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Rookies beware of OTR trucking (PH and KDW Trucking vlog)

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Another episode of PH and KDW Trucking vlog. We took a trip to Oregon and got to go over a lot of different mountain passes and experience a little winter. Get prepared drivers because old man winter is here
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June Bug (1 year ago)
Great but dangerous view y'all. Thanks for the video. Truck hard and safe.
isaiah mcknight (1 year ago)
Ok buddy thanks I️ just love listening to the cb radio
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
isaiah mcknight I got a video like that in my playlist called cb talk check it out
isaiah mcknight (1 year ago)
And can you do a video on you using the cb radio I️ watch your videos all day long
isaiah mcknight (1 year ago)
Hey buddy I️ gotta question before I️ going the industry but do truckers still look out for eachother and use the cb radio
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
isaiah mcknight I already did that video but will touch on it again for you
Koolshoe 625 (1 year ago)
You in CAT country , my part of the country.
Big Daddy (1 year ago)
Good video FAM . #stay safe
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
+Big Daddy 10/4
Great footage y'all!!! Be Safe!!!
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
+FunMsPearl Thx MsPearl
Christopher Harris (1 year ago)
Stay safe big bro, my prayers always with you and the madam
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
+Christopher Harris Thx Fam
Elaine Patterson (1 year ago)
Love the scenic videos and your instructions for inclement weather, stay safe Fam
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
+Elaine Patterson Thx MsP
Grind Mode Jay (1 year ago)
Good Video
riketta usher (1 year ago)
Good morning. I always enjoy your videos, you are so in-tune with your truck. Seeing you go to all these places with different weather conditions and you remain calm is so awesome. I hope to run into you and KDW one day.
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
+riketta usher thx Fam we appreciate your support
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
+Elaine Patterson No doubt MsP I told yo son I gotta do a video with him you put in a good word for me MsP
Elaine Patterson (1 year ago)
Yes me and my son discuss his tenacity in trucking, I really love the way him and KDW take the bull by the horn......BOSS SH## !
Martin Vermilion (1 year ago)
What I like is how smart you are as a driver and how much you dig how beautiful the USA is...thanks for sharing
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
+Martin Vermilion Thx for watching Fam
Marx Dent (1 year ago)
I get it man, your planning your route. the months ahead road conditions change, Icy roads are one of the things you are implying. despite the odd shit, you'll see as an OTR truck driver.
haroldlm64 (1 year ago)
👍 Nice! I appreciate the great views myself. Y'all be careful!
Ron Slater (1 year ago)
Another great video. Keep it up
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
+Ron Slater Thx Fam

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