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LET'S WARM UP | Jayesslee

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Vocal warm up exercise! I'm alive alert awake enthusiastic! I'm alive alert awake enthusiastic! I'm alive alert awake I'm awake alert alive I'm alive alert awake enthusiastic! You know you wanna do it.
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Sitiistii (13 days ago)
lol i use the subtitle
Wonderful WG (1 year ago)
So cute <3
tong chau (3 years ago)
....03:29.... (03/12/2015) 489,798 2,965 28 (多謝:Jayesslee) 所有留言 (411) ....03:40.... (16/08/2015) 484,494 2,938 28 I LIKE IT !! (15/06/2014) 449,002 喜歡 2,771 不喜歡 26
kastol Bruzkoor (3 years ago)
tong chau (3 years ago)
....03:40.... (16/08/2015)      484,494              2,938                28 I LIKE IT !! (15/06/2014)      449,002      喜歡 2,771      不喜歡 26
PVB Dream Productions (4 years ago)
hehe... You're right. I wanna do it :P
james kagamine (4 years ago)
Im alive alert! :D awake enthusiastic! :D
Bao Hoang (4 years ago)
I learned this at my HOBY seminar. Having to do this at 7 in the morning woke me up...
JJ (4 years ago)
Wow that is amazing
Breesie Cup (4 years ago)
Everytime I do this exercise, I can't help but do it in you guys' accent !!! Lmao
Lekkla Yamsual (4 years ago)
This is awesome!
Ake Pro (4 years ago)
Sipheng Lim (5 years ago)
HAHAHA I can't stop my laughing hahahahahagagagagagagag
e ღ (4 years ago)
Did you stop yet
tong chau (5 years ago)
I LIKE IT !! (15/06/2014)      449,002      喜歡 2,771      不喜歡 26
Ryo (5 years ago)
this brings back childhood memories :) plz make more videos cux we luv u guys~~ 
Woodland Tse (5 years ago)
Haha its so funny!
Theo Elias (5 years ago)
I didn't think this was hard until I tried it. New found respect.
ayne gavion (5 years ago)
you both look like nikki gil :) just sayin..
Romnick ebuengan (5 years ago)
i'm aliveeee !!!! ^____^
James Lee (5 years ago)
awesome warm up ^_^
so covering this
John Andrew Ventura (5 years ago)
(-_-') my tongue is all knotted up with that! haha >,<
Einalem Ong (5 years ago)
Fun warmup to do! :)
Gracia Navales (6 years ago)
my tongue twists....hahahaha!
i can hear im alive alert enthusiastic afterwards :D im alivealertkfmgkemlkmgtic! haha :D
silverdarklily13 (6 years ago)
janice has that death stare!!
Sandy Oumar (6 years ago)
Lolz .. Cute! :D
Agnaldo Pierre (6 years ago)
aqui no brasil tem poucos com essa qualidade de voz .
Joery Mendoza (6 years ago)
we love jayesslee...youre great..godbless both of you...
Jay Marie (6 years ago)
wow that mustve been super hard!! lol
tony tran (6 years ago)
my the thirst be with you
Junior Jrbrown (6 years ago)
i'm watching it on 2013
Camille Lacoste (6 years ago)
Je suis la seule française à les aimer ?
Junior Jrbrown (6 years ago)
in which his face
Junior Jrbrown (6 years ago)
ta joia esse video da hora mesmo
Junior Jrbrown (6 years ago)
qual seu face em Zinyzh
jennifer nguyen (6 years ago)
You guys are so fast and funny.
tuan ninh nguyen (6 years ago)
so funny <3
IzzyLeong (6 years ago)
Kanokwan tatal (6 years ago)
Oh! 5555+ ^^
Lolo Tran (6 years ago)
this is the 1st video i saw of you girls<3
Mitch E (6 years ago)
im alive alert awake enthusiastic .. im alive alert awake enthusiastic .. im alive aleert unthusiastic .. amma llayv aloorrt awweek thiastic .. amalaybalooorrrt aweek syastik .. BLAHBLAHBLAHH ,, HAHAHAH who else sing it this way . hahahahaaa
TinyZh (6 years ago)
I'm not watching in on 2012.. i'm watching it on 2013 ;)
DaveMinLee (6 years ago)
You girls are amazing! Your videos are the only thing... and coffee, that help me push through rough nights staying up studying and doing homework! The joy you radiate is contagious and I find myself smiling and singing along like an idiot in a library! Thank you for everything!
The egg (6 years ago)
Stha Moon (6 years ago)
hit like if you are watching this in 2013! :)
Margaret (6 years ago)
to go really fast you can say I am a Tick
Margaret (6 years ago)
I can't believe you guys are this fast lol
Fatih FARFAR (6 years ago)
am watching in in 2013
said monamor (6 years ago)
You changed a lot :)
idi nouha (6 years ago)
we re watching it in 2013 ☺☺
1:24 started to sound like 'im alalailaialllalalalla i'm alalililslllalal' agree?
Rachel Chan (6 years ago)
i dont think this is a vocal exercise.. more like a tongue twister
Amannie Sireethorn (6 years ago)
so cute
Esther Lam (6 years ago)
theyre so in sync with each other! lol
Zoqhi (6 years ago)
Nigahiga is faster
Veeya Hira (6 years ago)
aww so cute :3 lol
Bevan Koh (6 years ago)
chubby Jayesslee !
John Lee (6 years ago)
Kanpot Mangkalad (6 years ago)
I'm alive alert awake enthusiastic!
queenieluvhebe (6 years ago)
xXkunkiatXx (6 years ago)
Did you fast forward the video or something? hahaha!
random546 (6 years ago)
hahahahahaha Omg........... Y'all are amazing XD
Pai Sukatat (6 years ago)
i'm alive awerk thalate entuse%%^[email protected]!
rizza05leah (6 years ago)
after watching almost all their videos i can already tell who's who even before they introduce themselves.
rizza05leah (6 years ago)
they are just so crazy =)) haha and i love crazy people! they're really funny never fails to brighten up my day!
axiu994 (6 years ago)
Bạn ko phải là người :))
Jayvee neration (6 years ago)
I'm alive alert awake enthusiastic!
amanduhsuh (6 years ago)
they are from australia
mintchawa (6 years ago)
thepakkapon (6 years ago)
where are they come from?
Chetsada Phukhama (6 years ago)
เคยทะเลาะกันป่าวสองพี่น้องเนี้ย เข้ากันดีจังเลยนะ
Gerald Toar (7 years ago)
Is it without make up ??
ChelleBelleOriginal (7 years ago)
LOOOOL! You gals are great ;)
Fiona Lee (7 years ago)
You guys look different .. o.O Buttah , nice (:
xo allylove xo (7 years ago)
I'm in, right up, right down. I'm happy all the time :D I'm in, right up, right down. I'm happy all the time :D.....Since Jesus christ came in...and he cleanse my heart from siiiinnnn......I'm in, right up, right down. I'm happy all the time :D
Ayin Mya (7 years ago)
you guys are a little bit chubby and now you guys are skinny,how come you become skinny today?any tips..
crystal liew (7 years ago)
Gosh it so hard i just end up with my mouth swollen
Julia Snyder (7 years ago)
Man you guys are really really fast! I tried it and choked on my own saliva after the first 2 lines.
SoulOne94 (7 years ago)
I go from 'I'm alive alert awake enthusiastic!' from slow to fast until I go 'I'm blahblahblahblah'. You guys are fast!
Lauren Applequist (7 years ago)
u guys sounded like u were in fast forward :)
myFishDROWned95 (7 years ago)
fuckn speak english you thai fucks,. i dont mena to be racist but seriosuly
rIcsonfm (7 years ago)
Asian Dad: now sing it backwards
KimCHI (7 years ago)
Discovering this before I'm about the sleep, how ironic xD Watching the girls do it is motivating me but my tongue's twisted now .____.
kehyi somar (7 years ago)
I think this is the only video that they changed there positions. )))
20TheFoh (7 years ago)
can you teach me : D
SamanthaIsAble (7 years ago)
cnt stop laughing from 1:25
Tidasavanhp (7 years ago)
Why is Sonia.. on the RIGHT side?!
Evo's Basics (7 years ago)
its like if Twista was a singer, lol
HavocDR2 (7 years ago)
Charlaaay7 (7 years ago)
You guys have come so far :) Very talented, keep singing!
AsgChoi (7 years ago)
holy crap... tongue twister much?
김성준 (7 years ago)
@lovergirl174 they are NOT from singapore. please don't give others wrong ideas sigh
Kai Kuriyama (7 years ago)
I wonder if they know Natalie Tran
lnzygo 888 (7 years ago)
LOL. this is awesomeeeee
M Z (7 years ago)
@momolanut สิวตรงไหนอะคะ? คนไหนหรอ
Jessy Qin (7 years ago)
r those comments in Thai? but u have astralian accent
anna zainal (7 years ago)

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