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Magic Tricks to Impress your Dad on Fathers Day

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Magic Tricks to Impress your Dad on Fathers Day. Also, I have a special father related announcement. Happy fathers day to all you dads out there!! Tweet at me: https://twitter.com/finalcutking I'm on Facebook too - https://www.facebook.com/ZachKingVine Instagram - http://instagram.com/zachking My Website where you can email me- http://zachkingvine.com
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Text Comments (1941)
Sabahat Baloch (5 days ago)
Congrats Zach Hope ur baby is a healthy baby
James Haas (11 days ago)
Love your vids!
Will Snyder (14 days ago)
When I’m watching this it isn’t fathers day
izumi lucilfer (21 days ago)
Never becuase in our religion we don't have one !
Gabriel Noble (26 days ago)
Shalu Bharatwal (1 month ago)
Daniel Cantwell (1 month ago)
How old is your dad
Ez D (1 month ago)
Wannabe Music (2 months ago)
Omg congrats!
super gamer (2 months ago)
K da bomb G.com (3 months ago)
olana klimentova (3 months ago)
i want father day 2
olana klimentova (3 months ago)
its coming soon
Julia Marie Barcelona (3 months ago)
tiina koov (3 months ago)
i cant celebrate fathers day cuz my dad died when i was 5 everyone say RIP
The ProDeathII (3 months ago)
My dad left us for another woman
hf123 fatta (3 months ago)
hey zack how are u
hf123 fatta (3 months ago)
can u give ur phone number plzzzzz
happy early/late fathers day
артём (3 months ago)
Go Play a game pleaaaas , ok?
Luci's World (4 months ago)
Earth to Rocket (4 months ago)
Ahmed Jamal Iftekhar (4 months ago)
How do u do this is it editing
Eileen Keller (4 months ago)
Hi Zach
Saurav cool (4 months ago)
Nice video
TeaSnail (4 months ago)
Double u to the h and aaaaaaat?
Kai TheNinja (4 months ago)
Hello!Zach King!!!!!!!I love ur vids!
Shoot u mom With akm (4 months ago)
BTW i do it to my mother on mother's day
Sisy Ren (4 months ago)
Hi Zach
Yash Shrivastav (4 months ago)
Worlds fastest typing masters
Sad God (4 months ago)
Awesome video man!
*GET OFF MY LAWN* l: / (5 months ago)
Doga Selcuk (5 months ago)
İ hope i can do something like this too :)
Serverlives25 (5 months ago)
what happened to the fish :(
TacoCrafter (5 months ago)
I just give him tacos.
Senan Sasnuka (5 months ago)
Congrats on your baby ZACH😀😀
Ashley Cabrera (5 months ago)
Lucky Gacha (5 months ago)
Love you Zach!!!
ma akenzie (5 months ago)
Jayson Sierra (5 months ago)
What’s the fish’s name from last video tho? Also congrats!!!! :)
Crackers The Cow (5 months ago)
I'm going with my dad to the beach in florida
Felix Garcia (5 months ago)
Hi king
kate and kei Channel (5 months ago)
kate and kei Channel (5 months ago)
Mark PH (5 months ago)
where do you leave
Lorelie Argosino (5 months ago)
Zach the goldfish did u forget it
Hải Đường Viện (5 months ago)
She's beautiful
Princess CE Serapio (5 months ago)
A Can Of Dr.Pepper (5 months ago)
The fuck is the trick
Jullianne Maisha gaming (5 months ago)
Btw whats ur would be your child name?
Aka Toxic (5 months ago)
Venom kelly (5 months ago)
I dont have a dad
Selina Apodo (5 months ago)
Hello Ms king
Your awesome
Tonmoy Mondal (5 months ago)
FMJ Q8 (5 months ago)
Sorry I am late plz respond you are the best magician 🎩 I ever seen and I wanna say hi 👋
GeorgeTheThird (5 months ago)
I seen your interview with Peter McKinnon, and I don’t understand why it seemed like he was mad at the way you did magic and the process in witch how you make your short films. I have a 120 iq but I’m not the best film maker but I get better everyday and I can tell you love what you do and because of that I hit the subscribe button and I really do love your work !!!
Paul Jack (6 months ago)
你爸真帅 你爸叫什么? U dad is handsome what‘s his name
Saniyah Tudor (6 months ago)
Sketch Source (6 months ago)
I actually gave the 9.001 like, so please guys, hate on me!!
Lynn Paulet (6 months ago)
I love you
Spirit Animal Squad (6 months ago)
Ohhhhh yeeeee can’t wait
jonathan chan (6 months ago)
Maybe you should do the magic tricks on your baby! LOL.
Hieu Le (6 months ago)
Angel Feather (6 months ago)
You have such a cute wife. Congrats on your fathers day gift. Mine came on my birthday. I love my son to death.
my name is vinayak Gupta
I am your fan zach king😚😚😚😚💗💗💗💗🙄🙄🙄🙄😀😀😀
MageGaming 03 (6 months ago)
My dad hates me so
Cube It (6 months ago)
When he puts his hand inside for the fishing rod his hand was behind the blue coloured cap
strykeback24 (6 months ago)
Holy fuh... I mean pho.... YOU?!!!!! A father?! Dang.....
Tyler Grove (6 months ago)
video is cool and all but can we talk about the Fender Telecaster by his bed
Venomous Spider (6 months ago)
Poppa Zach out!
Emoni time (6 months ago)
I can't go to my dad on father day
Benjamin Raymond (6 months ago)
Khalis Farhana (6 months ago)
Hello from Malaysia!
Emmalee's Fun And Toys (6 months ago)
Do you know if it's a boy or girl
Emmalee's Fun And Toys (6 months ago)
Gamejo room (6 months ago)
Justin Scott (6 months ago)
Rainy 7509 (7 months ago)
Wanna know what i tell my grandpa on fathers day? Have a GRAND fathers day!
Maya M (7 months ago)
Sachin Pandit (7 months ago)
Chi-Chi Roblox (7 months ago)
Hi Zach
Melisa Le dog (7 months ago)
Forget until it was 6pm :p
Jacob Wallace (7 months ago)
Hey big fan love your vids and I just subbed again because I got a new phone.
Eli Clark (7 months ago)
Liam payne (7 months ago)
Oh I'm late, happy birthday to your daughter Zach!!
Lucifer Morningstar (7 months ago)
*What an agony to see this fucking audio delayed* Arghh...
Saksham Jain (7 months ago)
you should have copyrights of your vedios? All views are collected by fake channels😐
Jazlynn zayas (7 months ago)
Tamil Clipper (7 months ago)
Did you go to the chruch every sunday??? Need honest answer Think so you are so so honest
Soso Al-Taae (7 months ago)
I love you so much Zach
Jonathan F (7 months ago)
I forget it because my dad passed away when I was 14 2 years ago
hi bye (7 months ago)
It’s been 3 weeks since you posted this 😐
BabyFace D (7 months ago)
His phone just disappears dont you see that
Max Chilton (7 months ago)
He didn’t pick a name for the fish 😢
LunarCraft360 (7 months ago)
He's the next Houdini
Brownien2115 (7 months ago)
samunder khan (7 months ago)
You are amazing 😱💛💚💙👍👍
A & S Channel (7 months ago)
Hi Zach can you please sub my channel named a&s games and toys and the one which is right beside the comment !! Thanks if you subed!!

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