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GOOD NEWS! You can now purchase the original song on iTunes by Hermann Kim. iTunes: http://bit.ly/wc5ubg Heb 2: 18 Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted. Jesus my Saviour My Lord and My King Insulted, rejected for all our sins Knowing pain He went through it all So I turn to Jesus He's there when I fall Lord I need you Lord I cry out to you My only refuge from this world Lord I need you Lord I cry out to you My only shelter my hope and saviour Jesus my comfort my strength and my shield Sorrow and sadness He knows how I feel Knowing my struggles He went through it all So I turn to Jesus Who's been there before
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Genevieve Gutierrez (2 months ago)
2019 everyone?
Glayson Nobre (2 months ago)
2019 alguem
Genevieve Gutierrez (2 months ago)
2019 anyone? Still giving me goosebumps. 😭💖
Christine Jason (2 months ago)
Please do more christian songsss
Wonderful WG (4 months ago)
Bar Energy (11 months ago)
10years 07/11 2018
Maggie Law (1 year ago)
they look so gorgeous even without makeup!!!!! <3
Harry Kim (1 year ago)
But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.
lMissC3 (1 year ago)
Wow 10 yrs ago. More praise and worship songs please!
Eileen De Vera (1 year ago)
2018 💖
Thea Pie (1 year ago)
who's watching this in 2018?
Bar Energy (11 months ago)
Thea Choi me
Tiến Ngọc (1 year ago)
02 Dec 2017. From Vietnam. Love you guys
Jamal Nawal (1 year ago)
1 Corinthians (KJV)15:1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: ROMANS 10: 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
Aryan Ghouri (1 year ago)
haha look at you guys over here.. 😄 pretty girls with pretty voices..
QUÂN PHẠM (2 years ago)
woaa so this is the first video. you guys are amazing
turn to JESUS-the lover of my soul
Min Wang (2 years ago)
I just want to say that I adore you both and your strong testimonies. you are truly inspiring and I love your spirits so much!! thank you for sharing your talents!!
Erika Delos Reyes (2 years ago)
What key are you singing?
Margie Cotejo (2 years ago)
Even if everybody forgets you . . He will never ever be!!!
Margie Cotejo (2 years ago)
Jayesslee!! Jesus loves you!!
曾文涵 (2 years ago)
2016-10-13 Thank you Jayessless, I miss you two so much. This worship song give me faith to keep away from sin. Thank you, hope u can make a new cover worship song! Love ur voices!
Becca Lee (2 years ago)
Binibini (2 years ago)
September 2016 ❤️
Aliona Valchuk (2 years ago)
August 2016
Ernesto Cruzata (2 years ago)
you two are amazing keep it up....
Sabrina Clara (2 years ago)
❤ Lindas
Dowy Eve Tagud (2 years ago)
praise God
Sitha Thorn (2 years ago)
July 2016 <3
tiffanymachun (2 years ago)
Julia_ Klam (2 years ago)
Dillon Werli (2 years ago)
June 2016
Wonderful WG (3 years ago)
I've always missed your voice Jayesslee. I just wanna see that '주님 내가 여기 있사오니' acoustic ver.
Joshua Yangco (3 years ago)
more hillsong please😀
happinessaroundyou Qoo (3 years ago)
Would you please cover more worship songs??? Thank you ((:
Yu Shane (3 years ago)
Still listening feb 11/2016
PHYU PHYU THEIN (3 years ago)
watching this in 2016 <3
El Sandi (3 years ago)
Hi Jayesslee ! i hope u can make a new cover worship songs !
Ange (3 years ago)
Hi Janice and Sonia <3 it's kinda amazing that Jesus died for my sins... and that I feel this emptiness inside of me when I am far away from Him. He helps me through every temptation I go through... God bless you beautiful twins!
kristheljoy Inocencio (3 years ago)
im so blessed ,,can i request more christian songs.I really-really like it mam....
Tony Warkentin (3 years ago)
I love this song. Good bless you
tong chau (3 years ago)
I LIKE IT ! (10/07/2015)        537,538         3,541          67
jasoon jarsoon (4 years ago)
Very blessed with this song...
David Sharma (4 years ago)
Nepal is waiting to hear beautiful songs from u... :) WELCOME.
yeji Min (4 years ago)
It is amazing to praise Our God Our Lord.. Please post a new praise song video.
Stacey Dillards (4 years ago)
Just wondering why they quit making videos? They are really talented singers.
urashima1 (4 years ago)
Raising a family ain't easy, plus you can't live off of YouTube fame. They do concerts now. I went to one yesterday, they're still the same ol' Janice and Sonia with new families
David Ang (4 years ago)
Jayesslee is amazing
Jezryl Deligencia (4 years ago)
agree! :D
Andrew Orr (4 years ago)
Hopefully you just saw their recent Christmas video. But to answer your question, sometimes life happens and I'm sure they are using their talent elsewhere. Family time > YouTube time
Pelawa DK (4 years ago)
Halina Nguyen (4 years ago)
They looked so different before
Shiela Mae Joy SMJ (4 years ago)
WOW! I LOVE this song... Praise god of your voice .. God bless y'all :) :D
Juliya Game Play (4 years ago)
jiminniecheeks (4 years ago)
yeah, they're parents are korean, and jayesslee grew up on sydney.
YullieJ (4 years ago)
I need You.. my comforter Thank u for beautiful song
Sarah Siren (5 years ago)
ive still never found anyone as good as u girls...so amazing
miss you please do more cover i'll eait for you guys miss miss miss youuuu
Babydautay WONG (5 years ago)
Jayesslee when will you guys have new video  i miss you guys so much ! waiting for a new video ! :(
debbielee718 (5 years ago)
Please please please do this song again and put it out on iTunes!!!
ASYM BOSE` (5 years ago)
First Video Jayesslee (I Miss you Very Much) <3
maxvictor182 (4 years ago)
This is not their first video. They hv a few before this but they hv taken it down
Mathilde Witt (4 years ago)
Me to
Arika Sandemore (5 years ago)
cool! sing more songs like this!!!
Nejdet Tasbunar (5 years ago)
kassykatful (5 years ago)
How old were you guys here??!
Bar Energy (11 months ago)
Hazel Phoenix They were born in Sep 1986 so they were 21 in this video, and this video was recorded in July 2008
Hazel Phoenix (5 years ago)
It was 6 years ago so they were about 22
Apisist Chanon (5 years ago)
DisneyForeverLyrics (5 years ago)
What Weird?
OliveAndTatsumaki666 (5 years ago)
DisneyForeverLyrics (5 years ago)
OliveAndTatsumaki666 (5 years ago)
Laurensius Adi (5 years ago)
looks so different to how they look today.
Kyu Seungri (5 years ago)
Ahh a trip down memory lane i remember when i first saw this video haha back in 2008 classic
Shintya Manek (5 years ago)
Jesus is Number 1 . . Love You Jesus ♡^▽^♡
saloni singh (5 years ago)
Better, 2789 Frecember.
kyraGTV (5 years ago)
Could I have the chords for this song please
Patrick Mertz (5 years ago)
Hope god forgive you :/ i'll pray for yur soul
Wandeil123 (5 years ago)
Why are you so agressive? Did He anything bad to you?
peter košut (5 years ago)
God still loves you
DiegoRamos (5 years ago)
Awesome song!
Irah Lyn (5 years ago)
Hi, may I know the chords used in this song? Thanks a lot. God bless :)
TeddyTilt (5 years ago)
A legend is born. ♥
Sinduya Ravindrsn (5 years ago)
Be blessed my dear sisters
You mey Ly (5 years ago)
Dear Sonia n Janice....... Surprise how time fly soooo fast....Im watching al jayesslee videos today n feel so relax n good buh m kinda tearing hahaha I dk y .....so sad .....m actlly too happy I guess to c everything's change soo much .......LUV u guys .....pls make a come back!!!i miss u
Grazia Espinoza (5 years ago)
The Kingston God forever :)
Jordan (5 years ago)
That reply was actually beautiful. I really appreciate how you approached that question. And i'm not the only one who liked what you said judging by how many likes you got on that comment ;) Rock on xD
Jackie Lucena (5 years ago)
Wow that was amazing! It really touched my heart, & I really needed it. Please don't ever forget the talent that God have you to use for Him. Bc this, is beautiful :) God bless & thank you!! Wish the best for both of you.
Allisonmelonable (5 years ago)
Bom...bom... Ate que foi bom parabens
Herland Napitupulu (5 years ago)
nice song..
Jillian Diamse (5 years ago)
Oh my god.. 5 years ago!
Eureeka McKenzie (5 years ago)
Are you guys related?
manicongelado (5 years ago)
0:00 born two legends
Jeffrey Lebowski (5 years ago)
wow, 2008! you are really youtube dinosaurs. i wouldn't have expected this. ;o)
Hannah Villafañe (5 years ago)
all i can say. wow! Praise GOD
Svetlana Lavrek (5 years ago)
You are amazing! I also watched this video in 2013... Just discovered you girls! Hope you will have a concert also in Switzerland (otherwise I will book you to sing at my future wedding ;) xoxo
max souza (6 years ago)
What beautiful girls!
Micole Chan (6 years ago)
Awesome. You guys are seriously awesome
Zanette Tafao (6 years ago)
You guys look so little chubby still pretty lol... you guys have come a long way from this video in your bedrooms to where you are now.. a crazy journey by the looks of it... its so inspiring... i have only just started watching your videos when you guys did gangnam style... when i had seen it i was like WOW who are these girls ?!?! Sorry if im a bit delayed lol!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH... God has certainly given you girls a beautiful gift. Hope nothing but the best in the near future 4 u both :))
Christina (6 years ago)
Well.. they certainly got better at singing now. =)
Jjin Choi (6 years ago)
Thank you.
Jamel Akalay (6 years ago)
4 Years happen x) !
Anthony Castillo (6 years ago)
their party video by gaining more than 1 million subscribers led me here :)
S Tjitro (6 years ago)
jesus bless you al 3
By The Way Channel (6 years ago)
God bless you ;)
Tyron Cheung (6 years ago)
stfu with that crap already

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