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Daily Street Magic: Day 19

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Text Comments (63)
hogs quick Tricks (10 months ago)
"Holy shit!" Think the guy was more surprised that you can have a deck with duplicate cards lol
Janith Induawara (10 months ago)
JESSIE (10 months ago)
LOL. The reactions on this one are great.
Miltos Lambrinidis (10 months ago)
Please someone explain how he forced the king pleaseee
Mike J (10 months ago)
Miltos Lambrinidis look up Hindu shuffle
Luckky One (10 months ago)
21magic (10 months ago)
That ACAAN trick was dope!!Thanks for sharing this amazing idea!You can tell just by the reactions...
Ben REAL (10 months ago)
21magic thanks!
Lightman 3D (10 months ago)
Wow that was amazing
Lightman 3D (10 months ago)
What's the name of that watch trick? :) where did you learn it?
Ben REAL (10 months ago)
Lightman 3D much appreciated :)
TheRodriTv (10 months ago)
What's the card trick called?
Betadesk (2 months ago)
Any card at any number. Many variations of it but I think he controlled the king the top then did a pass to get it to the top after the dealing was done.
JukeNut (10 months ago)
What is this trick called? I am very interested to learn. I only say him doing the pharoah shuffle and thought he was going to do a mind reading but was blown away by the twist
Jerry Khachoyan (10 months ago)
Yeah yeah, Armenian shop owner! 3:04
MZAAO (10 months ago)
lmfao amazing
Ralph Ocava (10 months ago)
The ACAAN is dope... how?
Alek (10 months ago)
I love his accent ahhahahahaha
Justin J (10 months ago)
Ha nice twist of a trick :) good thinking
Ben REAL (10 months ago)
JJ J thanks!
S H (10 months ago)
The first trick is a really good one to do to a magician, but also for an average person
Bilal Khan (10 months ago)
This was so good😂😂😂👌👌👌
TheUnmaskedMagician (10 months ago)
very cool !!
Bartholstan (10 months ago)
Amazing performance, love it ❤
Ben REAL (10 months ago)
Appreciate it
Gaffed Academy (10 months ago)
Nathan Travis (10 months ago)
Svengali deck?
Wilmer Cuevas (10 months ago)
Nathan Travis No, because and svengali deck has half of the cards that are the same, and half of the cards that are different from each other
Daniel Roisman (10 months ago)
This dude is amazing👌
Daniel Roisman (10 months ago)
Neta Bresler (10 months ago)
Daniel Roisman toda raba ya gibor!
Daniel Roisman (10 months ago)
כבר צפיתי בכמה מהסרטונים ונרשמתי לערוץ. הבנתי שאתה אחד משלנו😉
Crow Morder (10 months ago)
Can i buy a book explaining the deal you've done with the devil to do this trick, the acaan? i get the mentalism, but i've read so many dispersing books that i would like to find a short psich tutorial about it
Crow Morder (10 months ago)
Roston Nordell (10 months ago)
Cool cool cool trick
Simon Lado (10 months ago)
Indian people are the new Black people😂😂
Demon Fox (10 months ago)
Gildas Dollo (10 months ago)
Very nice trick and an amazing video.
Ben REAL (10 months ago)
Leul Alex (10 months ago)
The easiest force
Bruno lorenzetti (10 months ago)
Ben REAL (10 months ago)
Radoslav Sheytanov (10 months ago)
watch trick is called Psychokinetic Time by Banachek and the ACAAN trick is a variation of the HG effect by Shawn Farquhar ! You can buy watch trick at penguin magic and HG Effect at palmermagic :)
Radoslav Sheytanov (10 months ago)
Sérgio Duarte Banachek develops one handed method of doing the secret move but for some reason the guy from the video do it with two hands .
Radoslav Sheytanov (10 months ago)
Banachek does . Its called Psyhokinetic time
Sérgio Duarte (10 months ago)
Someone is selling the watch trick?! Seems pretty self working and obvious if you know how a watch works.
Bernd Maier (10 months ago)
How does the watch Trick workd
arnan mchenryl (10 months ago)
the time was already set.
MutanGFX (10 months ago)
i don't speak english veyr well. if you push the spinning thing just half of the way the watch won't move the dials, onlky the date. when he turns it upside down he pull the pin to the middle position, so when the guy is spinning it, it wont change the time. simple as that
Brotin Saha (10 months ago)
Cool magic
Justin Lieb (10 months ago)
Hi jarek
Babari Thapa (10 months ago)
I was wondering why he was doing force!! And then the twist awesome for a simple ACCAN TRICK.. Well done 👍❤️
Ritik Sachdeva (10 months ago)
I don’t know if you’ll tell me this or not but in the first trick what the the bottom buckle used for?
DocToRFakE (10 months ago)
Leo Glekler (10 months ago)
Pretty easy the watch trick but still powerful 😎
Betadesk (2 months ago)
How is it done?
maaMOON m (10 months ago)
That guy literally wanted to give you the whole store just for a card trick lol Was a good one tho, well built.
Ben REAL (10 months ago)
maaMOON m thanks!
AN MEDIA. (10 months ago)
Gerhard Becker (10 months ago)
3:23 look
Philipp Einfeldt (10 months ago)
Awesome you inspired me to get into magic again love the daily videos and tutorials
Philipp Einfeldt (10 months ago)
Also i love that i learn about other youtubers i instantly subbed to him after i saw him in one of you videos
Sam TUBE (10 months ago)

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