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10 Reasons Why....Women are better than Men

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Enjoy the videooooooooooo people Emily x @emilyhartridge Fb Group- 10 Reasons Why
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Ron Garvin (8 hours ago)
Imagine that, a woman bitching, yelling, and complaining to start the video..........oh and yes, you do have a shiny forehead, and it's really big, and unattractive as well
QUAG (13 hours ago)
All women are sluts. Just accept that and you will be happier. Dont ever forget this.
Mr. RACECAR (14 hours ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it a man that won woman otlf the year a long time ago? And another man who was Ms. Universe in a beauty pageant? Sucks to suck doesn't it?
untidtneptune (15 hours ago)
2:08 ever herd of jerking off MULTIPLE ORGASMS
FACEandLMS (16 hours ago)
Women are better than men because of things they can do in a coma?: Get pregnant, give birth, produce milk. These all happen without a woman's doing. Now, let's talk about building civilizations. Who does that? Did anyone see the Survivor show where the women and men wee split up and the women couldn't survive?
TimeKilleR - (18 hours ago)
one reason men are better then women - we don't complain about shit like this and try to live a normal life
Zain Pradhan (19 hours ago)
there's no hope for millennial women ...
Dario Alcudia (23 hours ago)
women's and men are f****** the same
Dario Alcudia (23 hours ago)
I'm f****** hating this channel
Dario Alcudia (23 hours ago)
10 f****** reasons girls are f****** mean
mfriedrich2012 (1 day ago)
Goddammit Britain. Just what the fuck happened to you?
Andy Buoy (1 day ago)
What a piece of shit you are Emily Hart. you a the epitome of an awful cat lady. Hope you like the smell of cat piss.
Rolo Gotnoballs (1 day ago)
Tell you what Emily I want see if you can do everything better than me, I live West Yorkshire come up I've a series of tests I'd like us perform to see if you really are better than a guy like me, I can accommodate and feed you and yer mate whilst your here, not that I'm calling you out or owt like that🤔😎
Rolo Gotnoballs (1 day ago)
+Byron S-Wills yer learning lol, that was a subliminal test, the first of a series I could set in a breath
Byron S-Wills (1 day ago)
Rolo Gotnoballs mate you’ve already won if you have to support them with accommodation and food haha that must be the first test, dependency lol I like your style man.
Chris Johnson (1 day ago)
Emily Hart... Darling... sweetie... This is not cute. Women are not better then man. Even as a skit this is not funny. Let's here more about your frozen eggs?
Jerome Simpson (1 day ago)
Because vagina lol Stop worshipping bleeding vagina the end
biker (1 day ago)
babies grow in you after a man fertilizes you ,you can;t do it on your own . the rest I was just to dumb .
Jacks Machine (1 day ago)
Women are far less clean than men. Take it from the clean freak. I shower twice a day. I also have gone down on a 39 year old vegan, virgin. And let me tell you, not many men can ever experience this. She was a lez obvi. And I never knew pu$$y could even taste good. So when a guy like me comes around you I sh** you not I can tell the number of di**s you've had ramrodded into based on smell. Yeah, I'll get real close. Also, as a guy that is naturally less hairy than women, which is weird because I grow a monstrous beard, women are actually very dirty and even more smelly than men from all my experiences. Men work hard and sweat and their old sweat starts to smell bad if not washed off, hence why I shower twice a day. Women however sit around, never sweat and they still stink! And one more massive point when it comes to cleanliness. Women on average have 4 times the amount of sexual partners as men, definitely including You! All attractive women get around like the state bicycle. And 1 in 2 women today have an std. And probably more since some don't know they have one. Like Hercules said your pu$$ is internal and a lot harder to clean out. And so I'm a bad ass dude with no std's of course. Most men don't have that. And you are gonna sit here and act like you are some disease free whore? Yeah right. I'm so sick and tired of all these sluts running rampant, creating new and worse std's and spreading them. Real men will never deal with a nasty, used up Thot like yours, especially if they have had some real pu$$y in their life. Smell will tell everytime. That's my saying and it's true.
King Kunta (1 day ago)
Is this bitch retarded? 1. Who pushes a baby put without enough pain killers to numb a horse? 2. If you're so smart why arent you net tax payers and why do you require social safety nets? You are good at thotting and getting social media attention then crying where are all the good men once you hit the wall.
PromotingTheBeat (1 day ago)
Hercules MGTOW sent me here 🧐
K Allen (3 hours ago)
Atleast she didn't say women are funnier than men. This style of "comedy" is more cringe than anything else.
craig merrell (1 day ago)
I don’t care.... Women have become so bitchy and who cares? Men are so tired of the whinging and the whining of you silly cows!!! So have all the equal rights you want have all the privilege you want just STFU. Small wonder you aren’t married he’s has to listen to that mouth!!! YOU ARE THE REASON MEN GO MGTOW
Stebe Vanon (4 days ago)
I know many men that are certainly better than you darling...
Gonzalo Ornelas (5 days ago)
You do know you need something else to make a baby tooooo
Gonzalo Ornelas (5 days ago)
Do you expect people can grow in a boys body
It was proven that an average man's upper body is 80% stronger than an average woman's upper body.
The Glacier (6 days ago)
Women are better...what can i say? It's true..😆 a bit sad for me though... I cant be all that...😩
zo om (3 days ago)
Give me facts why womens are better ill debunk
Shanu Vk (10 days ago)
Standard Yip (12 days ago)
Were all equall you dumb ass
FuZe_Destroyer (14 days ago)
Better a girl can beat a man but she will need a gun far range I guy can kill a girl in like 2mins
K P (16 days ago)
I didn't want to be married when I was 4 YEARS OLD
Kidd Gamer (18 days ago)
F you girls I have enough
Henry Kinsey (18 days ago)
I wonder who gives the sperm to produce the baby and if you don't want it you have the right to go behind his back and kill it and even if she doesn't after she can sue the father for child support and men have acid kidney stones and if you know a women who has experienced both they will tell you that the kidney stone hurts worse and men have them more.
Gerald (14 days ago)
Kidney stones is a health related result. And not having a big presentage of a kidney stone isnt going to help you at all in life but 9 precent. I'm learning about abortion so I have nothing to say about that.
Aryaman Dhingra (19 days ago)
Fuck u bitch
ScrXpMon (22 days ago)
Multitasking is not physically possible
SmoothJazzGuy (23 days ago)
1. But where do the babies come from? Oh yeah, THEY COME FROM MENS BALLS 2. Getting kicked in the balls has actually been proven to hurt just as much 3. Babies don't need breastmilk to survive, they just need food of any kind. 4. Source? That's what i thought. 5. Nobody forced you to wear high heals... 6. Wtf are you talking about 7. Threatening people doesn't make you better. 8. Right because men just walk around the streets naked 9. If you're gonna use one single example, so am i: There was a girl who planed a date with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend said "I'm but then, can we reschedule it?" She then broke up with him after immediately accusing him of cheating. 10. Where did you get this des gusting idea that men just don't shower? Women aren't better than men, this is exactly why we need feminism.
SmoothJazzGuy (13 days ago)
Gerald look dude, I'm just a male feminist who wrote a dumbass comment at like 3am I'll stop smoking crack all i really want is equality
Gerald (13 days ago)
+SmoothJazzGuy and men and women will never bee equal, sorry. 97 precent of girls chose the Barbie and 99 precent of boys chose the truck
Gerald (13 days ago)
+SmoothJazzGuy what im just correcting your point of ballsack vs pregnancy not all of the other relentless bullshit
SmoothJazzGuy (14 days ago)
Gerald i was fighting for men AND women to be equal, but when people like you come around saying women have it worse, i want to just fight for men. Sure, giving birth is much worse, i was wrong to compare it to what i did, but that wasn't my only argument. All I'm saying is that females need to deal with periods. By that way, giving birth is a choice. All I'm trying to say is that everybody has problems despite gender. If you can't agree to that, you're not supporting women, you're just an asshole.
Gerald (14 days ago)
Oh! Yeah! I think I'm gonna get my balls kicked! It's gonna put me through 8 months of morning sicknesses and food watchers to make sure I keep my ballsack healthy and has to keep someone around me in case my ballsack forms into a human baby and having to rush to the hospital with a slight chance of death. The ball sack came and it felt like pushing a basketball through a golf ball sizes hole oh wait! I did! And my bladder is stretched so I gotta Wear a pad in case I pee myself from laughing or running because it is an outcome from getting my balls kicked. But really a kick to the balls isn't all that shit, just a big cramp for 5 minutes
Terror Tower (26 days ago)
Nobody is better than anyone!!!! The only kind of people that think that way are FUCKING ARROGANT. Get back to your safe space!
Nevaeh Walker (26 days ago)
Men are better because women r useless they think they create every single thing ever when men created ever single thing ever not them and men are mentally and physically stronger than girls and girls thi k they're pretty but they're not they should be raped because that's punishment for them thinking they r better I wish today was like the 1800s where women were property go make me sandwich please lolllllllmaooooooooooooxdd
Papa Odin (1 month ago)
How is this comedy
E Endruhn (1 month ago)
Glad to see a bunch of angry men in the comments that cant take a comedy video.lol
piston four (1 month ago)
ur halariours why can't men and women just take the piss out of each other and have a laugh
Rayhaan Ahmed (1 month ago)
All I learnt is this fucking sexist
Lemon Sheep (1 month ago)
1. We, to use your phrase, grow those actual human beings inside you... you cannot say women are better than men when both share an essential role to complete the process. 2. I find it strange how birth is a huge argument for feminism when it is something that you NEED a man for, people’s minds are beyond me. You used the term ‘pain thresholds’ which is not the term used to describe the aspects women are generally weaker than men in. Due to, y’aknow, biology women are generally physically weaker than men and more likely to show emotion, how much pain they can take is completely different. Furthermore, the title of this video implies that you are saying women can take more pain than men, yet the concept of pain is anything but gender-specific. If I got gutted with a machete it would hurt a hell of a lot more than childbirth, both a man and a women could get gutted, this doesn’t prove your point at all. 3. We produce our own sperm and it makes babies, your point? 4. Was this a failed attempt at humour? The whole sketch thing I mean. Either way there is no point in countering the statement ‘women are better at multi-tasking than men’ as I could say any fact-less stream of bullshit like ‘men are better at understanding movies than women’ and it makes the same dumbass argument. 5. I like how you said you were ‘smart’ after complaining how hard it was to wear heels. The funniest thing is high heeled shows weren’t even made specifically for women, it was women who took the pre-existing show type and made it a gendered clothing item. The same women then proceed to complain about the new clothing item that THEY have orchestrated into existence, and you just said you were all smart? This is pathetic, I really want one of these feminist videos to challenge me. 6. The sketch for this was... well the bleach bottle was empty afterwards is all I will say. Otherwise, I’m not even going to get into this as an argument would get very awkwardly sexual. 7. I want her to punch me in the face. My response to this is basically the same as four, it’s blunt sexism, like when men thought women could not reach large heights due to their weak brain, it’s simply women get more stuff than men because they are better. 8. If you need to read a response to this please leave. 9. Ah so a hurt love life did inspire a feminist video! Conspiracy confirmed. 10. Yeah this is pathetic and my brain cells have already killed and eaten each other.
Steve Opheim (1 month ago)
Women shower or their pu$$y would smell like shrimp
Spiral (1 month ago)
Kurva anyátok femilista kurvák azt se tudjátok hány kontinens van! And u are fucking ugly... U are not a women u are a FUCKIN ALIEN!
GERAS PW (1 month ago)
Į donr think so
cc360 (1 month ago)
She must get pumped and dumped all the time. Girl power.. lol.
sk Toxic (1 month ago)
This video is sexist ass, Imagine all the boys at school treated bad because of there DNA, teachers are very sexist to boys especially at my school, LOL and what high heels, women chose to wear that stuff.
Topat (1 month ago)
Gavin Friesen (1 month ago)
Sigh what happpend to equality
foxbro 652 (1 month ago)
LOL she got almost just as many likes as dislikes 2.9k likes 2.5k dislikes
foxbro 652 (1 month ago)
foxbro 652 (1 month ago)
2:44 and yeah exactly it rarely ever happens
foxbro 652 (1 month ago)
Beach I can ducking dress my self sockhead lol I've been able to do that since 4 EDIT: and plus it takes 30 minutes to dress ur selves but it takes me 3 minutes
foxbro 652 (1 month ago)
Yeah and women get whatever they want because if they don't they'll just whine about it
foxbro 652 (1 month ago)
Yea so what they can walk in heels better? Heels are dumb why can't u walk in normal shoes? Oh and um have you heard about this this called war??? It kinda is impossible to not get pain and way more men do it then women so ummmmmmm? And I think when you would get shot in the chest 4 times then stabbed in the arm it would hurt more than having a baby!
Itzz Samurai (1 month ago)
O:20 lesbians
Jackson Tarter (1 month ago)
Szymek Kasprzak (2 months ago)
girls have pain by giving birth but boys have pain with there thingy
Szymek Kasprzak (2 months ago)
this woman is terrible cuz girls dont get what they want rekt
Miyu Akemi (2 months ago)
im girl but let me tell you something most of the girls are bit*hes and mean..i said most of them not all of them and most of the things that you said not true
NotEvenAHaterOverThere (2 months ago)
Huh. You should make: infinite reasons why women are *stupid*
elias lindblom (2 months ago)
you got a shiny fucking forehead and its big and ugly
Eren's Animations (2 months ago)
How Sexist Can You Even Be?
Maradnus (2 months ago)
Men only need one reason why they are better.. = Man
Iffy (2 months ago)
Why can't people understand that certain sides are better at certain things, while the other side is better at other things. At a certain point though, we are all equal in the end. Saying men are better than women is completely false, unless you are talking about certain topics. The exact same ethic applies to women too.
E_money ZZZ (2 months ago)
women it says in the bible were created from a mans rib so yeah...
E_money ZZZ (2 months ago)
this is stuff only girls can do compare the things both can do so your actually wrong.
Zachary Weaver (2 months ago)
The Black Horses (2 months ago)
Couldn't get past 20 seconds of this dogshit.
Trøquency (2 months ago)
You manage it because your simply more coordinated then men. That’s also why your better at multi tasking. (Not to degrade your intelligence or anything)
Trøquency (2 months ago)
Hello those human beings originate in... MEN! Wow!
Dr. Artz (2 months ago)
Who else is a guy watching this shet
CatGods (2 months ago)
The reason why women can get what they want is because the manipulate men who think they have a shot at love which just makes you a cuck and worse than a man. Also with brake ups most men can atleast tell a woman they want to brake up and they don’t have to find out themselves if you are sucking someone else of.
CatGods (2 months ago)
She talks about pregnancy and how it hurts. Well it does hurt. But men can die if someone hits them in the balls too hard :)
Sebba Mike (2 months ago)
12. Men knows how to play fotball
Sebba Mike (2 months ago)
11. Women sucks in sports compared to men
nex (2 months ago)
we experience more pain then women giving birth to a baby when we listen to people like u. get ur facts right #retard
meme memes (2 months ago)
Most of your answers are just useless.
donovan sweet (2 months ago)
I'm clean and I definitely know how to dress nyself
MrBeast6000 (2 months ago)
When we talk about wars they only talk about the women saying how brave they where but I fact in ww1 and ww2 it was illegal to shoot a nurse on the battlefield
MrBeast6000 (2 months ago)
Are you saying all men are drunk
MrBeast6000 (2 months ago)
Who had to serve in wars
MrBeast6000 (2 months ago)
If walking in heals are hard then go and get flat shoes you Idiot
MrBeast6000 (2 months ago)
But who else do you need to make a human
Paul Waller (2 months ago)
Yes I agree btw😊
Jambox1145 (2 months ago)
Oh and uh just saying WOMEN ARE SCIENTIST TOO NOT JUST MEN. And FYI my sister is in cross country. She races every Wednesday against the other teams for a 4 mile race. Teams include both boys and girls except the boys race against boys from the opposing team and girls race the girls from the opposing team. Boys race first and get a 2 min head start yet at least the first 30 or so girls overlap the boys despite them having (stronger muscles) AND a 2 minute head start. There we go ladies show the boys who’s boss.
Atomic Noodle (2 months ago)
*we’re smart too*
hecken doggo (3 months ago)
Is there an oppisite to masaginistic also do the fucking research passing a kidney stone is the fucking worst and you can ask a women it hurts worse then pregnancy and men have to pass them through a fucking pinhead sized hole and try getting kicked in the balls you feel a fucking pain through your entire body and men can be fucking clean and choose clothes you sexist cunt
Jambox1145 (3 months ago)
I am a girl and I think this is disrespectful. But I am not encouraging boys to do this either...
APPSON A NORMAL USER (3 months ago)
Excuseme you are inappropriate for a video
Santiago Cosme (3 months ago)
Men are better than women at shopping: Men know what they want (DVDs), where to go (Amazon) and how to get it (payment gateway). Women on the other hand ...
Jackson Tarter (3 months ago)
Just stop
Anton Zuykov (3 months ago)
Why women are better than men - reason 11 - it is so much fun freezing your remaining 7 eggs, instead of producing millions of them.
Aisling Hurney (3 months ago)
Saying men are better than women or women are better than men is just like saying white people are better than black people or black people are better than white people we are all just humans
Donut EXE (3 months ago)
Both genders are equal. Bam problem sloved
Loopdiss (3 months ago)
We grow actaul human beings Inside them *WITH SPERMS JACKASS*
Ur typical Playa (3 months ago)
Woman like you are called feminist bitches
iNuTtyNinJa KOA (3 months ago)
We give you what you need to grow those human beings inside you Bitch On that point men and women are equally needed
Ken Morse (3 months ago)
Obed Roberts (4 months ago)
Ur forehead is worst than voldemorts
domnic0 (4 months ago)
Women are better at being like children than men. That’s it.

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