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Are Men Really Superior To Women?

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Me talking about the idea of men being superior to women
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Noreko Escada (10 months ago)
Inferior actually. But we try to help y’all! Lol
Morris Jordan (11 months ago)
Man aren't equal to women. Women have babies and men don't.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
“Men run the show.” White men do, yh. Black men run the prison show and have the lowest IQs of humankind according to popular belief. Imagine that the most marginalised and hated subgroup of people on the planet are the most misogynistic and homophobic too. Black men are at the bottom of the barrel. Not above any woman. The hypocrisy of our community is why Afro-Americans are in the state they are. All I’ll say is I’m proud to be of a different and more successful black subgroup. Black Americans are the most backward and hypocritical people in the West and you only have yourselves to blame for it. You’re a disgrace all-round.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
It makes me laugh when black men try and go all misogynistic and say that “men are smarter than women” and “the world is as developed as it is because of the work of men” forgetting that black men are all the way at the bottom of the social hierarchy, even below black females. These silly men don’t realise that you could say that white women have contributed more to modern civilisation than black men and women put together. After all, where’s the evidence that black people are in the same league as whites, hm? Our mother continent (Africa) hosts people who are meant to have an IQ of 70 on average (the threshold for mentally retarded). It’s genuinely funny watching black men talk like they’ve got white male privilege or like the black race as a whole has contributed anything to civilisation. They forget they’re not old white men in that position of sexist authority.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
To all those saying it's men who run the show, point of correction it's white and Asian men who do so. Black men are all the way down at the bottom. Black women come before black men. We black men run the prison show
Roy King. (1 year ago)
Women are the gatekeepers when it Comes to Sex so Your Wrong about men Wanting to fuck whoever they want to fuck.
Laronda Clayton (1 year ago)
I think it said they (women and men) should cleave to one another .
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
+Anon Collins A woman can't bring anyone into the world on their own; they will ALWAYS require the seed of a man to make it happen. Also, ghetto hoodrats and crackheads can birth children so I don't give women much credit or praise for simply being able to do something that any woman with a pulse can do.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
midatlantic09 is it not a woman who bought you into this world? Idiot.
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
Why should men cleave to women when men create virtually everything in society? Other than sex, how's a woman helping a man?
Shawny3051 (1 year ago)
mangina, white knight that's basically what you're
Rich Franklin (1 year ago)
however in this world we should be treated equal
Rich Franklin (1 year ago)
not to seem arrogant but imagine a battle of the sexes,one has to stay alive.. game over for women
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
+Anon Collins He's referring to a battle of the sexes which implies a war between men versus women NOW....not a war 30 years from now. Only those alive now would compete so new births wouldn't matter.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
Rich Franklin how can men stay alive with no one to give birth to them?
Tentmaker (1 year ago)
who here isnt gay but still wants to fuck +JAYLOVE47
that’s hot8 (1 year ago)
xPhantom (1 year ago)
Ultimately I think it's about taking facts into consideration when talking about any kind of subject, otherwise it's just opinions. Fact ... In general Male bodies are bigger and stronger ( does that count as superior? Depends on how you look at it ). When it comes to intelligence the female brain is smaller but although men have bigger brain size which is partly explained by their bigger bodies, women have greater cortical thickness, cortical complexity and cortical surface area (controlling for body size) which compensates for smaller brain size. There are ultimately no clear differences in intelligence between the sexes and if they are they haven't been properly proven and explained yet. My question would be what is the female better at than men? Arguably I'd say multitasking , being able to distribute their intellect in a much more efficient way. What is the male better at? I'd say focusing on one single thing and thriving at it. It's a nice natural balance that makes the world a better place. I don't think there can be equality in difference but fuck if I care, I love women and I could never look at them as inferior in anything ....
Entertain MINT (1 year ago)
Men are not superior to women. Women don't have to do what men say because they don't show them respect or guide the home in the right way. Likewise if it were two men the effeminate one DOES NOT have to submit to the masculine if he doesn't show love and respect
Blu Pyxi (1 year ago)
LOL. I'm more than just a baby carrier. The males physical strength is becoming unneeded, obsolete. Only thing I may need them for is to open a can. I can even do other things better myself and is far more fun than with a male. What they are most proud about is destroying nature to make some buildings. Their main drive is money and power for the sake of money and power. We're not as insane in these same areas. We have our quirks though but not nearly as destructive. This is speaking of MOST men.
098lennox (10 months ago)
On average men are smarter.
098lennox (10 months ago)
+JAYLOVE47 +JAYLOVE47 On average men are smarter by 3 IQ points, lol your IQ is 84 after all and your here talking shit, JS.
midatlantic09 You must completely disregard facts. You on!y go along with things that fits your narrative. Typical.
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
+Blue Pyxi You do realize virtually everything in society that exists wouldn't currently exists without the strength and intellect of men, right? Men are the innovators and builders of society, and that's a fact. The house you live in, the car you drive or ride in, the electronic device you use to check Youtube, Youtube itself, etc....all built or created by men. What have women created? And don't say children since a woman can't create that either without the seed of a man.
JAYLOVE47 (1 year ago)
I agree sis.... us men are very destructive and caused most of the calamity around the world. Plus women according to researchers, women are better learners and have higher IQ's on average than men. Women would have created and invented just as much as men if they were given the opportunity to do so.
Reyna M (1 year ago)
You hit the nail on the head about humanity's insecurities.. Feminists and extreme mgtows are a great example of that. They're the most insecure people in my opinion. Great vid, keep it up!
Reyna M (1 year ago)
midatlantic09 I said EXTREME Mgtows. There is a difference.
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
No, MGTOWs have concluded that the current legal and political system does NOT favor men, and as a result, they've opted out and have walked away from it. Why would a man continue to adhere to a current system that doesn't benefit him? That wouldn't make any sense...
YoungLG2K (1 year ago)
The point is, is balance... You need that balance of both parties just like good and bad, or Ying Yang
One Nation (1 year ago)
lol I don't think women tolerates pain more than men. Child birth still hurts really bad and period pain can get pretty bad at times. I experienced heavy bleeding and couple times I had so much blood my clothes were covered in blood in public. This is apparently from a bulky uterus which can occur after having children. My last child was very large (size of a 3 month old) and had to use forceps to get her out even though I had strong contractions. I don't think everything I went through was really appreciated from my husband at the time. I just got treated like shit from him. Anyway left him.
Christopher Duffy (1 year ago)
This is easy. Who are the builders of society? Men! There's your answer.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
Christopher Duffy if you want to go down that line do you mind outlining what black men have contributed to society other than excessive crime? Why are you talking like you’ve got white male privilege?
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
+Anon Collins There's only 3-4 women on the entire Forbes 400 list who acquired their wealth by actually working (instead of inheritance), and of those 3-4, only ONE obtained such wealth without latching on to an idea created by a man.
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
+Anon Collins Women have built and developed virtually NOTHING of major importance throughout history. Chalk it up to whatever reason you prefer, but that is a fact.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
midatlantic09 the proof is that women score 5 IQ points higher than men. And black males have the lowest IQ worldwide. Don't talk like you've got white privilege.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
Christopher Duffy white men. There's your answer. Who are seen as the most destructive? WE. Angry black men. One minority oppressing another when we're at the very bottom of the caste. No wonder blacks are behind
Dangercore (1 year ago)
without a doubt men are smarter....if you look at any kind of profession men do it better either be driving, cooking, acting, or anything you can think of men excel over women in any field... this got nothing to do with religion think about all the inventors that shaped the world we see today they were all men MAYBE with some few exceptions.... but men allways were the teachers and women the students and the followers that's just the way it is men are the teachers and the creators and women are the students and the helpers it got nothing to do with putting women down it's just nature....the same way you accept that a male elephant beats a female elephant you also gotta accept it when it comes humans cause it's no different, humans are animals evolved advanced intelligent animals but we're still part of nature and the same rules still apply to us but on a more advanced evolved level.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
Restvive 88 without a doubt? I can tell you've been confined to your ghetto slum. You haven't seen what it's like in other parts of the world
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
Black people are so dumb and behind.
Łohojski (1 year ago)
Restvive 88 Do you truly believe that 150 years is a 'long time'?
Social Justice Fails (1 year ago)
Whether men admit it or not, women bring out a certain ''rouse'' in men. If dudes playing basketball on a court and women come by, every dude on the court is gonna play harder and do shit they didn't do before(Even if some of them already have a girlfriend). A lot of things that men do, are to impress other women. Even men who get buff and muscular: they want women to notice them. So in summary, while some women bring out the bad in men, a lot of women do bring out the best in men. You disrespect someones wife or mother, you gonna probably have to fight that dude, right then and there lol.....
The Blck Ntrovert (1 year ago)
other than sex what do women have to offer?
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
The Black Introvert Igbo girls have ten times more to offer than african Americans combined. What do black American men have to offer to the wider society apart from violence?
MrMakemusicmike (1 year ago)
men are superior. Women have no sense of honor, as a whole.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
Maybe in your stupid african American race. You guys are worthless as a whole.
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
MrMakemusicmike what is it the black man’s contributed to society?
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
MrMakemusicmike who asks men to rape women?
Anon Collins (1 year ago)
MrMakemusicmike and that’s why men rape women is it?
Blu Pyxi (1 year ago)
MrMakemusicmike Someone is in denial. A very empty argument spoken from a point of just pure desperation.
They aren't superior to me and I'm not superior to them.
Both genders brings qualities that us as humanity needs. Neither gender is superior to another.
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
+the Anonymous Black Kid Yes, originally I said the last 40 years, but since you complained that females didn't have the opportunity back then (which they did...innovation doesn't discriminate, libraries don't discriminate, books don't discriminate), I changed it to make things easier for you and asked what have women contributed even since 2000. You still can't name anything. Also, women going to college doesn't mean much since the majority of them major in fluff, and even the ones who major in STEM, where are the innovations or major contributions by all these female STEM majors? I'm still waiting to see some sort of movement. As for me, I have a professional degree and make an income that probably puts me in the top 5% of income earners for my age group, so I'm happy with where I'm at in life. Are you?
midatlantic09 No one is even forcing you to agree. If you don't agree, that's fine. Just click on another video.
midatlantic09 Why not focus on back then? You said in the LAST 40 years. Do you read stats, at all? Do your own research. More women are in college and more women are getting into stem. Now, what have YOU contributed to society? People like you are always trying to knock other people, when you haven't done shit with your life.
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
+the Anonymous Black Kid Forget about the 70s. What major innovations have females brought to society even since 2000? I'll wait... You folks keep claiming men and women are intellectually equal, but the proof simply isn't there.
midatlantic09 The last 40 years was what? In the 70's? So that means that these people were born in the what? 40's on down. Did you remember that sexism was at an all time back then? Women could not work in certain jobs. Women were actually just starting to become independent and go to college for themselves, and not to find men to take care of them. Are you really that retarded? This is basic history and common sense.
Ghost Pumpkin (1 year ago)
Depends on the angle you view it from, most men are slaves to the vagina and they don't even know it.
Anthony Nguyen (1 year ago)
Everything else is up for debate but overall, men are physically stronger than women. That is a fact. So in terms of strength, men are superior.
Anon Collins (5 months ago)
098lennox not black men.
098lennox (10 months ago)
+JAYLOVE47 On average men are smarter
Hot Brownies (1 year ago)
Anthony Nguyen women are biologically superior to men.
098lennox (1 year ago)
+JAYLOVE47 Men are Externally Physically superior with equal intellect.. women are internally physically superior with equal intellect. No one is superior... but we are also not equal.. she has her natural skills and he has his. Both sides need to learn and accept they role
WrestlingSuperstar83 (1 year ago)
I believe that both genders bring qualities that the other does not have. I believe that we are equal socially. However, we have our own special and unique qualities that make us different! I believe feminism and liberal social policies have created a rift between the mutual love and respect between men and women. We should respect, live, and work together rather than thinking about who is superior to the other gender! Great video Jay!
Spacely Man (1 year ago)
WrestlingSuperstar83 True comment
SK (1 year ago)
Why is it socially acceptable for females to do masculine things but a male can't do feminine things?
JAYLOVE47 (1 year ago)
Because we put so many stipulations on masculinity and there are no requirements of expectations placed on femininity
Healthy Empress (1 year ago)
jaylove47 I love you man. So much
mistaseeforce (1 year ago)
Men are Externally Physically superior with equal intellect.. women are internally physically superior with equal intellect. No one is superior... but we are also not equal.. she has her natural skills and he has his. Both sides need to learn and accept they role
mistaseeforce (1 year ago)
midatlantic09 let me make it real for you, in every major city right now women between the ages of 25-35 are out earning their male counterparts.... uk what that means god?!? In 20years half that list will be women. You need to get ready
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
+the Anonymous Black Kid Look kid, unlike you, I have something called a career so I won't be engaging in this back and forth going forward as I gain nothing from doing so. However, if you'd like to provide some concrete evidence of some major innovations contributed by females since 2000 (don't send me some nonsense about some handbag designer or its equivalent), you're more than welcome to do so.
midatlantic09 What is your race?
midatlantic09 How much money do YOU have?
midatlantic09 (1 year ago)
+mistaseeforce Bro, what are you talking about? Have you checked the Forbes 400 list? There's only 1-2 females on that list who didn't obtain their wealth via inheritance. If females were intellectually equal to men, men wouldn't be the one's responsible for virtually every major innovation that has ever existed. Females have had the same rights and access to education since the 1960s, but still haven't made many major contributions to society's economic and political system...the proof just isn't there.
theoryofeverything (1 year ago)
Will you have a 2017 debate with Brother Dawah?
theoryofeverything (1 year ago)
MISS BOSS ...aww man, that would be good. But he exploits the LGBTQ community (most trans) to promote his agenda and I'd hate for them to align.
MISS BOSS (1 year ago)
it should be tommy's dum ass
Tormented Tantalus (1 year ago)
No. I don't believe that for a second.
HanzoMishima (1 year ago)
My mother is a strong woman but being in her arms felt more like a soft calming. When my father would hold me in his arms thats when I would feel the most protected.
HanzoMishima (1 year ago)
*II-BiasToTheFacility-II gta* Are you bi-polar? That was a very manic sounding rant. Please go check yourself into your nearest mental health facility if you are in the middle of a manic episode. I'm being dead serious.
Playa B TV (1 year ago)
jay will you be a guest on my live stream????

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