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Magic City Classic | ASU vs. AAMU "5th Quarter" (Oct | 27 | 2018)

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As always we ask you guys, the people, who won the 5th. Go to our channel and vote who took the W. #TeamNoExcuses
Rodney Player (2 months ago)
+BandTube High Definition, LLC u told him,,,lol
+Lance Cox than go watch them.
Lance Cox (5 months ago)
The volume is low on this video. There are lives feeds 5 times louder
Sandy Springs Toyota (5 months ago)
BandTube High Definition, LLC the volume is extremely low even people using your video for commentary have all said the same thing....just bringing it to your attention it’s the clip not the computers or phones we all saying the same thing lol
+Sandy Springs Toyota There is no audio issue. What you hear is literally what you hear. There might be an error on your end. Try restarting the browser or your computer and see if that fixes it.
anthony belser (2 months ago)
Is asu becoming a corp style pwi band?
Og Bendy (3 months ago)
What the song called at 14:15
Lil Wayne - Famous
detavein walker (3 months ago)
Can anyone tell me the name of the song at 17:00
detavein walker (3 months ago)
Much love thank💚🔥
Eightball & MJG - 9 Little Millimeta Boys
Chan Westry (5 months ago)
A&m def took the W..Im upset about this 5th qt tho i see why most of the videographers was at the boombox classic. It was way better even tho they position/setup of both band was horrible..but s/o to bandtube for the footage!
Chan Westry (5 months ago)
If state wasn't trying to scream & overplaying they would sound alot of better
Chan Westry (5 months ago)
A&m tubas tho🔥🔥
Aniekeme Udoko (5 months ago)
AAMU cleanest sound of the swac...
Rodney Player (3 months ago)
+Maurice Atkins they could be but AAMU ain't nuttin to F with. I"m a fan of both JSU and Tenn but they are not my fav. Both of them ain't no joke I'll give em that. They both have some wicked arrangements and a real good sound.
Maurice Atkins (3 months ago)
Lies you tell tf wrong with your ears homie. JSU cleanest in swac n TSU falls next i n line.
Rodney Player (4 months ago)
Aniekeme Udoko they just may be the cleanest after all.
Aniekeme Udoko (5 months ago)
hey C.R.E.A.M. sound shitty......lol
Hilliard Gardner (5 months ago)
ASU really seemed to not want to be there. 😕
Dsnake06 (5 months ago)
Tf asu played after aamu loose control
MeAgainstTheWorld (5 months ago)
Ummm... the Avengers theme
Rodney Player (3 months ago)
I really enjoyed both bands but the W goes to AAMU. A&M also had a beautiful ballad about mid ways this battle that i wish i knew the name of. #DOPE ASU's version of Michael McDonald's "Keep Forgetting" was nice also.
RonMcDon (5 months ago)
What happened to ASU numbers ? 🤦🏾‍♂️
trev2x (5 months ago)
A&M Bullied them folks
Dalion Keyng (5 months ago)
Boring..... I expected more from both
mrh0rnet (5 months ago)
Gosh man.. what's happened to state?
woolly65 (5 months ago)
ASU sound is trash
jbridgesondrums 2 (5 months ago)
the audio is a bit muffled
shun warren (5 months ago)
The best STATE has sounded to me in years. The problem they have and ALWAYS HAVE HAD since Oliver is song selection. A&M is better at song selection which is not a real compliment because they suck as well. I'm just saying that the MMH needs a book PERIOD. This is the year where people aren't over blowing so a good book would compliment the sound. Ijs
Don Eskimo (5 months ago)
A&m won but the divas need more originality all of those doll moves gotta stop 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Quint P. (3 months ago)
Y’all in these replies know good and well AAMU Divas lowkey throw some Doll moves into their counts. They been doing it for a long time now. Their form just not as accurate.
swaggerific005 (5 months ago)
Kkoolpointz Exactly! I mean let those girls live. The Divas are the most improved team in the SWAC. They truly developed their own style.
205XFactor (5 months ago)
They literally look nothing alike, y’all just regurgitating what y’all friends tell y’all. It’s a never ending saga 😂
C Allen (5 months ago)
Don Eskimo So you agree two different styles so therefore no need to continue this discussion....wtf you want them to do IT’S DANCE Dummy! #TooManyCriticsNotEnoughCredentials
Darrion Lapsley (5 months ago)
Bro it’s dancing certain moves going to look like others
Tony P (5 months ago)
Watching this 5th quarter and the BoomBox 5th quarter is like watching night and day. I am blown away by the difference in quality between ASU/AAMU and SU/JSU. The SU/JSU battle was waaaaay more entertaining and the music sounds more difficult to play. ASU/AAMU has no energy and their song selection sucks. More importantly, ASU needs a new band director and get rid of those Honey Beez. It is played out.
Rodney Player (5 months ago)
Tony P tell me how u really feel. i must admit this battle was not as good as the boombox classic but it wasn't that bad was it,,,,lol. I see ASU is going thru some changes in size but they did alright AAMU won tho imo
Are you Serious? (5 months ago)
AAMU won but damn I heard all these songs from them already and I don’t even follow them
Fl S (5 months ago)
What happened to Bama State size?
Michael Head (5 months ago)
The death nail came at 21:07. It should always stay in the playbook.
trev2x (5 months ago)
Michael Head lowkey a fan favorite lol
Chef Tibbs (5 months ago)
Bama state got super small
TheTerrellwill1 (5 months ago)
After listening to SU and JSU 5th quarter... its hard to give them the credit that they deserve
19 97 (5 months ago)
This is the best state sounded this season. A&m sounds good . They were predictable playing songs from the 2016 battle in the 5th. This was too close to call.
J C14 (5 months ago)
To be very honest asu is not the same & they sound a mess!!! A&M sound is sooooo much better. When you none music majors understand that playing loud doesn’t mean nothing then it wouldn’t be a need for y’all to get your pressure up about who won 5th quarter. A&M won this!!!
MeAgainstTheWorld (5 months ago)
They displayed more than just volume
Aaron Fantazii #AFLive (5 months ago)
Hmm Tbh i liked ASU better , By Song Selections .. Why they so small ??? but i like that too Its like they Cut the Fat No Horn holders.
George Bush (5 months ago)
Aaron Fantazii #AFLive shut yo dumb ass up
Bernard Bradley (5 months ago)
AAMU by a country mile. ASU does not sound terrible by no means but AAMU is by far more polished and well balanced.
J C14 (5 months ago)
Bernard Bradley 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
The Seventh Hour (5 months ago)
The sound on lose control was perfection. However I still like the 2000 version. AAMU has the best sounding band in the SWAC right now.
Rodney Player (3 months ago)
The Seventh Hour AAMU definitely has one of the better sounds and so crisp and clean.
Jaygo (5 months ago)
New Orleans Allstar band version of Fame was Much better. i really wish N.O. put that back in their book
Rodney Player (5 months ago)
EarthAngel_A.i. not familiar with the N.O. Allstar band. College or high school?
Jonathan Petty (5 months ago)
Bama State didn't sound terrible to me. I expected more out of both bands to be honest. MCC both bands usually come with it.
Rodney Player (4 months ago)
Jonathan Petty I hear ASU had been going thru issues this season which is to be expected seeing as how all band programs go thru trials now and then. I like em both but AAMU is more polished.
Kylvin Carter (5 months ago)
Aamu for the win !!
demarco summers (5 months ago)
It’s time for Bama State Director to retire real talk. The stingettes are horrible with no ambition now and it look a fool with their uniforms.
Rodney Player (4 months ago)
+Symone Jones come on guys they going thru some changes i hear. Give em a chance to get it right.
Symone Jones (5 months ago)
Bridgette for damn sure needs to go
Green Hornet (5 months ago)
What was Asu second song
Dee M (5 months ago)
What the hell was ASU’s drumline doing during the Avengers theme? It’s a cinematic score not a party anthem! Was it just me or did they really ruin the song.
mmm gamer (5 months ago)
Is aamu in the meac or the swac
Deonte Tyler (1 month ago)
+mmm gamer they are East of the swac
mmm gamer (5 months ago)
+Eric Ford I actually knew they was swac, I went to ALCORN.
Eric Ford (5 months ago)
That was a dumb question Mmm gamer all SWAC schools are in Ala, Miss, La area all MEAC schools in the upper south
SWAC band.
OG Big Ounce (5 months ago)
State band small
Justin Hameen (5 months ago)
B Tone at 4:03 😂😂
jakkirn (5 months ago)
benny Williams (5 months ago)
Well I need this these man brings back memories as much as man brings back memories the battle of the band but I'm glad we meet their babies for free in the football game for free.
Christopher Chisholm (5 months ago)
What has happened to Bama State???
Karless 1911 (5 months ago)
🛏 💤 both get an L
Harold Morning (5 months ago)
This battle was close as hell AAMU slightly and I do mean just that. Both bands was dropping smoke.
MrKoolhill (5 months ago)
I like ASU....but This hasn’t been a good year...The band is getting smaller every year...As much as it pains me to say ..A&M won this ...We need a change..😢😢🐝🐝
MrKoolhill (5 months ago)
+Green Hornet I'm judging by performance as well. ..A&M has a better band right now.. Believe me, I hate saying that... SMH..
Green Hornet (5 months ago)
Don’t judge a band by its size
Rodney Player (5 months ago)
+playa hater they can work with what they got and still do it to it. Look how TXSU did last season 2017,,and they were smaller than they are now. They made it work and ASU can do the same.
playa hater (5 months ago)
Yeah I remember when ASU CAME To Jackson 05 or 06 and they was at least 250 or Better bit they can always bounce back.
Jeremy Witherspoon (5 months ago)
-Does anyone knows the name of the song AAMU played at 12:38? 😩😍🔥
lamar murphy (5 months ago)
Done for me by C. Puth
Jeremy Witherspoon (5 months ago)
Kkoolpointz Thank you so kindly!
205XFactor (5 months ago)
Jeremy Witherspoon “Done for Me”
Marvin Williams (5 months ago)
What The Last Song?
I said what I said (5 months ago)
Definitely shouldn't have come here after watching the 5th quarter of the boombox classic The difference in sound and quality is staggering.
Henry Campbell (5 months ago)
I cant believe how small ASU is, they need a change
Rodney Player (3 months ago)
Henry Campbell they just need a lil TLC that's all.
Tarpon pride (5 months ago)
AAMU with the Win.
truperfection85 (5 months ago)
Craig Armani (5 months ago)
DIVAS came and snapped! I feel sorry for ASU season. Things have been really shaky and it’s unfortunate for the students and program
Rodney Player (3 months ago)
Craig Armani well things got better for them at seasons end. I was watching the Rose Bowl Parade Jan 1st and who but ASU came struttin down the street. Them stingettes was looking hott.
Christopher Chisholm (5 months ago)
What happened?
Sandy Springs Toyota (5 months ago)
Why is the audio muffled lol
AriesBoy1988 (5 months ago)
B Hennington (5 months ago)
A&M with the W....no need to listen to the remaining 20mins
chris matthews (5 months ago)
AAMU #MMW got that W 🐶
dev 319 (5 months ago)
ASU that Avengers Theme was off the CHAIN!👏👏👏
swaggerific005 (5 months ago)
The Divas are so classy!
swaggerific005 (5 months ago)
AAMU for sure, although I knew AAMU would win the 5th but I expected more from ASU. I was on AAMU’s side and ASU wasn’t loud at all.
swaggerific005 (5 months ago)
J.Nev (5 months ago)
swaggerific005 Oh An Opinion From An Account With No Profile Picture ? 😂😂🚮. Continue Being An Ass Kisser Like The Rest Of These People On This Post .
swaggerific005 (5 months ago)
J.Nev Like I said wack shit! You ARE WACK!
J.Nev (5 months ago)
swaggerific005 Ok Nene Leakes . Never Knew You Wanted To Be A Bitch So Bad 😂🤷🏾‍♂️.
swaggerific005 (5 months ago)
J.Nev Take yo wack ass on! I said what I said and I’m good.
kirkseyava (5 months ago)
iconlb (5 months ago)
John Massey (5 months ago)
Question. Did you happen to get the sousaphone battle?
+Anthony Sexton Yeap its the same name. BandTube HD
Anthony Sexton (5 months ago)
+BandTube High Definition, LLC wassup my guy, you got Facebook?
John Massey (5 months ago)
Oh this gone be interesting lol 😈😈😈
Yeap.. sure did.
Terry Harris (5 months ago)
Neither are JSU apprentice material.
Rodney Player (5 months ago)
+Fan of Music AAMU is awesome!
Fan of Music (5 months ago)
+Terry Harris ..."apprentice material"😢😂😭
Terry Harris (5 months ago)
Fan of Music you need to put those damn drugs down. Clearly don’t know music or sound from listening to a/m
Fan of Music (5 months ago)
Terry Harris.....maybe AAMU can help JSU sound as good and balanced as they do, and JSU can help AAMU turn up the volume a little more. Either way, AAMU is as good as any band I've heard--did I mention how much I like their sound😎
Terry Harris (5 months ago)
State sounds like trash.
Rodney Player (4 months ago)
Trey Harris they going thru some thangs!
MeAgainstTheWorld (5 months ago)
Didn't realize there was such a huge size difference but this 5th was rather boring. Not sure why the few A&M folks are commenting trying to hype it up. Neither sounded horrible though.
bchatmon6397 (5 months ago)
ASU sounds real bad
Fan of Music (5 months ago)
+HimSultan ....I remember last year too! AAMU sounded better then as well. ASU fans claimed they won because they thought they were louder, and that AAMU was boring because of their song selection. Then, ASU played one song too many😳 for the "engagement of a former band member."😏🙉 You didn't win last year, and the only thing that was "murdered" was the last song ASU played. On the AAMU vs. SU 5th video you mentioned "AAMU wasn't in SU's league", and I asked you "what league is ASU in?" 👀 I want ASU to be great too👍 not knocking them so please don't think that.
205XFactor (5 months ago)
This wasn’t no Slight!! ASU is GARBO!!!
HimSultan (5 months ago)
It’s okay. Asu murdered Aamu last year and Aamu got the slight edge this year. You can’t win them all. I did realize how small Asu is!!! Who’s not recruiting?!!
Jordan Töö famous (5 months ago)
MeAgainstTheWorld Aamu had about 8 songs on the paper that was new for the fifth. Lol
Lawrence Ware (5 months ago)
They both cold slaw with fresh squeezed garbage truck juice, but of the two....Ass&M is less trash!
Lawrence Ware (5 months ago)
MKE059 https://youtu.be/DcEJ-14DH_U
Lawrence Ware (5 months ago)
MKE059 the 01 clips are on YouTube Captain shit for brains! And Miles smashed Ass&M...hold up so i can post the link! And i was trying to be nice by saying 05. Lol! How can you call a botbs weal after yall caught thay fat L???? 🤣🤣🧐🤔🤔
MKE059 (5 months ago)
+Lawrence Ware but I like that pride tho!!! Somebody gotta have it, why not you. That's what's up
MKE059 (5 months ago)
+Lawrence Ware Boy stop!!! You nigs got thrashed in 01 and sounded like a high school band. Still got balls in yo mouth to prove it. Oh was that the game you nigs pulled out sheet music??? Lmao!! Just stop it!! 05??? That statement alone shows your band IQ at Zero! 05 was not a strong year. Decent but not strong. If you would've said 98, 99, 01, 02 then that's credible. We didnt even play yall in 15 dummy. Weak ass botb dont count, get on da schedule. Now let's talk BARELY....just by you saying we got the Dub against State Barely, shows you a hater. A dub is a dub. That ass raping that Miles got wasn't barely was it?? Yo ass prolly wasn't even at da game and if you was you want saying shit. You was just like da rest of them....sitting back with yo thumb up yo ass, watching yo band get destroyed. Bad part is that yall out yo league and dont even know it. Good part is that you'll never get better thinking you done made it. Advantage......whatever good band that sit across from ya. Now go plug dat hole that the MMW dug up in ya.....you still DRIPPIN
Rodney Player (5 months ago)
+Lawrence Ware ok lol ya'll had me scared as hell. Have a great day Mr.Ware.
campcoy51 (5 months ago)
This was a straight tie. In the stadium, State sounded really good, and A&M sounded very strong.
Rodney Player (4 months ago)
campcoy51 don't worry about them u stick to your guns
Lance Cox (5 months ago)
There is no way this was a tie. What musical ears are you listening through
lamar murphy (5 months ago)
No tie lil hommie, straight aamu
Xavier Miller (5 months ago)
Aamu won this easily but I was hoping they was gone crucify ASU worse than they did miles, however they still ran through them...... hopefully they can bring back that gym botb's next year and have it at a high school or smthn
GIZMO89 (5 months ago)
ASU 5th DM sucks
Jeffery Gordon (5 months ago)
205XFactor (5 months ago)
AAMU with the sweep, the audio in this is underwhelming though
GIZMO89 (5 months ago)
Why chant so much?
GIZMO89 (5 months ago)
GIZMO89 (5 months ago)
+Rodney Player Hell Nawl!! ASU what's going on? Even the school song sounds bad.
Rodney Player (5 months ago)
that was kinda hot huh?
Jim Beam (5 months ago)
"Lose Control" sound so beautiful. Thats throw back for A&M.
Rodney Player (3 months ago)
+Jim Beam thank u and happy new year. Godspeed.
Jim Beam (3 months ago)
+Rodney Player ......if you are referring to the song at 8:30, that's Lose Control
Rodney Player (3 months ago)
Jim Beam do u happen to know the name of that ballad almost midways thru the video from A&M?
Dylan McPherson (5 months ago)
Dylan McPherson (5 months ago)
areed264 (5 months ago)
AAMU no doubt
Jordan Töö famous (5 months ago)
Aamu got this

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