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RPG Etiquette! (Game Master Tips)

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Come hither as Critical Role’s Matt Mercer tells you how to be a better GM / DM. In today’s episode he has some word on RPG etiquette Catch these tips a week early on Vessel, and on GeekandSundry.com every Friday! For more on RPGs, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Stickgeneral 42 (1 day ago)
in our group, there is mostly good players who are nice and behave well. sure some may interrupt each other a lot, and some just dont understand the rules and get pissed about it, but we're for the most part fine. we have good moments. except for one player. this player is such a chronic pain in literally everyone's ass that it is probably an underestimation to say that theyve caused about 90% of the conflicts between players outside of the game and during it. this player argues with the dm, argues with the players, insults literally everyone, and is just generally an asshole. so, one day, while they were arguing with some people and insulting them (a fairly common occurrence) I just threw into the chat "Hey, if you don't stop arguing, my character's gonna just kill yours" of course they continued arguing and even acknowledged my message with some insults. So, while they were not in the voice chat at all even though the campaign was happening and they were too much of an asshole to be bothered to join, I just told the dm "Ok I walk up to their character and see their aggressive attitude, think they shouldn't be part of the party, and shank them." The dm and I decided that it'd be kinda mean to murder their character outright, so instead I just framed them for a crime they didnt commit and got them thrown in jail. not murder, but showing the consequences of their actions. They bitched and complained about it, to the point where the dm and i were just looking at each other tired of their shit. when we finally freed them, because they were complaining so much that we basically had to, they just said "I try to kill Tim (my character) with my greatsword". the dm facepalmed. they attacked. hit. i took a bit of damage, and lost about half my health. it was annoying. then, i tried to run away and cast fireball to blow his face up. now, what i failed to mention is that i was a wild mage, a very special kind which was homebrewed by our group. this basically meant that we used a different, more balanced wild magic table. in this table, typically lower numbers on a d100 are worse effects that tend to just screw over the user, whereas the higher effects are better. so, when i cast fireball, a wild magic surge happened. i roll to see what spell i cast natural fucking 100 the dm takes a moment, looks at the book, and just says "tim's eyes light up. when he looks at (Asshole player) they turn bright, then crumble to dust and die. the asshole player ragequit the group and we literally cheered after they left.
Brandon Smythe (3 days ago)
Matt!!! DM a game for me and my friends!!!!
As1anZ1ng (4 days ago)
Paying attention is easily the biggest problem at my table. I'll spend a couple minutes trying to build an image or describe key details only to have the next thing one of my players say, "Wait so what's happening?" Beyond frustrating. Especially since I'm someone that needs to put in a lot of time to make something creative.
DrBloodbathMC (21 days ago)
I should show this to my players
A-A-RON (23 days ago)
SESSION 0 PEOPLE get everything you have altered in the rules out in the open and players can talk about what they are wanting out of your game
Shahid Naqshbandi (24 days ago)
Well put
Gravelord Nito (25 days ago)
First and last time playing in public... afk tavern a place for nerds. Constantly being interrupted by the waiter. (Cant get service to save my life when I'm there just to eat and drink) everyone distracted by something. Total nightmare as a dm. I just started cutting xp for not being as involved and not repeating myself on important shit till they took me seriously and stopped fucking around.
BloodyEater (1 month ago)
if the GM enjoys himself more then the Players do, what would you do? (i know talking should be the obvious choice <.< but im bad at that >-<)
I lost my entire group because of one rules lawyer who kept on slowing the game down in MnM3E telling me I was wrong almost every oprotunity he had, I then had to show him the rule, this after pointing out in the beginning that this was a story heavy game anyhow and we can look over rules afterwards although I know I was right as I ran fo a long time a DC Adventures game and the rules are the same. I showed him afterwards my rules sheet for MnM3E that was my learning sheet I used originally and asked him to point out what I was doing wrong, every rule he was pointing out was changed from 2nd edition and I showed him this, afterhe was done showing his ass, everyone quit and has never done a game of anything with me since (all because he really wanted to play DnD5E). This after he asked me to run MnM3E.
deffdefying (1 month ago)
That thumbnail lol
Robert Claus (1 month ago)
One rule that I am a stickler on, is proper dice rolling etiquette, or the art of rolling correctly. I got my start in tabletop war gaming where improper dice etiquette can and has led to fights. First things first, actually roll the dice, just don't put it in your hand, and then flip your hand over so the dice lands where you want it too. Also, after you roll, don't pick it up immediately, let it stay so everyone can have a look at it. I once had a player who constantly picked his dice up before any of us could confirm it, and he always seemed to get exactly what he needed and had a bad roll. We called him out on this and we stopped, for awhile. Then we started having our sessions over at his house where he sat away from us in his own personal chair with a dice tray, and oddly enough those higher than average rolls came back with a vengeance. Now, the DM should be allowed to fudge his rolls occasionally behind a screen, it it suits the narrative or if he wants to show mercy to the players. Though one day I did beat my cheating players roll, and he furiously stormed behind my screen demanding to see the dice so he could confirm it was a nat 20, which it was. Thankfully we don't play together anymore.
Kuris Winchester (1 month ago)
2:55 Don't be an attention hog - delt with that with my newest group. The basically self-appointed leader was a barbarian and normally went first in combat, and almost always killed whatever it was before hardly anyone else got a chance to do anything... it was annoying.. we tried a campaign where he tried to be the leader like a Robin Hood, but he didn't even try to lead, he bossed everyone. Granted, our party was 8 people, not including the dm, but it was frustrating. I designed my character as someone who could be a friend to him, who would be loyal to the robin-hood-like character he created, but he wouldn't even trust me to turn in the money that I took for a payment. He pounded on my door and demanded the money the next morning. Most of the 8 actually decided to stop playing (supposedly as a break, but the dm -who's also my fiance- is tired of their fickleness, so we're reshaping the group from the remaining 4 who want to keep playing)
Re cowabunga (1 month ago)
futur reference Questions: Playstyle: RP heavy? Combat heavy? Balance? Diablo style dungeon delve kill stuff get loot? Political intrigue, political climate? High Power? Low Power campagn? Note taking mystery?
KSHITIJ baria (1 month ago)
Can one role insight again if he/she fails the first time?
Z file Not found (1 month ago)
I’m DMing my first game soon. Me and my friends are new to the game. I have this one player who isn’t really taking it seriously. All my other players are taking time to build their characters while this pc is kinda just filling in joke answers which i would want to explore in another campaign but not as our first rpg.
Richard Tipton (1 month ago)
Matt Mercer looks like a young jim carrey with long hair......Awesome DM BTW!
Hurr Durr (2 months ago)
SamEarl13 (2 months ago)
Some of the dumb stuff that I heard recently DnD-wise (Note I am quite new). 1. Someone that overcomplicated their backstory literally giving the DM NPC's to introduce (sounds crazy). 2. There was a player on a discord server I'm in that has a terrible habit of judging the character choices of other players, I feel they may be one of those 'min/maxers'. 3. I was playing a session 0 with a group of people and one player decided that they would rather stay behind in the middle of a pathway because they didn't want to go where the rest of the party was going assuming we'd end up fighting a certain creature when we had gone to the location earlier. He was the cleric...
timestar 22 (2 months ago)
Ccccccccuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyoooooooouuuuuuuuuu##%#*#%#
timothée Mathon (2 months ago)
Few months ago we got a HUGE problem player (let's call her D) at our table and it almost ended our one year long campaign we were running every week and was close to ruin long time friendships. And listening to how you described it echoed a lot with this situation because this player was clearly not expecting the same things from the game and feeling entitled to hog the spotlight and be vindictive over the whole table. D knew she was the problem player, and instead of questionning herself and correcting herself, she tried to manipulate and turn the players one by one then collectively against me (the DM), and when the whole table defended me spontaneously, she refused to face the consequences and talk with all of us together and almost shattered our group's mutual trust. D was a strange player to deal with. She had no real hobbies or social interactions and a pretty relaxed/boring job so she got hooked like crazy by D&D and was invested like crazy into it (no joke, it was like 8 hours per day thinking about D&D, her character background...Etc). As she was super invested and pretty smart she quickly became a good actor and a good player to rely on as a DM (for stuff like ordering the initiative, looking for rules or some other stuff when I was busy) She was playing a lightly problematic character at the begining of the campaign because between the 2nd to 5th session she decided to betray the group and tried to run lone wolf to try to kill the party....of course her character ended up killed super easily by the group and it seemed that she had learnt the lesson. So she made a new character, telling to the table that now she won't try to screw the group anymore. So she made a cleric from the town the PC had just arrived in to facilitate the introduction to the group, and she acted as the cliché Lawful Good "group mom". We were playing in a setting based on the old Might and Magic videogame serie, I was the DM for 5 players (D and my 4 best friends, and with my friends we absolutely LOVE playing D&D with each other alongside tons of videogames and other activities) and everything was fine until we all decided to add an other player because she was a close friend of us and was watching all of our session replays and making super cool artworks and illustrations of our campaign. For various reasons, in order not to break the narrative, we agreed with the new player that she would play one of the Cleric's sons that was long gone and now working as a mercenary in the continent. The new player, let's call her A. was delighted with this idea and got super invested in her character. The other player, D, playing the Cleric, was also delighted when she was surprised by a "Mom...?!" scene. At the same time she discovered Critical Role, and started watching it almost non stop and was clearly interested in the flamboyant/acting part of RPG. But right after this session, they both got super invested in preparing a metric tons of interactions between Mom and son at the point they were spending like 3 to 4 hours per week writing stuff. And the next session...here the disaster happened...the interactions were super recurrent and were happening like 20 min scenes, with everything that needs to be done in a super flamboyant manner and not be interrupted for any reason....even by the other players. At one session I tried to keep track of the time everyone was speaking....and on a 5 hours session A and D together got more than two hours. So next session I tried to remind A and D that yeah gimmicks between son and mom might be fun from time to time but there need to be space for anyone in the group. Right after this session I got messages from D and she started (in the name of the group according to her) reproaching me that I was limiting the players in their interactions, that she was absolutely shocked to see that after 10 years of DMing and watching a lot of channels about GMing I was not letting characters develop bonds between them. That this was the reason there was absolutely no trust between the characters and that we were a group struggling to act and roleplay in character. I told her I was taking notes of that and that we'll discuss that all together at the beginning of next session to find solutions Then few days after...she started absolutely vomiting a metric ton of reproaches to me on tons of details and moment I did wrong, on how my campaign was bad and started contesting a tons of statements I made with the group about how to establish rules upon this or that situation...openly comparing our way of playing to how it's done in Critical Role and saying that she was super disappointed seeing that I was not taking advantage on her backstory that she invested soo much time into (no joke, she decided that her character had 13 childrens and she made backstory/description and character sheets for all of them). We were on a tight schedule, maybe 4 hours per week to play and all of our group members were pretty busy with jobs/life/family ...Etc so there was NO WAY I could use this deluge of informations on such a schedule while being fair to the other players. Two days before the next session, I got asked by my best friend to talk with him a moment on our D&D discord server and he told me that D was starting b*tching on me on the player's private chat and trying to return all of the table against me. After a moment we ended the discussion with my friend, he logged off and D logged in even before I disconnected and she started talking super passive agressive to me like "So...you've thought about what I wrote to you or you keep not answering directly?" I told her that I knew that she had tried to bash me and return my best friends against me and that it was totally unacceptable and that I won't let anyone abuse my trust or disrespect me this way. So if she was unhappy with how I was trying to make it fair for everyone's fun and reasons to play (other players were not all interested in acting either...one of them is a spectator player and everyone is fine with that) she had a choice: - Talk with all of us in two days at the begining of the session as planned - Become the new GM of the campaign and run it at she wants to see if DMing is as easy as she thinks - Or leave the group and find players that suit her and can invest 8 hours per day in a hobby. She instantly left the server and all the discussions we could have had on Discord Then next day it was a freakin' mess in our Discord like "Wut, D left?! What happened?", we had to setup an emergency meeting on the evening to clarify everything because she then lied to some players that asked her what happened and I think I got a natural 20 on my insight check for having decided to screenshot the whole text discussion and vomit she had sent the previous days....We got to adress collectively ALL of her reproaches and we figured out that all of us were perfectly fine with how the game was running, that we were feeling super free and not restricted in the PC's actions by my way of DMing (my signature phrase is probably "You can try if you want, it's certainly unlikely but probably not impossible"), but by D and her vindictive way of playing the Laweful good group mom withinin a neutral/chaotic good party. They even said they were disturbed by how D's character was keeping her personal quests (which when they discovered it all said "why didn't you told us about it before so we could have helped you?). Also, all the players simultaneous agreed upon the fact that there was absolute comfidence between the characters...they even gave me examples of this, like right in the first sessions the fighter who accepted to drink a nasty poison bottle at level 2 to save the whole group, or the group stopping the main quest for 3 sessions to gather crazy ingredients to cure A's character from vampirism. Unfortunately, A got really pissed of by D having left the group, so we had to wait one month before playing D&D again and two month before getting D back at the table, and we can clearly see now that she is staying at the table just because the campaign is almost over now and then she'll get back playing with D. In fact, few times she said she was unable to play with us on certain evenings and we got evidences she was playing with D instead on our table schedule. This sunday will be the grand finale of the campaign, I've planned great things for my beloved players, and despite the fact that I had an absolute blast running this campaign overall, I now realize how relieved I feel knowing this campaign, and the last bits of bitternes we feel from A, is over; and that for the next one I'll be a simple player (after almost 10 years of DMing) and we'll finally, I guess, have a perfectly sane table.
tyranosaur usrex (2 months ago)
to gm "yeah that actually works in a completely different way than that but whatever you say works for me"
John Tousseau (2 months ago)
Somethings which piss me off as a DM: People on their phone constantly just scrolling through social media, texting, not paying attention. Back-seat DMing: Informing me of a rule or reminding me or asking how a rule might apply in certain situations is completely different than telling other players what kind of roll they need to make or explaining rules... especially when the question was directed at me and I'm explaining it. Meta gamers: "I have +3 to investigation, so I'll roll for it." My response, "you don't have +3 to investigation; you have experience doing investigations in your past and would like to help." Dice throwers: I think that's what they are called... basically someone who just starts rolling for shit before I can finish explaining the scene. Example: "As you pass through the door, the air is noticeably cooler, and the walls are—" "I rolled 15 perception, what do I see?" I don't want to kill players out of spite, but the thought has crossed my mind sometimes. Does anyone have a list of annoying things bad DMs do? I'm been a DM for a while so it'd be interesting to see what some players get annoyed at. And if I do any, I'll make it a point not to.
Kydo Ren (3 months ago)
how do i shift peoples focus back to the game. like near the end always. or even during. people will drift and start having their little conversations. loudly i might ad. so how do i get them back without seeming cheeky or desperate or authoritarian?
Dakota Frerking (3 months ago)
Hate phones
Shinobu Takatsuki (3 months ago)
Is all about pc game or game board?
Youtube Dude (4 months ago)
I once had a player leave the table and ask if anyone else wanted quesadillas as we were confronting the evil king verbally
Ian coram (4 months ago)
THAT LIKE TO DISLIKE RATION THOUGH!!! well deserved to be honest
Mike MacDee (4 months ago)
Great advice, especially about communication among the group members. My last group played for a year, and it was the best group I was ever a part of, but they didn't discuss what style we'd be playing beforehand. Me and the DM were the only veteran RPG players and everyone else was sort of a first-timer, so we started with simple systems and laid back gameplay that didn't take itself seriously, getting more invested in story and character with each new system. When we got to our first Pathfinder campaign, I thought we were ready for our first real RP game where we'd really get invested in the story and characters, only to find out later that I was the only one doing it and the others wanted to be laid back. I never realized that's what they were doing, and they never brought up their discomfort with me (if I'd known, I had no issue with dialing it back), until eventually it came to a head and the host's wife used it as an excuse to bring up some imaginary personal issues she had with me out of game, and basically got me kicked out of the group. During a session I wasn't even attending. And they never planned to tell me I wasn't in the group anymore. Later they realized it was pretty fucked up, but at the time nobody's head was on straight, and I'm still insecure about what my peers really think of me even now. So yeah. Communicate with your group members.
DC Double Jay (3 months ago)
Sounds like an issue on their part. You should not feel insecure about yourself over it.
I wanna game with you !
Miyla Crystal (4 months ago)
The first rule when I’m DM for literally any type of game 5E, pathfinder, ect. Is “role-play over rules the rules”
JKoby99 (4 months ago)
Does someone know the background music?
RariTwi (5 months ago)
Matt is so awesome.
Rocketman Namtecor (5 months ago)
I have a person I play DND with who goes full derp no matter what the situation for example one of my friends had just talked a orc general down from attacking us so he is trading weapons and food so derpus maximus just cast burning hands kills every one loots all of us
Orange Phanta (5 months ago)
There was this one guy in our group once and he was breaking literally every player tip in this video. We just all got sick of it and kicked him out
Santiago Ramírez (5 months ago)
GM S.O.S Hello, i call for help. I´m a new DM, we recently start playing a new campaing, and i have a guy who is trying to kill himself just to creater a new char and get better rolls for the ability scores. How i can handle this, and now other players are considering the same. They are just lv 2 so they dont care to lose the progress.
MrBiochronic (5 months ago)
first and foremost have a talk with your problem player. Make him understand that you two can talk this out instead of him derailing and sabotaging everyones fun just because he's not happy with the choices HE made. That is a dick-move. He should either play along for the sake of the group or approch you as a GM when something bothers him. And, this a roleplaying game, not a hack and slay. so it doesn't matter if a PlayerCharacter has better stats or not, what counts is the rolepaying and the story. And the players have to trust in you to balance the game around their characters. the stats dont't have the last say in a campaign, you as the GM have. If stats and better rolls are everything your players care about in their game they should play Diablo, WOW or some other PC-RPG and stay far away from a Pen&Papers. Make them understand that "low stats" do not ruin or diminnish the game, if nothing else it make the roleplaying more interresting. makes them look for other option than brute forcing their way through a campaign. You know, "roleplaying".
Lilith Lissandra (6 months ago)
At 2:49 I thought about my current group... I'm rather showy by nature; my love of the spotlight is one of my main flaws. I find this translating into my gameplay a lot, but when I try to let other players have their moments they almost always end up doing something to bring the game to a grinding halt. I'm never really sure what to do about that, so I just end up taking the spotlight again and things start rolling. What's up with that?
C Blaklea (6 months ago)
I have a friend who makes our group’s d&d night hell, he yells and insults, rules haggling, minmaxing, and has a political view that I’m not going to spout out now but it’s not a popular opinion, I’m fine with opinions but I as the dm need to yell because person a and person b are screaming about abortion laws, we spend so much time with these sessions but rarely get anywhere in the story, I don’t want to kick him out but it’s just getting to that point how can I do it so he won’t try to kill me.
3:14 - I had that in my playing time. So, after some time - I actually got bored, because party was like "yay we can go lolrandom" and I was the one to talk them out of trouble later on because of "being the face of the party". So now, I'm playing a half-orc barbarian with next to none-existent intellect. You want me to speak to animals? Sure, I'm a totem barbarian. You want me to speak to NPC's? Well, you wanted it >:) "LET US THROUGH OR GET PINNED TO THE WALL WITH MY SELIVA YOU SCUM!!". After the very first interaction the group actually decided to put someone else in charge (finally) of the group interactions with NPC's and I finally had some time to relax and give spotlight to others ^^
Dominic Youe (6 months ago)
Really good video, the more of these I watch, the more I'm like "Matt would be a great guy to have a beer with!"
SGT.COUGHDROP MCGEE (6 months ago)
I've been watching a lot of these videos as of recent and learned so much. all my past worlds and campaigns would take swan dives because i wasn't that good. well with your help and these videos Matt I was able to have a full 9 hour session with vivid detail and heartache. thank you for all the help !!!!
Neo RPC (6 months ago)
are there tips about choosing between playing narratively like imaginary or playing with a board and miniatures
Noble GamıngMC (6 months ago)
wow MCree!!
Nick James (7 months ago)
Jim carey plays dnd?
GWOTvetx4 (7 months ago)
Geek & Sundry AKA Wil Wheaton atheist platform tells Matt Mercer to talk about repackage biblical values.
Orangey (7 months ago)
Thats fucking mccreeeeeee
DevilJinKazama (7 months ago)
A game where I'm playing a Cleric in, the DM has turned to using homebrew items because she fears I will instantly know if we come across something in the DMG. While not entirely unfounded, she forgets that she's in charge of what we find during our adventures. And there's nothing wrong with taking things from a book. On the upside: I also help out with rules that might be a little murky. Or spells that I happen to have mostly memorized what they do, so we don't spend a lot of time looking up exactly what a spell does.
FionaMars (7 months ago)
Man I wish I had seen this before I started my first campaign
Adam S (7 months ago)
Matt= G.O.A.T DM
SailorIda3 (7 months ago)
Damed be you and your awesomness! My brother got into rpg´s due to your dnd streams. As I managed to get the privilage to be his dm, he keeps comparing me to you and your show. I am no voiceactor, but I genuinly hurt my throat by squeesing it just to try and get him to enjoy it. I can not get a deep voice unless I squees my throat enough to genuinly hurt and at timesit gets hard to breath. At one time he even told me to stop, tell him what the male npc´s was gonna say and then he would voice them out. He have gotten a bit more apreciative but he is still bossy and a tad rude :/ I just feel that he expect me to be like you, and his campaign is the first one I not only dm, but PLAY. I have not had anyone to play with earlier. The main story is that it all takes place in the realm of demons/devils. However millenias ago mighty wizards enterd the realmand war broke out, sealing the demons into nothing and magicly transforming the plane to fit human life and what they need to live, such as plants and animals. Some demons had however mated with humans, creating halfbloods. And now millenias later ther demons are considerd nothing but a childrens tale. If somone is found out to have demon blood the king will send the mightiest of soldiers to murder said demon. The demon king have however managed to slip back into the realm he once ruled. So now he is looking for a champion to free them. Having slipped through the weakening seal took most of the demons power, rendering him nearly powerless. Thus he will meet y brothers character (who have demon blood) and try to lure him to undo the seal. If my brother decides to side with the demons the end boss will be a paladin/monk hybrid that is the crown prince. If he decides to side with the humans, he will have to travel to the dimension that the demons was sealed in, fighting the demon king in said realm. So far he have mainly meditated trying to figure out the plot. He keeps getting natural 20´s and I genunly cant give him more without spoiling everything. He have already figured out that he is most likely a demon, much more info and he will know the whole plot (wich I buildt around his character), I made a whole wrld just for him including comming up with familie crests to the nobles, relationships both peacefull and those of war. Wouuld it be fine to say "You wont find out anything else by meditating no matter the diceroll"? One last question, my brother tends to belive that the characters needs to have diffrent voices, accents, lisps and so on to be intresting. Is this not just a cosmetic thing? The thing that makes a character intresting is its personalities and querks is it not? Or am I wrong here? I just belive that the voice is more a cosmetic thing and not needed if the character is well made.
Icacus (8 months ago)
wish my players would be attentive ugh, they constantly miss things and I often have to repeat myself
Devilboyking (8 months ago)
dude, Matt...I can only guess as to the amount of better DM's out there because of your public example...so Thank in advance of my next campaign with some friends.
chad mclewin (8 months ago)
But the reason i'm playing D&D is that I don't know how to interact with real people!
SplattedRabbit (8 months ago)
Besides all those Videos I would LOVE all these Tips, improvements etc as a podcast. That would be so awesome.
matthew fanous (8 months ago)
i found that, atleast as a player, it's much easier to roleplay when there is less people at the table. I have noticed that it's easier for the DM to listen to everybody, and that it doesn't take as long waiting for your turn, and it also makes it easier to manage your party.
yeet yeet (8 months ago)
Yes, it's so much easier to play in a party of 3. Everyone gets to talk, everyone can has something special or cool with no overlapping. It's just fun (from an rp standpoint)
Sam Sam (8 months ago)
Thank you so much Matt! If only more people watched this and learned to give and take criticism.
Saiko Kurosu (8 months ago)
I'm new to TRPG, so I'm always terrified of being a spotlight hog, so I usually apologise just in case at the end of every session, even though I'm constantly told that I'm not a problem... ^^;;
EpicPie9121 (8 months ago)
Matt, the whole spotlight thing, you perfect in Critical Role. I love it so much. One time you're having Vex hunting a beast in a trial, another time you're having Pike message Scanlan with the earring and having an emotional moment, etc.
Matt Mercer is a LG dm
Charlie Ricker (9 months ago)
Great video, random camera shifts...
nuril fayyad (9 months ago)
I just found table-top RPG several days ago and I have to say, Your channel really helped a lot! Thankyou!
RileySerenity (9 months ago)
Friggin THANK YOU FOR THIS PARTICULAR CHAPTER. Because honestly I agree with alot of these points, especially with the fairness of being in the spotlight.
Dreadrose89 (9 months ago)
In future videos, please do not wear a t-shirt with text on it where the lower half get's cut out of the frame. I spent most part of the video wondering how I would...
Lord Maliki (9 months ago)
Matt! I need you to do these again! MAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT!
Mikhail Sunstone (10 months ago)
Mr. Mercer I know your probably a very busy person but I was wondering if you have a moment at some point if I could have a conversation with you. I have never played D&D and until I saw your Force Grey videos I was not interested. I am thinking of possibly try to reach out to someone to try and play but I was hopibg to talk to you first.
SN1P3R_W0LF_2573 (10 months ago)
Kinda like when my DM and I had gotten confused about one of my Mystic spells since the spell didn't have a description for the saving throw required to pass, so the DM and I agreed on the receivers to roll Wisdom above mine or equal to it.
Hegle Evangelista (10 months ago)
marry me
TheoPhys Scholars (10 months ago)
Jim Carrey does D&D?
Lucas Tadeu (10 months ago)
One of the best videos of the series! O// Thanks for sharing ^^
Wil Garrett (10 months ago)
As a DM and player, I get very annoyed with players that make jokes about character names and descriptive notes about locations. In one of my friend's first DM sessions, we went to a dark tower dungeon thing. There was a Dwarf king called Eusdrayl that we met. One of our PCs decided to make the joke, "Why helloooo Used Raaaaiilllll :D. What's it like being in such a...DANK dungeon." He laughed a lot at his own joke and got a chuckle from the pot smoker in the group since he was kind of high the whole time. Once being corrected, being told it was pronounced "Yoos-dray-il", the PC immediately said, "Of course, that's what I said, Used Rail....:) If i'm pronouncing it wrong then it's because I have a slight hearing problem." He sure as hell didn't have a hearing problem before the dungeon, and automatically created one for himself on the spot so he could make the never ending jokes. It soon became, "Why Israel, we are here to find a party of dead travelers in this spire of yours. Do you know where this merry gathering of drinking and raving might be?" It didn't stop, and when Eusdrayl and his three guards decided it was enough, they were going to cut out his tongue and he wouldn't be able to talk anymore. He raged and said "that's unfair, why would they do that? I'm not gonna sit here and play and not be able to talk." My Monk had already removed himself by sneaking passed the guards into the hallway. I wasn't helping him at all. But it was diffused since we are all friends and our DM let it go...While the jokes continued....
keggerous (10 months ago)
I don't think I've ever played a game of D&D that didn't devolve into some for of competition between the players. Be it: who has the higher dmg or who can kill who . . . it's almost always a shit show after the campaign starts fizzing out.
yeet yeet (8 months ago)
lol thats just toxic. i recommend you dm, since you have a proper idea of what to do (and not make your party wander around for an hour), and kick out the people who try to make others feel bad for doing "less" in a fun rpg. i recommend people who mesh well with other. no one who is toooo competitive (though being competitive inst always bad) and likes to help others
keggerous (8 months ago)
I think part of the problem is the DM. He's kind of all over the place when it comes to story focus. Sometimes it's like we're on a rollercoaster and other times we have to pry at him for an hour just to discover a single thing to do. Like you can go around town and talk to tons of people in the pub or wherever and it's like he purposefully tries to make them all go completely nowhere. That and you pretty much guessed it with the ,"lol I do the most dmg" thing . . . I'm actually pretty sure I've heard that exact line before when someone killed a random bartender or something to prove they could one shot him.
yeet yeet (8 months ago)
That just sucks.... Everyone builds characters around each other and everyone plays into each other in my campains (so it's mostly rp and less combat)... Is there a particular reason they do this? One guy saying shit like "lol I do the most damage, 'x player ' is useless". Because that would create tenstion. It's best to just remove those characters. Its usually 1 or 2 person making everyone act up vs the entire party is annoying
GizmoRazaar (10 months ago)
You see Matt, you watch the video, it's a simple concept.
TeacherLegendary (11 months ago)
Dear Orion Acaba
Mike B (11 months ago)
This is on my GM screen; BE ON TIME, BE READY TO PLAY, SET PHONE TO VIBRATE, TRY NOT TO INTERRUPT, HELP THE DM & PLAYERS LOOK UP RULES BAD STUFF WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR CHARACTER… …if you split the party to do something that slows the game for other players, doesn't develop the story, and/or doesn’t help the party. IT IS JUST A GAME Some characters will die. It's OK. Just make a new one. ROLE PLAY! Some of this seems obvious but some people just don't get it and need to be told.
Dalton Eudy (11 months ago)
This guys really cool
Evan Edwards (11 months ago)
Nicolas Volaski (11 months ago)
My group had this one jerk who had no manners. He never paid attention when it wasn't his turn, he straight up brought a Nintendo Switch to the table. His character finally died and he got so mad he actually quit D&D
L Beckett (3 months ago)
Sounds like no loss.
Nao Shadowpaws (11 months ago)
Nicolas Volaski Had a similar player in one of my groups. He’d show up and pull out his laptop, phone charger, Nintendo DS and he’d just sit there doing his own thing. Bringing the game to a screeching halt during his turn every single time and never paying attention to the story. He didn’t even play his character effectively. During combat he wouldn’t coordinate with other players or work around the enemy to fight them based on their weaknesses. He’d just whack whatever was closest because it got him back to his computer/phone/DS faster. Only paladin I know of that didn’t heal anyone during or outside of combat. Never used effective powers against undead. He just played like it was a barbarian because it was easier than paying attention.
Jonathan Andretti (1 year ago)
Yeah... my problem is that I'm always so happy to find a group to play with (which is really hard for me cause I'm not exactly the most out going) that I forget to actually talk about what kind of campaign I'm getting into which sucks cause I love rp and story heavy campaigns but I keep finding myself in campaigns where people want a more casual murder-hobo type adventure.
John Tousseau (2 months ago)
I need players like you. Most of my players are murder-hobos. They've already killed three crucial NPCs and wonder why they can't solve the mystery. lol
Jonathan Andretti (1 year ago)
And also, in case you were wondering I'm a player not a GM
MrCompassionate01 (1 year ago)
I do currently have an interesting situation where one of us likes to GM for high power, abundant magic items high fantasy games and I prefer mid to low power few magic items low fantasy games. Needless to say both of us feel out of sorts playing in the other's games when we're not GMing. He finds it hard to adapt to a situation where the characters aren't badasses and I find it hard to adapt to a situation where RP feels discouraged. This is a massive problem that occurs when two people have vastly different ideas of how D&D "should" be played.
Shawn Wesley (1 year ago)
I've usually had very little issue with fellow players, though perhaps that's because I've often played with people I was already friends with before the game, and so I had a good feel for who they were and what they'd like. Only once did I, as a DM, have problem players. Well, players that were enough of a problem that I couldn't just give them polite little "nudges" in game or make some adjustment to have things work a little better. And that said, while I will ask players, after a session, what they thought, what they liked, what they weren't so keen on, the responses are almost universally "I liked it. Everything was good." in that sort of tone that says even if they had a complaint they don't intend on sharing it... which kind of defeats the purpose of me asking. So I'll usually follow that up with "well, if anything comes to mind you'd like to talk about, give me a call or a text or something." But anyway, the one time I had a genuine problem with players, it was _All_ of the players. Well, all but one, but she would side with the majority out of peer pressure, which I can't blame anyone for doing. These were people I'd met just after moving to a new-ish area. But as I was trying my best to provide the game these players wanted -- players I'd been gaming with for about 6 or 7 months at the time -- they began to pay less and less attention to the game. I was giving some of the players their chances to shine since they'd often be talked over by the more charismatic fellow and this would sometimes result in about 5 or 10 minutes of them being apart from everyone else to do something -- not a big deal in most games. Of course, what they were doing tended to involve the interest of all the players -- something akin to them going undercover to deal with agents of the big bad or what have you. In any other group this is the kind of thing that the players would be quite invested in to find out more about what was _really_ going on even if their characters wouldn't know. Instead, this group would make a habit out of using their cell phones to play games, browse Reddit, or whatever -- it started minor and quickly amped up. They'd start to wander away from the table -- ostensibly to go to the bathroom or get a snack, but often two or three would wind up in the next room watching youtube or something. I tried to talk to them about this, that it was making me feel like I was wasting my time. "No, no, it's fine" they'd tell me "we were totally paying attention, we just wanted to watch this video". Or "I can browse on my phone and pay attention at the same time... just repeat everything you said because I missed it." I honestly don't know what the deal was. They were in complete denial about it, though at one point started saying it was my fault because all they wanted was combat (which there had been plenty of when they would actually participate). What made me a bit more upset about it all was the one player who really did seem to be interested in the game, but because she wanted everyone at the table to be in on it, she'd politely acquiesce to their growing tendency to be distracted. And of course, every week they'd say "Oh, we're sorry, we'll do better next week, please don't stop. We were just distracted this _one_ time." Of course my patience (which I have a lot of) ran out and I just stopped. Whenever they'd contact me, I'd suggest "maybe we can just play a video game instead." Because I don't think any DM wants to be treated that rudely, and if the players are in denial or can't communicate what they actually want, it's best to just let it go and find some other folks if you can.
doublea125 (1 year ago)
There are three things I hate most at the table: 1. Phones 2. Phones 3. Phones
Lilah Manfredi (12 days ago)
Mr.E If the dm is using it for random encounter lists or box sheets it’s fine imo
Daniel Costa e Silva (1 month ago)
+TheBigImpulse sometimes players can be like that. In my group there always one that navigates wikipedia during combat. Focusing in combat can be tricky and my take you sometime to manage it. Maybe try incluing some visual aid to make clear to everybody what's going on.
Z file Not found (1 month ago)
RuSosan Yeah me too, but I just avoid going onto any other apps/websites other than the ones required. But I think we’re getting character sheets for this campaign and I’m still gonna stick with my phone since I’m the DM and wanna have everything in quick access.
Commenter339 (2 months ago)
Oh, and, yeah, I also have the book in my phone, as well as an app for spell lists. Comes in handy.
Commenter339 (2 months ago)
I try not to use my phone at the table, but then my boyfriend (who is older than me and does not game) gets upset when I don't reply to his texts...so, sometimes I have to. This could also be a GM tip..if you see 2 or more people using their phones, maybe it's time for a break.
Memento Mori (1 year ago)
2:25 And that is the moment where I definitely disagree. The GM does not have the final say when he just changes the rules. It's the group that decides wether a change in the rules is ok or not, NOT the GM. Only a lousy GM changes the rules because he couldn't think of another way to make something in the story work within the rules.
yeet yeet (8 months ago)
I think he means more technical, non story related rules rules: Like extra attacks stacking from multi classing. Though it is good to know about said rules beforehand
Ken Ümera (1 year ago)
Il try to be a better gm henceforth.
Carlos Badillo (1 year ago)
Easy fix: outlaw snooty paladins. If that's not enough, lightning bolts out of nowhere catches attention. =D
CalciumGoodness (1 year ago)
Two games in, I need this video :P Mainly cause of the attention hogging part.
Corruption Gaming (1 year ago)
So yesterday, I was playing dnd with some people online that I barely know, so I was pretty quite and hushed. Part of the reason is that I don't know when to speak. Like, the rouge Trent would be having a conversation and the person he was talking to casts a spell. I, as the wizard, would want to study the spell but I wasn't sure if I had to wait for a "cue" as in when I could speak, or if I just had to talk before he does. I really don't know if the whole "wait for others to finish talking" rule of etiquette still applies in dnd the same way as in real life. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, Its hard to explain sometimes
Lolikage (1 year ago)
Most of the time in a situation like this when there's a break in convo I'll interject something like a "can I ahhh...". If they continue talking I'll wait and try it again at some point, but most times people will stop and ask you to go ahead. This way you're essentially being respectful of not just talking over someone as well as letting people know you want to say something.
Jessica Lee (1 year ago)
Talking about everything beforehand is a really good idea. I have to warn players, "I will make you roll your perception way more than I will ever make you roll to hit." I'd love to run a fantasy campaign of just a bunch of bards in a band or traveling carnival troupe, each with different specialties/templates. That sounds like exactly the kind of thing I should be running.
Joseph Johnson (1 year ago)
One of our players brought, I shit you not, HOMEWORK to one of our sessions.
Dalty D (1 year ago)
Is it bad that I'm watching tons of videos like these when I don't even have the game yet (never even rolled a d20 in my life)
onyx1186 (9 months ago)
nah I am getting into D&D as well from watching TFS at the Table, and Critical Role, and DnD the unexpectables but have yet to start a game... Have reached out to a few friends I know that play or have friends that do, just trying to work time into my life to get into this game... But in the mean time I passively watch these to get more insight and experience before playing
TazorNissen (11 months ago)
Dalty D it is always good to learn basic stuff before playing your first game. These videos are full of good information, even for an experienced player like myself. Hope you got to play your first game?
Darrell barron (1 year ago)
you can even have a different experience with the same gm in further games down the road we are a changing as ppl over time
Nik Gatt (1 year ago)
i didn´t know yuusuke kitagawa was a dnd player
David Stairs (1 year ago)
Some very nice advice. Especially the one on "Dms, need to realize without the players there is no game, but without a dm, there is no game either.. "
madzapple (1 year ago)
I love that most of your vids are like psychology lectures - haha. But seriously, you're vids are really helpful :-D
Shock & Awe Gaming (1 year ago)
I used to LOVE D&D, but haven't played it in years. I honestly lost interest during my college years. Specifically, during a massive PC tournament campaign. The GM hated people who played rogue style characters. Our team consisted of 2 rogue/shadowdancers, a rogue/assassin, and a straight rogue (all lv.10). Every time we entered the arena to fight the GM changed the battleground to have no cover, no shadows, and be fought at high noon. Needless to say, we all quit the campaign (mid battle) and left the rest of the players scrambling to try and figure out what to do to fix the (now missing) team. We all got a laugh out of the fact that they had to cancel the campaign, since we refused to hand over our character sheets, but we all quit playing D&D after that. A good/bad GM can make all the difference. I agree with what Matt says about respecting your DM, but if you ever find a DM like this don't even bother. It's not worth your time.
elsothemaster (1 year ago)
What is the song called in the background at the start?
Pheonix Fire (1 year ago)
I've never done DnD before, and am joining my fellow questers This Saturday. Hyped for it, as we're gonna meet up every sat evening. Started watching critical roll last night, and am on part 3 now and loving it.
Kooty Turnip (1 year ago)
''The answer to every solution'' ~Matthew Mercer 2016~
Cassie Barns (1 year ago)
Hi! My friends and I started playing this campaign I cooked up, but I'm not used to being the DM yet and I may have bent some of the rules accidentally.. So here's my question: Is it okay to make the players roll for initiative and do a perception check simultaneously while out pf combat? I have a reason for doing this though.. This is gonna be a long explanation, so I apologize in advance. The campaign I made is horror/tragedy/mystery themed, so early on I made a party of two players go through heavy stuff where: -Their rolls during combat does not only affect them, but also affects the fate of NPCs -They had to kill a dwarven NPC that they took a liking to because of sad circumstances (That dwarf is also the players' mentor of sorts) -The dwarf was under some sort of spell, or maybe an infection even, that made him attack the players in the first place. -The dwarf's daughter, who is also part of the party (and this being her first real adventure with her father), had a break down and ran blindly into the woods to look desperately for help. I gave them a choice to leave her be, but they chose to chase after her as a promise to their mentor.. So they chased after her into the woods and not long they ran into a bright small village where there's a small celebration going on in the local tavern, The players decided to enter thinking it's a good place to find a lead.. This is where I made them roll for initiative and do a perception check.. The reason for this was because of the fact that they've been bickering on how to search for the daughter ever since they entered the woods, so I thought at this point, their characters are in low morale and in a state of urgency, I thought it would make sense that their next actions will be based on what's left of their wits and initiative.. Plus, since I really wanted to follow the theme, I thought it was a good opportunity to try and split them.. So this is how the roll and check helped with that Player 1 Rolled the higher initiative, so he gets to choose what to do first, but his perception check was slightly low so all he saw were people celebrating and potential NPCs who may know the daughters whereabouts. Player 2 gets to do her action next, but unlike Player 1, she got 19 on her perception check. I gave her a note containing what she saw, and a choice to whether to inform Player 1 about it. (like thing Geek & Sundry did with Valkana) The note says that Player 2 saw a tall man wearing a green habit go up the second floor, she chose to chase after him alone. (She had to write her action in secret of course, she doesn't want Player 1 to know cause she's sick of his uptight reasons) My plan to split them worked! But not with the intent to screw them over, but for the sake of narrating a plot twist in a way I thought was interesting. Player 1 asked around about the daughter and found out she was last seen with an elf wearing a green habit Player 2 gets to subdue the tall man that tried to stealth kill her, and turns out it was an elf That incident made them bond together as a party again and with a more solid lead at that. So, It worked unexpectedly well! We all loved the narrative that transpired in that tavern! But it got me thinking... Was it a legal DM move? I've been doing stuff like it ever since but I have no idea if it's part of the game..
drago black (1 year ago)
the DM i just quit on was a major idiot. i tried talking with him about stuff like this he told me no, because that is metagaming then proceeded to, later on, tell me things that contradicted what he said earlier about his world/reality....the DM was a fucking idiot that totally scrapped everything on the basis of D&D realities to create his own then proceeded to tell me that there isn't any books or scrolls on basic information such as plants and animals and that there isn't any logs/archives on anything whatsoever and forget everything you know about D&D...then it is no longer D&D if anyone have to do that. along with all that proceeded to tell us we are lucky he doesn't charge us for doing what he personally decided to do which is recreate everything and got mad saying my character affects his world too much when it should blend easily into D&D...remember people if the DM blames the players for their stress about their world then he/she is an incompetent DM
Madra (1 year ago)
I have an issue when I play DnD with my current group. I always become the leader of the group. Even when I try my hardest not to be I get pushed into that position. Do you have any advice on how I can try to encourage either one of the others to be the leader or for the group to simply not have a defined leader? It feels like a large portion turns into all NPCs talk to me, and I become the main character of the game, which isn't something I strive for. It isn't do or die for me to not be the leader, I would just like to not be for once. I've talked to the DM, and they have tried to put focus on other people, but people try to push NPCs towards the leader... meaning I talk to them.
TheClassics4me (1 year ago)
I'd add starting on time as important. The group I play with is scheduled 9-2. Half the time we don't start till 11 because the gm and one player feel the need to chit chat for 2 hours. I like just hanging out and chatting but can't that be done AFTER the session has ended? It seems we're always having to end at a shi**y time in game plot because time is up and a few of us have places to be.

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