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Men are Smarter than Women, Deal with it!

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Since academia is too riddled with Feminists to do actual science, it looks like a monkey is going to have to show them how it's done. How Can There Still Be a Sex Difference, Even When There Is No Sex Difference? https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-how-and-why-sex-differences/201101/how-can-there-still-be-sex-difference-even-when-there-is Sexual dimorphism of brain developmental trajectories during childhood and adolescence http://www.boysadrift.com/2007Giedd.pdf Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth https://my.vanderbilt.edu/smpy/ Sex differences on the WISC-R http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0191886983900296 Sex Differences in IQ http://www.iqcomparisonsite.com/sexdifferences.aspx ETS: Believing in the power of learning https://www.ets.org/about Average IQ of students by college major and gender ratio http://www.randalolson.com/2014/06/25/average-iq-of-students-by-college-major-and-gender-ratio/ Sex Differences in Mental Test Scores, Variability, and Numbers of High-Scoring Individuals Larry V. Hedges and Amy Nowell Science New Series, Vol. 269, No. 5220 (Jul. 7, 1995), pp. 41-45 Brain Connectivity Study Reveals Striking Differences between Men and Women http://www.uphs.upenn.edu/news/News_Releases/2013/12/verma/ Song: “C Major Prelude” by Bach. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.
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Text Comments (3557)
icr0 (13 days ago)
Brain volume does not imply intelligence. Whales have far larger brain volume than us, but are still dumber.
icr0 (4 days ago)
Ok, but mice have the same brain to body ratio as us, but are far dumber. Ants actually have a higher ratio than us, but are still dumber. The reason that large animals have large brains is because they need more neurons to control more things in their body. https://neuroscience.stanford.edu/news/ask-neuroscientist-does-bigger-brain-make-you-smarter
Thot Slayer Jiren (4 days ago)
And also a whale's brain is proportionally smaller than that of a human, you ever heard of sexual demorphism?
Dariusz Rynkowski (26 days ago)
Come on that‘s obvious men are better than women.In modern times if you will say the truth about why women are inferior to men your gonna be called misogynist for example.Stupid Feminism and Femi-nazis go to hell.BTW to all stupid F.naziz you can say your bullshit but that‘s not gonna change anything men were, are and will be better than women.If you have any complaints go talk to God.BTW to all male ‘‘feminists‘‘ how dare you call yourself a true man .God created nature and nature made Males dominant and Females submissive besides let‘s be honest feminists are made from 3 types of so called ‘‘women‘‘:Stupid ones too stubborn to accept the truth, little girls who wants attention and the type combined from both groups above.IF YOU ARE TRUE MAN FIGHT AGAINST THAT BULL CRAP (any method is ok but make sure you‘re not gonna go to far)....and like my comment if you like me you‘re not afraid of telling the truth.(P.S. sorry Bros if i made some mistakes while writting,english isn‘t my first language).
HxA California (28 days ago)
My iq is 107
nathalie gerges (2 months ago)
So many jealous men HAHA We will rule the world hahahahahaha
Thot Slayer Jiren (4 days ago)
Nice joke lmao women canmot even math
saif saif (2 months ago)
Lol then the west will fall you know that in the past there were some mathriarcall societys THEY ALL FALLED and they STARTED MORE WARS sooooooo you will just destroy your countrie i suggest you let men do the work
Dapper Pickle (2 months ago)
Nope, all that will happen is the Muslim's will come over remind women of their roles. I just hope they use extreme force, destroying over 2000 years of prosperity deserves a harsh punishment.
Samirang (2 months ago)
Girls are smarter than boys and men are smarter than women
The Truth (2 months ago)
Men are superior to women in every way possible
Raa16 (1 month ago)
@Samirang Mothers aren't better parents than fathers are. Women also don't civilize men as much as other male role models tend to civilize men. "Its true that women are better at side roles but that doesn't mean they aren't incredibly important" Women can be replaced with robots and artificial wombs.
Samirang (2 months ago)
No. They are both good at different things. Women are better with people and can end a conversation well which is inportant in today's society. They are also better at raising children. They are also not as short tempered just sometimes naggy and great at relaxing a man while he focuses on his job. Women help civilize men who can be very violent. Its true that women are better at side roles but that doesn't mean they aren't incredibly important
nightjar (2 months ago)
Yes, men are smarter than women and they're all in this comment section.
Faint366 (3 months ago)
Well shit... ok then
splattenburgers (3 months ago)
Western civilization will collapse because most people are mentally weak and can't accept reality. Future generations will shake their heads at the west.
Tiago Martins (4 months ago)
You dont need a study to know men are smarter than women. You just need to ask yourself who created everything around you.
Chloe (4 months ago)
women are smarter, deal with it
dollan song (4 months ago)
Girls are smarter than boys men are smarter than woman. girls mature faster but also more emotional than reasonable that's is why female gender quota is needed!
Chloe (4 months ago)
lol what I said was correct, both are
Chloe (4 months ago)
BE GONE THOT! It’s not Opposite Day, guess that’s more proof men can’t accept the truth
Chloe (4 months ago)
BE GONE THOT! https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/futurism.com/women-science-gender-gap/amp this says we are equal but men just can’t accept it https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/venturebeat.com/2015/01/27/study-girls-outperform-boys-in-math-and-science-all-over-the-world/amp/
Chloe (4 months ago)
BE GONE THOT! Facts are that women are smarter but men like you can’t accept reality. Women do better at maths and science but I guess men like you will never accept the truth😂
Speedzone Speedforce (4 months ago)
You tell this to Jordan Peterson he's highly protective of girls when people mention IQ.
Raa16 (1 month ago)
Jordan Peterson has a carefully maintained position in relation to himself and mainstream media. He doesn't have the guts to discuss or debate mgtow concepts.
Adelle Blackman (5 months ago)
After scrolling down and reading, I want to say that no one has over 180 I think. A genius is 140 and most people, male and female are 110- 130
vedrusa (2 months ago)
@saif saif read the books of James Flynn, the renowned iq expert. About the height iq correlation, you can find many studies: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20066931 https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/08/130827135020.htm Women of the same height as men tend to have higher iq.
saif saif (2 months ago)
@vedrusa really where is the studie that shows that a STUDIE and not an article
saif saif (2 months ago)
The smartest person in the world have 220 iq
vedrusa (3 months ago)
@david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!! no u (and all mgtow who cant stand the truth...)
vedrusa (3 months ago)
@david Rdgz Uefalona H8er Hala Madrid!!!!! female iq has risen up drastically since the LIBERATION and it will continue to RISE IN THE FUTURE. IQ= EDUCATION AND NUTRITION
maximilian2000 (5 months ago)
Richard Lynn, the man behind all of the IQ studies on Brainstats, believes that the average IQ of men is four points higher than the average IQ of women.
Josh Loli (5 months ago)
This shit is sick. I am a man and I believe that it's in the person. Seeing these comments of the 8 year olds who say men rule girls drool are bullshit. Complete bullshit. God made both genders equal and Jesus never said that I made men smarter and better so women can sit there and cry. Fuck your stupid channel man. Like seriously where did you find that bullshit from?
Josh Loli (4 months ago)
@Raa16 well with that, I agree.
Raa16 (4 months ago)
@Josh Loli Women can feel and think, yes however thats not all there is to it when creating a fair system. You have to balance responsibility with authority or you have societal dysfunction. In the modern world women have all the authority and privileges of men while simultaneously getting to enjoy significantly less responsibility than men. All patriarchy is, is the recognition that women are dependent on men and that men have to protect and provide for them, so men in turn is rewarded with commensurate authority over women and the family. You may disagree with that, but just know women are as empowered as they ever have been in history and they still are dependent on men. Women receive more from the government than they ever put in through taxes over the course of their lifetime:http://judgybitch.com/2018/04/27/only-men-pay-tax/
Josh Loli (4 months ago)
@Raa16 listen. If you really think you can say whatever you want about women because probably idk your age BUT you might be a 10-14 year old as I'm expecting and I don't care, I have to tell you that you have no right to talk about them like that because you could have been born a woman too. Just because you're born a man just like me, it doesn't mean anything. And God never said that women are useless because they're in the human kind too. If you were a woman watching this video of course you would have disagreed. But now you agree just because you're a man. I have many friends girls and boys and it really doesn't mean anything. I see everybody as a person with their own IQ and personality. Women can feel, they can create, they have powers that men don't, same with men, they have their own habits, they have a mind and CAN think, they're humans. I can't believe how bad some people can be.. Just because of the doubt they have about themselves.
Josh Loli (4 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! you have no proof. Also I am a man with a great girlfriend. You just seem like an 8 year old who has no gf and decided to go against women.
Raa16 (1 month ago)
@Josh Loli "God made both genders so they could keep company to each other" False The story of Adam and Eve goes as follows 1.God makes Adam 2.Adam is managing and doing okay, but God sees that Adam can be happier 3.God creates Eve for the purpose of making Adam happier Look at what Religion and the Church was for the vast majority of history. Not post-feminism infiltrated Church and Christianity.
Olan Douglas Webb (5 months ago)
I'm male and I have degrees in Philosophy and computer science. And I write books of poetry. So that pattern seems to apply to me.
Amaurien (5 months ago)
How wrong is this video,lmao
Jiren The gray (4 months ago)
Matt Ruth (5 months ago)
Care to explain?
Ryley Griggs (5 months ago)
Bring back the puppet!
bogdan bogdan (5 months ago)
Mans should rule fimales.
vedrusa (3 months ago)
@Jiren The gray this video is full of half truths....so
Jiren The gray (4 months ago)
@vedrusa Well this video proves your criteria anyways!
vedrusa (5 months ago)
why? There is no difference in intelligence between women and men.
Preteen Dhillon (5 months ago)
Not all men have equal intelligence and physical strength just as not all women biologically have same strength and brain.. None is superior to other. Different body types indicate different work area by nature. I did.not mean that women's main job is to give birth. Nature is balancing act as rose has thorns as well. Women and mens companionship is to learn important lessons of dependency, care and love. We are in life to learn this imp lesson of cosmos not only sex
vedrusa (4 months ago)
@Raa16 you are citing youtube videos of a misogynist youtubers instead of valid scientific articles. That shows about how smart you are... https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/10/151014121103.htm For example, men have bigger brains, but women have more grey matter. Our IQ is about the same (female iq has risen up tremendously since the liberation of women in the western society, and it will continue to rise in the future). Iq is also linked to height. That means taller people are smarter. Men are usually taller, but in the group of people with the same height, women tend to have higher iq than men :) https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/05/180514095539.htm https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-scientific-fundamentalist/200901/why-men-are-more-intelligent-women https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3617178/ How exactly is the system being rebuilt? There will always be stupid people who abuse the system, male or female...Btw, the best rulers of Europe in the last 6 centuries were women...
Raa16 (4 months ago)
vedrusa Men are smarter than women on average this video among the ones I cited prove that. We do not have the same mental capacity. Women cannot compete against the top 1% of men. Men and women are not equal. If we were than women wouldn’t have required the entire system to be rebuilt for them. Such a thing would be visible in a open field with no advantages cast on either side but it’s not. Women have a inherent inclination to be protected and provided for. Both of which the left provides in the form of welfare and a police state.
vedrusa (4 months ago)
@Raa16 taxes are not the only valuable trait of a human being. The fact that your country is destroyed by feminists does not mean women are worse, our intelligence is the same, we have the same mental capacity to do everything we want. There are biological differences, but we are equal :) In my country, women are successful and they dont need special treatment.
Raa16 (4 months ago)
@vedrusaDifferences between men and women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RAgV7X-0Wo&t=283s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOZ-qG4pMw4&t=969s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKWoKxC-tQk&t=326s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK6rqm2nCzM&t=80s The system being rebuilt for women: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/lori-day/why-boys-are-failing-in-a_b_884262.html https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/03/elementary-school-bias-boys_n_2404898.html https://nypost.com/2010/01/23/the-nations-schools-are-failing-boys/ Women now get affirmative action and gender quotas. That part shouldn't be debatable. Women receive more from the government than they ever put in through taxes over the course of their lifetime. Women don't pay net-taxes:http://judgybitch.com/2018/04/27/only-men-pay-tax/
vedrusa (4 months ago)
Raa16 thats a complete bs, do u have any evidence to your statements?
KLJF (6 months ago)
love you "carrie"
Nadman Ashraf Khan (4 months ago)
I'm an anti-feminist but I don't hate women or think they're inferiors beings to men by any means. Men and women are each exclusively better at playing whatever role evolution requires them to play and your research is by no means comprehensive. For example you didn't mention that women do have a clear edge over men in verbal intelligence.
vedrusa (4 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1999/05/990518072823.htm https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/05/170526084524.htm Women have higher grey matter density, wich explains why we dont differ from men when it comes to intelligence. Over the last hundred years, both male and female IQ has risen up, but female IQ has risen up faster, thanks to education and liberation of women. I can only imagine how dumb must have been the housewives in the 19th century in comparison to today´s women. You are probably one of those people who think women should submit to men, but that´s not gonna happen...Btw, best rulers of Europe during the last 6 centuries were women. Men and women are better if they cooperate. End of story...
vedrusa (4 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! give me a link or something, I wanna know where you learned men have more grey matter hahaha...I never said elephants or whales are smarter lol, u were talking about how size is more important than density of the brain, so I made a joke...Yes, hunting requires intelligence, so does gathering food. Also, if men are so smart, why are they often manipulated by women? Women cant fight physically, so they had to develop other ways to survive, like manipulating the enemy. And btw, Im not manipulating you, maybe Im just smarter...that must be humiliating for you....because Im a woman.
vedrusa (4 months ago)
i proved some of your statements wrong, u say men have more grey matter - wrong, u say men hunted and that means more intelligence - wrong
vedrusa (4 months ago)
BE GONE THOT! why are u insisting so much on making a gender war? how should women behave according to you? if u are worried about gynocentrism and unjust divorce laws, dont worry, it will change, in 50 years, we will be trying to survive after the 3rd world war and none of this will matter anymore
vedrusa (4 months ago)
I already proved u wrong on many things, but you insist...
Jerome Brown (6 months ago)
What have women really created or invented? Is this even a debate?
vedrusa (5 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! Women are more focused on inventing things that actually help people: the car heater, the fire escape, the life raft, residential solar heating, the medical syringe, the first computer algorithm, wireless transmissions technology, central heating, kevlar, first computer software, beer and many others. As far as female scientists is concerned, women have started to contribute to science ever since they were allowed to go to universities, which is essential in order to make scientific progress. Im not gonna talk about all those wonderful female inventors and scientists of today, Im just gonna mention one thing. How men treat those female inventors. Many, women have been denied nobel prizes in the past, even if they deserved it. All their colleague acknowledged it.....Rosalind Franklin (DNA), Nettie Stevens (genetics), Erika Cremer (gas chromatography), Jocelyn Bell Burnell (astrophysicist - first radio pulsars) , Esther Lederberg (pioneer of bacterial genetics), Chien-Shiung Wu (Manhattan Project), Lise Meitner (nuclear fission), Annie Jump Cannon (astronomer - stellar classification), Emmy Noether (mathematics - Noether's theorem), Joan Steitz (genetics)....And this is what Nobel prize committee says about women not receiveing that many nobel prizes: "First is that we are indeed awarding research, where discoveries were made in the 70s, 80s, early 90s, during a time when we had much more of a gender bias in economics as well as in many other sciences. It basically means that, as time goes by, the fraction of women Nobel laureates will increase. You can look at some of the prizes given to younger economists, the gender distribution is more even." But that's just an example.
vedrusa (5 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! women have been oppressed for cenuries. Study history.
Cool Dude (6 months ago)
But in the end of the day We all die, so what's is the point?
Ma Sa (7 months ago)
If you like boys so much why won’t you just marry a guy?! Check mate!
Thot Slayer Jiren (6 months ago)
Stop shaming plz, He is not even trying to advocate sexism just by ststing facts
Ma Sa (6 months ago)
PACK the dodger (7 months ago)
Mary Mukamb (7 months ago)
omgg fuck the rest of the world i want to live in ICELAND!!!!!
Fabian Luca (7 months ago)
Men inventions are Internet Houses Cars Sports Buildings Women inventions are Make up Fake nails And more useless stuff
Fabian Luca (7 months ago)
Men invented house basically everything
vedrusa (5 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! lol, interesting study. It shows not only gender, but also racial differences. Apparently, asian girls are better at math than any boys (except asians). Of course, there are biological differences between the two sexes, nobody is denying that. Everyone is good at something. For exemple, women are better in initiating communication in crisis situations. We should not be promoting gender wars but cooperate instead. This world is too ugly.
vedrusa (5 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! I looked at the TIMSS statistics and I found an article that says gender differences in math and science are decreasing. https://www.emis.de/journals/ZDM/zdm001a2.pdf When you look at the IQ scores, men are more represented on the extremes. But on average, our IQ is not that different. Its all about individuals. I dont have a problem to admit that on average, men score better in math (I believe its because there are more geniuses among men, which doesnt mean every man is a genius), just dont say every woman is automatically more stupid than any man. There are many factors, not just sex. I myself find smart men very attractive. And dont say women only invented dishwasher. Sorry for my english.
vedrusa (5 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! 90% of my female classmates are college graduates, some are doctors, some studied economy, languages, pharmacy, law, even winery, etc. None of them is a nurse. Many of them have children now. Today, women can be mothers and doctors or engineers. More women are in the politics, which is great because women make great leaders. I dont know what gender study is. Must be some american feminist bullshit. More and more women go to science. I see it in my country. What do u mean by leaving their dignity? You can outsmart anyone who isnt as smart as you. Doesnt mean if its a man or a woman. Intelligence is related to education, environment, genetics, not sex.
vedrusa (5 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! that will change :) more and more women go into science every year...Women dont contribute as much because those who focus on their careers are men. Women focus on raising children, that is not bad. If u want family, you have to sacrifice your career and making progress. It has always been like that, men are the risk takers, women prefer security...btw, all male inventions have lead to the destruction of the environment, so I wouldnt brag...
vedrusa (5 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! there is no significant difference between male and female intelligence. This world needs a balance between male and female power. Men need women. Every invention you men made has led to the destruction of the environment. Men destroy and women fix. And women need men to give their life a purpose. Btw, women have invented a lot of usefull things that actually help people.
Fabian Luca (7 months ago)
Men are better
zoom (2 months ago)
@red lilly god bless you
red lilly (3 months ago)
i am a girl but i will admit that men are good at almost everything. they are nice to me,caring loving and so jolly. while I notice female treats me harsh and are rude to me for no reason. while men's are the opposite of them. i will always say men are better in everything because my experience with them is very good and excellent. i will continue to be a friend with males in the future. they are so straight , no drama making and other crazy stuff. i like to be in their company so much !!! just love them. i dont understand why female are that way with me. but now i am also not making friend with female ever
vedrusa (5 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! incels
Armando Vaiandando (7 months ago)
Hmmm, I am starting to think that you are too inteligent for the average ape...
Rand Huso (8 months ago)
I took the ASVAB - got straight 99s. Another guy taking the test at the same time was escorted out later and told he could study and take the test again. I also took the AFOQT, but didn't "ace" that one (but I got over 90 on all categories - including Pilot and Navigator, where I had no knowledge or experience).
Thot Slayer Jiren (8 months ago)
10% dislikes hahahaha
Wonder Freak (8 months ago)
So many people trying to prove something that cannot be proven. Nowadays men simply need one reason to discriminate women and it’s shameful. Fuck you all
vedrusa (4 months ago)
BE GONE THOT! Yo también odio a las feminazis, cariño, I argue with them a lot.
vedrusa (4 months ago)
BE GONE THOT! I finally see your true face, hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate... I love men...peace <3
DrTaylor (8 months ago)
vedrusa (5 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! neither are u
DrTaylor (6 months ago)
@Jiren The gray Wow, my mum was raped by her friends dad. Should I hate all men?
Jiren The gray (6 months ago)
Four Knocks Back when i was 7, I got sexually abused by a nasty 50 year old woman in School and I've no one did something and therefore I'm traumatized and I'm going to hate THEM ALL...
Jiren The gray (6 months ago)
Four Knocks True! I hate all bitches
Jiren The gray (6 months ago)
Four Knocks Let's bring up a Machine gun and kill them all, then let's invent artificial wombs
DrTaylor (8 months ago)
Ahahahahaha 1. Men were the ones who made woman not leaders, creaters, etc. 2. The people who raised 'em strong are their mothers. 3. You can't say your gender is better than another if you have never done no shit in your life. 4. Everything goes to your head. Period. I'm not saying this to men, just the men that think they're awesome when they have never left their house. 5. If a 9 year old female can be the 3rd woman to do a 540, I think you can stop sitting and actually do what you say you do. 6. If you grew up in an enviroment that taught you this opinion, then I suggest seeing a therapist. 7. Go fly a rocket ship to Mars. Don't come back. 8. We really need feminists. 9. Have you never seen a woman outside of your house before? 10. Woman have smaller tear sacks than men, that's why they can cry a lot more. 11. How can you be smarter than a woman, if you think getting kicked in the balls is more painful than this: Once a month from years (Approximetly) 11 to 50 you have cramps that can last up to 8 days until finally you bleed out of your vagina, all leading up to 9 months of carrying a human inside you with pain, throwing up, and never-ending hunger, THIS, leading up to Contractions, extreme pain, (Sometimes skin tearing) Bones breaking, and a human coming out of your vagina? And not to mention, (Often) really bad pain from losing your virginity in the first place because the dude simply doesn't give a fuck? 12. Woman are mentally stronger than men, and can deal more pain. 13. How can you think you're better than woman if God literally made us need each other to live, and he made us literally all have the same feelings, needs, and species? We all need food. We all need water. We all breathe air. We all feel sad, happy lonely, etc. How can we be so different that you seem to think your so much better? Hm? 14. I don't know how the fuck you think you can live without being born. 15. Watch out, we woman are COMIN FOR YA *Me taking my anger out on men because I had a bad day*
Some Guy (8 months ago)
Not shocking that there is a lack of a rebuttal for the IQ statistics and everything you present is emotionally charged and anecdotal (not to mention riddled with fallacies)
Gosh it sucks to be a female. We are physically weaker, more likely to get raped, we have to deal with periods and cramps, we have to suffer through labor, we have to put all kinds of effort to always look forever young and beautiful otherwise no men is going to want us, and those that do still go out and cheat. I thought God created us to be equally important despite our differences but I guess not. Why God why?
Some Guy (8 months ago)
The grass is always greener on the other side. It isn't easy being a guy either.
DarkWolf 125315 (8 months ago)
Now that I’m older, I realized I was being stupid, and should have been thinking that making a comment saying “no your wrong girls are stronger and that I’m tough”, was just being rude. I’m just sayin sorry
DarkWolf 125315 (8 months ago)
I guess my name should have begun with a B because IMA BETCH!!!
Sh00kskeleton (8 months ago)
How about you deal with your mind first 🤦‍♀️
Nicholas Grguric (9 months ago)
Who’s joining me on the green line aha
Alpha Omega (9 months ago)
No female version of einstein and hawkings. 😁😈😂
vedrusa (4 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! It makes me cry when I think about all the great female geniuses who got overlooked for not being men...But that is changing now luckily...patriarchy is over https://amysmartgirls.com/the-lost-female-geniuses-of-history-fb60b81742e8
John Mitchem (9 months ago)
well, lets not forget all the important social contributions of 11yo-13yo girls... ;)
Papa Palpatine (9 months ago)
Center of the bell curve my ass, I've met women whose IQs were less than my shoe size.
maak99 (9 months ago)
It's great to be a man.
saif saif (2 months ago)
@vedrusa well lets just say im a decide to continue my studies there ;)
vedrusa (2 months ago)
@saif saif depends on where, I guess in middle east its better to be a man....come to central (or eastern) Europe, we love our men here :D
saif saif (2 months ago)
@vedrusa yes it actully is if only i was a women so i can live on easy mode ensteade of hard mode =(
vedrusa (2 months ago)
@saif saif it's good to be a woman then :)
saif saif (2 months ago)
@vedrusa how ? you have more rights and 50 more privileges now more than ever women can do anything they want and still they did not do anything
NOICE (9 months ago)
Lol womens brains get smaller. They really went to jupiter.
Green Blaze (9 months ago)
Ahmed (10 months ago)
Just interacting with women will make you realise men are much smarter. Even our ancestors knew this. It wasnt a mistake that women werent allowed rights for most of history in almost all cultures.
vedrusa (4 months ago)
Ahmed women had rights in the majority of european prechristian cultures until middleeastern patriarchy came. Also, I have met many dumb men.
Rohan Zener (10 months ago)
Cerebral volume isn't even a direct indication of intelligence, either. For you have those with hydrocephalus who suffer seizures, various impacts on their motor skills, and of course, decreased intelligence, for equal (or even greater) brain volume.
Ashutosh Dwivedi (10 months ago)
If the IQ difference is just 5 points, I don't think it is any significant difference in intelligence. the difference could had been produced purely by luck. And the nobel prize winners all had great IQs, but feyman had 125 much less compared than the others yet he is remembered as one of the best. I believe the strongest argument for 'men are smarter than women' is the higher enrollment of men in stem field.
saif saif (2 months ago)
@vedrusa well size do matter he explain this in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNbMRmtEoS0&t=43s
vedrusa (4 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! u are so stupid, where have I said that? Where? Stop making stuff up, I said size doesnt matter when u said men have bigger brains and therefore they are smarter, I simply said many animals have bigger brains...so who is stupid? :D
vedrusa (4 months ago)
BE GONE THOT! you should go back to school and learn basic math.
Turd Flinging Monkey (10 months ago)
Well at least you've admitted men are smarter, so there's that
Rico Clardy (10 months ago)
I knew we were smarter. Women and feminism are destroying the home.
SophieWolfie34 (10 months ago)
This is so sexist
Anarcho-fascist (9 months ago)
SophieWolfie34: “This is so sexist.” Well, deal with it!
logalogalog (10 months ago)
0:59 I see congressman Peter Roskam pictured to the right of Joe Wilson.
ernie montego (10 months ago)
The power of pussy can make most men morons so the power of intelligence averages out.
Moon-Sun Gurlll (10 months ago)
Ahem well at lest we can have babys ado stuff while we have a cold while when men have a cold they say there dying
Some Guy (12 days ago)
I have no idea where you got the idea that we say "we're dying" when we do get sick. You must either have a boyfriend, brother, or father that's either really stupid, or really weak. Either way they're a beta male that has no right to use their penis for anything other than taking a piss.
Some Guy (12 days ago)
And we have to deal with all that shit whether we're sick or not.
Some Guy (12 days ago)
What are you talking about? While you're pregnant us men have to bust our asses at work trying to afford more food for your cravings, buy medicine to keep you healthy, and therefore the baby healthy, get enough money for a renovation for a third room, (if you didn't already have a house with three rooms), and get the money to afford the medical bill for child birth. (about 6000 dollars) I rest my case.
Knight Slayer (10 months ago)
A masterpiece
Normal Man (10 months ago)
This is funny. I'm a man majoring in Education. However, my IQ is between 120 and 130. Yet, I know I'm probably the exception to the rule, and I'm not getting offended. Also, when I was a teenager, I was very good at Sciences. The thing is that I was even better at English, so I became a linguist and a teacher. And I'm a MGTOW.
vedrusa (4 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! Happy birthday!
vedrusa (4 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! oh rly? What is your field of activity then?
vedrusa (4 months ago)
BE GONE THOT! Im a woman and my IQ is 140.
Lonely Ranger (11 months ago)
Women smarter than men? Lol. Ya. STEM
Kylie Dallas (11 months ago)
*Lets start a list about the things men actually do, shall we?* Most people who cheat on tests and homework are men.. Most people who have businesses that go out of business (due to no success) are men. Most people who have too huge of an ego to ask for help are men. Most serial killers, usually turn up to be men. All insane world leaders (whom do unspeakable, vicious things) are men. Almost all greedy, cheating CEO's or business leaders are men. Pretty much every sexual abuser is male. Men put down women in order to make their own, unstable, insecure selves feel more confident. Men get their way with their fists, because they are so unruly. *Now, onto what women actually do...* They have invented multiple things that impact the human race greatly, here is a short list of some things below.. Cory Sartin Martha coston - rescue flares Mary Anderson - windshield wipers Stephanie Kwolek- Kevlar body armour Mary Delaney - extendable dog lead Elle Dolores Jones - exhaust mufflers Hedy Lamarr - WIFI Ada Lovelace - the FIRST computer programmer Women are perfectly capable of slapping a man in the face, stabbing him, scratching him, punching him, etc. But do they? No (unless you count the crazy people). Yes, women will yell if you get them mad, but men are more likely to physically abuse.. Now, which is worse? I would also like to point out that a lot of Hollywood women, that have a net worth of up to $3M got there on their own. Most women do make it to university/college, and most do pass. They very rarely will cheat (but you don't get in for cheating, anyways!) without the help of any man. Now please, THINK ABOUT YOURSELVES!
Some Guy (12 days ago)
I like how this bitch only mentioned negative things about men and only positive things about women.
Gorgnax Xangrog (4 months ago)
@Kylie Dallas it takes both man and woman to create a life. A woman can become pregnant and deliver a healthy baby while in a coma, it's not special. Lovelace was a glorified assistant.
vedrusa (4 months ago)
DUDAH women couldnt invent anything before they were allowed to learn to read, that is changing now. ;-)
DUDAH (10 months ago)
swiftie THOT THOTER you are stupid you say that women should be respected yet nothin to respect about women since women ahve invented almost nothing big men have invented the world changing invetions not women women have invented small stuff nothing big and female led businesses don't fail as much coz there are fewer of them and coz women don't tkae any risks at all and their businesses earn less tahn male ones as for women getting through colelge college and universities are not important
Charles Darwin (10 months ago)
Ha! Dumbass
HornetUK1 (11 months ago)
better memory? fuck off
HornetUK1 (11 months ago)
do I really need to watch this I know women are abit stupid
Thomas Hobbes (1 year ago)
Salutations to all my fellow MGTOW.
bza069 (1 year ago)
The noob Man (1 year ago)
Haha 😂 what ever you want to believe
Nancy J (9 months ago)
@Supreme Cat Right just like your mother. What about the Muslim women? What about the ones who are conservative? I believe you associate with the bad kind that's why you are so angry. Remember not all women are feminists some of us hate what they are doing to this World. We are your allies. Yet you hate us too and put us in the same place of those lunatics. Don't Generalize I can think that too of all your gender. It would be absurd. There's good and bad in every group.
Puma Feet (1 year ago)
could you think that any of this could be due to cultural factors? and also the testosterone in us leads us to have more mental health issues and more likely to commit crime by far. without reading and writing we wouldn't be able to successfully be able to preserve information for thousand of years un-tampered. I do believe that men should dominate in a relationship and in general. but i don't think that they're worth more than women. I'm not sure you believe that. Men need women and women need men. They are both needed for a child growing up.
vedrusa (4 months ago)
DUDAH women are capable of surviving in the wild lol
DUDAH (10 months ago)
not true men don't need women you can take a group of men not manginas but men and put them in the wild they'd survive as for a group of women no way and if you think that women are equal to men and that men are not superior then you must also believe that children are equal to adults but they are not so women are not equal to men weomen are child makin machines and men are objectively smarter
Gabriel Mordecai (1 year ago)
All the greatest inventors, philosophers, physicists, etc are all men. Coincidence? And if you wanna bring up the fact that women were suppressed fine, explain why even today all the smartest known people are still men. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michio Kaku, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, etc.
Cheyenne White (1 year ago)
OK then tell US WOMAN why every school shooting it always be teen boys huh? US WOMAN WILL PROVE YOU WORTHLESS GARBAGE WRONG!
Some Guy (8 months ago)
Men are bullied more often and socially ostracized more often also a bit more impulsive. That all likely contributes to the shootings we see
DUDAH (9 months ago)
nancy j your name sounds female , you talk like a female , go back to your drugs , go get your coke .
Nancy J (9 months ago)
@DUDAH She's a kid you fool.
dcosb09 (9 months ago)
moron. what the hell does that have to do with intelligence ? school shooting has to do with putting kids on anti depressants.
DUDAH (10 months ago)
so what does a school shootin have to do with intelligence ? you proved yourself a woman ( bitch )
Cheyenne White (1 year ago)
Hey! Don't be making women feel bad ok!
oOoMirren (1 year ago)
oOoMirren (1 year ago)
Four Knocks does it look like I care 🖕
oOoMirren (1 year ago)
Four Knocks in fucking 12!!!
oOoMirren (1 year ago)
Four Knocks uh excuse me ?!
Steiner Schmidt (1 year ago)
Yup feminazis in school favoring females over males.
Bitch McGee (1 year ago)
Welp , this entire video was full of shit, it doesn't take into account that most women give up on education at a younger age due to staying at home with children yet on average women are still smarter . If a man stayed at home earlier he would be much dumber than a woman, as woman's brains have a larger neural network than males. If more women broke away from not trying their best and holding back they would be much smarter than men
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
Bitch McGee, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
Natalie Ramirez (1 year ago)
Actually. You looked at Scottish men and women. And it’s actually women being the smarter gender now.
Jiren The gray (3 months ago)
Yet still men outperforms women in STEM fields
oOoMirren (1 year ago)
YOU FUCKING SEXIST SPAZZES IF YOU DIDNT HAVE THE LOVELY SMART WOMEN YOU WOULDNT HAVE WIFI TO POST THIS SEXIST SHIT Sorry I got a little bit carried away there Men have to go through nothing traumatic Woman have to worry about SO MUCH MORE and have to think about dying and everything else every day and a man just goes do this for me and do that for me forcing a women to do his work so he goes out. And gets drunk then comes home and forces everything on his girlfriend mom wife or sister The 3.2k people liking this I bet your boys and if I’m right you owe me 10 dollars Imma be rich bitches !! I hate u people that agree with this all of these graphs could be forged very easily because how would you get your grubby little hands on scientific articles ?!! Hmm tell me now also list 20 reasons why men are better than women off the top of your head and your not aloud to do research lets see if your pea sized brains can work it out Also if your a girl who agrees with me don’t bother doing that u can laugh at them with me
DUDAH (10 months ago)
000mirren you are a woman ( bitch ) so shut up coz you know not what you're talkin bout
oOoMirren (1 year ago)
Four Knocks go to women-inventors.com you will see hundreds you fucking dick head
oOoMirren (1 year ago)
Four Knocks oh really u fucking spazz gimme proof !!
honey thakur (1 year ago)
Average brain weight for males is 1336 g...Einstein's brain weight is 1230 g...i think this example is enough to prove that bigger is not necessarily better.
Jiren The gray (3 months ago)
@honey thakur Anyone can be gifted and she is NOT the only one who scored 160+ iQ's, There are still more youngsters who are becoming the new prodigy.
Jiren The gray (3 months ago)
Your criteria doesn't even make sense, you clearly know nothing about neuroscience nor the sexual dimorphism if you compare the brain weight to the brain size.
Pavel Alexandrovich (4 months ago)
@BE GONE THOT! Yes it does
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
well it proves you don't know what you're talking about, but you're a woman, so I wasn't expecting much.
honey thakur (1 year ago)
Men are superior than women both physically and mentally. Then why female infanticide is wrong. All parents want smart children which is not a wrong desire. Then why to reproduce a less smart child( girl).Only reproduce more smart child (boy).Just kill that less smart girl child in the womb.
Jiren The gray (3 months ago)
Check your grammar please, I don't understand anything you say.
gay man 69 (1 year ago)
Also this is funny. (Or hilarious)(for the smarty pants)
gay man 69 (1 year ago)
I respect you beliefs but honestly.... well done. This is really good (I'm not agreeing with him just saying) but this isn't 100 % correct. (I think not entirely sure but I know it's not) (but then again I am still in school and learning) so yeah but yeet. P.S love you "username" thing. Hehe
gay man 69 (1 year ago)
Four Knocks I once spelt the word Quiz with the number 7
gay man 69 (1 year ago)
Four Knocks yas
Elizabeth Woollard (1 year ago)
Your really desperate.
Jiren The gray (3 months ago)
HAHAHA Get roasted 🤣
Jiren The gray (3 months ago)
*"You're"* Your Grammar is the one who is desperate
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
Toy Insanity (1 year ago)
Fruktaflugan (1 year ago)
But what about the correlation between industrial and economic development and equal rights for men and women? It may be the case that men have a slightly higher average IQ than women, but if you look at the world, the countries where women are the most equal to men are also the most prosperous ones. It seems that societies benefit from giving the sexes equal opportunities. If it were the case that women are primitive and only able to construct societies lacking in technology and scientific progress, this would not be true. And just because men indeed are better than women at maths and science on average, it doesn't mean that women are completely clueless when it comes to those subjects. I think you're oversimplifying things, but I agree with you that scientific studies should not be manipulated in this way to support an agenda.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
See my video "the magic of female need"
Lion King (1 year ago)
The mean is female better and that is it
Philip Michaud (1 year ago)
Let's be fair to women, no one likes to be proven that they are less intelligent than someone else.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
you can't make the most of what you have if you're in denial of what you have to work with.
Ruari Eaton (1 year ago)
yeah its time to deal with it girls. this is why I always see my girls in class not getting much questions right. all the boys EXCEPT two in my class got some B+ A- A and other great grades. sorry to say that girls but yea. were better
Reginald Dove (1 year ago)
Thank God I was born a man!
The Phoenix (1 year ago)
Sad news guys looks like that increased estrogen and a feminized society is making man feminized (low testosterone). We are falling behind girls physically and mentally (IQ) this could be the end of true males
Jiren The gray (3 months ago)
That will NEVER happend as long as MGTOW keeps growing and growing.
Justine Humanity (1 year ago)
It’s so refreshing when somebody tells me what my place is... because then I get the opportunity to show them that they’re wrong! Thanks for the pep talk! I won’t soon forget it.
roger8654 (1 year ago)
It is sad to see men and women clashing. The truth is our unity is necessary to keep humanity from going extinct. Let men be men and let women be women
ILHUN RYU (1 year ago)
Could you just shut up
DUDAH (10 months ago)
could you just fuck off
Drake krome (1 year ago)
deal with it if you cant cook 5 decent meals your lower than men thats just the way it is!
AnAmericanMan (1 year ago)
Alex S (1 year ago)
Women still make good pieces of meat to deposit sperm.
vedrusa (4 months ago)
Alex S and make new life
khatack (1 year ago)
Why do we have to make these studies in order to prove what everyone already knows? Fuck I hate people.
AntiqueAngel44 (1 year ago)
Well OF COURSE the narrator will claim that "men are smarter than women" he's CLEARLY a MAN!!
DUDAH (1 year ago)
antique you are so stupid it is impossible for the sexes to be different yet equal you moron moron heymoron activate your brain stop using your emotions you emotional woman
AntiqueAngel44 (1 year ago)
No I don't.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
actually I'm a transwoman, and all my sources are in the description. So you fail on every level possible.
julian bishop (1 year ago)
Inconvenient FACTS are eliminated from popular media in order to maintain the matriarchal status quo. Our masters want men & women to be at war with each other and they reinforce the doctrine of FEMINISM. Maybe a strategy of divide & rule?!?!?!
Armando Vaiandando (1 year ago)
Just look at extreme femnists, and look no further...
The Phoenix (1 year ago)
Wow! im not going to be a white knight but the comment section is going quite wild. Do we really need to say that girls suck? Ok, we as men are smarter and all .we get it... But why we need to shame the other gender about it? Its like some of you have some kind of issues towards women in general. Imagine talking like that to your sister or mother. she doesn't deserve it. She is not the bitch that needs to be told "go and make me a sandwich".
The Phoenix (1 year ago)
DUDAH ok ty
DUDAH (1 year ago)
name please okey good great fine understood it is great to have someone with quality intelligence here else than TFM of course that dude is great thank you for being smart and enjoy your existance
The Phoenix (1 year ago)
DUDAH again, i have nothing against the points and arguments of the video. The video its ok, we need to tell the actual truth. I just pointed out the childish behavior of the comment section
DUDAH (1 year ago)
name please here let me tell you something it is better to have arguements with the truth represented than to keep it hiden remember madafakas always white knight like manginas and will always annoy but we must push onwards and red pill more and more men
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 year ago)
you haven't been paying attention have you?
Shogun of the East (1 year ago)
Men are smarter and physically stronger.
Percy Jackson fan (1 year ago)
Fuck off The fridge was created by a fucking woman I just cant stand you ughhhhh fuck offfff
Some Guy (12 days ago)
You act like a woman inventing the fridge was the pinnacle of humanity.
DUDAH (1 year ago)
sophia ferrer your comment is a desparate attempt to silence the truth becuase you know you have no logical counter you use emotions now give me a logical arguement or you will basically shame yourself at this point for being ignorant
Thanks for the comprehensive insights. Very enjoyable scenario played out by the try-hards. I say to them ''bring it on, baby''. Just in case the next world war will be between the sexes, meaning the predominantly factual (mathematical and scientific) defensively/offensively against the predominantly perceptual (linguistic and emotional). I want to mention that nature favors reality over perception and that facts are indestructible, and ruthless when provoked, while erroneous perceptions eventually fade away with their owners. Also the party being less frantic and less invested in proving itself is the one most in charge, efficient, capable and entertained.
Hester Edwards (1 year ago)
Not only are women stupid, they are stupid for thinking that they are smart

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