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Women BETTER than Men?!

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Text Comments (28)
Paul Ladouceur (2 months ago)
YO YO YO girls suck
Jelley (4 months ago)
Lol I literally had this last week. Some girl at work was mad at me. And people kept saying ooohhhh I wouldn't want to be you. Ohhhh I wouldnt want to mess with her. But no one could really tell me why lol. I just can't figure out why women these days think they're something to fear. It's a joke
Stephanie Pottenburgh (4 years ago)
"I think they should have access to all of the room of the house"  favorite line
Nate Da Grrreat (4 years ago)
CRAZ3CATL0X (4 years ago)
I take street fighting. Ill kick your ass. And ill find you. Ugly ass.
Ado A (4 years ago)
Of coarse you will
A Hemingway (4 years ago)
i really cant tell whats sarcastic and whats not
V (4 years ago)
bitch you don't think a girl will shoot your ass in the throat?
Dio (4 years ago)
stayed because of that intro, liked because of the john cena reference..
Hellsconsort (5 years ago)
And no. Cranky, honky, cultural exploitable white guilt or being overly apologetic white guy etc is not funny... Excusing 'they get to be racist to us' kind of says alot about that mindset. No offence. I think you're alright. I do however have a frustration with racist minorities and overly accommodating white leftists, 'progressives' , feminists, white guilt miners.
Hellsconsort (5 years ago)
Yeah, ironically fempigs who claim to be about equality are some of the most wicked man hating harpies out there.
BoMah:) (5 years ago)
A feminist thumbed this down
alvaro alas (5 years ago)
if a woman hits a man it's because she wants to fight and since she wants to fight he has the right to knock her senseless
Angielala (5 years ago)
"I just have a dark sense of humor" x)
Sanjeev Singh Pundir (5 years ago)
thumbs up
00sasukelovagirl00 (5 years ago)
I think if a girl slaps you then you deserve to complain at her, as long as she slapped you for a dumb reason. If she slaps you for cheating or something along that line then you better not bitch.
Angie (5 years ago)
I totally agree with everything you said. Except maybe the part where you said women can't beat up guys. We have nails, like pretty sharp nails. They hurt. And if we know any kind of hand to hand combat or have a weapon, then we can be dangerous. Any girl willing to use these on you because of a comment is an idiot. The most I'm willing to think is OK is maybe a slap, depending on how bad the comment is. Most of the time, we're completely wimpy and won't follow through, though.
nimonemma11 (5 years ago)
Thank you for putting this out there FINALLY
ImCrazyKnight (5 years ago)
Just by seeing the title i say...*clears throat NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Aaron Slaton (5 years ago)
Dude I lol'd with the john cena reference lol
Charlotte Armstrong (6 years ago)
Putting this video aside.. ur quite a cutie! :P
Lois Brace (6 years ago)
Very good point love your videos
Matthew Acosta (6 years ago)
Colton Latimer (6 years ago)
Great video Jon!
Colton Latimer (6 years ago)
Said female used to hit you for everything you did. Not your fault Bill Clinton knows how to live
aldoesntdodrugs (6 years ago)
good video!
KMACK TIME (6 years ago)
this reminds me of someone i used to know.. lol she was all about women's rights, she even slapped me once just becaz i said Bill Clinton was my favorite president.. what a dick
Killa Luigi (6 years ago)
equal right! equal rights! You can't talk back to me! IM A GIRL! :P

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