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This is a korean song that koreans like to sing when blessing others. It's usually sung a little slower, but we've attempted to jazz it up a bit =D Translated: A long long time ago from a place called heaven, a divine plan was made just for you. God looked down upon you and said, "This is good. With my own two hands, I have made you more precious than anything in this world. I rejoice because of you and I love you." We love you and bless you. (It sounds kinda corny after being translated. But I promise, in korean, it's a sweet song!)
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R Kim (29 days ago)
Still good
sokly543 (8 months ago)
oh my I know this song, from super junior, seem like it’s a remake of old legendary song
강이 (1 year ago)
발음 겁나 좋당..
I heard this in super junior's concert wow!
ZT (1 year ago)
omg this 2008 video is gold.
존스코렐라인 (1 year ago)
안토니오로사 (2 years ago)
와~~. 팬이였는데 예수쟁이네 ㅋㅋㅋ 뭔가 교통사고 당한 느낌 이 느낌 나쁘지 않네 그런데 예수쟁이였어? 오 쉩
Queen Majesty (2 years ago)
Lovely job, ladies :-)
siva paxton (2 years ago)
그들의 소리가 너무 좋아요!
88 risingsingsing (2 years ago)
church song
IXE Queen (3 years ago)
Lisa Lee (3 years ago)
I wonder if any Korea shows contact them and wanted to invite them onto their show.
Ange (3 years ago)
W BM (3 years ago)
오래전부터 팬이에요.. 사랑해요😍😍 근데 개독교노래는 쫌 😧
박신영 (1 year ago)
W BM 말조심 입조심!!
Daniel Ryu (1 year ago)
W BM 진짜 존중할 줄 모르시는군요...
연뽀ღ (2 years ago)
박선우 그리고 님이 몰라서 그런데 오타가 너~무심하네요
연뽀ღ (2 years ago)
박선우 그럼그렇게 말할꺼면 듣지마 기분나쁘게 그럼니이름은 개선우?오키? 딱이름맞네~
W BM (3 years ago)
+WRX Subaru 아멘?🙏😛 ㅋㅋㅋ
bella yunita (3 years ago)
please make more cover of super junior song 😍😍
jasoon jarsoon (4 years ago)
Why every I listen this song...I cry??
jasoon jarsoon (4 years ago)
Can you sing this song again in English ? I was blessed and touched this the song
kuk TV (4 years ago)
서랍속의 동화 SW (4 years ago)
The power to hear the music of nimdeul zest happy to hear the music of doenaeyo nimdeul baralkkeyo always had peace in the Lord ^^
Jen Zen (4 years ago)
guys are korean? thats so cool
gichan Kim (4 years ago)
I like this song so much. Could you make another version of this song. Kind of slow and more adorable and peacefully.. not that you are not adorable. Don't get me wrong xD Many will surely like it, too. I really like your voice and harmony. Thank you so much.
tong chau (4 years ago)
I LIKE IT ! (01/01/2015)      797,620      4,618      47
Suéllen Bueno (4 years ago)
Song For You ♡♡♡♡
DAIETTO BI-HU (4 years ago)
축복2성입니까? 祝福2成ですか? Is it 2blessig result?
Cristiano dos Santos (3 years ago)
God bless :)
Your Neighbor Amos (4 years ago)
Such lovely A Capella voices. Hope the best for both of yalls' marriages! :D
Vee (5 years ago)
From super junior!
Jessica Fiani (5 years ago)
I know this song from Super Junior :) turns out that it's a gospel song. So glad :) God bless you all!
Amy Cheng (5 years ago)
Looking forward to seeing you guys again! God Bless.
Luisa böhl (5 years ago)
I love your songs♥♥♥♥♥
Giang Nguyen (5 years ago)
More Korean songs please!!!!! <3
조미래 (5 years ago)
I am agree!!!! 한국 노래는 맨날 찬송가만 하고 요즘은 아예 팝송만 하시네.
패트릭 (5 years ago)
Hi Jayesslee ! Can you please sing again this? d
Daniel Seoh (5 years ago)
HEY! please respond.... You guys haven't made a cover in awhile! and... i'm going to be honest... long time ago i commented and said that you guys shouldn't sing christian songs, but recently I have discovered God's glory and this music is beautiful.. Also this song is my favorite christian song and I would love for you guys to re-do a cover... PLEASE COME BACK!
Caroline Yu (4 years ago)
glad that you found God and allowed him into your heart  Daniel :) 
Your Neighbor Amos (4 years ago)
I'm glad you found the light, Daniel! 
김기웅 (5 years ago)
Yvonne Ki (5 years ago)
shufangina (5 years ago)
the meaning is in the description (:
Nis Wai (5 years ago)
Super Junior's song <3
Pinky Pocky (5 years ago)
it's amazing!!! :) Super Junior's song <3 i really love your voices :)
Jisu Mun (5 years ago)
Love you guys :) ♡
Jonnaphril Lastima (5 years ago)
I keep on replaying this. It's beautiful and warm. It's not like your other new videos that was obviously had a better quality but this video brings so much warmth. Thanks for this! Actually, I think your other videos that were done in that room of yours with this camera have that same warmth in them. It feels like they are just so genuine and really is the kind of music that ministers to people's hearts.
ゆあYua heo (5 years ago)
You guys are korean!? Hey, im korean too!!!! Cool.
Nur Rahmayanti (5 years ago)
super junior - song for you, right?
David Kim (6 years ago)
HOOOOOLY LMAOOO i cant believe how good they made this songg
David Kim (6 years ago)
HOOOOOLY LMAOOO i cant believe how good they made this songg
this is year 2013,believe it or not
no she said god does exist
Christina (6 years ago)
That's not her point. She's saying it's sad that people don't believe in God because he actually does exist. She never said God does exist!
Christina (6 years ago)
I think they're Korean.. not sure. :P
DwarvenGiant (6 years ago)
6 people are watching this from the future.. O_o
Mato Nagato (6 years ago)
@kringie no! I'm watching this vid. in 2008. Send help please!
xmohmann (6 years ago)
Super junior sung this song too. I love it!
TheAnMish (6 years ago)
Actually... more and more people live in societies that secure health and education for their people. Crime rates are quite low in places like Scandinavia (which incidently, are countries where a low percentage of people claim faith or practice it), and all over the world, scientists are working on better medicine, understanding the human brain better, developing crops that can feed the starving.. I don't know which world you're living in, but overall, this one is getting better.
cool111 (6 years ago)
Yes, do u no why problems are increasing in the world? Its because people are losing faith in god which is bad and sad :(
TheAnMish (6 years ago)
That's got nothing to do with what I was saying. I wasn't arguing about whether or not god exists, I only said that what matters to me isn't what people believe, but how they treat other people. People shouldn't be judged on their faith, but on their actions.
cool111 (6 years ago)
Confused because this is a korean song, and S.Korea has a pop. 10 times more than singapore.
cool111 (6 years ago)
No actually it is sad because god does exist!!!
cool111 (6 years ago)
how is it it that its more viewed in singapore than south korea???? (Confused,as Koreans are not the majority in singapore)
Junhan An (6 years ago)
aww sonia can't look at the camera
pfeil (6 years ago)
Discovered this music now, don't know what it says, but I played it like 15 times non-stop... I'm addicted to you, girls.
pfeil (6 years ago)
i'm in love
Saori Ishida (6 years ago)
I had a little heart attack when I saw 아주 먼 옛날 cuz Super Junior sang this song too!omg
Sp33dyphil100 (6 years ago)
Has anybody noticed that Sonia and Janice have gotten skinnier since 2008? Jayesslee 2008 and Jayesslee 2013 -- both cute <3
Maksat Kural (6 years ago)
They was young and without make up :))) Amazing how people change in few years ))
Khairi Airi (6 years ago)
no... I am watching it in 1995 :|
Francovv21 (6 years ago)
Dont understand anything but i love it
Angela Kim (6 years ago)
I wish If I could sing like these girls :) So cute!
Emily Dang (6 years ago)
I knew this song from Super Junior lol <3
Felicia Soh (6 years ago)
Nahh.. Super Junior just did a cover of the song.. its not original by them. :) ELF here.. keke
Roberto Segovia (6 years ago)
와 누나들... 그냥 어제 누나들 channel 봤어, 그리고 많이 촣았어 ㅠㅠ 사랑합니다. From Paraguay btw 나 한국 사람 아니에요... sorry for my korean im still learning... saw all your vids and i like the 찬양 .. don t forget Jesus ever :) 화이팅!!
Apisit Intajak (6 years ago)
amarokbane (6 years ago)
С восхищением из России! =)
황병민 (6 years ago)
일단은 한국인피가흐르는 한국사람이맞아요 부모님두분다한국인이고 하지만호주에서태어나 호주에서 컸습니다 그렇지만 한국인이맞아요^^
TheAnMish (6 years ago)
Why would it matter what people believe or don't believe, as long as they treat other people with kindness? As long as they are good people? I know people who go to church every week, and I know people who are certain there is no god out there, people who believe in wicca or who don't know what they believe.. but what matters to me is that they are great people.
Katie Kim (6 years ago)
I understand what your saying
germaine heng (6 years ago)
Are u guys koreans? ^^
vox4lifeph (6 years ago)
feels like I'm listening to Koreanovelas theme song here in the Philippines.. sounds great! ^_^
arianbot (6 years ago)
Listened to this even though I can't understand Korean.
Gaelle Guillien (6 years ago)
amazing!!! i love it ;) beautiful voice!
Jeremy Way (6 years ago)
Which is your secret ? :P
it's not really good but i still love you!
cool111 (6 years ago)
its so sad atheism is on the rise........ :(
Pung Tuntima khuana (6 years ago)
song : A song for you - super junior ><
kringie16 (6 years ago)
click "like" if you're watching this in 2013! lol <3
vorasak leon (6 years ago)
Even if I don't understand anything this song is amazing :)
Deborah Bolden (6 years ago)
I absolutely love this song! I haven't heard it in so long that it totally made my day! Thanks girls! :)
gullmaigi (6 years ago)
부모님 두분 다 한국인이시니깐 당연 한국사람이죠.. 호주에서 태어나 호주에서 자라셨다고함.. 저두분 유튜브채널 자기소개란 읽어보세요.
ᄋᄋ (6 years ago)
I hope to make your song debut in Korea
haesthetic (6 years ago)
When they sang the chorus, I sang with them. XD I remembered SuJu sang this. But this is not their song. SuJu just made a cover of this song :) I love Jayesslee's Version <33 Their voice is so soothing ^-^ Saranghaeyoooooo~ XDD
Leonardo Dito (6 years ago)
is it a Christian hymn?
Anh Khoa (6 years ago)
Omg super junior song
Stevie Hoang (6 years ago)
twin + beautiful..... Like.
bea lim (6 years ago)
You guys should sing more korean songs!!!!!!! :D
Niki (6 years ago)
Watched this and suddenly the song reminded me of someone's...... After it came to the chores i was like, "OMG!! Super Junior sang this!!" Lol i didnt even noticed the song which my favorite band sang hurrr lol
Sarah h (6 years ago)
Super junior did a COVER of this song too! :)
ᄆᄆᄂ (6 years ago)
Omg your pronunciation is so good! Your voices are really clear too..목소리 너무 맑고 청아하고 노래 너무 잘하시네요ㅠㅠ
lam3581 (6 years ago)
OMG, she just like this song, n u repl so crude ~~""
Yerin An (6 years ago)
that's awesome!!!
Rachel Kim (6 years ago)
They r Koreans and they rule :)
Blv ck (6 years ago)
shut the fuck up bitch this song existed before super junior sang it

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