive unreleased songs and much more! https://www.patreon.com/PeterGundryComposer #dark music #Violin music #magic music
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mrprojoe1 (11 days ago)
you did a very good job making this song and love how you put the intense voices in the song
Athelsthan Rael Aicrag (12 days ago)
tsss excelente broo. Gracias por la recomendacion.
Laura USA (6 hours ago)
The scariest music I have ever seen in my life 😕
monica warren (15 hours ago)
Yaxha De leon (15 hours ago)
Beauty in the darkness
tattoo tator (18 hours ago)
Help the devil is in my attic please delete these uploads they bring dark energy to the watcher
Meesum Ali (20 hours ago)
ending music for horror movie .
Tutor English (1 day ago)
I would like to see the other side I have. I eager to the king of devil ( luceifr)
Biohazard .666 (1 day ago)
Is beautiful and creppy at the same time
Trojan horse (1 day ago)
Biohazard .666 looking at 14 satan rites
Isabella Derks (1 day ago)
All the wrong comments about Lucifer give me the worst cringe... "How you have fallen from heaven, MORNING STAR, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, 'I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.' But you are brought down to the realm of the dead, to the depths of the pit. Those who see you stare at you, they ponder your fate: 'Is this the man who shook the earth and made kingdoms tremble, the man who made the world a wilderness, who overthrew its cities and would not let his captives go home?'" The original Hebrew word, often translated as "Lucifer" means "shining one, light-bearer" and was later called "Morning Star", and the translation given in the King James text is the Latin name for the planet Venus, "Lucifer". That's that... In terms of the Bible and Christianity...without shitting on your religion or anything, you know how fucked up the Bible is? Because in one version it's the morning star falling down to Earth, in another Lucifer is a Dragon who's been raging against cities, angels and humanity alike and was cast down into the fiery flames of Hell and in yet another passage he was an Angel who betrayed hiw own kind and thus was cast down. He fell like a star through the ground of Earth and was shunned in Hell. The fuck? Get your shit together. Because of all those different Versions of Lucifer as a Character...every comment under this video is right. And those who claim stuff like "you are wrong...it's this and that..." are just blatantly stupid. One comment talked about how you shouldn't trust everybody blindly...even Lucifer once was an Angel. And so many discussions underneath that comment because of "how wrong he is"...but he isn't wrong though xD Your own shitty written Book, that you praise, that hast stuff in it you would throw people in prison for, that you claim to follow, that's his source because in that unclarity of words on a few hundred pages is the version of his exact statement. Oh and by the way...i would never trust a book that tells the reader "Yeah...Child murdering is kinda ok, because we told Abraham to do that...yeah we had an Angel on the fly to prevent him from doing that but his faith was proven" The fuck? If i would tell you to kill your own kid just to show your trust in god...would you do it? I wouldn't. Because i'd love my child. I wouldn't even think about it if i were 100% sure that there are some magical Angel beings that'd stop me right before i'd done it. Are you mad?
Death (1 day ago)
Oh yes, Very soothing and relaxing. ( put a Bass Boost on with medium volume)
I don't understand but I think I like it.
Trojan horse (1 day ago)
YAHWEH ET YAHUSHUA looking at 14 satan rites
Keith Ferrilla (1 day ago)
Please people, I need to ask you, if I listen to this does it mean I'm trying to connect to the dark side. I told my family, and their not happy wirh me. Did I do wrong? I'd really appreciate your input. Thank you.
Ronan Holden (2 days ago)
Now I want to hear the 2040 dubstep version, o shit sorry time travel is a bitch 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹
antonio perez (2 days ago)
Hesrosa ♥️
FUNN (2 days ago)
i Love your music this is the only place that makes me fell calm and makes me wanted to become a music producer ! Much love and respect Peter Gundry
Sadia Khan (2 days ago)
This make me feel sleepy !!🌚
Juilet Animiau (2 days ago)
Like si eres de mexico :v
Kimberly Rav (2 days ago)
This would sound awesome in a game!! Very mysterious.
Super music! Thank you!
Trojan horse (1 day ago)
Наталья Владимировна looking at 14 satan rites
Petter Nilsson (3 days ago)
Its beautiful
HEARTLESS ANGEL 666 (3 days ago)
Weird enough, I used to find and play this song in the background while coding and making lucifers sprite and animation for my game, this song really has some weird hypnotic magic to it. Made me repeat the song 666 times and code for hours x,D Really helps to focus.
Nebuchadnezzar (3 days ago)
הן יכולות לתקן לו את המחשב, זאת לא העיה!
iSSo FaKe NeWs (3 days ago)
iSSo FaKe NeWs (3 days ago)
iSSo FaKe NeWs (3 days ago)
iSSo FaKe NeWs (3 days ago)
iSSo FaKe NeWs (3 days ago)
iSSo FaKe NeWs (3 days ago)
Al Biruni (4 days ago)
Lucifer and satan aren’t the same
welcome back Evans. are you ready for our match, i’ve been waiting for you. Evans: i’m always ready, this day i will beat you and show you what real soccer is! Hmpf! You dont know anything about soccer, soccer ruined my life. And now i will ruin you too- Evans: no, soccer is not evil. Soccer is my life, you dont know anything about soccer, did you ever played- soccer with friends? Shut up Evans- lets play and see who is better. Evans: Hmpf.
IKAL ALMA MATER (4 days ago)
Lucas Fernandes (5 days ago)
Muito bom, amo esse tipo de atmosfera.
Barbora 15 (5 days ago)
Youtube played this totally randomly to me automatically while listening to songs. Omg so beautiful and melancholic... I don't know why people think it's something so evil and satanistic.
It make me remember my girl she did sent it to me
Jamshaid khan (5 days ago)
Use light against darkness
Agata Forest (6 days ago)
Your music is beautiful!. I use it as a background while I draw! <3
jughead jones (1 day ago)
That would be a so peaceful
DINO AHMAD (4 days ago)
Hustle Lady (6 days ago)
I asked Google to play monotonous sounds. How did I reach here?
samael Cesar (6 days ago)
Hermosa lml
Kyaw Kyaw (6 days ago)
Hell is comeing
Sr_Nariga (6 days ago)
Mais algum brasileiro perdido nesses comentários?
Sandra Villavicencio (6 days ago)
Mmm.alguien q me expliq gracias
Sandra Villavicencio (6 days ago)
Mm .primera vez q la escucho muy instrumental
Sean Paul (6 days ago)
This would make a great beat for a rap song.
Musio Musio (7 days ago)
I seek refuge in God, the merciful from the evil of Satan
tannersantii (7 days ago)
when you gain 666 insight
Fallen Angel (7 days ago)
I think that goat is cute, is it just me or...?
MARYANN THORSON (7 days ago)
ali ko (8 days ago)
nikmok satan
Luis Tomassini (8 days ago)
Way to get those spell juices flowing
Halk Şiiri (9 days ago)
Dark Music vol 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRxWPjSyoJM
Tapan panda (9 days ago)
Lucifer wants to know your location
redbeacon (9 days ago)
Praise, Hail Satan! Glory be to Satan the Father of the Earth and to Lucifer our guiding light and to Belial who walks between worlds and to Lilith the queen of the night As it was in the void of the beginning Is now, and ever shall be, Satan’s kingdom without End so it is done.
Hu Ssss (9 days ago)
He has a history
AAliyah McClain (9 days ago)
Please read: My parents get pissed at me because I’m not like the rest of the family always happy and girly wearing makeup and pink 24/7 and I’m always wearing black my room all black really no emotions suicide thoughts more boyish than a girl and I always feel better in the dark.
Fallen Angel (7 days ago)
Ik how you feel, but my parents accept me for who I am. Don't worry though, its better to express yourself and just be you.
shalom shalom (7 days ago)
Depressed emo type girls are the best ones btw
Yall mind if i (8 days ago)
Aye I feel the same way but I dnt wear black that often but keep your head up everything will turn out fine at the end cause that's what I'm hoping for too
Bng Trngl (9 days ago)
Average crap.
DARK DORKS productions (10 days ago)
Of course I Lord Vader would have to travel here. this is a place to clear my mind Disney has stolen my identity and they are trying to ruin my good name. I Lord Vader will reclaim my throne in the empire will flourish. Got damn my robot dick is hard.
zuduz zuduzyz (10 days ago)
Sinful Reaper (10 days ago)
love this
Deniz Güneş (10 days ago)
Bizimkiler bulmadan
mohamed sabry (11 days ago)
Ento prentantos Ent exsos princos al 3asiaaaaaaa
mohamed sabry (11 days ago)
Ok yani All you have is pool shit Bethovan
Theuz (11 days ago)
Você que tá lendo isso...Deus te abençoe viu😌🙏🙏
Richard Ramagla (11 days ago)
Dam....all i need now is kevin Gates to go hard.....
Llawliet Otero (11 days ago)
i love this song, can i use it?
Ben Stevenson (11 days ago)
Beautifull Dark and Mysterious its almost magical!
don donzelo (12 days ago)
By lestining he already abduct my soul Satan bring it back.
Cherry Pop (12 days ago)
I just love this song!
ⵉⵍⵢⴻⵙ KING (12 days ago)
wow its so deep
Athelsthan Rael Aicrag (12 days ago)
tsss excelente musica...una obra de arte...mequito el sombrero en verdad es sorprendente.
أيها الموت : كيف أنت ماهيتك أخبرني وخذني وأكسر خوفي...
paulo Amork (13 days ago)
MeeMo (14 days ago)
Clicked for the goat. Stayed for the music. Liked for both.
IJS lil bitch (16 days ago)
I usually bump this shit at the loudest capacity when I'm cooking breakfast for my kids on Sunday morning..... 💯..
Cristian Cristian (16 days ago)
Black Cat (16 days ago)
The woman's voice in this is incredible, I love it
-haltdeineSchnauze (16 days ago)
Simply the best music. Want this to be played when I'm on my Highway to hell❤️😍
Brandon Clawson (17 days ago)
I have been on Earth over 3000 years and it's get boring I wish someone knows how I felt
Melissa Oldham (17 days ago)
Yes! I found the weird part of youtube again! <3
Kyle Wallace (17 days ago)
Love it
Sudem Günhan (17 days ago)
Bu şarkıya aşık oldum
Emilio Fog (17 days ago)
Let the devil play the violin so damn dark. Satan himself is the melody.
C4rilla Kingpin (17 days ago)
Who made this
i did =)
Insomniac Skinny (17 days ago)
Nothing but darkness and silence (・∀・) I just am scared.
Abdullah Atıf SEVEN (17 days ago)
Ozan Manas Kara Geceler dinliyodum ne ara buraya geldim
Hu Ssss (17 days ago)
يوضع في كتاب فيدخر أو يعجل
LLL TTT (18 days ago)
“In the beginning there was darkness then I gave ye light”... Who’s the bearer of light?
Father Titan (18 days ago)
The composer is more worthy of praise than Jesus
LunarChibi (18 days ago)
Super Crackers (18 days ago)
Literally me watching this in 3 am
Felipe Porto (19 days ago)
Felt like a Lovecraft tale!
Wendy Koopa (19 days ago)
Aaaand I summoned a demon
DUZTEM DE7IL (19 days ago)
"Darkness has enfolded, protected, consumed & comforted me my entire life. It courses thru my veins, it is my every thought, my every action, my every breath. It is engraved deep within my soul molding me into the perfect specimen of darkness. The moment my pupils extracted to experiencing this worlds blinding light. I have learned to embrace it(the darkness), I'm ready for the fight?" - D_DE7IL
Ivan Sucur (19 days ago)
Lord Radai (19 days ago)
I was sitting infront of my piano, practicing improvisations with the C and G chords (dark music yay!). I knew what came out was inspired by something else but I couldn't remember what it was. Finally found it.
Duke of derp (19 days ago)
They was a commercial with group of tranny koreans before this, coincidence i think not!
jocelyn tilus (19 days ago)
Who like this more than me
OSCAR D (19 days ago)
“Have you brought nothing to read?” she inquired. He had nothing. “There in my drawer,” she continued, “you will find your own translation of some of the songs of Ossian. I have not yet read them, as I have still hoped to hear you recite them; but, for some time past, I have not been able to accomplish such a wish.” He smiled, and went for the manuscript, which he took with a shudder. He sat down; and, with eyes full of tears, he began to read. “Star of descending night! fair is thy light in the west! thou liftest thy unshorn head from thy cloud; thy steps are stately on thy hill. What dost thou behold in the plain? The stormy winds are laid. The murmur of the torrent comes from afar. Roaring waves climb the distant rock. The flies of evening are on their feeble wings: the hum of their course is on the field. What dost thou behold, fair light? But thou dost smile and depart. The waves come with joy around thee: they bathe thy lovely hair. Farewell, thou silent beam! Let the light of Ossian’s soul arise!
OSCAR D (19 days ago)
This is perfect to read the last pages of Werther.

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