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Video evidence women are stronger and superior to men

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Video evidence women are stronger and superior to men
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Troquency (6 months ago)
Ur gunna need more then one woman to prove that men and women aren’t equal.
A (9 months ago)
Haha he prob drunk lol like who ever labeled this vid
Clown Pepe (1 year ago)
You can tell she is train this is not a regular women of course a trained woman can win in a fight against an ordinary man. If you take an ordinary woman and have her fire an ordinary man the man is going to win.
Cryptex運命 boi (1 year ago)
1 video isn't enough anecdotal evidence to create a generalized statement. Men are 40% stronger than men. I don't even know why people dispute this. Want proof? Go find a random middle aged girl and a middle-aged man and have an arm wrestle. Don't just cherry pick videos and decide that you're somehow superior because of a couple of fights that have women winning. Plus all the men in this video have similar physiques to a stick. (she's obviously a trained black belt or some shit like that)
Stuxnet Jr (1 year ago)
Way to pick one of the rare occasions that this happens.
RIGOR MORTIS (2 years ago)
Women are as strong as men. Why dont we remove VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT anyway? domestic violence against men is rising nowadays and men need protection from strong violent women, atleast give men the right to hit back an aggressive female for self defense.
Bernadet Telice (1 year ago)
I guess i see what you mean some man are wimps
Bernadet Telice (1 year ago)
You know that the average man is stronger than that average woman right
mrwarmind (2 years ago)
The very fact that women gets all excited about a match or two or two hundred where a woman beats a man, proves that women are no where near as strong as men thats why they get over excited over any match "of the few matches" they win .... on the other hand you dont see men gets all excited about defeating a woman ... cause thats the norm
Ding (3 years ago)
fun fact: this video was uploaded from a laptop in a kitchen somewhere.
Stuxnet Jr (1 year ago)
FeministPro fun fact: individual examples do not disprove wide range studies proving the opposite is true by a landslide
Sakari Eklund (2 years ago)
@The Tough guy thank you dad 
Sakari Eklund (2 years ago)
+FeministPro look at the men's and women's world records in weight pulling u dumbass
Ding (2 years ago)
your username explains why your comment is so fucking retarded.
FeministPro (2 years ago)
fun fact: Women are stronger than you
Steve Adams (3 years ago)
feminist pro i want to have a match with you and show you real men's power
Erod (3 years ago)
Is this a joke? It must be. All type of sports physical and mental ones are dominated by men.
Duck You (3 years ago)
A woman somewhere won a fight with a man somewhere, therefore all women can win fights with all men. Makes sense
FeministPro (2 years ago)
@[ SskyFalcon Gaming ] you're mad cause this girl could kick your ass, then peg you while you're asleep
FeministPro (2 years ago)
got a dozen other vids of women kicking your dicks in
WhoDaWolfAt Gaming (2 years ago)
what do you mean by troll account if it is. it still proves the weak retarded logic of feminists
el mariacho 81 (3 years ago)
DarkShadow94 (3 years ago)
Wtf is this? I'll slap my girlfriend and she won't do nothing back.
Prototype Asian (2 years ago)
+DarkShadow94 Where do you live?
DarkShadow94 (3 years ago)
@FeministPro Ronda? Lmfao, she'll be frightened to enter my country, let alone beat me. Men are superior.

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