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10 Reasons Why....Women are better than Men

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Enjoy the videooooooooooo people Emily x @emilyhartridge Fb Group- 10 Reasons Why
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foxbro 652 (17 hours ago)
LOL she got almost just as many likes as dislikes 2.9k likes 2.5k dislikes
foxbro 652 (17 hours ago)
foxbro 652 (17 hours ago)
2:44 and yeah exactly it rarely ever happens
foxbro 652 (17 hours ago)
Beach I can ducking dress my self sockhead lol I've been able to do that since 4 EDIT: and plus it takes 30 minutes to dress ur selves but it takes me 3 minutes
foxbro 652 (17 hours ago)
Yeah and women get whatever they want because if they don't they'll just whine about it
foxbro 652 (17 hours ago)
Yea so what they can walk in heels better? Heels are dumb why can't u walk in normal shoes? Oh and um have you heard about this this called war??? It kinda is impossible to not get pain and way more men do it then women so ummmmmmm? And I think when you would get shot in the chest 4 times then stabbed in the arm it would hurt more than having a baby!
Itzz Samurai (23 hours ago)
O:20 lesbians
Mike Robins (1 day ago)
Szymek Kasprzak (4 days ago)
girls have pain by giving birth but boys have pain with there thingy
Szymek Kasprzak (4 days ago)
this woman is terrible cuz girls dont get what they want rekt
Miyu Akemi (4 days ago)
im girl but let me tell you something most of the girls are bit*hes and mean..i said most of them not all of them and most of the things that you said not true
Huh. You should make: infinite reasons why women are *stupid*
elias lindblom (9 days ago)
you got a shiny fucking forehead and its big and ugly
Efkan Kaymaz (9 days ago)
How Sexist Can You Even Be?
Maradnus (10 days ago)
Men only need one reason why they are better.. = Man
Squall (10 days ago)
You’re good to look at and fap. That’s about it.
Iffy (12 days ago)
Why can't people understand that certain sides are better at certain things, while the other side is better at other things. At a certain point though, we are all equal in the end. Saying men are better than women is completely false, unless you are talking about certain topics. The exact same ethic applies to women too.
erich0628 beltran (13 days ago)
women it says in the bible were created from a mans rib so yeah...
erich0628 beltran (13 days ago)
this is stuff only girls can do compare the things both can do so your actually wrong.
Zachary Weaver (15 days ago)
The Black Horses (17 days ago)
Couldn't get past 20 seconds of this dogshit.
Trøquency (18 days ago)
You manage it because your simply more coordinated then men. That’s also why your better at multi tasking. (Not to degrade your intelligence or anything)
Trøquency (18 days ago)
Hello those human beings originate in... MEN! Wow!
Dr. Artz (19 days ago)
Who else is a guy watching this shet
CatGods (21 days ago)
The reason why women can get what they want is because the manipulate men who think they have a shot at love which just makes you a cuck and worse than a man. Also with brake ups most men can atleast tell a woman they want to brake up and they don’t have to find out themselves if you are sucking someone else of.
CatGods (21 days ago)
She talks about pregnancy and how it hurts. Well it does hurt. But men can die if someone hits them in the balls too hard :)
Sebba 53 (22 days ago)
12. Men knows how to play fotball
Sebba 53 (22 days ago)
11. Women sucks in sports compared to men
nex (22 days ago)
we experience more pain then women giving birth to a baby when we listen to people like u. get ur facts right #retard
meme memes (22 days ago)
Most of your answers are just useless.
donovan sweet (23 days ago)
I'm clean and I definitely know how to dress nyself
MrBeast6000 (23 days ago)
When we talk about wars they only talk about the women saying how brave they where but I fact in ww1 and ww2 it was illegal to shoot a nurse on the battlefield
MrBeast6000 (23 days ago)
Are you saying all men are drunk
MrBeast6000 (23 days ago)
Who had to serve in wars
MrBeast6000 (23 days ago)
If walking in heals are hard then go and get flat shoes you Idiot
MrBeast6000 (23 days ago)
But who else do you need to make a human
Paul Waller (25 days ago)
Yes I agree btw😊
Jambox1145 (1 month ago)
Oh and uh just saying WOMEN ARE SCIENTIST TOO NOT JUST MEN. And FYI my sister is in cross country. She races every Wednesday against the other teams for a 4 mile race. Teams include both boys and girls except the boys race against boys from the opposing team and girls race the girls from the opposing team. Boys race first and get a 2 min head start yet at least the first 30 or so girls overlap the boys despite them having (stronger muscles) AND a 2 minute head start. There we go ladies show the boys who’s boss.
Atomic Noodle (1 month ago)
*we’re smart too*
hecken doggo (1 month ago)
Is there an oppisite to masaginistic also do the fucking research passing a kidney stone is the fucking worst and you can ask a women it hurts worse then pregnancy and men have to pass them through a fucking pinhead sized hole and try getting kicked in the balls you feel a fucking pain through your entire body and men can be fucking clean and choose clothes you sexist cunt
Jambox1145 (1 month ago)
I am a girl and I think this is disrespectful. But I am not encouraging boys to do this either...
CAY GAMING (1 month ago)
Excuseme you are inappropriate for a video
Santiago Cosme (1 month ago)
Men are better than women at shopping: Men know what they want (DVDs), where to go (Amazon) and how to get it (payment gateway). Women on the other hand ...
Mike Robins (1 month ago)
Just stop
Top One (1 month ago)
the comment section is a fight between girls and misogyny yes girls are far better than these misogyny
Anton Zuykov (1 month ago)
Why women are better than men - reason 11 - it is so much fun freezing your remaining 7 eggs, instead of producing millions of them.
Aisling Hurney (1 month ago)
Saying men are better than women or women are better than men is just like saying white people are better than black people or black people are better than white people we are all just humans
Donut Lover (1 month ago)
Both genders are equal. Bam problem sloved
Loopdiss (1 month ago)
We grow actaul human beings Inside them *WITH SPERMS JACKASS*
Ur typical Playa (1 month ago)
Woman like you are called feminist bitches
iNuTtyNinJa KOA (2 months ago)
We give you what you need to grow those human beings inside you Bitch On that point men and women are equally needed
Ken Morse (2 months ago)
Obed Roberts (2 months ago)
Ur forehead is worst than voldemorts
domnic0 (2 months ago)
Women are better at being like children than men. That’s it.
Prajwal T (2 months ago)
Fake feminist..
Marcel Molina (2 months ago)
🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Lesbian 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Myt Zenka (2 months ago)
I seriously don't understand all these comments. People take this all way to seriously. This is all in good fun and this woman has an incredible sense of humor! And yes, I am a man. I enjoyed this video!
Austin Martin (2 months ago)
Wait... How does giving birth,having "that time of the month" and wearing high heels make you the superior gender? If you can answer that question then I will give you 100 Vbucks...
ink sans (2 months ago)
Sexist assholes
Amaze (2 months ago)
Treecko Kid (2 months ago)
Wow and they say men are sexist
Treecko Kid (2 months ago)
So it takes brains to walk in shoes
Everythink you have is made by man and your house i built by man
Warfare Commenting (2 months ago)
10 top reasons why the human race was a mistake 1. This video
CAPTAIN ULTROX (3 months ago)
I belive in equality, not this shit. I don’t think any gender or race is superior. People should not care about their gender or race, or which one is «better», we should focus on making OURSELVES better human beings
CAPTAIN ULTROX (3 months ago)
2:37 you actually use an hour to dress, and even though your closet is full, you say that you have got nothing to wear. Men just use the clothes they have
Not clickbait (3 months ago)
How about fuck off
miss slurp (3 months ago)
hippity hoppity women are property
Charlotte wright (3 months ago)
Girls are better than boys we have to work hard and we make life
Elechicken (2 months ago)
Charlotte wright men do the same thing
Drifted (3 months ago)
WHO GIVES A FUCK. LET'S GO BACK TO OUR MISERABLE LIVES AND WORRY ABOUT OUR OWN SHIT. Everything being gender based is pissing me off. What a bullshit video and I am a girl.
Luigi Tube (3 months ago)
Great, After all these years if you didn’t have men then we would of die, Plus the fact that men protects the country (and the girls do the nursing), Plus I have a question, WHY THE CHICKEN NOODLE DOES PEOPLE CHANGE MEN INTO WOMEN ON DEVIANT ART WTF!?!??!?!???!?!!!?!?!!!!!!?!?!!?!?
PS3_33 (3 months ago)
Guys watch this video if you want a feminist cringefest.
Ryan Redford (3 months ago)
I am a boy and I’ve heard having a baby is like getting kicked in the balls but all over
Xxmoad xX (3 months ago)
Cringe feminist shit
Local Productions (3 months ago)
Glitch Warrior (3 months ago)
Omg this making me rage f you
Everest Fun Club (4 months ago)
Men are better than woman in all ways
old ezio (4 months ago)
Imma go report this to youtube
Oxiclean Drinkit (4 months ago)
Bullshit maybe we are smarter course we don’t use high heels we use comfortable shoes not fashionable highheels
Amaru Shakur (4 months ago)
Any man can do what you mama do plus a bonus bitch ass white nigga pill bitch
Amy Cosme (4 months ago)
Lmao men are so sensitive. Look at alle these bitch beta males in the comments crying like the pathetic and useless little cunts that they are. LMFAAAAOOOOO
Amy Cosme (2 months ago)
+Elechicken very gay. Im married to a woman. Now, let this month long argument go.
Elechicken (2 months ago)
Amy Cosme not gonna respond huh?
Elechicken (3 months ago)
Amy Cosme so you're gay?
Amy Cosme (3 months ago)
+Elechicken #1. Its impossible for a woman to get off to ANYTHING that involves a male. #2. The only "getting off" happening here is the getting off that happens with you towards your mother.
Elechicken (3 months ago)
Amy Cosme seriously what's the point? Do you get off to this or something?
Sophie Regan (4 months ago)
Woman and men are equal ! Woman aren't better than men And men aren't better than woman . We are all human and we all are the same ...
Anubis (4 months ago)
Men are actually the people who created cultura and sociality
Brent M (5 months ago)
Thinks for the video, funny stuff!!
Hound Productions (5 months ago)
Why is everyine taking this video so seriously it's obviously meant to be a joke, off course man-hating is stupid but this is not that lmao
Oxiclean Drinkit (5 months ago)
That is not true
Oxiclean Drinkit (5 months ago)
Let me get thise straight so your saying girls are better than boys in stupid useless reasons and like milk no one even caress you get what you want cause your a big baby that blond hair looks nice but you are being so rude to her idt your gonna ever get married course your a stupid I think there is something wrong with your mind maybe think what boys can do way more things than chickens and you are born in pane
Oxiclean Drinkit (5 months ago)
We can do things you can do we could look fashionable but you think your so perfect
Oxiclean Drinkit (5 months ago)
We need boys to be treated right to you cry over everything
Oxiclean Drinkit (5 months ago)
Plz tell me those is fake that some women act like thise
Oxiclean Drinkit (5 months ago)
It hurts when you say something like that to boys like that
Robbie Binns (5 months ago)
Holy shit, these women are uglier than a mud fence. Is the one in black a tranny. It's got hair like a scarecrow. Not only is this video visually horrific but the illogicality is batshit worthy. Good lord, is that a necklace around it's throat or sagging skin? No, I was mistaken, the one in black IS a woman! You can always tell because a man her age wouldn't have such bad skin. Women really do age like milk. Oh well, looks like another one's starting to fall apart after riding the cock carousel all through her twenties. Western Men please, get these western sluts the fuck out of your life. Just walk away, not only are they ass ugly but they're ungrateful Cunts. They never once said Thank You to the many men who made it possible for them to record their ugly faces. MEN, just back away, and live a happy, beautiful life without these ass-ugly dumpster trolls. Really, their faces look like a farmers toilet. And holy shit, I've never seen so much make-up wasted to still look that bad.
Leland Pniewski (5 months ago)
Actually fucking die
The Midnight Motorist (5 months ago)
Is this video supposed to be some sort of a joke?
Philosophers Stone (5 months ago)
You want to know the difference between men and women? Well u sat there bitching about change we was working hard to make change.
O ‘Hare (5 months ago)
Of course a women is going to say women are better what do expect
Mödare Gaming (5 months ago)
Girls choose to wear high heels, they don’t need to though
Oh my fucking god No way (5 months ago)
I want the 4 minutes i just wasted back!
AABatteries 152 (5 months ago)
This is not true at all men are way stronger men are way better shots men have a higher pain tollerens and are way better at sports why do u thing girls don’t do wrestling in high school or foot ball or why they are separated in cross country and track u are a sexist pig
l3lack_D1am0nd (5 months ago)
Wearing heels are a choice that people make. It’s not like you’re born with heels?
fuckerupper (5 months ago)
No. Men are actually better. We drive humanity forward. Whats one notable thing any woman has done in 3000 years? Fuck outta here. Equality is earned or achieved not given
Connor Neff (5 months ago)
Women are better than man Researched by feminist on a feminist website and said by feminist What im trying to say is A: ur a fucking dumbass B: we cant trust you
DabbinMcDabberson (5 months ago)
*Boi I want to see these bitches fighting Hitler's army in WW2 😂😂😂🔥🔥💯💯👌*
You've got a fucking shiny fucking forehead.
Smalls (6 months ago)
Fucking feminist grow up we are equal you know. And just because two women you know do something doesn’t mean the whole population of women.

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